Banana Battle Voting Results

Banana Battle!

The next AiV banana flavor has been chosen! Is it be the deliciously creamy banana-milk Bombana? Or the flamingly good cinnamon-y buttery Bananas Roswell?



BOMBANA is the victor of the Banana Battle! Bombana received 71% of the votes (95 votes)!

BANANAS ROSWELL put up a mighty good fight, earning 39% of your favor (38 votes).

HAIL BOMBANA! Thank you everyone for taking part in the Banana Battle! As promised, the winning flavor, Bombana is now available in the Oddity Room!

22 thoughts on “Banana Battle Voting Results”

  1. Please, Please tell me I can order some more bottles of the Roswell! It has become my favorite. Oh well if not I am just glad I bought 4 big bottles to keep and use. I guess I will just have to ration it. I certainly wish I had voted. Although it looks like my one vote would not have mattered. I am so surprised everyone loved Bombanna more. Thanks Alice for making some awesome juices I will just have to wait for the next one to come out and maybe it will be my new favorite.

  2. Well to be honest I am disappointed I loved Roswell so much I purchased 4 or 5 bottles of it, before it wasn’t available. I certainly hope it will still be around. It has become my favorite juice.

  3. I’m so glad to see that this flavor won! I still remember e-mailing the mad hatter to suggest this flavor of banana milk, and seeing it put into reality! One of the best suggestions I’ve made so far. Thank you so much for making it happen! :)

  4. I liked Bananas Roswell, but it’s too rich a flavour for an all-day vape for me. Bombana is much more my speed. Could you maybe make a milder version of Roswell? Like Bomabana, but with just a hint of the same spices that are in Roswell?

  5. Seems you have a little misprint above, and that makes me a little sad.
    71% + 39% = 110%.

    Roswell should be labeled as 29%, with the current data given.

    However, I do know you love to put 110% into everything you do!

  6. BANANA ROSWELL! I love them both having tried Bombana a long while back but Roswell takes the cake. I hope it gets it’s place in the line up. I did notice it is no longer in the c room. Hmm

  7. I missed the voting :( but I felt like I needed to comment. Bombana deserves the win, since well this was the battle of the bananas after all. Bombana is a punch in the face of banana heaven! Bananas Roswell is a flat out amazing flavor. It ranks up there with 15 Foot Falls for me, but I just didn’t get any banana from it. That being said I think Roswell deserves a place in the shop, maybe after a name change.

  8. Banana Roswell… Difficult choice but overall the Roswell is more complex where the Bombana is straight up Banana. I was surprised by both as I thought banana would be a terrible flavour to vape. Not so it turns out. Perhaps Alice’s has the magic touch. Thanks for the samples…

  9. I personally prefer the Banana Roswell, but because my husband and friends prefer the Bombana….I ended up voting for Bombana. I hope you will offer both! I definitely would buy both! Thank you for the samples…..make them available soon, please! :o)

  10. Thanks for the sample vs with my white rabbit order first of all. And after I tried, I like the Banana Roswell better. Well mix with flavor and it taste smoothly well.

  11. I was not tasting banana in the Roswell until I read cinnamon buttery in the description and now I taste it. I was all for Bombana but now I am not sure! Going to give this a few days to decide before I vote but this battle was a great idea!

    1. Ahhh, still torn. Bombana is more banana-y so I thought that would be my choice…but the flavor of Bananas Roswell is more complex and interesting and I like it more and more as I try to decide between the two. Less banana-y but I think it might be a better vape overall!

        1. Ugh, too much work. Says my username is taken, then I remembered I did make one a million years ago and now can’t access it. I’ll just embrace the weird little green thing I guess hahaha

          1. Oh hay lookie, I did it.
            Also, Bananas Roswell is soooooooooooo yummy after steeping a few weeks now. Now I wish I’d voted for it.
            D’OH! :P

    1. This is Soooooooooo hard … I actually LOVE them both … The buttery cinnamon tastes incredible !!!!!!!! … but I would prefer instead of with the banana you would change it to a cinnamon toast crunch cereal or just cinnamon toast e-liquid (You’ve nailed the flavor for that – but needs to be without the banana) … but since we are talking about a favorite banana liquid I would have to pick BOMBANA …. Tastes just like banana laffy taffy to me (which I have always loved) … Just so you know … I love bananas and have tried multiple high end e-liquids trying to find a good banana … but all of them just too much in your face flavors … I actually gave up on them until I got these samples …. Just want you to know … your e-liquids were what finally got me to stop smoking (nobody else) .. before I found AIV I had already spent hundreds of dollars (mainly from high end good reviewed liquids/vendors) … I would like some ok but not for ADV (either too strong or left perfume/artificial sweetener taste in my mouth) … because of you all here making such incredible e-liquids I now have 6 ADV e-liquids (recent order added 2 more I love – so from 4 to 6 now) … and with this banana (and hopefully cinnamon toast crunch – lol ) I may have just gone up to 8 … Now that’s saying something !!! … Don’t ever stop doing what you do … I would be lost without AIV !!!! Thanks for helping me quit smoking .. (Btw, I have never left a review before for any e-liquid vendor – but really wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you do) … :)

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