Welcome to Artland! A fantastic part of Vapeland where art is created and shared!  We are so lucky to have the wonderful talents of renowned artists: Wenchkin, Spencer Harris and Kyle Erikson.

Thank you for supporting our fantastic community of Artists. 100% of the proceeds from artwork sold go directly to the artist.

Kyle Erickson






10 thoughts on “Artland”

  1. ZpiralZ, I am always looking forward to your vapemail art!!! I have dabbled with stenciling myself in the past and you have inspired me to renew my interest in it! I made t-shirts, street art, and little pieces of art thrown around here and there. I am a rigid perfectionist that hinders me to create most of the time, so I could definitely relate when you mentioned that above. I also couldn’t help but notice that you would grab a gas and arc welder from heaven if they fell down. As a welder, I can only suggest that you go to a pawn shop and pick up a good steal! I bet you would make beautiful weld art. Creating the perfect vape flavors is art and science combined, so is welding. They are truly both amazing and intriguing. Cheers to you and your future endeavors! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Miranda, this is ZpiralZ. Your words are touching and kind, thank you. I am still just dabbling in stenciling myself and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Being so enthralled in the perfection of my art has both helped me, and pushed me harder to create; you will do well in your endeavours because of the same perfectionism. Thank you for the welder suggestion. One day I will… for now you will see a new stencil very soon on top of the normal box art. Make a suggestion or request on your next order :}

      1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous mermaid box artwork for my daughter. You went above and beyond and she loves it and I do too! Just beautiful dude, really. Love the time and effort you put into the aivboxart. That’s another reason why I only buy Alice.
        Kasey Bozeman

  2. When is the waffle gonna be available? You guys sent me a 3ml? sample with my first order now every Tuesday I am waiting for it to appear in my choices. And I frown cause its not.

  3. Congrats! Forklift is fantastic!

    The packaging and art that comes with every order from Alice in Vapeland makes each order an experience to look forward to. I save every one of my box tops, insert art, and playing cards. I’m glad the interview mentions the precise positioning of the bottles in the box, as that’s something I’ve noticed since my first order. I feel like a Tibetan monk destroying a mandala when I take the bottles out! Even if a brick and mortar vape store near me sold AiV products, I’d still order online so I could get the full experience.

    Great work all around.

    1. Aw :) Thank you Chris!!! That made ZpiralZ smile!! I love that comparison to the mandala, so beautiful! We love sending bits of art into the world & it means so much to us to have it be well received. Much love to you from Vapeland!!

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