A Quiet Morning



Hints of green tea and passionfruit . .

. . . to be enjoyed in absolute peace.







**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.



  1. Jack Deadmen (verified owner)

    A wonderful, muse-inspiring vape, which may very well become my new ADV. Thank you, “Alice.” I feel as though I am falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, and I couldn’t feel more inspired. Best of all wishes for you. Onwards and upwords. – Jack Deadmen, author of “Nobody Special: The Death of Johnny Salinger” and the upcoming “Nobody Special: Cursed is the Road to the American Dream; for which edits will be made under the influence of AIV’s beautifully inspiring vapes. Looking forward to expanding my vape taste through your mixology magic. Greetings and Salutations to all in Wonder/Vapeland. Happy vaping! – Jack Deadmen Twitter: @jackdeadmen

  2. Alissa (verified owner)

    Ok, so I got this in my LBE, and I tried the other heavier flavors first , so now I’m relaxing with a beer after work, and I wanted something light, but with a bit of kick, some citrus or a zing. And this delivered in every way. I don’t know too much about passion fruit but it’s light, with a zing that says hey I’m in here too! Loving this. So relaxing and refreshing. Named completely correct,. Couldn’t have done this one better. One of the most perfect Vapes in every way…. In fact I’m so relaxed now I may have to take a nap lol….hopefully I don’t fall down the rabbit hole tonight, I have to work tomorrow lol! Very well done! Don’t change a thing about this amazing juice! Please! Oh, and the vape clouds that are consuming my room are full, thick, and relaxing!

  3. tgg1304 (verified owner)

    great liquid. an all day vape for me but loses its amazing flavor as the liquid ages. it has become indescribably odd tasting but still a fave.

  4. Katie (verified owner)

    My first ADV I’ve found. I’ll never get sick of it. I cannot describe how much I love this juice. Clouds for days. I can tell this liquid is higher in vg and that’s one of the things I love about it. So smooth and so calming. It is best in the morning with a clean palette but I leave it in the tank all day. It sort of reminds me of a big can of Arizona tea. Perfect balance between the fruit and tea. If it had anymore passion fruit I don’t think I could vape it all day.

  5. margo (verified owner)

    If I had to choose only one flavor to vape for the rest of my life it would be A Quiet Morning. I just never get tired of it and no matter how many flavors I try, I keep coming back to this one. All day every day!!! Thank you AiV!!!

  6. Holly (verified owner)

    A Quiet Morning in the night.
    Cup of coffee, monitor’s light.
    Couple moons since we last met.
    Never forgotten, never just left.
    How I’ve missed this gentle tea,
    Silly poems spring forth from me.
    It was a first, of all I tried.
    But a constant favorite with all it’s might.

    No idea why I’d been putting off ordering more of this. It was the first AiVL juice I’d ever tried. The love was instantaneous. Glad to have more now though. :)

  7. allysh (verified owner)

    Justrecived my sampler pack and a quiet morning was one of my choices.wasn’t sure about it but wow.it is awesome.its an experience and a great flavor.can’t wait to try the others.but this one will definitely be purchased in a larger quantity. Great job alice.again WOW! !!

  8. catvapes

    Yum. A great juice for morning meditation. You vapes during meditation? I do now! :-)


  9. SilverWraith (verified owner)

    This ones tough to explain as it is a feeling as much as a taste that I LOVE about this juice. It taste of the breath in a kiss that only comes along under a blue moon, ta kiss kiss that if it was your final act on the earth you would leave satisfied. A kiss of a lover you’ll never forget. For me this isn’t an all day Vape candidate, it can’t be, much in the same way (forgive me dear Alice) you cannot walk around in a constant state of orgasm.

  10. James (verified owner)

    This juice is delicious. There is passion fruit, which tastes great even though I’ve never actually eaten one and there is a background tea flavor. The tea flavor is subtle, but it is great; if you have had Sweet Tease, or other tea flavors AiV makes, you will recognize the tea. I really enjoy this juice, especially the tea flavoring, it makes the fruit aspect more enjoyable and complex. I definitely recommend this juice.

  11. D8z3dnC0nfuz3d

    Dear Alice,

    What can I say about this that hasn’t already been said? Fantastic juice! Subtle, calming, mysterious? Perfect for the morning wake and vape! You have definitely found a return customer. Simply awesome stuff you have here

  12. VZ (verified owner)

    This is the first AiV flavor I have tried. From the description I honestly didnt think I would like it that much. Oh man how wrong I was.
    It is so amazing.
    My husband and I each ordered a ssmple pack and I still have a full tank of something else, so I havent opened mine yet. My husband put A Quiet Morning in his tank, and now I am having trouble keeping my hands off it.
    This flavor is sweet, but not too sweet; creamy. It seems like it grows more amazing with every puff.
    I just want to sit back with my eyes closed and vape it all day. Exhaling it really slowly is a beautiful experience.
    I’ve been vaping (sir of off and on) for a couple of years now, bought multiple flavors from multiple sources, and I have truly and honestly never had an ejuice as amazing as this one.
    I’m so excited to try the other flavors.

    And…holy cow your packaging! An awe inspiring marvel of creativity and thought and brilliance.

    You’ve EARNED a customer for life.

    Keep up the incredible work!

  13. CABA (verified owner)

    one of my favorite ADV’s from Alice. Found that it quite similar to “T’was Brillig” however this flavor has the extra hint of passion fruit. Really tasty and satisfying vape. mellow, chill, fruity, with a good throat punch.

  14. scarlett.bailey (verified owner)

    Love love LOVE this juice. I prefer mine with “extra flavor.” A great all day vape… I can’t be without this one!!!

  15. Ryankoba (verified owner)

    Over here in Hawaii, there are few vendors of ejuice. Therefore, I have tried over 15 companies’ ejuice selections, customer service, etc. From tOp to bottom, AIV surpasses all other vendors. I have been blessed to breathe the quality and painstaking effort put into every flavor created. My primary issue, with juice, is the aftertaste. That’s how, personally, I judge quality at this point in the game. I was wrong. From no aftertaste, to a subtle transition from flavor to flavor combinations, to no added colors, no carcinogen bottles, uv protected bottles, safety sealed, amazing. Packaging made me weep. Custom trinkets on bottles, box interior personally decorated, possibility of getting a queen of hearts card, and a completely insulated packing material for no chance of broken merchandise, these entrepreneurs take your vamping to a level no other has matched. If you are looking for a connoisseur level vamping experience, a vendor who you can use as a primary and solitary provider of juice supply, this is your first and last stop you will need. I was not at all paid for this review, and I have never done a review of anything, ever. This company soars above the other vendors by such a high level, I don’t know that any other company provides this quality, anywhere. Rizzlenizzle.

  16. paulc85 (verified owner)

    Oh my God worth the wait. packaging was phenomenal. flavors are amazing. No steeping required. Cant wait for you guys to be open again. So glad I got the big bottle.

  17. Maggie (verified owner)

    I am in love with this flavor. It has quite quickly become my favorite all day vape. I cant put it down! When I first picked it up, I wasn’t quite sure about it, but after a few puffs, I LOVED it. Thankfully, its not my boyfriend’s favorite so he has stopped stealing my vape & actually uses his own. The green tea is very subtle on inhale, and then you get the passionfruit on the exhale, which is lovely. I will be ordering this in a giant bottle as soon as this bottle is finished.

  18. Lisa (verified owner)

    After reading all the reviews on this I took the leap and bought a 15ml bottle thinking I would like it. Wrong! I LOVE it! Lot’s of Vapor but most important to me is the taste on exhale. It’s a smooth authentic ripe passion fruit flavor. I’m not picking up on the tea, not that it’s not there. I drink tea all the time. It’s my beverage of choice so maybe that’s why I don’t pick up that flavor. It’s an all day vape for sure. I am 100% in love with Alice in Vapeland. They put so much thought and love into their business and it shows!! I am 21 days smoke free. Thank you Alice, so glad I found the rabbit hole. :D

    PS~ I filled my husbands tank with it and he also loves it. I might have to hide this one. lol.

  19. Nathan (verified owner)

    Absolutely astonishing flavour. It’s subtle, complex, and simply delicious. I got this in my “little bit of everything” sampler, which I’m around half way through. I’m already thinking of ordering a large bottle of this as soon as orders open again, as I can’t see it getting any better than this.

    Simply sublime.

  20. Tiny

    Light, airy, and a touch of that perfect morning! Seriously though, this is actually an all-day-vape. It isn’t too flavorful which is perfect for never getting tired of a Juice. Almost tasteless on the inhale and the exhale is like Arizona green tea with just a tiny taste of passionfruit. It is exactly as advertised. Oh and so much vapor! My favorite by Alice so far!

  21. losangeles7272 (verified owner)

    ‘A Quiet Morning’ is a special, high quality e- liquid. I am very discriminating with my e-liquid and this has become my favorite. No artificial, chemical bad things in this juice. It reminds me of my favorite Passionfruit Green Tea from The Republic of Tea. It is not too sweet and the TH is perfect even at 90+ VG/ 11mg. Extra flavor can also be requested.

  22. paperdesert (verified owner)

    I received my 3 ml sample of A Quiet Morning this morning. It’s already almost gone. I haven’t been able to put it down.

    The green tea is very clear on the inhale. I drink a large amount of green tea everyday, and this is comparable to one of my favorite blends. On the exhale, I get a very distinct passion fruit flavor. Not the typical “candy” fruit flavor, but honest, juicy fruit. The flavors are not ‘in your face,’ but very subtle and nuanced.

    Hurry, hurry and reopen so I can order a great, big bottle of this. :-)))

  23. brandon

    Dear Alice, I was just wondering before I order my bottles I was wondering if I would be able to get extra favor in the bottles I order, not to much, just a little more. Thank you!

    • alice

      Hi Brandon! Extra flavor is available, although we do not recommend it. You can write your request in the box at checkout and we will make it that way for you :)

  24. James

    This is a very special juice. It is a nice and faint fruity tea overtone that fades into a pleasant creamy aftertaste, but what is extraordinary about it to me is the feeling it evokes; Not simply a ‘quiet morning’ but something else entirely.

    I imagine a scene, if you’ll follow with me, of having to wake up very early in the morning. You make your coffee/tea/whatever gets you going, and step outside for your morning cigarette (not anymore, mind you, but for many this is quite familiar). The sun is barely rising and you have the funk of sleep still in your eyes. Sipping your drink, staring listlessly off into the distance, and suddenly a moment of clarity is upon you. The sleep fades away, and you notice the morning around you; The smell of dew, the sound of birds and other woodlands creatures waking up noisily while freeway traffic stirs far away, and the feel of the sun slowly warming up the area for the day.

    Then you exhale deeply, feeling peaceful for a precious moment before a busy day. I can think of no better companion to that moment than the flavor within this bottle.

    10/10 I’m buying a bigger jug next time.

  25. Jacques

    This one is very impressive. Huge vapor volume. As usual, really good taste.
    But this one doesn’t actually fit the description to me. This is more like passion fruit – green tea; with an awsome creamy texture that make me remind a well infused earl grey with a dash of milk. Indeed this is my favourite for all the day.

    Tested with vamo – kanger T3 , ( 2.5 ohms 3.9v )

  26. BentoBeth

    I wasn’t sure if I would like this one. I tend to like super sweet strong juices.
    But boy howdy was I surprised!
    Perfect to wake up to in the mornings. Light and refreshing. Reminds me a lot of an Arizona iced green tea.
    I would love to see what Alice could do with a honey ginger green tea…

  27. TheBuffster

    I honestly didn’t think I’d care for this flavor too much, it ended up being my absolute favorite out of all of them. Will DEFINITELY be ordering a big bottle of this next time! Keep up the good work!!

  28. HEmrich (verified owner)

    So its 12:04 EST and you’re still not open :[ That makes me very sad indeed I need muh juice!!

  29. Dominic (verified owner)

    My wife ordered this flavor in a sampler but she uses 0 mg nic. I vape 18 mg nic and would never be satisfied with 0. I wanted to try the quiet morning regardless. I never would have pictured myself enjoying this type of flavor but I must say it is GREAT! Even without the nicotine I found it quite enjoyable and relaxing. Definitely a satisfying vape. I love that it is subtle yet the flavors come through true.
    The green tea is tasty and a bit earthy? Finished off with deliciously sweet passion fruit. I love to exhale this flavor through my nose. Perfect balance. Tons of vapor as well. I recommend AiV to anyone who appreciates quality.

  30. Rick B.

    I get a light light flavor on this one. Im vaping it in a Kanger Protank (unsteeped 3ml sample) its very thing and clear. The flavor is nice. Definately getting the Green Tea and a passionfruit finish. The throat hit is a bit harsh in my opinion. Generally a decent vape.

  31. Frans Matthysen

    I haven’t tasted a juice that I don’t like from AiV. This is just awesome. All of them are awesome.

  32. Tammy

    New to vaporizing. Question: What do you mean “steep” and not using it “right out of the box”? Should I be doing something before going ahead and vaping a new flavor? Any guidance is always much appreciated! :D

    • alice

      Hi Tammy! Steeping, or letting a Juice age, can deepen the flavor. It’s always best to try your Juice right away, and then you can steep it capped if you like by letting it sit in a dark place for 1~2 weeks, or until it is just right for you.

  33. alie cat

    This juice…just wow. It’s so gently wonderful and oddly mesmerizing. I vaped it right out of the box, which I would advise anyone to avoid this, waited a few days, then boom. Instant favorite. It’s spring here in Florida, and I love enjoying this juice on my porch in the sunlight of morning. AIV, I applaud you.

  34. Cinkiss

    holy passionfruit heaven.

    Is there anything you make that I dont like.

    I think I love you

  35. Medusa

    Oh my good gracious!This is some seriously good juice. It is very refreshing and light even with extra flavor. I have to agree that is a very peaceful feeling type of vape

  36. Greg (verified owner)

    It hadn’t dawned on me how much I liked this juice until I burnt out my carto and had a split second of anxiety before I realized I had more on hand to work with.

    The flavor seemed slightly faint to me at first, maybe because I vaped it out of the box or maybe because after a few days I realized everything was balanced just right? Either way, kudos to AiV on this flavor and bonus points for not having a chemical taste when I inevitably overflowed my juice delivery system and ended up tasting it straight up (oops!)

  37. abracadebra

    dear alice….this vape….I couldn’t stand at first……..I let it sit for a few weeks…then my thoart taste buds….started playing up…nothing tasted anygood…so out came quiet morning….this vape seem to cleanse all the bad taste in my mouth….my thoart…..felt normal again….I cant live without this vape now……its like a vape medicine for me

  38. Vickie

    I just now got around to trying this sample out that AIV kindly sent me with my previous order. Wow! It is amazingly wonderful! It is refreshing and just slightly sweet like passion fruit. The herbal tea dances in harmony with the fruit, not overpowering it but allowing it to come out and highlighting the fruity taste as well. It is an addictive vape that makes me want more. I like the smoothe quality in that it doesn’t hurt my throat but the flavor comes out marvelously. I will be putting in an order for this in a large bottle now. Thanks so much for sending this and letting me try it!!!

  39. Robin931 (verified owner)

    This is yet another tea from AiV that is just perfect! it is what everyone says…relaxing, and amazing! These flavors are beautiful. You must try this :)

  40. kmh

    This flavor is quite delightful. Its exactly as it says, passion fruit and tea. This juice fits its name quite well as it is a mellow, sort of calming flavor especially good for the morning. This is the one I reach for when I first wake up as strong flavors are way to much first thing in the day but, I find myself using it for most the day as well. It really is quite pleasant.

    I’m guessing this juice is mainly VG as the throat hit is less than most AiV juices but, the vapor is wow kind of big. No one should be without this juice.

  41. wonderland at EFC

    This has quickly become my absolute favorite eliquid! A perfect, light, refreshing vape. The green tea is just right, not over powering or too “earthy,” and the passionfruit adds a sweetness that is not overbearing or sugary. This is vapor heaven. Thank you Alice In Vapeland!

  42. Dominic

    This is a lovely lovely refreshing vape that suits my palate very well and I could easily vape it all day!

    I don’t drink green tea as a rule and neither am I an expert on the true taste of passion fruit, so I can’t honestly say that’s what it tastes like.

    I do get a superb light and fruity taste, nicely balanced by a distinct elegant and refined tea with just the right amount of sweetness (half a teaspoon of sugar please) for me. If I were tasting this blindfold I think I would guess that it was white peach iced tea with a twist of lemon. And I do so love a refreshing glass of white peach iced tea to sip in the shade with a good book at the bottom of the garden.

  43. Vanessa

    This juice provides for a fabulous vaping experience. Delicate with sweet end notes that make me savor every moment! I only tried it recently, so I’m glad I got to experience the revised formula with added passion flavor. Soothing and mellow. My favorite of the samples I’ve tried thus far. I’m very picky about my juices.

  44. yuttynutt

    I got this as a sampler and it was wonderful, I plan on ordering a large bottle of this one.

  45. morri at ECF

    Vapor: tremendous
    TH: great!
    Taste: lightly sweetened, green tea, with a fruit kiss

    A Quiet Morning

    A gentle breeze, flavored with a hint of dragonfruit, wafts through your senses as you take a deep breath……..and relax. This vape juice is unlike anything I have tried. It is a good, green tea, to be sure, but in a very quiet, laid back way. It is as though it is not trying to prove anything. It doesn’t need to. The juice is perfect, just like it is. Gentle, lightly sweet, with a fruit back drop on exhale. It is easily an all day vape or one that we vapers could use under duress.

    Any kind of unpleasantness, a bad day at the office, an argument with your sister, overextended taste buds, any kind of occasion when you simply want comfy. A pleasant, gentleness to help you relax. I really like this vape. It is spot on to the popular drink, Arizona green tea. If you like the beverage, you will love the vape.

    morri’s advice: get this vape as kind of a first aid for vapers.

  46. alice

    As per your feedback, A Quiet Morning just got more Passionate!! Alice has added a touch more Passionfruit to this sweet & quiet vape! . . . (but if you prefer the original, just put “original” in the special instructions box when ordering) Happy Vaping!

  47. Sam

    Really cool people and good flavors. A Quiet Morning liquid (passion fruit green tea) is a win all around. Everyone that I know that have tried it said it is an amazing flavor. if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region please order from them and support your local community! If you live in the USA order from them and support your country and not highly manufactured poor quality Chinese liquids.

    • alice

      So nice to meet you Sam! Thanks for the kudos :) Quiet morning is my daytime go-to :) We’re actually in the process of trying to organize a local vape meetup in DC. When we finalize I’ll let you know the deets! :)

  48. alice

    Thanks Chunkmeister for the in-depth review!

    Comments (first impression)
    A very lice, clean tea flavour. Has a nice sweet, creamy flavour.
    Underlying tones of passion fruit. Delicate flavour.
    Excellent amount of vapor. Very smooth vape. Good hit.
    Very refreshing!
    Tea with light fruit.
    Final Score
    8 / 10
    Final verdict
    A lovely cup of refreshing, sweet tea!
    Other Notes
    A very sweet e-liquid. Very enjoyable!


  49. plasticscones

    Sparkling accords of ripe passion fruit combined with subtle notes of green tea vapor announce an incredible stream of clouds of joy with this vape. Lightly sweet and oh so very refreshing! Let this flavor quietly take your stockings off as the sun rises. Alice added some extra passion fruit which made this vape even more lush!

  50. alice

    A professional review from Tim:

    18mg, IDK LOL, Inferno (ego), LR atty, steeped over week

    Color- 95% clear/slight yellow


    Throat hit- good

    Subtle, medium flavored, or strong flavored- subtle+

    Non sweet, slightly sweet, sweet,very sweet – lightly sweet

    Is it clean? (Is it free of any, perfumy, soapy or chemical like notes?)- yes

    OVERALL RATING (Bad, ok, good, great)- good+


    FINALLY a really good green tea! (with a dash of passion fruit.) Lightly sweetened, lightly flavored, lightly fruity…this is what you are looking for in a green tea.

    I drink Arizona green tea by the gallon ( not all at once…. you know what I mean) and that is what it’s like. A spot on, all natural flavor, what else do you need to know if you like green tea? Good stuff.


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