A Quiet Morning



Hints of green tea and passionfruit . .

. . . to be enjoyed in absolute peace.







**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.



  1. Marynellie Feliciano (verified owner)

    I wanted to let it steep for a few hrs to a day before trying it because it gets better with Time & since I did it was like rediscovering Passion fruit green Tea in a vape. Omg, It really hits the spot while being refreshing! This was my first order from AIV. The packaging and it’s intricate details are everything not many companies go all out like that, it’s Cool they’re so unique and personalized. So much confetti lol get ready for that. It’s fun though. :) Thanks guys. I hope to sample a few more.

  2. Gerg

    I ordered this along with a few other AIV juices. The first few were a bit too ‘cakey’ for my personal preference. I arrived at this particular delightful concoction. The intake is light, creamy and exotically ( and weirdly) fruity. The exhale and after taste, oh my….. A masterfully done passion fruit taste, with little sprinkles of green tea. I’m excited to experience this tasty elixir after some steeping!

    “9 papayas out of 10” – Good Guy Gerg

  3. Kasha Spies (verified owner)

    A refreshing breeze in the desert wasteland of overly-sweetened, disgusting juices. AQM has very subtle flavor. At first it didn’t taste like much at all, but the more I vape, the more I can taste it. Very relaxing and nice. Thank you Alice.

  4. Samantha Mains (verified owner)

    The difference between vaping A quiet morning vs other tea flavored vapes I’ve had in the past from other vendors Is like comparing drinking Mountain Dew with vodka vs drinking a fine craft cocktail. A quiet morning is on a whole different level than other tea vapes, it’s not sickeningly sweet because it doesn’t need to be, it has a complex flavor that leaves you feeling light and refreshed.

  5. Richard Zuhn (verified owner)

    So this is a follow up to the review that I made a few days ago about the Quiet Morning juice.
    After I wrote the review, Nicole from AV sent me another bottle apologizing for any inconvenience and asked me to compare the two. I did…..and I gotta tell you, this is some good stuff! It tastes exactly like green tea with passion fruit (don’t really know what passion fruit is supposed to taste like, but it’s good). It is some of the purest tastes I have ever tried in an ejuice. I’m not a cloud chaser but…. some damn huge clouds with this blend!
    I want to say thank you to Nicole and would like to let everyone know that this is an outstanding company that puts their customers and their quality before anything. I will be a regular customer for some time to come!

  6. Rick (verified owner)

    I received my “Quiet Morning” juice today. I tried it……….I’m sorry, it tastes terrible! I’m in no way bashing it at all but I think it may be a rancid batch. I know I am supposed to wait for it to steep but this is different. It is like, well…..like I said, rancid.
    I am going to give it a week to steep then try it again.
    Everyone, -lease don’t let this stop you from trying it, I am really hoping someone else has had this issue of if I just need to wait my impatient butt and let it steep.

    I will report back in a week.

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi dear Rick! Thanks for letting us know about your experience. We would love to help you :) I’ll send you an email and we can troubleshoot! We hope to have you happily vaping A Quiet Morning very soon :D

  7. bryan (verified owner)

    I purchased A Quiet Morning as a trial. I’m new to vaping and have tried about a dozen liquids, some were ok, many were icky. When I opened the AQM bottle, it smelled nice… and of course it tasted nice too!
    I’m not a professional taster, so I won’t try to go into the nuance. To me the passion fruit is driving, green tea is in the back seat.
    I like this liquid because: it is not over flavored, it tastes good, it lends itself to leisurely exhales, it is not sickeningly sweet/doesn’t leave a bad taste nutrasweet taste in your mouth… even if I didnt like the flavor much (but I do!) I would still vape this because it is balanced! And finally, the price to quality ratio is excellent.

    The packaging has to be mentioned… I thought people were just exaggerating. Alice In Vapeland really goes above and beyond. The art and surprise really added something to my day. Thank you, I’ll be back!

    *AQM max VG, 11mg. Vaped around 14-18w with a 1ohm coil in a RDA, MTL draw.

  8. Jackson (verified owner)

    I heard about this flavor in Europe while I was working there for a year. When I got back stateside, I had to try it. The green tea is in your face. Not overpowering, just “subtly satisfying”. Very calming. I start my day with this one. I don’t get a lot of mango, but it is a very good vape. I drip it in my tsunami and I like to soak the cotton and put 8 drops in the center. I let it air out for about 3 or 4 minutes, put the cover on and I vape it at about 45 watts on my RX2/3. Unbelievable. This is my ADV (MAX VG) and the one I have been looking for! Thanks Alice!

  9. Nate (verified owner)

    I have tried between thirty and forty different juices from almost as many brands. This is by far and away the best jui e i have ever vaped. The flavor profile and vape reminds me of a sexy spanish couple dancing a tango; rich and exciting yet sultry and tender. Nothing is overpowered and the flavors compliment each other perfectly. I can’t recommend this juice enough!

  10. John (verified owner)

    I am particular with juice. I try to stay away from candy liquids or anything fake. I have a recurring order with velvet cloud due to organic flavors and I felt some of the flavors were pure as a flavor. A quiet morning has surpassed anything I have ever had as a vaper for 4 years. I am going to order a sampler today after a 30ml of 3mg of a quiet morning to see what else is out there. Top notch for a very particular vaper. Thank you so much for making an affordable e liquid at an unsurpassed quality and flavor.

    If you have a recurring order option I am very interested. If not, please consider.

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi John! I’m so glad you found a Juice that pleases you! A Quiet Morning is a lovely unobtrusive vape that has been a friend to many. Yes we would be happy to offer you a re-curring order. Please call us at 505-369-1866 to set it up :) Thanks for the beautiful comments. We appreciate it so! <3

  11. Adrian (verified owner)

    As much as I love the flavor….I have never had more trouble opening a bottle than I have had with this one. It’s a serious struggle everytime I have to refill my vape. I’m a considerably strong person and never have any trouble opening Jars or bottles. But this one is giving me a run for my money. Definitely a bummer because I love the juice but dread every time I have to refill :/

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi Adrian! We are glad you love the flavor! You may request a flat childproof cap if you like on any 30ml or 60ml bottle, this may be easier for you? So sorry that the childproof dripper was adultproof, not fun . .

  12. Ryan (verified owner)

    I just received my VapeMail today and was very please with the packaging. Such a unique package and a good way to show that care was put into the product. I have been vaping on it for a little while now, and A Quiet Morning is delicious. Very subtle and refreshing, which will be perfect for an all day vape in one of my tanks. Great tasting juice and great customer service! Thank you!!

    • Alice (verified owner)

      You are so very welcome! We are so glad you are in Vapeland with us :) We’re so glad you enjoy this tea treat as much as we do! <3

  13. Tyler (verified owner)

    I jumped down the rabbit hole head first and was met by the most glorious surprise.

    Hands down the best E-Liquid I have ever tasted. The subtly of the green tea blends perfectly with passion fruit. I also love that they accommodate 1 mg and max VG options for the sub-ohm vapers among us. Could not be more happy, AIV you have a customer for LIFE.

    Keep on the good fight!! <3

  14. Matt (verified owner)

    Enjoy this in the vein of its namesake, and you’ll find yourself awash in pleasant flavor. Those I have had taste this flavor seem to find something different in it each time. I went into it without knowing what it was and tasted citrus with grapefruit notes, another friend tasted ripe peach, and still others have given different answers.

    Knowing what it is now, I can find the flavors, but in any case I found this to be light, refreshing, and deliciously subtle in the undertones. You can easily make this an all day vape if you wish, but it is best in moments of solace and reflection.

    As an added bonus, this vaped super clean for me! Some other flavors are real wick-eaters, but I vaped this steadily for an entire weekend and showed little in the way of wear. Your mileage may, of course, vary.

  15. TomE (verified owner)

    A Quiet Morning…. the aptly named perfect tea juice. Just right for a nice morning vape. Not “too” tea, a hint of fruit. My quest for the ultimate tea joose is what originally lead me to become a Vapelandian. It was a long and arduous quest fraught with many a wrong turn and much disappointment. Then I fell down a rabbit hole. The bottle at the bottom said, “Vape Me” and I dared to try. Would it make me larger? Smaller? Would it do nothing for me at all? I dared to take a little vape and found bliss. Since all good pots of tea need to steep, I managed to put it on the shelf, faithfully shaking the bottle every day. I was rewarded with a complex yet subtle vape of epic proportions. Insha’Alice

  16. Izzy (verified owner)

    I just received the juice in the mail yesterday. The packaging was fantastic! I’m so impressed with the amount of effort they put into it As for the juice, my goodness it hits the spot! Smooth, light , and not too sweet. This is definitely my favorite ADV! I will definitely be coming back for more!

  17. Amy (verified owner)

    Such a great vape right out of the mail. It is very light and clean without having that fake fruit flavor. Love it!

  18. Beardman of Love

    Got the a little bit of everything sampler and this was my number one favorite. It is absolutely perfect! Best juice I’ve ever tasted in my life.

  19. Taija (verified owner)

    I just received my juices yesterday and decided to try this flavor first. I also bought White Rabbit and Zombie Apocalypse too. But this morning I decided to go with this one. I love how tempered the flavor is. The sweetness of Dragonfruit and a relaxing hint of green tea? Totally sold on this. I love it. More so if you’re looking for a night, light, enjoyable flavor. :) The packaging of my shipment was to die for. You all at Alice in Vapeland have become my favorite provider. So much so that I’ve been telling my friends about you and your products. All the love and happy unbirthday! ;)

  20. Joshua (verified owner)

    Just the perfect balance of sweet and light. I was shocked at how faithful the passionfruit flavor is to the real thing, and the texture of green tea keeps the sweetness in check. The crystal clear liquid is classy, and with high VG I was chucking clouds like a caterpillar sitting atop a mushroom.
    I was delighted at the packaging, too! Those little details matter, and gave me a smile before I’d even tried the juice. This was my first time ordering from Alice, and it’s very, very far from the last. I’ve found my ADV!

  21. Shadow Murkrow

    I can’t taste the green tea, It’s all passion fruit. I been vaping this for the past day and the flavor is starting to make me sick. It was good at the start but this is not an all day vape. 3/5 stars

  22. Bacon

    I just got a sample size of this with my first order. I went ahead and used this first and its amazing! New to vaping and have only had random sale stuff and 3dollar vape. This is insanely better. I’m so happy I ordered. Looking forward to trying the Ginger and Lavendar flavors soon!

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Welcome to Vapeland, Bacon :D

  23. Cody (verified owner)

    AMAZING! To be fair, passionfruit is one of my favorite flavors in life and this ejuice does not dissapoint. I don’t taste much green tea specifically, but definitely a mellow note to balance out the tart sweetness of the passionfruit. ADV no problem, had to order a larger bottle immediately after sampling and there will be more! My favorite ejuice so far

  24. Brian (verified owner)

    I got a free sampler bottle with an order, but it sat on the shelf for a while. I didn’t think it’d be for me, boy was I wrong! Perfect product description…green tea and passionfruit all the way. Very flavorful with the perfect amount of sweetness. Most spot on passionfruit flavor I’ve ever tried. Ordered a bottle with my next order, I’ll keep this in the rotation for sure. The perfect summer vape!

  25. Matthew (verified owner)

    Just found out I like tea flavors about a month ago. Ridiculously so. About the same time I found alice…hmmmm… Just finished a bottle and it is a good vape. More fruity than I like but a very pleasant taste indeed. I let it steep for a while and it got a little better, not much so vapeable right out of the mail. Love the fact it is clear. This reminded me more of a fruity oolong tea. Fantastic if that is what you are looking for and great on hot days. I fell down the rabbit hole and now I dont know if I wanna leave :)

  26. Barnabas (verified owner)

    This was the second AiV juice I tried after vaping April Moon for weeks. This is a much more subtle flavour, less intense and thick and perhaps might need a bit of “break-in” time to truly enjoy it. Refreshing passionfruit with a hit of green tea, it makes heads turn whenever I vape it, people asking me what flavour it is.

    Technical notes:
    I steeped A Quiet Morning for 1 week, however this e-juice is perfectly vape-able “straight out of the box” and steeping it might not bring any noticeable change to the overall taste (as it is a more subtle vape). I was vaping it on my Nautilus Mini 1.6Ω BVC Coil Clearomizer. It produces a more subtle, clear cloud. In my experience A Quiet Morning has the perfect flavour at 3.9V-4.1V, at higher voltages it produced burnt flavour for me and the flavour waned. It is a truly delicate and subtle flavour for the vaper who prefers the finer things in life.

  27. Ross

    This was the second juice I tried (the first was 11th Rose) and I love this. Definitely green tea and passionfruit, the combination makes the passionfruit seem more like a passionfruit jam. Perfect flavour saturation. Artful and lovely. 100% hit rate with AIV so far. I am impressed

  28. Frannie (verified owner)

    I have never tried a tea e-juice before. I was kinda scared of this one, not gonna lie, because I was expecting that typical matcha powder flavor you get from anything that’s “green tea” flavored. Thankfully, I do not get that flavor from this at all! This liquid is very, very awesome. I mean everything about this gives off such a refreshing vibe. From the passionfruit taste which seems to sweeten up the green tea and give it depth, to the WONDERFUL throat hit, not to mention the fact that the liquid itself is clear! I am very happy with this.

  29. Nick (verified owner)

    Wow, wow, wow! Every bit as relaxing as it sounds. I think I found a new favorite! I get a lot of passion fruit on the exhale. Ipv mini and magma RDA at 23.7 watts on a .8 build. Can’t wait to try it in my Lemo!

  30. Chuck


    After recommendations from friends and reviews online, we drove an hour to try your juice at North Coast Vape (Cleveland) before we bought online and Sweet baby Jesus are we glad we did.

    This is THE most refreshing, delicious, overall spectacular juice we’ve ever tried. (It reminds me of things I don’t wanna talk about on the Internet…Northern Lights.) Light, airy, delicious….this is something to smoke all day, everyday. Definitely our new favorite.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…
    Chuck and Marcia

    • duchessofvapeland (verified owner)

      Hi Chuck & Marcia! I’m so happy you were able to find Alice nearby & that you discovered a new favorite :) A Quiet Morning has a very special place in my heart :) I am delighted that you are here in Vapeland with us! Happy vaping!

  31. Ginny (verified owner)

    Omg I just got my juice in the mail today and it is amazing!!! I can’t quit vaping it. I loved the package but there are no words to explain how amazing this tastes!!!

  32. Sarah (verified owner)

    My God this is delicious.

    I ordered this in the sampler pack and I’ve immediately added an 18ml size to my cart to order next week.

    This would make a great all day vape.

    I found it to have a bit more of a throat hit than I care for so I turned the voltage down to 4.3
    Good clouds
    The flavor is amazingly accurate. I can taste the green tea beautifully on the inhale and the passionfruit on the exhale.
    I don’t find it to be sweet but naturally lovely and light.

    I would recommend A Quiet Morning to anyone looking for a mellow vape.

  33. Dimpled Cheshire

    Got a lil bit of everything so I could taste all of the juices and then go from there. A quiet morning was the 1st one I tasted. I just bought a whole new set of tops specifically for the sampler I knew I would be receiving from AiV. When I 1st tasted it I was like mmmm it’s ok but it seems a lil to strong of something I could quite put my finger on but the smell was wonderful. So I let it sit for a day and the next morning I was in love. It’s like it mellowed out in one day and it was sooooo good. Its like the perfect cup of passionfruit tea. This is definitely a reorder for me in the near future. Might even be an ADV. I will be steeping it to see what happens after it sits for like a week just to make sure but I’m doubtful I will change my mine. Then again I have 14/16 more flavours to go and I honestly cannot wait to try more. Thank you AiV this is the perfect passionfruit flavour I have had the pleasure of vaping so far.

  34. Ian (verified owner)

    AQM is a very solid juice. It tastes just like a fresh squeezed passionfruit drink I had in the mountains of Vietnam a few summers ago. The green tea is subtle, but definitely there. Definitely a smooth vape. I will be ordering more!

    Also, AiV’s packaging was fantastic; I love the Orioles logo on the box (definitely appealed to my Baltimore pride).

  35. LullabyLexus

    I love this juice so much, it’s just so dainty and refreshing. I could hit it forever. It’s so light and wonderous and perfect and there really aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe it!

  36. mscja (verified owner)

    I want to marry this and live happily ever after! My favorite vape of all times, well maybe for the past couple months since I first tried it. Lol

    • duchessofvapeland (verified owner)

      Wishing you many happy years together of marital bliss, haha! Thank you <3!

  37. trod2933 (verified owner)

    Simply divine. Vape this juice morning, noon and night. Very calming, subtle flavor. Love it!

  38. John Scott

    I never thought I’d find my ADV I tried so many brands and flavors nothing fit with them being too sweet , weak , strong or just downright GROSS etc…. This is just right for me It’s light and refreshing and surrounds me in a thick white cloud of happiness ! The Portal can’t open fast enough as hog vaped my sample away in one afternoon : (

  39. James (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this juice that I got as part of the Sampler pack. The green tea and passion fruit flavors are wonderful and I can vape this all day!

  40. Jenny (verified owner)

    An amazing vape indeed! A light taste of passion fruit with tea is what I get from this e-juice. I could make this an ADV so easily. Great flavor with just the right amount of fruity notes. Absolutely wonderful!

  41. Jeff H

    Definitely an ADV. Great flavor but not overpowering. First juice from you guys but will not be the last. Keep up the good work. :D

  42. Miss Steel Monster (verified owner)

    When I ordered my sample pack I went through every flavor description and reviews to find the 5 I thought would be the best. When I read the description on this one I thought “ewe. gross! A tea vape? you’ve got to be kidding” so I didn’t get it. BUT the oh so knowing Alice snuck in a free sample of this one anyway. So I steeped it for only one day and thought “meh, I’m not going to like it anyway, so why wait for it?” and put the whole sample in my Hypertank attached to my MVP V2 at P9, put it to my lips, inhaled, and the flavor that hit my buds sent all of us an amazed state of happy shock. IT WAS SO UNBELIEVABLE! This ejuice is outstanding. Passion fruit inhale and green tea exhale. The tea part is truly amazing. It isn’t gross AT ALL. I absolutely love it. This is literally like you’re drinking a passion fruit green tea only without the fear of scorching your tongue or throat +) I’m glad I poured the whole sample in my tank, I vaped the whole 3 ml in a day and a half. And was TRYING to make it last as long as possible! EASILY an all day vape for me. I can’t wait to try the rest of Alice’s juices but one thing is for sure. I will be ordering a big bottle of this one! <3

  43. Lisa

    Great vape! Not an all day for me but wonderful with a green tea lemonaid and a good wake up vape. Amazing thick clouds when set on 4.

  44. Connie (verified owner)

    This juice is pure perfection and overall my all time favorite. It produces great clouds of vapor while being light,refreshing and perfectly balanced. After trying a sample I immediately ordered a 60 ml bottle.

  45. Karen (verified owner)

    Not too strong, not too sweet. This is a flavor that whispers in your ear rather than slapping you in the face. The perfect all-day vape. The green tea and passionfruit are exquisite – subtle, clean, harmonious. Big, billowing clouds. Nice complement to the Afternoon Tea. I find that I’m able to move among the tea flavors without doing a rebuild or re-wicking after each tank. The flavors move from one to next with relative ease. I highly recommend all three (Quiet Morning, Afternoon Tea, Cherry Blossom). Alice in Vapeland has won the “tea trifecta”!

  46. Charles

    Picked this up at Nashville Vapors. Its awesome You can really taste the fruit on the inhale and the tea on the exhale. Brilliant flavor awesome clouds. I can vape this all day 9.5/10

  47. Traci (verified owner)

    Smooth. Subtle. Delicate. Clean. Green tea with an ever-so-slight bit of sweetness. Lightly floral. Love it!

  48. Daniel (verified owner)

    This is the most perfectly named juice I’ve ever had. It’s a very delicate flavor. It really is like green tea with a hint of citrus and a wisp of sweetness. I bought 15ml and now I wish I had splurged for 60ml.

  49. Rin13

    Pretty accurate flavor to the description. I can definitely taste the green tea. To me, it’s the prominent flavor. The passionfruit is in the background but not too much so. You can definitely taste it as well. It’s a nice flavor. I prefer the Cherry Blossom to this one though.

  50. Simon

    The name says it all: smooth, subtle and a really clean finish. Slightly sweet and very pleasant.

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