Bananas Roswell 250ml


We’ll never forget the day the Visitors arrived . .
The blast of their ray gun created a crisp so heavenly . .
The delicious secrets they shared . . we share with you now.
Fresh Bananas, Brown Sugar, Dark Rum, Sweet Cinnamon . .
And a Vanilla Ice Cream so out of this world!





**Premium E-liquid for your vaping needs. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs.

This product is delivered in a 250ml (8 ounce) child-proof amber glass bottle with no dropper.

Care Manual for your Big Bottle: Store your precious preferably in the fridge or a cool place out of the sun. Don’t double dip, or otherwise contaminate your bottle with unclean objects. If you take good care of your Big Bottle, it will be delicious to the very last drop!

This flavor is Vapelandian-inspired :)