Black & White Cookie


Your favorite big Black & White cookie, vapestyle. Bold and chocolatey on one half, white-frostingy on the other, all on top of a big soft-cookie flavor.

Vape this one with two hands!




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Glass bottles with dropper, 30ml Glass bottles with flat caps, 60ml Glass bottles with flat caps, or 120ml Glass bottles with flat caps.


  1. §putts (verified owner)

    We ordered from AiV many moons ago, but found a local brick and mortar who had a fudge brownie that my wife loved.
    Due to life and unforeseen circumstances they closed. So we started ordering again from AiV when we remembered how yummy their White Rabbit and Zombie Apocalypse, but lamented the loss of this wonderful flavor. However, thanks to an astute FB commentor they reminded us to check the C.Room and BEHOLD! We are now up to our arm pits in my wife’s very favorite flavor like almost anywhere! Thanks AiV!

    • Alice

      Woohoo! We are so happy for you and your wife! What a happy coincidence that you have found this secret place. Wishing you lots and lots of Black & White Cookie delight . .

  2. Kat Hyde (verified owner)

    After trying almost every flavor from AiV I did not think it was possible for this company to impress me any farther. I vape this in a Diablo RTA. I love it!!!

  3. Cindy (verified owner)

    I did a happy dance when I saw that B&W Cookie was available again!! I have been sampling juices now for 2 years and have never found a chocolate that is even close to the rich, decadence that is B&W Cookie. Chocolate vapes have to be one of the most difficult to get right. I finally quit wasting my money and gave up my quest for chocolate. A couple of months ago, I came to place an order here and found that my old favorite was back!! I just want to say Thank you AIV for allowing me to once again satisfy my need for chocolate! Your juices are some of the very best available.


  4. Bobbi Jo Woods

    Been a long time since I tried this flavor – wanted to finally give my 2¢ on it… I know people have spoken of the black & white NYC cookie (never tried one) but to me it’s more like a dark Oreo sandwich cookie, with a bit more emphasis on the cookie vs. the creme filling. Pretty darn good. I may just get another bottle.

  5. Diamond

    I hate black and white cookies for some reason. But, I had faith that AiV would turn even that into something incredible. I was right. The cookie flavor is dead on and not harsh like other bakery flavors I’ve tried at the local B&M. The chocolate … ooh yes. This is flavorful, rich, decadent yet natural tasting at the same time (not like chemicals and burnt cupcakes found in other bakery juices) and the throat hit is so smooooth. Enjoyed this with my coffee this morning. Mmm. What a way to start a beautiful day. Vaped right after I opened the bottle but am really looking forward to this one after a few weeks of steeping; I’m a sweets lover.

  6. jessicaclack (verified owner)

    As soon as I tried my sample of this I knew right away I’d be ordering a bigger bottle! This has a very natural dark chocolate taste to it….kinda like the way it tastes while chewing oreos or chocolate sandwich cookies! If you’ve been looking for a good dark deep complex chocolate flavor…here you go! Again, Alice, wow!

  7. Gabby (verified owner)

    This was my first AiV juice, and I loved it so much but when I first got it from a local store in Georgia I could hardly vape it. It was cloyingly sweet and very harsh, my husband tried it in his RDA, and because of this taste test I’ve stopped using tanks and switched to RDAs completely. So maybe that is an option for those with my same issue.

    Anyway, AFTER I retried this juice nearly 2 months later in an RDA I was very surprised. You can taste all the chocolate and cookie notes. Creamy and sweet, but not as much as in a tank ( was still trying it every once in a while to see if it was better before I gave up). But now I can vape this juice all day every day and still not be able to get enough! If you have a sweet tooth this juice is totally for you

  8. Behe2369 (verified owner)

    I received this in a sample pack. I was on a quest for the perfect chocolate vape,I am super picky about my chocolate. I tried it immediately the day it arrived, not bad, definitely tasted like a black and white cookie, but I wanted something chocolate, so I thought I would let it steep-4 days later (this is the sample size remember) oh man! This is it!this is what I was looking for. It tastes like homemade brownies- finally a chocolate vape! The quest is over, Alice I love you!

  9. Connie (verified owner)

    I tried a sample and just ordered a larger bottle. I don’t know how you did it but this is exactly what it says, Black and White Cookie, not Oreos but the vintage black and white large soft cookies that had a dime size bit of vanilla creme like my grandmother bought years ago. Lots of strong baked chocolate flavor with just a smidge of vanilla creme. This is becoming my favorite dessert vape.

  10. Lisa

    No joke, I am obsessed with this e-juice. It’s my overall favorite to vape all day but I especially love it late at night in bed. I work at a gym and am a total health nut so I’m stoked to be able to indulge without having to workout extra! It’s simply delicious. Only vape I’ve found to taste different on different settings. A lower 3.8 or so and i really taste frosting, around 4 and it’s like fudge, finally 4.3 gives it an amazing robust cocoa shortbread likeness.

  11. Maz

    I’m not a cookie vapour but it tastes just like a dark cookie I didn’t get any cream from it but if u like cookie vapes give it a try :)

  12. dean

    At first I could really taste much but alcohol and dark cocoa, figured it needed a steep. After a month I filled up a tank to try it again. It has an over powering semi-sweet chocolate taste and also a metallic taste. This is one of the only AiV juices that I do like even like in the slightest bit, the rest I absolutely love. Could be a bad batch or just my taste buds. To me it needs more cream and cake and less chocolate.

  13. cwestphalrun31

    I got a 30 bottle of this as soon as I saw it didn’t even test it out before the purchase. Got home and tested it out right away and it was harsh and had an after taste of burnt trash. I was pretty dissapointed and left it to sit on my shelf in the living room for almost a month and a half when I decided to give it one more go….. Amazing had a sweet chocolate flavor with a touch of vanilla cream as I inhaled and on the exhale Itasted a bit of cookie and the chocalte got even bolder but no vanilla cream. Its a very good cape but don’t inhale it too hard or you will ruin its flavor. I take medium hits and cape this all day long. I currently got another 30 bottle sitting on the shelf waiting for when this one runs out and its one of my favorites from AIV. Thank you Alice on making this awesome vape.

  14. Cazkiwi

    This juice is a chameleon… Sweet chocolate bikkie on cooler… Stronger Cocoa Oreo with higher heat. Tried in an iclear, bcc and dripper… The bcc wins for longer vaping sessions… But the dripper is a delightful treat/dessert substitute. AiV have really nailed the chocolate taste, which few other companies seem able to do. It smells and tastes delicious and is a must have for me!

  15. siryotis

    so i ordered the LBE. and now im vaping this juice. got to say that in the first time i can really notice the taste, maybe too much notice.. it reminds me the tobacco choclate tastes. its way far from what i thought it will going to taste like. i wasnt like it so much. im vaping one juice the whole day so its not my fav. but its not bad!

  16. Alissa

    Yummy, I don’t even really like cookies, but this is good! It has such an awesome scent too. It reminds me of the chocolate scratch n sniff stickers I got when I was little. Double yum! I’ve tried plenty of candy & fruit flavors, but this is the first chocolate juice I have tried and I love it! I got the LBE and this is the first alice juice I have tried! I’m even more excited now to try the other 15!! Thank you so much!

  17. Katie

    Out of the juices I’ve tried so far from alice, this is the strongest in flavor. It hits you right away with the chocolate but I do taste the cookie in it. I could never have this all day, way too sweet and strong but that’s in no way a bad thing. It’s just something that I would drip as a treat every one in a while. I’d never be able to make it through a whole tank. It is yummy though.

  18. Chris

    This was by far one of the most interesting flavors I’ve had. I noticed that if I set my coil to a warmer vapor that this liquid tastes more like tootsie rolls and if I set my coil to vape cooler it tastes exactly like Oreo cookies. This is by far one of my favorite vapes. I can’t wait to pick up some more.

  19. Edward (verified owner)

    For whatever reason, e-juices from most companies just don’t work for me for one reason or another. I was about ready to give up trying to find ‘it’ and admit defeat until I tried this flavor (black & white cookie). By far better than anything else I’ve tried (even other flavors from here) and I’m not even a big fan of the flavors in it naturally. Thank you Alice! You gave me another chance at vaping and I appreciate it greatly.

  20. Risenzealot (verified owner)

    Me and my girlfriend just got our Little bit of everything sampler a week ago. So far I’ve tried 11 different flavors. This one is by far my favorite followed very closely by Zombie Apoc.

    In truth it’s my favorite juice I have ever vaped.

    Twas Brillig is also very nice but I just can’t say enough how much I love this B&W.

    On another note I would really love to know if Alice makes a coffee juice? My girl loves coffee and has searched for awhile but has yet to find one she likes. Alice, you guys do coffee??

  21. jonny

    I got this flavour in the LBE, it wasn’t really what i expected to be. I had couldn’t take the vanilla/cream from this liquid so i mixed it with their vanilla juice in their red section, which made it much better.
    but overall the juice wasn’t too bad not something i would vape on all day or had me at “wow”. Their April moon, zombie apocalypse and a quiet morning did though

  22. eyehearthair

    I was NOT impressed with this Juice. I feel that it tastes like chocolate powder. It also has some coffee notes to it, which is fine but un expected. I couldnt taste the vanilla at all. I also kinda felt like it has a weird almost black peppery taste to it. Maybe my taste buds are weird and to each his own but I had several vape friends try it and none were satisfied. SO I personally wouldn’t be ordering this again, but the other 2 flavors I got were great!

  23. Lisa

    (sample in order)

    Not an all day vape for me. Don’t get me wrong I like it. When I was a kid I would eat Oreo’s. Most people would pull them apart and eat the cream part first. Not me. I would scrape the cream part off into the trash and just eat the chocolate cookie part. It was a dry dark chocolate taste. When I vape this, that is exactly what I get … the chocolate cookie part. I don’t pick up any vanilla cream. Maybe a lil more steeping would bring the vanilla out .
    As always I am amazed at AiV. Their juices are for the more discriminating palate. If your looking for overly sweet kiddie flavors you have come to the wrong place.
    If your looking for top notch flavors that taste like the real thing then you have arrived at Wonderland because you will be wondering … How’d they do that???

  24. Ghostgrrrl626

    After reading these comments…I’m gonna have to try this too.
    Temple City will have a cloud floating above it by the time I’m done sampling your flavors.

    Michelle “Mikka” H.

  25. Tricia

    Very yummy chocolate and vanilla juice. The chocolate is well balanced with the creaminess of the vanilla. If you like these two flavors then you will like this juice. Gotta get a bigger bottle now!

  26. kitsch

    B&W Cookie has got to be one of the yummiest juices I’ve ever tried. Straight out of the box (which was ADORBZ btw) it was delicious. Nice and rich dark chocolate flavor followed up with a creamy vanilla. Actually reminded me a lot of a Boston cream pie. LOVE. I ordered it in the delectable sampler and I will for sure be ordering a huge bottle as soon as I get paid.

  27. themonocle

    I ordered a sample package to try the tea flavors. I added this one as a filler item. It wasn’t the first one I went after, but I was surprised and delighted when I gave it a try. This and Twas Brillig are my absolute favorites.

    I’m using an ego twist on this one. Dial it to 4.0 or 4.2 and a Kanger T2. I also have tried this flavor in the Kanger Evod. It has a slightly different taste in each. The T2 is more of a warm gooey black and white cookie. If you are looking for a fresh out of the oven kind of taste go with the Kanger T2. If you want more of the chocolate taste that’s true to an Oreo go with the Evod. It will knock your socks off.

  28. Sariah

    Wow! Im impressed!! First flavor to try out of my sampler so far. I cant imagine the other flavors topping this one. Straight from the mail, B&W Cookie is phenomenal! Rich, velvety, cake like chocolate cookie, with a slight hint of vanilla. Soooo yummy , perfect throat hit, with tons of vapor on an Ego Twist at 3.5 to 4 volts in a 2.4 ohm Vision clearomizer. Sad though that I didnt order a larger bottle, but will be ordering one as soon as you guys open!!! :)

  29. Özdemir Öztürk

    I’ve ordered a lil bit of everything. And this one here is my absolute favorite. It’s chocolate cookie. Yum after dinner. With that afternoon tea of course. Tested with HH.357

  30. James

    after receiving a sampler pack, i fell in love with this flavor. It is absolutely delicious! I had issues using it in a cartomizer type vaporizer, but once i tried it in a drip tip i got the full effect and it is tastes like mildly sweetened dark chocolate bar. Nice full vape, complex flavor that seems to get better the more you use it, and my drip tips last longer before needing replacement/cleaning with AVP liquids.

  31. Louie

    I have been trying to buy this for weeks and now that im finally on the site i STILL cant make an order because all the links are dead. Can someone please contact me? I would truly appreciate it.

    • alice

      Hi Louie! If you are unable to order, then we are closed. We open every Wednesday for new orders and close for the week when we reach capacity. Please look on the front page, and if there is a “CLOSED” sign, then we are closed until the next Wednesday. But thank you so very much for stopping by! We hope you can place an order soon :)

    • Ghostgrrrl626

      Try ordering from A shop that carries their flavors.

  32. Kevin

    1st AIV juice I’ve tried and I must say the flavor is all there. Pretty amazed at the true to character taste of this juice. My brain thinks I’m eating a cookie….Wonder if this could be a diet plan…LOL

  33. carl

    i got this as a sample yesterday and i must say its very very good and perfect in flavor! ill be geting a bigger bottle for sure,glad i got this as a sample

  34. CayCay (verified owner)

    This was a sample and quickly ties for my favorite. A creamy light chocolate that was way too addicting to put down. I finished my 3ml before it steeped. This would be the first chocolate ever to be bought in a 30/60ml. Thank you AiV!

  35. Robin931

    I can’t believe I didn’t write anything for this yet… This is hands down, my #1 favorite ejuice! I never lose interest in it, and always go back to it. The flavor is absolute perfection, and the vapor is enormous! I tend to like all kinds of juices… Bakery, fruit, tea, menthols, even some tobaccos… And this one just makes me smile every time :) I will always keep a large bottle of this on hand.

  36. Cheryl

    Vaping it on a Twist at 4.0 with a Vivi Nova tank, 2.8 ohms. This liquid has a real rich cocoa flavor, I don’t usually care for chocolate vapes, no juicer seems to ever get the chocolate right, but I must say, AIV has got the chocolate just right!! This juice is amazing without any steeping at all. Nice smooth cocoa flavor, clouds of vapor, amazing!

    The chocolate I taste is stronger than the vanilla, seem to get that more on the exhale. I do highly recommend this juice to anyone that has been looking for a good chocolate!!

  37. robin

    Bought this in a big bottle with extra flavor after trying the sample. This is my hands down favorite vape…and while I don’t vape it ALL day…. I DO vape it EVERY day. Its my main vape for sure :)

  38. yuttynutt

    I got this as a sampler and it was my first ever chocolate vape and was delicious. Definitely getting a big bottle.

  39. morri at ECF

    Black & White Cookie

    Vapor: substantial
    TH: good
    Taste: chocolate cookie, oreo taste

    Here we go again. I said I would never be able to vape chocolate and to be truthful, every time I have tried has ended in dismal failure. So when I discovered this sample was oreo flavored type vape, that’s what I thought. “Here we go again”. Wrong. When I first tasted the vape, I got primarily cocoa, which was pretty nice, but as we all know, it takes a few minutes of vaping until the actual taste gets to our brain and we figure out just what it is. That is the way it worked for me. After 10 minutes or so and I was still trying to figure out what it tasted like, I figured it out. It taste like an oreo cookie. Spot On. Not quite as sweet, so I added sweetener. Now it tastes almost exactly like an oreo cookie. The difference being in the “airiness” factor. Now you know there are some things that we can get the taste pretty darned close, but it still not exactly the right taste. That difference is usually the texture, the dryness or wetness or the airiness. I understand none of these terms are scientifically sound, but I am not talking to scientists, for the most part. I am talking to people. People who vape and want to know what “I” think it tastes like. Taking into account that taste is subjective, meaning basically that our brains decide what it tastes like, not our taste buds. Therefore every taste that you have is flavored by many things and one of those things is how you think when you smell or taste it. This vape taste like an oreo cookie. It does not have the same texture and it has some airiness, but by the most part, I believe you will be happy with it. I like it and I have never like any chocolate taste so far. It is good and very chocolatey. Primary taste is the dark chocolate with the taste of the syrup, similar but not exact to molasses. I believe if you try it, you will love it.

    morri’s advice: try it, you’ll like it.

  40. Mike Istre

    Oh sweet mother of god. I ordered 4 other flavors, reluctantly skipping this one. Luckily, you guys decided to include this as a free sample. Goodness its FREAKING AWESOME!

  41. alice

    Thanks Chunkmeister for the reviews!

    Comments (first impression)
    A deep, deep, cocoa flavour. This is enhanced by a sweet, biscuit aroma, and treacle undertones.
    All flavours are rich and deep. Product packaging is excellent! (right down to the panda on the bottle)
    Excellent amount of vapour. Hit is very smooth – there’s no harshness in the vape.
    The flavour is nice and clean. There’s a small hint of vanilla.
    Cocoa biscuit and treacle
    There’s a very light treacle taste
    Final Score
    9 / 10
    Final verdict
    A really nice, chocolatey vape!

  42. alice

    Thanks Hollie for the review!

    Folks, I have found my new favorite vendor. Alice in Vapeland. I found them in the supplier section and their name grabbed my attention. So click clicked and down the rabbit hole I fell. I love their site. It’s set up nice and clean and very easy to navigate. I love their graphics…no stock photography there. I loved everything I saw and had to try them out. I ordered a few flavors and some samples. OMG, they rock! I haven’t been able to settle down on any juice vendors but I think I just found my new home! Their customer service is outstanding. Their branding and packaging is just too clever and fun. You really feel like you are opening a present when you get their package. Who doesn’t love that?!?!

    Black & White Cookie – this one takes the cake…um, er…cookie that is.
    The flavor is clean and smooth right out of the box. Big vapor too.
    I have been on the hunt for an Oreo Cookie juice and this is it!!! The chocolate is perfect. Not too rich or cloying. The vanilla a perfect counterpoint. Most juices with chocolate in them, I can only handle for a few hits. This one, I seriously can not put it down. It is sooo good.

    I have also tried their Cupcake City. Winner winner chicken dinner! Think of that perfect vanilla from your favorite cupcake shop…not the cr*ppy market ones but the true culinary confections. That is Cupcake city.

    I have more in the line up to test soon too.

    Do yourself a favor, get yourself on over to Alice and order some juice. They have a great sampler pack so you can try a little of everything.

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