Call Me Vanilla



Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Cone: creamy fresh vanilla with a homemade waffle cone :) Note: this is a lightly FROSTY flavor.





**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.

Extra flavor is NOT available for this product.

NOTE: requires at least 2 weeks steeping.

Version 2 (current version) – Some flavor adjustments to bring out the Vanilla a little bit more (1/24/13)

Version 1 (10/21/12)


  1. water4ducks (verified owner)

    I’m impressed! I’ve yet to find my go to flavor for everyday, but this is straight amazing. I usually hate the vanilla, because it’s so sweet. I love this! It’s vaguely caramel waffle cone influence is delightful! It’s not super sweet but it’s clear as a bell at lower wattages. I like the aiv flavors at lower wattages for tasting how the flavors meld together. At higher wattages the prominent flavor note seems to just take over. This is seriously wonderful. Not in a clingy sweet way.

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    The frostiness of this juice is delightful. Please do add this to the lineup. I’m not so much getting vanilla ice cream with waffle cone; it’s more like nilla wafers dipped in cold milk — which is honestly better in my opinion! Cool and just slightly sweet which is perfect for me. :) Well done.

  3. Kasey

    This hits the spot. Definitely worth a try. The frost is so delicate that you can’t even tell and not the type of frost that people who dislike that zing think it would be. It is exactly what it’s supposed to be. A refreshing ice cream cone.

  4. Tanya

    Ice cream cone deliciousness!! This flavor is like licking the last of the vanilla ice cream our of the center of a delicious toasted waffle cone. I am generally not a vanilla vape lover but this one is wonderfully light and refreshing… not overly sweet and buttery. I think the subtle “frost” helps balance everything out perfectly. Not an all day vape for me but a wonderful sweet treat that I will make sure to have in my rotation!!

  5. Anna (verified owner)

    Yeah, I tried it as soon as I got it and it was good but not enough vanilla. I let it sit for a little longer than a month and now I am in love! The vanilla flavor shines through a light frosty taste. It is amazing. I hate mint flavors but I love the frost in this. It DOES NOT taste minty. It is just a tiny, tiny blast of freshness followed with soothing vanilla. Delicious!

  6. Mary Lue (verified owner)

    I don’t follow instructions well, so as soon as I received this one, I decided to give it a taste.
    Ash. It tasted like vanilla cigarette ash.
    Maybe I blew a coil? Set up a brand new wick, still ash. Okay, I’ll wait two weeks…
    Ash. A stronger flavoured ash.
    I put my little bottle away, figuring it was just me, that this just wasn’t my flavour.
    After five weeks, I ran out of other juices, so I pulled out Call Me Vanilla, prepared for the worst.
    It was vapeable! I didn’t get any vanilla from this, but a light taste of waffle cone and the subtle frostiness were very nice. I mixed in a little vanilla cream juice from a different brand and it tasted closer to what I had expected.

  7. Alissa (verified owner)

    I got this in my last order about a month ago. I tried it when it first arrived, not enough flavor, waited 2 weeks, it was too savory and not enough vanilla or sweet, waited another week, same results. Vanilla is one of my top all time fav flavor and scent. Maybe it’s the hardware I’m using, not sure, ut I would love a more rich natural vanilla flavor with just a hint more of sweetness. I so want this to be my fav and adv, I ordered a second bottle just now so I am going to try it a second time! I think it’s good now but with a bit of tweaking (I saw above that quite a few others had the same ideas) that this could possibly be in the vape hall of fame! Let me know what you think!

  8. cwestphalrun31 (verified owner)

    This vapes been here since 2012… Why has it not replaced afternoon tea or something in the reg lineup?!?!?! Amazing vanilla vape slightly cream taste with good hints of waffle the cooling mint at the end is good and doesn’t over whelm your delicious inhale. Can be a good all day vape but best after a long hot day at work.

  9. Moriah (verified owner)

    6mg – Just received this today and was going to let it steep with my other liquids but it smelled so wonderful I had to try it! Creamy vanilla on inhale and nice waffle cone and suttle frosty exhale, just as described. I was pleasantly surprised by this flavor since every vanilla I’ve tried I’ve strongly disliked. This ones not too strong and the waffle and frost really hit it off. I will order this one again, and hope it makes it to the regular lineup.

  10. Rin13 (verified owner)

    This is the ONLY vanilla vape that I have enjoyed. It has none of that nasty buttery note that every other vanilla I’ve tried has had. It also has a pretty cool… cooling sensation. It’s not menthol… as it doesn’t have an herbally taste.. It’s more like Koolada (DIY additive that I really enjoy). On it’s own it tastes just like it’s described. Reminds me of the vanilla cones you get at McDonalds (which are great). Mixed with Lavender Ever After, it’s even better.

  11. thecheffie (verified owner)

    very nice vape though my personal tastes i think the vanilla could be a little more pronounced

  12. Michelle (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for a few weeks now and was too busy going through all my other flavors so I forgot about it. I emptied two 15ml bottles and am waiting impatiently for my next order to arrive today so I broke it out and WOW. I am kicking myself for not reordering. I love absolutely every single flavor I have ordered from you thus far. I despise mentholated vapes, but this one is spot on ice creamy.

    I can never order from another vendor again. Yours are just too perfect.

    • Alice

      :) Thank you so much for your feedback on Call Me Vanilla, Michelle! We’re so glad we could bring you a little ice cream bliss :) <3

  13. jennifer (verified owner)

    was not minty, it was kind of like an iced down vape. Delicious and such a wonderful flavor. I added it to a cake flavor I got from another vendor and it reaaaally made a difference. It was like a vanilla shortcake. Juice magicians, I say. Deeeeelish. Very well done!

  14. AkGirl79 (verified owner)

    I know the description says “requires 2 weeks to steep” but I had to give it a try when it arrived :-/ . Sorry ladies but I never have been a very good listener ;-) hehehe..

    I defintly tasted the waffle cone (someone mentioned above), light vanilla more of a French vanilla, and then on exhale oddly enough you get like a cooling mint taste…

    As to Call Me Vanilla being a “must have” I would say the jury is still out. It needs to steep some more before I make a full decision. My biggest hold off in the moment is the cool minty taste on exhale; I am just not a mint/menthol gal.

  15. jennymeverson (verified owner)

    I tried to let this one steep for a full month but at the three week mark I just had to give it a try and I am sooo happy! This is a delicious flavor and I love it even more than a few of the samples I have tried from the main room. A very smooth creamy vanilla ice cream cone with tons of vapor! And I can even taste the cone!! This is going into my top five liquids – please make this available in bigger bottles!!

  16. Bunnie (verified owner)

    I have many, many favorites from AiV- but this is the first review I have ever left. After giving Call Me Vanilla enough time to let all of the flavors meld in together, it is absolutely amazing. Like taking a bite of an ice cream cone on the inhale, and reaching the ice cream through the bite on the exhale. Truly an amazing juice that fully deserves every bit of praise that it gets. Almost as amazing as its Creators!

  17. Samantha Montgomery (verified owner)

    At first I couldn’t taste this. After about a week I dripped it and it does have a wonderful flavor of licking a cold drip of vanilla ice cream off of a waffle cone. I definitely get more cone than vanilla but it is wonderful to mix with and doesn’t have the straight vanilla extract taste. Its almost the same flavor as cupcake city regarding the vanilla and the fun thing is if you drip it after b&w cookie you get the bottom of a drumstick :-) it could stand to have a stronger flavor to my taste but is quite lovely as is.

  18. JinxTheCat

    For some reason when I tried this I could just taste something cool I was not able to get the vanilla or the cone. =( Maybe something is just wrong but some things I’m not able to ever taste.

  19. Relix (verified owner)

    This is an excellent juice. Great vapor production, and the flavor is exactly as I imagined it would be.. If it wasn’t so fantastic on it’s own I would mix some of this in with some of my other favorite juices to add vanilla and make them even better.. I could see adding this to Crunkleberry, Zombie Apocalypse , lemon loves cake and Cup Cake City to complement their already spectacular flavor.. Keep up the great work, I love your juices..

    Jeremy Keefe

  20. Madison

    Personally, I’m not crazy for this juice. That’s not to say that it isn’t good. It is good. But, the flavor of the vanilla is so delicate I’ve had a hard time actually tasting it. I’ve had my bottle for about six weeks now and I’ve tried it about once a week since it arrived. It reminds me a lot of Cupcake City because of how subtle the flavor is, so if you enjoy Cupcake City, give this a try.

    I like the “frostiness” of this juice. It adds a little “something” without overwhelming the vanilla, but I think just a teeny, tiny, itsy bitsy bit more vanilla flavor would make this juice a five star juice. As it is, I would only give it four stars out of five. It is a very nice juice, and because of the delicate flavor it can easily be vaped all day, but I personally would like just a touch more vanilla.

  21. Belle Fleur

    I know, I know. The note up top says that this requires at least two weeks steeping, but when it came in the mail today I simply couldn’t help myself. I had to try it. I just had to. Okay? I. HAD. TO! And OMG! It is amazing. It really is just like licking a vanilla ice cream cone.

    I truly can’t imagine how it can get any better than this. But I will do as Alice says. I will be patient. I will wait.

    This is going to be a very LONG two weeks.

    • Belle Fleur

      After one week of steeping all the flavors are have definitely become stronger and more defined. I do feel, however, that the increase has been rather disproportionate as the menthol is starting to noticeably overpower the vanilla.

      I’m very much looking forward to trying this out again after another week of steeping.

  22. william

    The smell when you open the container is straight vanilla which kinda was a disappointment to me. I was impressed instantly when i inhaled that first good vape. Vanilla frost and on the exhale I actually tasted Cone… I do not know how it is possible but… you leave me speechless at times Alice

  23. Mindy

    Just got this in today. I took it to work with me cause I just could not wait to taste it. I have a couple of coworkers that also Vape and we all fell in love with this. Im so ready for this to come in a big bottle. Its like eating vanilla frosting!


    really good flavor, just a bit mild. i, personally, think it should pack more vanilla punch…..

  25. Zviratko

    Call me vanilla is delicious – a little too subtle as always with AiV juices, but can be vaped all day :)

  26. Caitlin

    So much deliciousness for me to try in my vapemail today… and yet I cannot put this down. It couldn’t get more ice creamy if you handed me a bowl and spoon… with that perfect hint of coolness on my tongue as I exhale.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful vape, look forward to the day it moves from the C. Room to the regular lineup. :)

  27. Morri at ecf

    oh!!! This sounds wondermous!!!!!!!

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