Idyll Apple


A cup of steamy black Earl Grey tea

with a hint of fresh apple.

A luxurious little interlude

for your busy day.





**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.Extra flavor is NOT available for these secret flavors.


  1. Nathan (verified owner)

    The light, airiness of the apple + tea concoction contrasts with the acres of cloud I’m getting from this… it’s been a while for Alice and I. I most recently tried two other cut-price companies (the big two, shall we say?) in a bid to maximise my humble Australian dollar, but having churned through those orders, I had to come back to AiV. This was the first taste of the more than 20 flavours I bought, first cab off the rank… I’m so glad I came back. AiV is class and it was obvious from the first puff of Idyll Apple.

  2. Rita (verified owner)

    My new favorite apple flavor, though I also love Pi… I love how mellow the flavor is!

  3. Aurora

    I only let it steep about two weeks, so maybe that’s my issue, but I surprisingly don’t love this one! If you like tea flavors, I think you will be into this, but it is definitely different than many of Alice’s other flavors. Objectively, it is very lovely, though. It’s got a similar tea flavor to A Quiet Morning, with a hint of something else. The apple doesn’t totally come through for me, but it definitely lends something unique to the blend.

  4. Kasey (verified owner)

    Very nicely done. The apple is the right flavor and not overwhelming. The Earl Grey tea is on the spot. As it remains idle in a cool corner to steep it becomes just the right amount of sweet. And that’s barely any sweet at all!:-P

  5. arrah b (verified owner)

    This was nice. It’s not a strong or candy apple taste, it’s a subtle apple flavor and the sharpness of the tea makes it complex and fascinating to vape. Very refreshing (:

  6. Bobbi Jo Woods

    Curiouser and curiouser! I may have to add this to my carty-cart soon!

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