A most peculiar mulled spice to get you through the darkest of nights!





**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.

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  1. Cheryl Gallagher (verified owner)

    OMG!! I absolutely love this flavor. The cinnamon is perfect and not at all like that synthetic cinnamon flavors. It was a very cold fall day when this arrived in my mailbox and I was contemplating making some mulled wine when I got home. No need with this vape. Its like curling up with your favorite blanket in front of the fire.

  2. Martha (verified owner)

    I have tried many delicious AiV max vg flavors but this is quite possibly my absolute favorite! Definitely a mulled red wine taste, delicately flavored with spices. The type of vape to relax with in the evenings among friends. This flavor should be put on the main showcase of juices page. Yes, it’s that good!

  3. Aurora (verified owner)

    I LOVE this flavor. I have bought it for the winter holiday season two years in a row now, and I am totally bananas for it. It tastes just like mulled wine. Totally perfect. I let it steep for about a week before vaping the heck out of it until it’s all gone. If I let it steep for more than 3 weeks, the cinnamon flavor becomes overwhelming. If I vape it right away, it has this really apple-y flavor. It changes everyday! Fascinating and totally delicious.

  4. Ashley (verified owner)

    Okay, this was spicy–spicier than I was used to, anyway. It didn’t taste like I expected it to taste–I’ve had spiced red wine– and this was like, holy cinnamon, Batman! It tasted very much like sangria, with grapey, citrusy notes, with ALL of the cinnamon in the world. I didn’t care for it at first, and it left a thousand ounces of CINNAMON in my tank. A few weeks later, I tried it again, figuring this is a nice Christmas juice, and it seems like it’s mellowed. Maybe this is psychological, having never really tried anything cinnamony, and now I’m slightly accustomed to it, but there it is. I really like it, though. Fruity, spicy, sweet and with the right amount of bitterness (yes, bitterness is important to me). Merry Christmas!

  5. Emily (verified owner)

    I wanted to love this, the other reviews made it sounds heavenly. Alas, it is not for me; reminds me of potpourri. I still love you guys though.

  6. Jason (verified owner)

    Around Christmas time, I like going to a Bavarian run German restaurant in NYC. Aside from the terrific food and beer that they usually have year round, they also serve warm, spiced mulled wine. It’s as authentic as you can get in the States. So, what does any of this have to do with a review about Merclipse? This e-juice tastes remarkably similar. It’s not a replication of one of those crappy mulled wine kits, but the actual real thing. You get the flavor of a red wine in the background, with all of the spices that you find in a good mulled wine up at the front. This is the perfect winter juice for anyone craving mulled wine.

  7. Traci (verified owner)

    Wow! The complexity of this flavor is remarkable. Mulled wine with hints of cinnamon, citrus, spiced cider, cranberry… The perfect flavor for curling up under a blanket next to the fire on a cold winter day… LOVE!

  8. Diamond (verified owner)

    I’m glad I read the other reviews before I made mine. It truly smells like Christmas, pine cones/cones, spiced apples, and other comforting notes. I know that is probably an awful description of the taste though. The taste reminds of almost an apple cider, not super appley however. I don’t like spiced drinks, I hate cinnamon (unless on Apple cider), and I was afraid that I wouldn’t like this when I ordered, though I wanted to love it, AiV you have my heart. This is strangely sweet on the inhale, let it roll around your mouth a little to really experience the flavors, spend a little time with this one. I really enjoy it now. For some strange reason, this juice reminds me of a relationship between a naive and and an experienced lover, and I’m the naive one. Can we use wise and romantic to describe an inanimate JUICE? We can now. Give this one a try if you’re having doubts…..

  9. Mary Lue (verified owner)

    This flavour was amazing the minute i received it, no steeping required. It was delicious and perfectly balanced. After two weeks, I put it aside to let everything jive more. After two more weeks (so a total of four) I came back to disappointment. The cinnamon had completely taken over this juice. It was still okay, but the citrusy flavour was gone completely, leaving a slightly sweet, super cinnamon flavour. Good in its own right, but not the same.

  10. Cas (verified owner)

    Wow! I love this just the way it is! No more tinkering needed.
    Reminds me of a mulled wine. Smells good enough to drink. It is heavy on cinnamon but not in an unpleasant way (and that is coming from someone who dislikes cinnamon). Maybe some citrus and preserved/dried/rich fruit flavor? I’d highly recommend this to anyone else like me who is having a hard time finding flavors that they like, who doesn’t care for the normal line up from most places (fruit, dessert, tobacco, or menthol) and is looking for something un-catogrizeable.

    • Alice

      Hi Cas! Thank you so much for your feedback on Merclipse! We really appreciate it :)

  11. Myke and TJ (verified owner)

    I can’t wait for this to be added to the regular line up. The flavor is amazing, I also love the Lavender ever after and Lucky number 11. I am anxiously awaiting all of these to be available in larger bottles. :)

  12. thecheffie (verified owner)

    Gorgeous vape this needs to be in the normal line up and available in bigger bottles

  13. jennymeverson (verified owner)

    As the previous reviewers have stated this tastes EXACTLY like glogg/mulled wine (and I LOVE glogg)! It is such a warm and comfortable winter vape. The spices in this liquid also remind me of clove cigarettes (but don’t let that scare you if you are not a fan of clove cigs as this is definitely a fruity spiced wine w/ orange rind flavor – the clove takes a back seat and mixes nicely so that it is not overpowering). I have only steeped this for a week and the flavor is fairly faint. I am really truly hoping that the flavors become stronger with time. I am going to put this one away for another week (or two) and then give it another try!

  14. Mary (verified owner)

    I really love this!! Please being it out of testing! I need a bigger bottle!

  15. Bernina

    I received a 15ml bottle of this about a month ago, and as posted by paleodian, that is exactly what this jewel tastes like! The Mushroom Lab has, once again, delighted my taste buds! Being Scandinavian, this is spot on for Glogg and I want to thank AiV for secreting it in my order, it made my holidays even more reminiscent of earlier times! Magic in a bottle, what else can I say?

  16. paleodian (verified owner)

    This is one of the most delightful flavors that I have vaped to date!! A Scandanavian Glogg type vape that is a very well balanced blend of warm spices, sweet citrus, and wines. Fantastic to say the least. I let a friend try this who has never had Scandanavian Glogg, and the first thing he said after vaping it was “WOW! It tastes like Christmas!” Nicole…this is truly a Masterpiece!!

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