QUID PRO QUO CROQUET, OKAY? Original Stencil Print


QUID PRO QUO CROQUET, OKAY?  is Printland’s newest addition.  It is a curiously complex creation, consisting of  5 stencil layers. There are 27 hand-numbered and signed editions in this limited series. Every one is delightfully unique!

Artist: ZpiralZ

About the Artist: While not creating #Aliceboxart at Alice in Vapeland, ZpiralZ is experimenting with spray paint, stenciling, or creating visually stunning glass mosaic. You can find examples of his work at masterful-mosaics.com


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Size: 11″ x 14″

Stenciled on Canson 250g bright white paper using Plutonium, Montana Black and All City spray paint. Each print is created by hand and as each one is unique, there are some variations, e.g. with the splatter pattern, overlay, etc.




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