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  1. Thanks to your wonderful customer service, personalized packaging, and spot-on delicious flavors, I recently brought two more people into the vaping fold and away from comfortable tobacco! Hooray!

    I had a longish discussion not to long ago in my local vapor shop that brought AIV to mind. Do y’all have any short or long term plans in place for the recent FDA rule changes in regards to testing and labeling? I’ve been told the rules can be pretty monetarily prohibitive to smaller businesses, and I think a lot of people would be brokenhearted to see government restrictions and fines fetter your business.

  2. I was just wondering if you guys might consider making the Alice in Vapeland Juices with CBD . I know it is a growing trend and after much time I have personally officially switched from nicotine to just ever vaping CBD when I need to. I would love to buy again as your flavors were so good. I have also considered the alternative of buying 0mg and adding CBD, I just would not know how to properly do this.

    1. Hi Hailey, That’s a great idea and we’re considering it! Congrats on switching from nicotine to CBD. Thanks so much for posting!!

  3. Your products are without a doubt the best I have ever had. You can tell that the quality of the ingredients that you use our of highest quality. You have a lifelong customer here! Your flavors are all outstanding and unique! Keep up the great work!
    Thank you!!

  4. Hi,

    I placed an order over the weekend. I just read some reviews and am excited and nervous. I read it takes a long time to get order, is this true? I also read that all flavors should seep for a few weeks before using. Lastly I read that free samples are included, that excites me. I am on my last bottle of juice so hoping I get my order soon so excited to see the packing.

  5. Are all of your blends diacetyle free? I didn’t see this on your site and I am pretty new to vaping. Forgive me if this is a silly question.✌️

    1. I am so sorry to have posted my question. I read the FAQ in detail and found my answer! So excited to order! Now to decide which to begin with! Decisions, decisions!

  6. I just received my order and I have a yellow ticket(like the ones for raffles) in it. Is there some kind of drawing going on that I missed the info for?

    1. Hi Denise! We do not, but that is not a bad idea! I will take it to the Mad Hatter! We do currently have lots of other Vapelandian art work for sale here:

    1. Hi Scott. We do deliver to the UK. I hope we can send you a lovely Vapemail very soon!

  7. I ordered from Alice in Vapeland a while ago and was extremely surprised by the effort they put into every package. I am now in the military and ordered another package. I was amazed by what I received. Not only did I get the awesome juice that I always look forward to, but I also received a letter supporting the troops and that means a lot to me. Thank you

  8. Just purchased my first juices from you all not to long ago and I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love. The owner of my brick and mortar shop was also really enjoying it as I share my favorite juices with him! He asked me to contact you all to see about getting in a full sample line in. I’ve got all the info for the shop and would love to hear back and get Alice in vapeland back into an indy brick and mortar!

  9. Hi, I came across this site and couldn’t help myself ordering drip tips and tank lets. I really can not wait until delivery day….. . I’m sure I’m gonna end up buying loads xxxx

    1. Hi Christina! I am ever so sorry, but we not disclose our ratios. But! You are welcome to request a custom ratio for any bottle larger than a sample size. All you need to do is request it in the Order Notes at checkout :) Although, we always recommend trying our juices Alice-style first <3

  10. Hey there!! Wow I love your website to much!!! I am in love with the owl tanklet but they are gone! Will you have more soon? Also i would love to see an owl drip tip!! Is this something you have done before? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Holly! Those little owl tanklets are very cute, I agree :) Our tanklets and glass driptips are handmade and vary based on the artist’s inspiration :) But! I will certainly pass along your request! Much love!

  11. I just want to say that I am completely obsessed with these products. I’ve never seen a more inventive way to receive something in the mail. I am in love with so may of the flavors because they are extremely fresh and clean and taste absolutley incredible!! I will be ordering every week and have already got my best friend become hooked as well. Thanks for allowing me to finally find my one stop juice shop and keep up the great work with the themes and great tasting flavors. Keep em coming :) I think I will have a whole deck of cards very soon!! Thanks Again…..Courtney, Guyton, Ga.

    1. Awwww Courtney!! You dear heart! Thank you for being such an awesome Alicandrian! You will have a place at the Tea Table with your name on it for all of time! <3 We are so happy to have you here with us :)

  12. Hi I’m from the UK and have recueived five of your liquids I bought from a UK vendor and seriously you have got the right look taste and the right consistency I love this brand of juice by far one of the best I have tried keep up the good work and thank you for bringing a great vape.

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