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The Queen’s argument was, that if something wasn’t done about it in less than no time she’d have everybody executed, all round. 

Bring us your worries, complaints, irritations, suggestions, and more right here and Alice surely will listen (if our heads are still on). Comment anonymously if you like and all comments shall instantly post.

75 thoughts on “Complaints, ideas, and other things”

  1. So I guess I’m not the only one with the issues with the glass bottles? They look lovely but are very impractical. No droppers? Plus, the lids don’t seal correctly and my entire 30ml bottle of Zombie leaked into my vape bag.

  2. Can you please clarify what bottle type you’re using now (for 60ml and 120ml sizes)? It appears gorilla bottles may be unavailable? I emailed a while ago & I can see you’re very busy, but I’d like to know before I place my order. Much thanks.

  3. Hi there. I’ve been trying to order some more White Rabbit and it keeps telling me that age verification is required but I don’t know how to get it to verify me. I’ve not had this come up in the past. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This has been an occurrence of the oddest sort that we are unable to understand or comprehend. All we know is that re-attempting, at most 2days later can fix the issue.

  4. I’m so sorry to have to tell you this but my juices came in glass bottles. Because of the way the tanks are I needed either a dropper or squeeze bottle with tip. I was so excited to get my juice that I cleaned out old bottles with alcohol and glycerin. But the flavors are corrupted. If I reorder now that would be another hundred dollars and I’m no goo goo doll. HELP ME PLEASE <3 <3.

    1. The same thing happened with my order. I hope this is not the new bottles that created the delay. I ended up having to go to a local shop and buy a squeeze bottle so that I could use the juice I had ordered. Is this something we should expect from future orders?

      1. We have found a new hack, perhaps it’s of use or then again it may not be, but so far it is working for us. Please let me know if you can improve upon it.

        Take a standard basketball inflation needle, plug the side hole, and insert the threads into the rubber dropper bulb.

        Oh! And yes we took out the glass dropper first. So far this is working very very well for us for our dripping and refilling!

  5. Yeah it’s been over 2 weeks since I ordered. I hope everything is running smoothly soon. Good luck with all of your backlog work. I feel for you all. And of course your customers too.

    1. Thank you so very much! With the Hatter out and in and out again, we’re all a bit topsy turvy trying to sort out all the things Shipping, which Hatter was most Masterly at. We simply cannot compare.

      We’re most humbly and gratefully yours!

        1. It did, thank you….I didn’t expect glass bottles and I had no way of getting the juice out, had to dig in the trash for an old drip bottle, luckily I found one!
          Is this how the orders will be from now on?
          Thanks for everything you do!

  6. I guess you weren’t kidding about the longer process for shipping, it’s been 8 days and it’s still processing :-/

    1. You’re so right Amanda. We really should be off with our heads. Thank you, Best People of Vapeland, Earth…. For your ridiculous amount of patience with us. Bottles (eco) and packaging all in now. Shipping commenced today in order. If you have a medical or urgent need, let us know to jump ahead otherwise Unbirthdays shall be served in order, with an unfair amount of love. Today we had a blast preparing Your favorites, because … it’s our most favorite thing to do, and although we absolutely do not play favorites, You *are* ours <3 Love from all the mushrooms and hats and the Mock Turtle and even the spoons shine for you, our stars!

  7. Thank you so much for making all these wonderful sugar-free, sugar replacement-free flavors. My old vape juice kept spiking my glucose and I thought I would have to stop vaping forever until I found your juices. And such wonderful flavors too!

  8. Please do more tobacco based flavors. Perhaps a tobacco, custard, with a drop of cream, banana, peanut butter and a tiny hint of mint. :)

    1. I used to order a juice concoction called RB Dark by Slim’s, who is no longer in business. It is black licorice, root beer, pear, cream soda and blackberry. I’ve thought about buying the flavors and trying to mix my own.

  9. I am currently addicted to this cucumber green tea from the brand that comes in a can for 99cents…. If you could recreate that flavor, I will offer my first born child and 10 goats.

  10. Pear Ice Cream/ Pear Cream
    I used to be able to buy this from another company that pared (ha!) down their selection and this did not make the cut. It was one of my absolute favorites and they will not mix it up for me no matter how I beg. Please consider, I NEED this, haha

      1. Does anyone else occasionally have trouble squeezing the juice out of Jumbo size bottles? Maybe it’s a thicker juice? But annoying.

  11. Old-Fashioned Violet Candy sounds delightful. I’d love to see a simple Coconut Cantaloupe flavor for Summer.

    1. Thank you for seconding the violet candies! Oooh, Coconut Cantaloupe! What a refreshing sounding flavor!

  12. I just received my order of April Moon and Lavishuckle Lemonade, in lightning time! I cannot believe how fast it was and the little Zombie snuck in to the parcel was the best! Thank you so much for everything you all do!!!
    Ps wld you ever consider a strawberry milk flavor, that and the popcorn flavor wld be devine!

    1. Hello our dear Amanda! We’re so glad the vapemail stork reached your doorstep so quickly! Thank you for the love <3 Wow! Strawberry milk has us drooling… brilliant idea! Popcorn, that has us reminiscing about vape flavors past.. kettle corn back in the day was one of our favorites… thank you for the love and inspiration!

  13. I’ll start by saying that I have been pleased with all purchases through Alice though, I recently purchased your 3 ml sampler packs and wanted to let you know that the tip of the bottles are too big. I get more of the juice outside my tank, than in.

    1. Hi our Karen! We’re so happy to bring you good thing! Except for a tank friendly tip that is… Thank you much for mentioning it to us! So far, we have come up with ideas of using a small transfer pipette, syringe . . . but not the ultimate solution! We’ll continue to mull and murmur and discuss. Hmm.. wonder if any brilliant Alicandrians have a thought. We’re stumpified and we do not like it one bit. Please let us know if you figure anything else out too. We’ve always relied on either delicate sans nozzle pouring, or creating a bit of vacuum first with the nozzle, not ideal.

  14. Forgot to add, is the AIV fb page still active? I put in a request to be added. If it’s not active anymore what would be the best social platform to find AIV on? Thank you in advance :)

    1. Hi dearest Brandi! We do our best to remain here in our love and loyalty to our favorite people! Unfortunately, to do this, we have had to withdraw largely from our haunts, which we miss dearly. Although we don’t know reddit very well, we made a profile so you may find us there, we know e-liquids are discussed there? We used to have a wonderful fun group on the ECF forum back in the day. It was a blast! Please let us know if there is a place you recommend, and we would sure love to stop by any group that is created (we’ll bring cookies!) Please feel free to share about us to your *trusted* friends!

  15. Hello I just got my first order in. Technically two orders. I placed an order on the 6th and another on the 8th. Only took a week to come in. I got a couple of sample packs. I decided to start off with Gloe. It’s lovely. Light and fruity, very refreshing. I’ve got so many interesting flavors to try, not sure what will be next but if it’s half as good as Gloe I’ll be a happy girl. I was blown away by the thought and care put into the packaging as well. It was absolutely beautiful. I adore the vibe of this company and I’ll be back soon to place another order. Thank you and lots of love AIV

    1. Thanks So Very Much!! We loooooooove Gloe too. It’s suuuuper yummy at 60/40 as well for a little bit more of a throat hit!

  16. okay, i have no complaints and thoughts and ideas fly around so fast, they’re hard to catch… but…
    i will say lately, when not vaping your delicious-ness i’ve been digging one that is mocha-vanilla-cappuccino with whipped cream. ((This company is not you by any means, but they name their juices after dragons so if I have to cheat, at least I’m cheating well? oh wait…here’s their offically “flavor description”… Whipped Vanilla Mochaccino Hazelnut)) So if you’re really bored, I bet you could do it better. ;)

    Back into hiding, this is not why I came here at all.

    1. Noted! Question, how do you feel about any perfume-y notes in the Mochaccino? If that is OK we may be able to ‘whip’ something up!!

      We look forward to the next time our dear emerges again!

  17. Hello! Since people are mentioning their fantasy flavors, I thought I’d throw in my request for a violet flavor. Kai’s Virgin Vapor used to make one years ago, and it was the dreamiest most lovely thing. They don’t add sweetener, but somehow the natural violet flavor tasted like candy. Like those old-fashioned violet candies Parma Violets. The Anonymous Weirdo above mentioned wishing for a “powdery” flavor, and I’d venture to say that violet has a certain powdery quality to it.
    Even if it was just an extract, I would be so excited to taste a violet vape again!

  18. Adore you guys. Have been a customer for about 8 years. My favorite flavor is Buckle My Shoeberry, & my fiance loves Forgotten Memories. Alice In Vapeland & their people are amazing. So thankful for you guys.

    1. We’re pretty dang thankful ourselves, serving the best folks ever. Thank you Kasey! Love from all of us <3

  19. I must be weird. For the life of me I’ve been searching for a vape with a baby powder vanilla guava-pear dragon fruit sort of taste to it. Vape company from years ago used to make powdery fruity flavors like this (wick & wire or something like that, based out of NYC) but then they went out of business (not enough weirdos like myself I guess). You guys are flavor masters and was wondering if you have a vape like this or capable of being inspired to whip up something? Probably too weird a suggestion.

    Also, noted a lack of cantaloupe based vape flavors? Any plans to add some? If you need inspiration, there used to be this kick arse cantaloupe vape “Tuppa” that is now gone and deeply missed. It had like a cantaloupe, strawberry, champagne, vanilla bourbon tobacco sorta profile. (like your frosted falls, smacked by zombie apocalypse, punched in the face by cantaloupe, creamy champagne fizz finish). Or like a sexy cantaloupe strawberry boba tea cream soda float ice wine.

    Anywho, I am still exploring your flavors. Always amazed how much you guys appeal to my weird palette that likes offbeat flavors and nuanced and creative profiles. I look forward to any updates and new juices. You guys are a treasure.

    1. Wow! What a flavor! You’ve piqued our interest for sure. It sounds so nice and soothing.

      And thank you for the cantaloupe concept, we could use some more punches in the face by a melon for sure :D

      Thank you for the bouquet of inspirations!

  20. Hello dearies, I have recently placed a shipment for your finest teas, of which I will be enjoying in a quiet order during the hustle and bustle. Anyways, on my invoice it says the order has been completed, yet I have yet to receive a message, telegram or otherwise, with a shipping number. Now this has distressed me, only mildly so though must be said, and I am inquiring about the status of my goods. A speedy response shall be greatly appreciated, as I am eager to try your fine assortments posthaste! Please and Thank You Alice(s)

    1. Hi our dear! We’re happy to let you know that your delights are set to arrive today! Our sincerest apologies that you did not receive a tracking number. We have heard that some folks have not been receiving that one particular very important email containing one’s tracking number, and we are looking into it. Thank you so VERY much for letting us know – we raise our pinkie fingers to you!

  21. Good day! I was just wondering if you’d ever consider letting people sign up for text notifications? I rarely check my e-mai, so every time I need to reorder your incredible juices, & I go check if you have sent any emails lately about one of your super generous sales/ promotions – I’ve always JUST missed it!!! Haha, anyway; Thank you all, so much, for many years of the best juices on earth! (Btw, that huge piggy inside the box from you guys 3 weeks ago was my absolute favourite out of all the inside-of-box artwork you have had ever!)

    1. What a brilliant idea! We would be happy to look into something like this. Thank you for sharing your most ingenious thought with us! Cheers and thank you for the kind words and piggybox-love! <3

  22. I am 90% happy with your excellent juices. The 10% unhappiness is caused by plastic bottles. I know it is the industry standard now, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! Please keep in mind that some of your customers are old and have arthritis in our hands. Please consider thinner plastic bottles so us oldies can squeeze the bottles. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so very much for making us aware of this! We had a lengthy discussion about it. We are able to, for medical reasons, serve You and other domestic orders in Glass. We hope this helps. Softer plastic unfortunately is more degradable so we cannot Serve juices in them and feel good about it. The switch to Gorillas was a hard decision, but overall desired by most Alicandrians. We use a high quality high density bottle that we ourselves use daily and feel is safe, and we like the new bottles. As we make our Juices only with ingredients we trust personally, the last thing we would want is for any plastic chemicals to leach into the juices, (which can occur in long storage in a softer bottle, in our research). Although most of us use gorilla bottles on a daily basis, some of us personally adore these little bottles, because of nostalgia or/or hand comfort, keeping a larger bottle in the fridge and using one of these for daily use, (some of us still use the old drip atomizers). The rest of us carry our gorillas around with us and use tanks and refillable pod systems. If anyone else has any thoughts or ideas, please share. Thank you again for telling us of your concerns! This helps us tremendously and happily riled up the Mushroom Lab.

  23. I love your creations (April Moon and Lavishuckle Lemonade are my go to vape juice) but was wondering if you could come up with a popcorn or kettle corn flavor?
    My previous vape place went belly up with all the restrictions and they had a flavor that I can only describe as a popcorn flavor…I have the empty bottle that I sometimes smell…if you want, I can mail it to you to see if it cld be replicated!!!
    I love and trust your creativity

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! We’re delighted to serve you. Kettle Corn was one of the Gang’s favorite flavors, we hadn’t thought of that one in years! Thanks for bringing a tasty inspiration!

  24. I absolutely love all juices that I have received from you! I’m going to beg you: create something cucumber please !! Cucumber juices are my favorite for summer and the company I purchased them through has been closed. I need a replacement and Alice’s is the only other that I trust. Pretty please with not a ton of sugar on top?!?!?!

    1. Thank you! We love the suggestion! That sounds very very refreshing. We will let you know if we can create something most cooling and cucumber-y! Melon Soda may be up your alley as well!

  25. I just received my latest order. I requested a little extra flavor in a my zombie and my wish was granted. What a wonderful treat! My tastebuds are dancing!!! Thank you !

  26. Hi John I was just wondering if our order from the 10 of this month got mailed off yet. Cause we not get it yet. If it did thank you if not that ok also Edward is just running out but still had some to last a few more days

    1. Hi there! We are back from our break and all orders received during the break have been alighted by stork to their destination!

  27. do you wonderful people still offer the sample boxes?
    it’s been a long while (too long) since I’ve visited. I don’t see them random sampler anywhere. :(


    1. Greetings Wonderful Rob! We unfortunately do not still offer samplers but if there is anything you would like to try, please mention and we’ll do our best to include a taste of it for you! Welcome back!

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