Complaints, ideas, and other things

The Queen’s argument was, that if something wasn’t done about it in less than no time she’d have everybody executed, all round. 

Bring us your worries, complaints, irritations, suggestions, and more right here and Alice surely will listen (if our heads are still on). Comment anonymously if you like and all comments shall instantly post.

9 thoughts on “Complaints, ideas, and other things”

  1. I absolutely love all juices that I have received from you! I’m going to beg you: create something cucumber please !! Cucumber juices are my favorite for summer and the company I purchased them through has been closed. I need a replacement and Alice’s is the only other that I trust. Pretty please with not a ton of sugar on top?!?!?!

    1. Thank you! We love the suggestion! That sounds very very refreshing. We will let you know if we can create something most cooling and cucumber-y! Melon Soda may be up your alley as well!

  2. I just received my latest order. I requested a little extra flavor in a my zombie and my wish was granted. What a wonderful treat! My tastebuds are dancing!!! Thank you !

  3. Hi John I was just wondering if our order from the 10 of this month got mailed off yet. Cause we not get it yet. If it did thank you if not that ok also Edward is just running out but still had some to last a few more days

    1. Hi there! We are back from our break and all orders received during the break have been alighted by stork to their destination!

  4. do you wonderful people still offer the sample boxes?
    it’s been a long while (too long) since I’ve visited. I don’t see them random sampler anywhere. :(


    1. Greetings Wonderful Rob! We unfortunately do not still offer samplers but if there is anything you would like to try, please mention and we’ll do our best to include a taste of it for you! Welcome back!

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