Complaints, ideas, and other things

The Queen’s argument was, that if something wasn’t done about it in less than no time she’d have everybody executed, all round. 

Bring us your worries, complaints, irritations, suggestions, and more right here and Alice surely will listen (if our heads are still on). Comment anonymously if you like and all comments shall instantly post.

162 thoughts on “Complaints, ideas, and other things”

  1. This is not a complaint, just a thought. I always enjoy how thoughtful and well made my flavors are. I just started opening my box and I was a little worried because I heard clinking, and thought uh-oh is it glass by accident? To my joy and surprise I found a little pin!!! It is such a pretty little picture of Alice hugging a rabbit, and I love it! Plus my box art is a rabbit too. Just wanted to let you know you brought me joy today ❤️ Thank you!

  2. Hi – is there a delay with recent orders? I’m going on about 2 weeks since I’ve ordered. Haven’t heard back via email. Any updates? Thank you. Order: #90397

    1. Hi dear David! Your lovelies were delivered, I hope you are enjoying everything and I’m sorry it felt like so long for them to fly into your hands <3 Wishing you Love and Delight!

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you guys would consider making a TikTok account? :D let one of the mushrooms do a little whimsical behind the scenes video so we can see our lovelies being boxed or something? A new flavor being made with mustard..MUSTARD?! Dont lets be silly, Lemon, now that’s different. I think it would be fun :}

  4. Reposting my comment from the Mix Files because I think more people read this thread:

    Is it possible to send info like this in an email newsletter? I have not received a newsletter in a very long time, including the one mentioned above. Or at least make this Mix Files thread easy to find? The only way I can stumble onto it is to search for it because I can’t find a link in the menu anywhere. The lack of comments on this thread, I think, shows that not many people are following AiV this way. I know it isn’t intentional, but this is not as transparent/accessible as things should be — and likely why many of us justifiably freaked out during the glass bottle fiasco. Maybe an executive summary could go on the home page if a newsletter isn’t possible? Just thoughts, I don’t know.

    A second thought, and I honestly have no real right to bitch about it in the end, but I will. I got my order today, less than 48 hours after I placed it, which is always awesome. But it came in a bubble mailer. It was just one 120 mL bottle, yeah, but it was so impersonal and sterile. I know things are still settling at AiV and I know we’ve all been spoiled by the magical packaging of the past and I know I’m going to order no matter what. But I was dismayed to tell the truth, I just threw the mailer in the trash and the bottle in the fridge. That was it. I hope that soon things will get back to where I rushed to the mailbox after work for that amazing vapemail.

    1. Hi our dear Kris! Thank you for your thoughtful, honest, and absolutely true feedback. We all here completely agree with you, and please expect not only an update in our Rabbity newsletter, but a bit of wonder in all lovemails. Thank you so much for your love and patience with us while we do our best to fill the Tall Hat of the Mad Hatter, a feat for us Mushrooms, Tiger lilies, and Cheshire folks. There is a door of sorts to the mix files, and all the blah-bity-blah we write there. If you visit the DIY section, you’ll see an apothecary at the bottom which will transport you directly.

  5. Alice,
    I received a notice from USPS saying that an empty container with my address was found in the mail and is believed to have been seperated from a parcel during handling.
    USPS sent me the label in the mail with the letter. I went to the Post Office with the letter and they told me to contact you.
    Could you please contact me so we can resolve this issue.
    My order was placed on January 16, 2024.

  6. Hi, I am a big fan of Zombie apocalypse and ‘twas brillig. I’ve noticed twas brillig doesn’t oxidize in my tank as quickly as the others do. Zombie is my fav but I feel like I have to change my coil too often to get the best flavor before it turns brownish. What makes Twas brillig last longer? Should I try ordering Zombie with modifications to keep it from oxidizing so fast? What would that look like? I am a newbie so I’m vaping as a salt 22mg in a little pod tank (Caliburn G2) thank you <3

    1. Hi dear Sarah! Thanks for your excellent questions! Yes some flavors are harder on coils than others. Unfortunately, they tend to be the richer bakery flavors. The oxidation happens as juices age, but doesn’t affect coils. I would recommend perhaps trying another flavor to perform better in your sweet pod system? Radio Silence is one you might enjoy, or James. As we use natural flavors, it is unfortunately par for the course with Zombie.. as delicious as the brains are. Thank you for the message and if anyone else has a suggestion please add on here. <3

    1. Hi dear Anne! I hope you got my email about this! Yes, bakery type flavors will not last quite as long in a coil, and sub ohm tanks tend to draw juice faster than others. Other than that, as long as your tank feeds as fast as you are vaping, any juices that are not PG heavy will work! Just let me know if you have questions about any in particular!

  7. Trying to place an order for one 120ML bottle but when I get to checkout it doesn’t tell me the total with shipping/taxes. I just don’t want to be charged a ridiculous amount after the fact.

  8. Hello Alice!
    I’ve sent 4 emails in regards to my order from November 18th (#89100). I have not received any email back; which is surprising as your customer service is usually top notch!
    Please reach out and let me know if you have received the emails or not.
    Thank you!

  9. The stork threw away my vapemail. Literally. Tracking said it was out for delivery then that it couldn’t be delivered it to the address or returned to sender so it was destroyed.

    I wrote to jahflynn (the email on the “Loveli Design has scheduled your Vapemail” email. Is that incorrect?

    1. Hi dear Jane! Thank you so much for reaching out. I just emailed you. And thank you, we just updated our shipping emails as well, so you’ll be able to reach us more easily :) We appreciate you so very much <3

  10. After many sad tales of bottles shattered and lost, we are working on offering Gorilla bottles on the menu for each flavor. Thank you for letting us know your thoughts. Our mission is to bring you vapemails, of course, and preferably, entirely intact! Glass remains an option for folks who prefer it. Love from all of us here and thank you for your thoughts, ideas, and honesty. <3

  11. Greetings! I placed order #89106 on November 19th but haven’t heard anything. I got an email receipt but the order doesn’t appear in my account. Would you mind checking? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi David! Thanks so much for your messages to us, the folks down the Rabbit Hole. We are seeing that your lovelies were delivered! Hope all is well and thank you for your patience with us :) May your life journey bring you weirdness and joy, we’re certainly happy to help :D

  12. Hi. I placed an order for 4 bottles of Juice and only received 2 bottles. What can I do to get the other 2 bottles. I already paid for them.

  13. Hi Alice,
    I haven’t received my order or any shipping information and it’s been almost 2 weeks… :(
    I sent an email to inquire but haven’t gotten a response. Is anyone there?

    1. Hallo! I hope you received my email! We’re on the case! <3 Thank you so much for letting us know and happy winter!

      1. Hi Alice, I have been waiting for my parcel since mid September and it has finally arrived. This would be great except for the fact that it has been damaged and repackaged by Australia post. It contained only two bottles with no droppers! Since i paid for three bottles this is very disappointing. If these had been plastic bottles this wouldn’t have happened!
        I know that your company is trying to do the right thing by using glass, but the big glass bottles are so easy to break. Please rethink this and go back to bulldog bottles.
        This has been a frustrating and disappointing experience.

        1. Hi dear Kath, thank you for letting us know the update. I’m so very sorry the package was damaged in the post. Am sending you an email about this. You’re absolutely right. We have been stocking the Gorillas in all sizes upon request and, as you mentioned, they are *practically* indestructible in the post. We’re not certain there’s an absolutely indestructible anything, but the Gorillas for sure rate a bit higher than Glass in that department. We’re considering it all and it’s of much topic here. Thank you Kath <3 We love you!

  14. I have tried emailing about the hallow code listed on the front page not working but I haven’t received any response.

    1. Thank you so much dear Danielle! I appreciate your vigilance and have just sent you a message. Love and Autumn Leaves <3

  15. Hello Alice,

    I’ve tried emailing you but haven’t heard back. I received my order but it’s incorrect. I ordered (2) tanklets – a butterfly one and the red flower one. I received the butterfly tanklet and some Gloe? Which i have no idea what that is. I don’t make my own juice. I just want the adorable tanklets in my Vaporesso Gen200.

    1. Hi dear Hailey!!

      A corrected order is on it’s way to you! Our greatest apologies about the Gloe and a Red Flower amiss. It’s inexcuseable in everyway. The Gloe is entirely vapeable should you or anyone be interested. Your setup sounds divine, what fun colors they come in :D

  16. Dear Alice, since it’s been 2 months since I started trying to put in an order. After many unanswered emails my order was confirmed on 20th of October. You accepted my payment but I still have no shipping details and no sign that a parcel is on its way. So I then emailed again with your new email address requesting a refund but no answer and still no parcel!
    What is going on? I’m feeling very let down and sad.
    What has happened to my favourite company that I’ve recommended to so many people over the many years I’ve been supporting you?

    1. Hi dear Kath! We’re equipped to resend if you would like! Just let us know, sent you an email regarding. Anyone with any insights about shipping to their particular country, or tips, it is much appreciated! <3

      1. Hello,

        I have email several emails address that are found under FAQs and contact us about a missing bottle from my shipment and no one has responded. Can you please reply with an email for concerns that will get a response or customer service

        1. Hi our dear Susan. Our sincerest apologies. We have a replacement bottle in the works to you. Jah was kind enough to reach out on your behalf. <3 from all of us and wishing you a wonderful holiday!

          1. Thank you! I tried to email Jah to get and estimated timeframe to recieve my missing bottle but have no heard back.

          2. Can I please have a working email to correspond about my missing bottle. I have not heard back about my inquiry’s

          3. Hi dear Susan! Thanks so much for your messages! Just sent you an email, hope you received it. Wishing you a warm and cozy winter from all of us <3

  17. Hello Dearest Alice,
    I received a damaged order and have been trying to get in touch with you all week via the regular customer service email and the mela address mentioned above. No response, so I’m assuming you didn’t receive them. Please let me know what I can do. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi dearest Dawn, we were completely flabbergasted at the imagery of what happened. It was disturbing to say the least. We appreciated so very much all your communications as it helps us, unfortunately, prepare for such things. Thank you for letting us know and we hope that your most deserved lovelies arrive indestructed this time.

  18. The order form is no longer allowing me to select a size, I tried two browsers. Not being able to select a size, means you cannot place an order.

    From the other messages, there are still issues with timeliness and the bottle switch. As others have said, I have been a customer for years and would buy the products locally when they were available. When the local shop no longer carried them (pandemic) I started ordering direct, and until 2-3 months ago it was always great the rare time there was an issue, support was extremely responsive and generous. Something is clearly going on. You have a lot of well-earned goodwill with your customers, which is getting a bit skittery through all of this because there hasn’t been any real communication about the situation.

    In spite of all that, I’m still trying to place an order because, as others have said, this company is unique. No one makes juices like you do. Until the site is functioning and I’m able to select a size It seems I will not be able to place an order. Please share an update with us.

    1. Thank you so much Scott! You and other kind folks brought this to our attention. We’re working on it as we speak. We are in stock of all sizes of Gorillas now, for what it’s worth. We’ll hope to have the Portal open for dropping as soon as we can.

      We also, are excited to announce that the first of the Custom Flavors is ready for release. One of our artists is drawing rapidly also.

      Thank you our wonderous people of Vapeland! Love from all of us!

      1. P.S. Scott, we are so sorry that the local store does not stock us at the moment. We’ll be happy to work with any store you recommend, to save you shipping costs. Alright, back to the fixing of many things. <3 <3 <3 Nicole

      2. I’m glad to hear all sizes of Gorilla bottles are in stock now. This makes me happy for future orders. However, I just got my order today and instead of the 120 mL Gorillas I ordered, I got 60 mL bottles. I absolutely hate the 60 mL bottles. They are so awkward and goofy and I end up dropping them or knocking them over all the time.

        I mean, I’ll live. But I wish someone had contacted me about (I assume) there not being any 120s in stock at that time and the only alternative was using 60s….unless I wanted to wait a couple days for the 120s that came in a couple days later. I would have GLADLY waited for bottles I can actually use. And that I ordered in the first place.

        I love Alice but she is making it really, really hard right now. Please, Alice, please, do what you need to do to get things right. I could have waited on my order but there was NO communication. I had no option or choice, I was just sent something I didn’t order.

        I don’t know what to think or feel anymore. Reading the comments, it’s like Alice is bleeding customers and I’m not sure if I’m holding onto hope or a sinking ship. It’s exhausting.

        1. Hi dear Kris. You’re absolutely right. We should have informed you rather than shipped in a different bottle than you expected. I have also toppled a glass bottle, and it is a mess. Our sincerest apologies, and in the future we’ll do just that prior to shipping, even if it incurs a slight delay in the shipping, so that you may at least know, if two smaller bottles, were substituted for a larger bottle of an equivalent volume, or if you would rather wait for the larger bottle. THANK YOU for complaining, out loud, and most specifically. It helps us know what precisely is most important to You. We value your barest honestly and intense complaints most highly. Love from all of us, should we deserve any at all. Good news, we are now restocked in all sizes Gorilla! At this very moment in time, which will change at any second.

  19. Hi. I’ve been trying to reach you via email but my emails keep getting bounced back to me? I just received my order & I was sent the empty wrong bottles. I ordered 5 of the empty 60ml clear gorilla bottles, but I received 5 amber glass cap top bottles. I need the gorilla bottles I ordered, in order to use the juice I ordered, so this mistake needs to be remedied asap. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jill! We have fixed the error, and please expect to receive as you requested, very soon, as per standard stork speed! Thank you so much for letting us know. Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning about the e~mail situation, we are looking into that as well, as it is quite frustrating. In the interim, please reach us at the word mela, four times, followed by a two, a one, and a four, at g ma i L followed by the usual dot com. Thank you our dearest Alicandrians for all your patience with us as we try our best to send Lovemails as quick as we can <3

      1. Hello! I’ve been trying to email about an order I placed on October 3rd but have yet to receive it or any word. I’m desperately out of juice. Please advise!

        1. Me too! Same except my order was on Oct 16 and I have been emailing haven’t heard from anyone! I’m gonna have to go buy juice from a store! Not happy ;(

      2. I just wanted to follow up on this to thank you for your AMAZING customer service… & to let others know Alice fixed this quickly & generously. In my decade of buying from Alice, this was the 1st time there ever was an issue w/my order & the way Alice handled it makes me glad I’ve been supporting them all this time. The world would be a kinder, better place if every business was like Alice. :) Thanks again!

  20. Thank you SO much for your Complaints dear Leslie ❤️ We are so extremely honored to hear your wonderfully multiplicitous points.

    May we have an informal yet very informative vote concerning the material that we serve You in? All replies shall be considered most serious.

    Thank you again Leslie!!! Love from all of us!

    1. Dear Alice, I feel as if I’m in some sort of limbo land. I still don’t have shipping confirmation and no answers to my emails. Have you been abducted by aliens? I am most concerned. You have always been so attentive and kind.

      1. Hi Kathleen. Fellow customer here. You may want to check your junk/spam mailboxes to make sure your emails didn’t bounce back undelivered, because this is what was happening to my emails to customer service about my order.

        1. Hi our Dear Jill! Thank you so much for letting us know! Our sincerest apologies for the error. We’re looking into it now!

  21. Long time very loyal customer, never a complainer, but feel I must speak Re: bottle changes. It seems I’m not alone in being unhappy & confused by the change. 1. If I’d received this as a newbie, the confusion of receiving it in a bottle I can’t use w/ any tank would’ve kept me smoking. 2. No one should have to ‘hack’ a way to use their premium juice. 3. Plastic bottles break down (micro plastics), so re-using old bottles isn’t a good idea. They aren’t meant for multiple uses, but they are recyclable. 4. I fear for spilled e-liquid potentially hurting pets, children & people.

    I love Alice, but this bottle change is a fail. Alice used to give a choice, glass could be requested in order notes. I personally did this for a long time, until my needs changed. Please consider making unicorn bottles available by request, so those of us who don’t have the ability to safely transfer it into a useable bottle can still continue to buy from you. I don’t feel it’s unreasonable to want, or expect, our e-liquid to come in a bottle we can actually use.

    1. Thank you SO much for your Complaints dear Leslie ❤️ We are so extremely honored to hear your wonderfully multiplicitous points.

      May we have an informal yet very informative vote concerning the material that we serve You in? All replies shall be considered most serious.

    2. +1. I don’t feel like buying my own (unlabeled) unicorn bottles over and over either, more than doubling the amount of waste I produce when the liquid could have been in a single plastic bottle to begin with. I mean, I’ll do what I have to if it comes in glass, but I’d rather not.

    3. +1 — from another long-term customer. I have no interest in buying e-liquid anywhere else: your blends are divine, your teas are glorious, and I feel spoiled every single time that I partake. You’ve created delicious flavours that are seldom “perfumey” and never overwhelm. They’re an absolute delight.

      That said — I have no idea how I would possibly manage to fill my little pods from a glass bottle. I’ve read your suggestion about the basketball needle, and don’t see how that would work with a pod. Instead, I’ve purchased some unicorn-tip Gorilla bottles, which will add an extra step to the whole process but should work out just fine in the end.

      Unfortunately, this completely nixes the whole ecological aspect of all this — while still costing you extra in shipping due to the increased parcel weight :/ I’m afraid I don’t have any good solutions to offer, except to add that I’d happily buy the Gorilla bottles I see listed here on your site if it was clear that their tip size is suitable for filling little 2-3ml pods. Maybe something like that could be added to the description of your pod-suitable droppers and bottles and such?

      But even so, the contradictory equation still remains: in hopes of producing less-damaging waste, I’ll be consuming additional products and creating additional waste, damaging and otherwise.

      1. This is a marvelous point, actually several, that we had dimwittedly not considered in our overly quick run to an ecological rabbit hole of sorts (Same Rabbit Hole, but attempting to save the plants and such). Which are admittedly quite adept on their own but out here tend to be very thorny when one steps on one or runs a bicycle into on. What is the ecological footprint of a Gorilla bottle versus a Glass bottle and also how can one weigh pure inconvenience into the equation. The Hatter was precisely so good at Maths. We do miss him so. Thank you for stumping us so thoroughly that we’ll have to find the thinking caps that we placed somewhere .. they are surely somewhere … If there is an answer that one reaches sooner, please kindly send the answers while we exercise the Left part of our brains most painfully.

  22. TLDR; this has been rough for everyone involved. Grace can be hard to find when it comes to a highly addictive chemical and a forced change of routine. I’ve been in a constant state of anxiety since this began. But Alice creates the best liquid and offers the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. She may have stumbled, but Alice is up. And I, for one, will never leave her.

    I didn’t realize this page existed or how extensive these happenings were. I hate to see how many of us and for how long we’ve been affected. I will say that, one, I got my second order of these dark times today so my life improved like 700% in an instant, and two, I think all this stings a bit more because most of us have gotten used to the level of serve Alice provides. Service no one else provides, let’s be honest. I feel like Alice is an old friend; we email sometimes and I always get the best, most uplifting notes in my box (I am sure those will come back).

    I’ve bought my liquid here every month for ten years now. It has a line item on my budget with my mortgage and my water bill. I was super distressed about the current state of affairs because I didn’t know there was anything bad going on until it happened to me. The change was sudden and rude (Alice’s words, not mine) and I can’t be the only one who was blindsided. If I had known, I don’t think I would have emailed them the 3-4 times I did about everything. (I do wish we’d gotten a newsletter email or something, I generally don’t cruise the site.) I can’t imagine the different rings of hell Alice and Co. are traveling through trying to take care of us because that’s all they’ve ever done: go WAY above and beyond to give us more than we pay for.

    In my order today, it was obvious things are moving in the right direction. The charms are back! The lid had been painted with a fun design again, which was heartening. Alice included an empty plastic bottle for each flavor (again with charms!), like 10 or 15 mL, likely to get us through until we’re retrained in the old ways of glass. One of the 120 mL lids was broken but that was likely from it sitting at the post office in “exception” for a couple days. No leaks thanks to the shrink tubes Alice puts on the lids.

    I gather from some of the comments that many folks have never used glass. Alice used to be 100% glass back in the day and I remember how life was back then. I moved all my liquid into plastic, it isn’t so bad. But you gotta want it to win it. The 30 mL I got today had a dropper; the 120 mL did not. Not sure they ever did. That being said, you CAN pour into unicorn bottles, just go SLOW. And if you look at the bottle near the top of the threads, you’ll come across a little indent where you can slide a tiny flathead screwdriver and pop the drip tip off. I was a little worried using them after a refill, but it snaps right back on and I’ve had no issue so far. If you’ve got a Boston-style bottle (like the empties Alice included in my order, the white-ish squishy ones), it’s worth getting a tiny funnel. Again, go SLOOOW. It’s super easy to make a huge mess with those. And you can’t wrong with just using the dropper to fill a bottle or your vape (if possible). Does it take forever? Yes. Is it worth not getting liquid absolutely everywhere? Definitely yes.

    We got this.

  23. Hi, placed an order on the 4th of September. Been marked as On Hold since. Have emailed a couple of times with the order number as the subject but still haven’t received a reply yet. Can you please provide me with an update? Thanks.

    1. Someone, probably not associated with you, has reached out via email, attempting a “payment workaround” via paypal AFTER I have already paid for my order on the 15/09. Please respond via organisational contacts or via this complaints channel else I will need to request a reversal of charges from my CC provider. Thanks.

      1. Hi Travis! That was us, I’m so sorry for the confusion…. It’s a lot and I apologize for the multitude of inconveniences. We are here for you.

    1. That is so solid Kath!! Thank you for sharing! We just listed some clear Gorillas and droppers here to help out as well.

  24. Hello! I found out about Alice from Reddit. I was a long time customer of TBD Liquids, but they have unfortunately closed. I was looking through your flavors and they look lovely! Definitely going to place an order soon to see how I like them. I use salt nic and vape with an XROS3 mini. Would this work well with your liquids? Thank you in advance and I look forward to your reply :)

    1. Hi there! So, we’ve never *personally* tried the XROS3 but it looks like a nice little pod device that would probably certainly work well with the higher PG (at least 60%) liquids with salts. Let us know how it works for you if ya like! (^ ^)

  25. Ummm. I just received my order and they are in GLASS bottles now?
    And on top of that, no dropper?

    (Note: Dropper pipettes aren’t small enough for most POD based vape kits anyways. I’d still be SOL.)

    I’m not sure how to consume my juice.

    Do I pry open an old plastic bottle and make a mess of things pouring it in and the risk that the (now mangled) plastic bottle won’t leak?

    I don’t see how to do this without making a complete mess of everything.

    What happened?

    1. Well, it is a long story, mentioned in the mix files, somewhere around here, BUT the tl/dr is that we found Glass to be more ecological so we returned back down the tunnel to the early Alice days of Glass in that regard. It’s completely backwards and near impossible to move Juice into a Vapeable format and we are sincerely sorry for the drastic, rude, completely sudden, and annoying change. We’re in the process of listing some helpful things for moving the Juice into the device. One very easy option is to sterilize and utilize a Gorilla Bottle (even rinsing and shaking with 70% alcohol, or Vodka, or Bourbon) for travel and convenience purposes. Syringes of larger gauge are also quite useful for a fill n’ go scenario. And another option is to put a dropper on the bottle (changing out the cap for a dropper). We’ll be carrying droppers soon, and before that, please request on. We’re trying to source the best droppers for the job with a tiny tip for filling most anything. There are many happenings lately of our non-understanding and What happened is a wonderful question. Thank you so much for asking such a very good question, and we appreciate any answers.

  26. So I guess I’m not the only one with the issues with the glass bottles? They look lovely but are very impractical. No droppers? Plus, the lids don’t seal correctly and my entire 30ml bottle of Zombie leaked into my vape bag.

    1. That is so entirely true. We are using various combinations of things ourselves to get the juice into the thing. The nice thing is that the dark amber preserves the juices most kindly from degradation, and it’s very recyclable and reuseable. However, also completely inconvenient. We DID source some new Amber Bottles with much much better threads that should refuse to leak. However, please do mention in your order notes about your soggy bag as that’s just not acceptable.

  27. Can you please clarify what bottle type you’re using now (for 60ml and 120ml sizes)? It appears gorilla bottles may be unavailable? I emailed a while ago & I can see you’re very busy, but I’d like to know before I place my order. Much thanks.

    1. Thank you for asking Jill! So, as the most ecological solution, we’ve moved entirely to Glass. 15mls will receive a bottle with dropper, all larger sizes will be capped. It is a bit more of a cost to us per shipping, but that is on us. We are most sorry to confuse you. We seek to create madness but not confusion. Most bewilderedly yours ~ Alice & the Gang

    1. Hi dear Sandra! My sincerest apologies about your on-hold order. Thank you for trying again, let us know if you had any trouble receiving anything. We’re doing our best to make sure that our dearests get everything they desire, wherever they may be <3

  28. Hi there. I’ve been trying to order some more White Rabbit and it keeps telling me that age verification is required but I don’t know how to get it to verify me. I’ve not had this come up in the past. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This has been an occurrence of the oddest sort that we are unable to understand or comprehend. All we know is that re-attempting, at most 2days later can fix the issue.

  29. I’m so sorry to have to tell you this but my juices came in glass bottles. Because of the way the tanks are I needed either a dropper or squeeze bottle with tip. I was so excited to get my juice that I cleaned out old bottles with alcohol and glycerin. But the flavors are corrupted. If I reorder now that would be another hundred dollars and I’m no goo goo doll. HELP ME PLEASE <3 <3.

    1. The same thing happened with my order. I hope this is not the new bottles that created the delay. I ended up having to go to a local shop and buy a squeeze bottle so that I could use the juice I had ordered. Is this something we should expect from future orders?

      1. We have found a new hack, perhaps it’s of use or then again it may not be, but so far it is working for us. Please let me know if you can improve upon it.

        Take a standard basketball inflation needle, plug the side hole, and insert the threads into the rubber dropper bulb.

        Oh! And yes we took out the glass dropper first. So far this is working very very well for us for our dripping and refilling!

  30. Yeah it’s been over 2 weeks since I ordered. I hope everything is running smoothly soon. Good luck with all of your backlog work. I feel for you all. And of course your customers too.

    1. Thank you so very much! With the Hatter out and in and out again, we’re all a bit topsy turvy trying to sort out all the things Shipping, which Hatter was most Masterly at. We simply cannot compare.

      We’re most humbly and gratefully yours!

        1. It did, thank you….I didn’t expect glass bottles and I had no way of getting the juice out, had to dig in the trash for an old drip bottle, luckily I found one!
          Is this how the orders will be from now on?
          Thanks for everything you do!

  31. I guess you weren’t kidding about the longer process for shipping, it’s been 8 days and it’s still processing :-/

    1. You’re so right Amanda. We really should be off with our heads. Thank you, Best People of Vapeland, Earth…. For your ridiculous amount of patience with us. Bottles (eco) and packaging all in now. Shipping commenced today in order. If you have a medical or urgent need, let us know to jump ahead otherwise Unbirthdays shall be served in order, with an unfair amount of love. Today we had a blast preparing Your favorites, because … it’s our most favorite thing to do, and although we absolutely do not play favorites, You *are* ours <3 Love from all the mushrooms and hats and the Mock Turtle and even the spoons shine for you, our stars!

    2. Yeah me too. I was wondering what was happening. Sounds stressful for you guys. I had the usual trouble ordering with the age verification thing, then couldn’t get an answer to emails, then went back on 20th and that one went through. I emailed my prescription but don’t think you got it. Could you please let me know if I need to send it again. It takes so long to get to Australia as it is. xx

  32. Thank you so much for making all these wonderful sugar-free, sugar replacement-free flavors. My old vape juice kept spiking my glucose and I thought I would have to stop vaping forever until I found your juices. And such wonderful flavors too!

  33. Please do more tobacco based flavors. Perhaps a tobacco, custard, with a drop of cream, banana, peanut butter and a tiny hint of mint. :)

    1. I used to order a juice concoction called RB Dark by Slim’s, who is no longer in business. It is black licorice, root beer, pear, cream soda and blackberry. I’ve thought about buying the flavors and trying to mix my own.

  34. I am currently addicted to this cucumber green tea from the brand that comes in a can for 99cents…. If you could recreate that flavor, I will offer my first born child and 10 goats.

  35. Pear Ice Cream/ Pear Cream
    I used to be able to buy this from another company that pared (ha!) down their selection and this did not make the cut. It was one of my absolute favorites and they will not mix it up for me no matter how I beg. Please consider, I NEED this, haha

      1. Does anyone else occasionally have trouble squeezing the juice out of Jumbo size bottles? Maybe it’s a thicker juice? But annoying.

  36. Old-Fashioned Violet Candy sounds delightful. I’d love to see a simple Coconut Cantaloupe flavor for Summer.

    1. Thank you for seconding the violet candies! Oooh, Coconut Cantaloupe! What a refreshing sounding flavor!

  37. I just received my order of April Moon and Lavishuckle Lemonade, in lightning time! I cannot believe how fast it was and the little Zombie snuck in to the parcel was the best! Thank you so much for everything you all do!!!
    Ps wld you ever consider a strawberry milk flavor, that and the popcorn flavor wld be devine!

    1. Hello our dear Amanda! We’re so glad the vapemail stork reached your doorstep so quickly! Thank you for the love <3 Wow! Strawberry milk has us drooling… brilliant idea! Popcorn, that has us reminiscing about vape flavors past.. kettle corn back in the day was one of our favorites… thank you for the love and inspiration!

  38. I’ll start by saying that I have been pleased with all purchases through Alice though, I recently purchased your 3 ml sampler packs and wanted to let you know that the tip of the bottles are too big. I get more of the juice outside my tank, than in.

    1. Hi our Karen! We’re so happy to bring you good thing! Except for a tank friendly tip that is… Thank you much for mentioning it to us! So far, we have come up with ideas of using a small transfer pipette, syringe . . . but not the ultimate solution! We’ll continue to mull and murmur and discuss. Hmm.. wonder if any brilliant Alicandrians have a thought. We’re stumpified and we do not like it one bit. Please let us know if you figure anything else out too. We’ve always relied on either delicate sans nozzle pouring, or creating a bit of vacuum first with the nozzle, not ideal.

  39. Forgot to add, is the AIV fb page still active? I put in a request to be added. If it’s not active anymore what would be the best social platform to find AIV on? Thank you in advance :)

    1. Hi dearest Brandi! We do our best to remain here in our love and loyalty to our favorite people! Unfortunately, to do this, we have had to withdraw largely from our haunts, which we miss dearly. Although we don’t know reddit very well, we made a profile so you may find us there, we know e-liquids are discussed there? We used to have a wonderful fun group on the ECF forum back in the day. It was a blast! Please let us know if there is a place you recommend, and we would sure love to stop by any group that is created (we’ll bring cookies!) Please feel free to share about us to your *trusted* friends!

  40. Hello I just got my first order in. Technically two orders. I placed an order on the 6th and another on the 8th. Only took a week to come in. I got a couple of sample packs. I decided to start off with Gloe. It’s lovely. Light and fruity, very refreshing. I’ve got so many interesting flavors to try, not sure what will be next but if it’s half as good as Gloe I’ll be a happy girl. I was blown away by the thought and care put into the packaging as well. It was absolutely beautiful. I adore the vibe of this company and I’ll be back soon to place another order. Thank you and lots of love AIV

    1. Thanks So Very Much!! We loooooooove Gloe too. It’s suuuuper yummy at 60/40 as well for a little bit more of a throat hit!

  41. okay, i have no complaints and thoughts and ideas fly around so fast, they’re hard to catch… but…
    i will say lately, when not vaping your delicious-ness i’ve been digging one that is mocha-vanilla-cappuccino with whipped cream. ((This company is not you by any means, but they name their juices after dragons so if I have to cheat, at least I’m cheating well? oh wait…here’s their offically “flavor description”… Whipped Vanilla Mochaccino Hazelnut)) So if you’re really bored, I bet you could do it better. ;)

    Back into hiding, this is not why I came here at all.

    1. Noted! Question, how do you feel about any perfume-y notes in the Mochaccino? If that is OK we may be able to ‘whip’ something up!!

      We look forward to the next time our dear emerges again!

  42. Hello! Since people are mentioning their fantasy flavors, I thought I’d throw in my request for a violet flavor. Kai’s Virgin Vapor used to make one years ago, and it was the dreamiest most lovely thing. They don’t add sweetener, but somehow the natural violet flavor tasted like candy. Like those old-fashioned violet candies Parma Violets. The Anonymous Weirdo above mentioned wishing for a “powdery” flavor, and I’d venture to say that violet has a certain powdery quality to it.
    Even if it was just an extract, I would be so excited to taste a violet vape again!

  43. Adore you guys. Have been a customer for about 8 years. My favorite flavor is Buckle My Shoeberry, & my fiance loves Forgotten Memories. Alice In Vapeland & their people are amazing. So thankful for you guys.

    1. We’re pretty dang thankful ourselves, serving the best folks ever. Thank you Kasey! Love from all of us <3

  44. I must be weird. For the life of me I’ve been searching for a vape with a baby powder vanilla guava-pear dragon fruit sort of taste to it. Vape company from years ago used to make powdery fruity flavors like this (wick & wire or something like that, based out of NYC) but then they went out of business (not enough weirdos like myself I guess). You guys are flavor masters and was wondering if you have a vape like this or capable of being inspired to whip up something? Probably too weird a suggestion.

    Also, noted a lack of cantaloupe based vape flavors? Any plans to add some? If you need inspiration, there used to be this kick arse cantaloupe vape “Tuppa” that is now gone and deeply missed. It had like a cantaloupe, strawberry, champagne, vanilla bourbon tobacco sorta profile. (like your frosted falls, smacked by zombie apocalypse, punched in the face by cantaloupe, creamy champagne fizz finish). Or like a sexy cantaloupe strawberry boba tea cream soda float ice wine.

    Anywho, I am still exploring your flavors. Always amazed how much you guys appeal to my weird palette that likes offbeat flavors and nuanced and creative profiles. I look forward to any updates and new juices. You guys are a treasure.

    1. Wow! What a flavor! You’ve piqued our interest for sure. It sounds so nice and soothing.

      And thank you for the cantaloupe concept, we could use some more punches in the face by a melon for sure :D

      Thank you for the bouquet of inspirations!

  45. Hello dearies, I have recently placed a shipment for your finest teas, of which I will be enjoying in a quiet order during the hustle and bustle. Anyways, on my invoice it says the order has been completed, yet I have yet to receive a message, telegram or otherwise, with a shipping number. Now this has distressed me, only mildly so though must be said, and I am inquiring about the status of my goods. A speedy response shall be greatly appreciated, as I am eager to try your fine assortments posthaste! Please and Thank You Alice(s)

    1. Hi our dear! We’re happy to let you know that your delights are set to arrive today! Our sincerest apologies that you did not receive a tracking number. We have heard that some folks have not been receiving that one particular very important email containing one’s tracking number, and we are looking into it. Thank you so VERY much for letting us know – we raise our pinkie fingers to you!

  46. Good day! I was just wondering if you’d ever consider letting people sign up for text notifications? I rarely check my e-mai, so every time I need to reorder your incredible juices, & I go check if you have sent any emails lately about one of your super generous sales/ promotions – I’ve always JUST missed it!!! Haha, anyway; Thank you all, so much, for many years of the best juices on earth! (Btw, that huge piggy inside the box from you guys 3 weeks ago was my absolute favourite out of all the inside-of-box artwork you have had ever!)

    1. What a brilliant idea! We would be happy to look into something like this. Thank you for sharing your most ingenious thought with us! Cheers and thank you for the kind words and piggybox-love! <3

  47. I am 90% happy with your excellent juices. The 10% unhappiness is caused by plastic bottles. I know it is the industry standard now, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! Please keep in mind that some of your customers are old and have arthritis in our hands. Please consider thinner plastic bottles so us oldies can squeeze the bottles. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so very much for making us aware of this! We had a lengthy discussion about it. We are able to, for medical reasons, serve You and other domestic orders in Glass. We hope this helps. Softer plastic unfortunately is more degradable so we cannot Serve juices in them and feel good about it. The switch to Gorillas was a hard decision, but overall desired by most Alicandrians. We use a high quality high density bottle that we ourselves use daily and feel is safe, and we like the new bottles. As we make our Juices only with ingredients we trust personally, the last thing we would want is for any plastic chemicals to leach into the juices, (which can occur in long storage in a softer bottle, in our research). Although most of us use gorilla bottles on a daily basis, some of us personally adore these little bottles, because of nostalgia or/or hand comfort, keeping a larger bottle in the fridge and using one of these for daily use, (some of us still use the old drip atomizers). The rest of us carry our gorillas around with us and use tanks and refillable pod systems. If anyone else has any thoughts or ideas, please share. Thank you again for telling us of your concerns! This helps us tremendously and happily riled up the Mushroom Lab.

  48. I love your creations (April Moon and Lavishuckle Lemonade are my go to vape juice) but was wondering if you could come up with a popcorn or kettle corn flavor?
    My previous vape place went belly up with all the restrictions and they had a flavor that I can only describe as a popcorn flavor…I have the empty bottle that I sometimes smell…if you want, I can mail it to you to see if it cld be replicated!!!
    I love and trust your creativity

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! We’re delighted to serve you. Kettle Corn was one of the Gang’s favorite flavors, we hadn’t thought of that one in years! Thanks for bringing a tasty inspiration!

  49. I absolutely love all juices that I have received from you! I’m going to beg you: create something cucumber please !! Cucumber juices are my favorite for summer and the company I purchased them through has been closed. I need a replacement and Alice’s is the only other that I trust. Pretty please with not a ton of sugar on top?!?!?!

    1. Thank you! We love the suggestion! That sounds very very refreshing. We will let you know if we can create something most cooling and cucumber-y! Melon Soda may be up your alley as well!

  50. I just received my latest order. I requested a little extra flavor in a my zombie and my wish was granted. What a wonderful treat! My tastebuds are dancing!!! Thank you !

  51. Hi John I was just wondering if our order from the 10 of this month got mailed off yet. Cause we not get it yet. If it did thank you if not that ok also Edward is just running out but still had some to last a few more days

    1. Hi there! We are back from our break and all orders received during the break have been alighted by stork to their destination!

  52. do you wonderful people still offer the sample boxes?
    it’s been a long while (too long) since I’ve visited. I don’t see them random sampler anywhere. :(


    1. Greetings Wonderful Rob! We unfortunately do not still offer samplers but if there is anything you would like to try, please mention and we’ll do our best to include a taste of it for you! Welcome back!

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