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  1. Stumbled upon this, took a chance, and went down the rabbit hole.
    So glad I did. Now I don’t want to leave.
    Lavender Ever After convinced me to stay and continue the adventure.

    Do you have any stores in Orlando, Florida that sell AiV?

    Vapelandia’s newest resident

    1. Thanks ever so much for dropping down! My we would love to be in a shop in Orlando, what fun! Please let us know if there is a shop you recommend.

  2. I run a Vape Shop in Biddeford Maine and I just wanna say your juice is absolutely wonderful my customers and my self love your guys line, I am wondering if you would bring Cheshire Cat back, one of my first vape juices. Thank you, I can always recommend bulldog cakes and zombie apocalypse to my customers.

  3. I have been ordering from AiV for about two years now. I recently moved from Tucson to New Mexico. The time I opened a vape Mail and was asked if I had moved here was pretty awesome.. AiV is such an awesome company. They care about details that a lot of others wouldn’t notice. I have never been disappointed in the flavor I receive or anything. I absolutely love this company.

  4. Wow your flavor extracts are incredibly good. As soon as i smelled them I knew they were top notch.I had to order more i sure hope you’ll come out with new flavors occasionally. Thanks for the amazing product. Vape on.

    1. Thanks so much Scott! I’m so glad you are having fun with them :) I’m sure you are making some very delicious treats!

  5. Hi Alice! I’ve been in love with White Rabbit since I first tried it a year ago in a small shop in Portland, Or. Since moving to Philly I haven’t been able to find a shop that carries the AiV brand so I started ordering online. I was super impressed with my first order and am anxiously awaiting my second :D Since trying to branch out from my beloved White Rabbit my only wish is that you offered either a sampler package with larger bottles or a sampler that included all of your normal juices plus the ones in the oddity room.. Just a thought(: Anyway, I love your juices and customer service and will definitely be a life-long customer!

  6. Please, oh please bring back Cupcake City, it was my favorite juice of all time, and I have been vaping for years, so that’s saying something. I really miss it.

    1. Hi Louis! Cupcake City has retired, but we do have a similar flavor, Single Bedroom Apartment. It’s our latest take on a vanilla cupcake, and we’re pretty proud of it! I hope you’ll give it a shot :)

  7. 24 hours. 24 hours of sheer delight, amazement, and pleasure. That’s how long it’s been since my first package from AiV arrived, when I found magic in my mailbox, and when I opened my box, I knew the tea party had come to me. There would be no stopping until every delicious surprise had been vaped into dreams, and I was left with only my beautiful box, admiring the artwork, reading my note with longing, staring at my mysterious card, and alas, my very empty bottles.

    I don’t even know how I found you. A random search for something not related, but found you I did, and AiV has changed my vaping experience forever. You are all treasures. Shiny, shiny baubles of happiness. Thank you for sharing your light with the world.

    I’ll wait quite impatiently for my next order…

    1. Aw Cindy! Thank you so much! I’m so overjoyed to read these words :D I’m glad you found us. Welcome to Vapeland!!

  8. I have just made my first order and I am so excited, can not wait to try these E juices thanks Alice, I’ve been wanting to order for quite a while I’m so glad I had the chance to.

  9. So I want to start off by saying, I will never buy from any other e-juice company, for as long as I Vape! I can’t even put into words the impression that has been left with me from the mushroom lab and others at Alice in Vapeland. It’s been the best customer service I’ve ever received, and I have only just made 2 orders with AIV.

    Not only are the flavores exact and delicious, I don’t get headaches or an upset tummy and I never feel like I’m over doing it while vaping this juice..

    But also my very first order I had a leaky bottle that I just so happened to email about and they unexpected sent me two brand new glass dripper bottles, and some samples! On top of keeping up with charm and presentation of my packages which I can’t even begin to rave about!!

    My second order I just had to have MORE of A Quiet Morning and unintentionally had received a different strength than ordered, when I mentioned it in an email, which they’ve answered for the second time within a couple of hours they automatically put a rush on a brand new bottle of my preferred strength and even more samples and goodies.

    Every package comes with special custom notes and art, and you can request just about anything based on juice with extra flavor and PG/VG ratio. They keep generously blowing my mind with their customer service and they make it FUN!! I’ve already been obsessed since my very first visit to this company, and I am ridiculously happy to be a part and never have to wander for other juice companies <333333 much love!!!

    1. Wow, Ashley! Thank you so much for this review! It makes me so proud that we were able to inspire such kind words from a new resident of Vapeland! We’re so happy to have you here with us! If there’s ever anything we can help with, never hesitate to contact us :) Vape on, friend! So much love to you!!

  10. So far, I have enjoyed my purchases, with the exception of one in my latest order… I shant name names, and it’s not bad, it’s just unremarkable. You had me hooked with Hot Waffle and Fifteen Foot Falls! Oh, and not to worry, I will be a repeat customer, I’m just finding out about new flavors, and my likes and dislikes. Your production is exceptional… Thank you so much! -Chris

    1. Everyone is different, some flavors just aren’t your cup o’ tea! I am so glad that you have found some favorites here in Vapeland :) I hope you discover many more! Thank you so much for the lovely words. There is always a seat at the Tea Table for you Chris <3 Much love!

  11. I just received my first order from y’all and I was shocked when I opened my very first vape mail from AIV! The little extra goodies y’all throw in there are past amazing. Thank you so much for the samples with the nic in them, that really surprised me because no one does that. I like it because I now know what it will tast like with my mg of nic in it! The personalized little note with my name is so cool, I’m pasting them to my jurnal as I get them. You know for keep sake. I think the playing cards are a great idea and I now have a goal to collect a whole deck of them. So when I do get them all Alice tarot cards would be a really good idea, just a thought. Anyways great box art and you have some of the best juice ever, I will always be ordering from y’all to come. Thanks again and will be ordering soon!!

    1. Welcome to Vapeland Lauren!!! <3 Thank you so much for the love! We are so happy you are here with us!

  12. What are tanklets? Just discovered this place and it’s unbelievable! Now if my paychecks could eat growth cookies!!

    1. Welcome to Vapeland! Yes, magic cookies, wouldn’t that be lovely?! Tanklets are little bits of fun to decorate your tank :) Happy exploring!

  13. Dearest Alice!!!! So many of your delectable s I Enjoy so!! Flavors that are a mystery and some True calling: ) anyhow…I’m only about 3 months into vaping and I see all these interesting flavs I missed out on

    1. ..that comment was cut off short.. is their a link to order these flavs I missed out on. & can oddities be ordered as samples as there are so many I’m wanting to try!!! Thanks dearest

      1. Hi Jen! If the C Room is what you are looking for, look no further than a little red door… Curiouser & curiouser… :) I am ever so sorry, we do not offer Oddity flavors in sample sizes. But! The individual flavor pages are a great place to see what other Alicandrians are saying :) Big hugs from the Mushroom Lab!

  14. I live in South Central KY and was if you could tell me if there is any places that sells your line in their stores.

  15. I has seen that cupcake city was one from off the list, and was wondering what was the rest that you have that’s not on the list to order!!

    1. ;) Curiouser and curiouser! Well, while we can’t give away all our secrets . . other Alicandrians might be able to help!

  16. Just made my first order with AlIce! Finally! I kept missing the open times until I got smart enough to set myself an Alice alarm reminder. Excited to to get my ALice goodies. Wish there was a cotton candy flavor =) but tHink I will enjoy what I picked! And the tanklets I KNOW I will enjoy. Happy vaping everyone =)

  17. Just ordered for the firs time. I can’t wait to get my liquids. I see a lot of tea flavors. Alice do you think you will be making a wassail and a vanilla chai tea? That would be amazing! Thanks Alice.

    1. Hi,

      Glad to see you have come to visit us down the rabbit hole. You were asking about Wassail and the answer is “Merclipse”. It’s a Scandinavian spiced grog which brings to mind the hot wassail that my mother makes with cider and lots of seasonings. It is really good. The good thing with this being juices, you can mix and match flavors to suit you tastes in each tank. To get a vanilla chai, I think that you could mix “Vanilla” and ‘Merclipse” and would get very close.

  18. Just ordered for the first time. I can’t wait to get my liquids. I see a lot of tea. Sure hope alice makes a wassail tea or a chai tea vape soon. Thanks Alice!

  19. Just started to vape. The gentleman at the store suggested I try twas brillig. Its excellent and now I want to try all your flavors. I wish there was a was to preorder the little bit of everything sample pack. My work schedule can b unpredictable and I don’t want to have to keep waiting to try all your guys flavors. Everything else I hear about AIV has been awesome, and I hope the ordering process will work out good for me to. Hope to become a life long customer.

  20. My fiance is quite pleased that we were able to order from you again as he has fallen in love with Frost Blossom and I have been taken with April Moon. We also like to share (and loved the LBE Sampler) but these are our top flavors. He does hope that you lovely folks will have a coffee flavor in the near future (He even offered to be a tester!) I for one would love to see a nice cinnamon vanilla Chai TEA…(Think iced vanilla chai latte from “Starbucks” lol) Since you have the tea’s spot on. Love you guys and awaiting a happy vapemail. I have surgery later this week and will be stuck home after with very little I can do.

  21. This is my first order I am excited to get it I hope soon
    I was told about you in the shop I go to to get my juices
    I have been looking for something like this to help me quite smoking and I purchase my first evod in December and I can proudly say I have been cigarette free for two months and do not ever want to go back I love my caper ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!

  22. What a delightful surprise, receiving my package today. Such delights throughout the box. As a reader, the card will make a fabulous bookmark. I often have two vapes going, so the charms will help this forgetful gal remember which one is which. Not that it matters since I found you. ♥♥♥ the entire experience!!!!

    1. You balanced an eel on the end of your nose~what made you so awfully clever?
      Wow, my order came so fast that it was a huge surprise! I had set my phone alarm and ordered as soon as the shop opened Tuesday night… And when I got home from work tonight (Friday) it was here!
      Of course I had to try one right away, I couldn’t wait! I got the little bit of everything. I’m normally a candy & fruity vape girl, but my 8 yr old said that the black and white cookie smelled the best lol, so that’s the one I tried first! For the past 3 months I thought I had “vapors tongue” but, it was obviously just not the right juice before because this one was awesome! I don’t even like cookies lol, but this juice is good. And the aroma when I vaped it, yummy. Remember those chocolate scratch n sniff stickers? Loved those, this reminds me of them! My other little person was walking past our room to her bedroom and stopped and asked if I was sneaking cookies in bed lol! She was still very suspicious even after I promised that I wasn’t eating cookies lol! It’s taking all of my resolve not to try all 16 flavors this second…… I’ll be back this Tuesday! Oh, and thanks so much for the card! Tho I got robbed of my vape mail bunny by a sneaky little girl lol… She’s using it as a bookmark ;)
      Love you guys for bringing flavor back into my vapeing!

  23. The snow started falling from the sky as I opened the portal door. I pulled out the box with delight! Inside of the box I found the most wonderful design and thank you note even though it is I that should be thanking you! My bottles were nestled inside with such love and care. ‘Twas Brillig I say to find my much anticipated Crunkberry before the Zombie Apocalypse was over so that I may enjoy my Lemon Loves Cake while watching the snow fall deftly to the ground. The White Rabbit has impeccable timing don’t you think? Thank you Alice! Now that I have found the portal I will never stop falling.

  24. I have ordered weekly since finding Alice In Vapeland!! The best juice! I have only been vaping middle of September. I have yet to find juices that I love like AIV’s. 15 Foot Falls has become a Fav. However the only one that I didn’t t personally just love was White Rabbit. Steeping helps with all juices…Just brings the best out of all. Thank you miracle workers for all the Special Vapemail you send! !!!! A constant and foever customer! !!!

  25. I have to say that I have not been able to find another e-juice comparable to the quality with Alice’s. The Sweet Tease is AMAZING! And lets not forget how awesome the packaging is (i’m a sucker for a nice package;-))! I absolutely love y’all! Thank you♥

  26. ok so i was drawn in by the alice in Wonderland hook and all the great reviews. I have received my very first vapemail and have to say i do not like the juices….. I Love them!! omg the flavors are so complex and deep. tried bandersnacth and b&w cookie so far and they are awesome, can not wait to try the rest of the samples including cup cake city that was included for free. Alice my dear one, you have a new customer for life :)
    for anyone on the fence about ordering it is well worth the time trust me. and shipping was pretty fast also, just make sure to order as soon as you can on Tuesday night or early wensday morning. now back to vapeland I go this stuff is too good!!!!!!

  27. First package arrived today. Have tried Crunkberry, Lemon Loves Cake (favorite so far), Bandersnatch and Zombie Apocalypse. Delicate deliciousness, dare I say, sophisticated. Not your run of the mill e-liquids. Packaging so cute it must be saved and charms to go onto my mods. On top of all that, generous samples and stellar customer service.

    Excited to finally be an official Vapelandian. Thank you so much!!

  28. just received my sampler box nicely packaged with my personalized card. tried the creamsicle first. WOW! excellent, can’t wait to try the others. I’m a customer for life.

  29. This may sound silly but you said you like getting flavor suggestions and I have one I have been looking for and even trying to concoct myself. Its very difficult as it is a scent not a food but it kinda is. What I really want to vape is pearberry the body spray from bath and body works. I don’t have an awesome name for it and don’t even know if its possible but I hear so many great things about your juice I had to put it out there. I’m anxiously awaiting my order. I hope it’s as wonderful as I hear. :-)

  30. It was so much fun opening my box of goodies, adorable thank you note, brightly colored packaging paper, a card to keep, the inside of the box lid decorated with care. I ordered A Little Bit of Everything plus two big bottles. After reading all the reviews I knew I better order more than just the samples. The big bottles have charms attached to them. Ever single thing about my package said Alice cares about her customers. I am going to let my big bottles steep, but I had to try one of the samples, Afternoon Tea is a delight.

  31. Alice: you make me so very happy!!!
    My vapemail arrived today ( the Netherlands) just in time because I finished the very last bottle of a little bit of everything!
    The beautyfull package made me smile all day and I’m enyoing all the little presents in it. It’s a very nice feeling knowing I have all my favorite flavours in BIG bottles right here to enjoy for a long time!
    I hope your Stork isn’t too tired now after flying all across the ocean to my little flat country. Anyway he had some relaxing time with the couple of storks in our meadaw.

    With love, suzie Q

  32. I received my package and it’s beautiful! I didn’t want to open it. Your customer service and fast shipping is amazing. I’m vapeing A Quiet Morning now and it too is amazing!!! Thank you so much, you’ll have a customer forever

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