PV bits

~PV Stands and boxes . . beautifully handcrafted~

~Wonderful Wire~

~Cotton & Wick~

~Bottles & Droppers~

~Rebuildable Atomizers~

~Charms for your PV~

~Tanklets . . little fun things to put in your tank to make you smile~

note: Tanklets are now pictured by themselves, not inside a tank, so you may get a better idea of the designs.

137 thoughts on “PV bits”

  1. Kind of a bummer you don’t have a tanklet that goes with the whole alice theme
    Please make one
    I’d totally pay for a whole line of just wonderland tanklets
    I use them to remember what juices is in what tanks .

  2. I love the idea of a tanklet….or two or three!not quite sure how to get it in the tank but what the hey! I will give it a shot! Any peace signs on the horizon?

  3. How often do you get your tank but charms in stock I’ve been looking for several that I’d like but they’re always out of stock

    1. Hi Monica! Thanks for enjoying browsing our tanklets and charms! We hope to have some fun new pretties later this summer!

  4. Ordered my first tanklet and I absolutely love it. I ordered the turquoise Daisy… Two main reasons why, my chihuahua (who is actually more like my toddler child) is named Daisy and my birthstone is turquoise. The tanklet is perfect and looks awesome in my tank!!!

  5. Any chance you lovely and amazing people could educate me about what gauge of wire to purchase with my first atomizer? I use VV batteries ranging from 1100-1600 mah but generally don’t Vape above 4.0 volts. What gauge wire would you recommend I purchase along with the pretty purple atomizer? I would love more vapor than my Kanger Evods and GeniMega are currently putting out…I hope I’ve provided enough info to enable you to help me :)

    1. Hi Erica! We would recommend using the 28 gauge Kanthal wire with 5 wraps. You can use a q-tip or anything about that diameter to wrap it. That should come out to about 1.5 resistance. This will work well, but it may not provide much bigger of a cloud of vapor than your Evods and GeniMega. I hope this is helpful! If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me: brandon@aliceinvapeland.com Much love Erica!

  6. Wow just found this site & I have to say I’m amazed. I haven’t ordered anything yet but your flavors seem AMAZING so I can’t wait to try some…who am I kidding? Can’t wait to try them ALL! haha
    Just had to comment when I saw the little tanklets, such a neat idea and they’re all so cute, especially love the toadstool one and zia.

    I saw the toadstool one & love it, i think that will be the first one I purchase, but do you know if there will be any other mushroom styles/colors in the future?

    1. Thank you Deanna!! I am so happy you found us :) I will alert the Mad Hatter that you are dreaming of Mushroom tanklets, in all colors! You never know what will emerge out of Vapeland next. . . :)

      1. This is Dustin soon birthday man. I would love a April moon one so much I’d pay up to $20 for it I love your April moon stuff so much and you guys just all together your fellow alicandrian

        1. Happy early Birthday Dustin!! I will certainly pass your idea along to the Mad Hatter, I am so happy you love April Moon <3 Thank you for being such a vapetastic Alicandrian :)!

  7. Hi Alice!

    I’m loving the idea of tanklets, I’ve never seen anything like them before! I noticed in these comments about you glassblower being open to new ideas. Personally I would LOVE to see some tanklets with a music, theatre, or wolf theme. Maybe an eighth note or a treble clef for music, the tragedy & comedy masks for theatre, a wolf head/profile, or anything simular. If you made any of those I’d buy them in an instant for my tanks.

    1. Hi Christopher!! Those are some delightful ideas, thank you for sharing!! I will certainly pass them along to the Mad Hatter for you :)

  8. Hi Alice!

    I have what may be a rather silly question. In the description portion for these adorable tanklets, many say “Use at your own risk.” How come?

    P.S. My favorite day of the week is now Tuesday ;p hint hint! Can’t wait till the next time I fall down the rabbit hole …

    1. Hi Samantha!! While we use our little tanklets all the time, there is a very slim chance that they could break & clog your tank! They are glass after all :) We are so happy to have you here in Vapeland with us!

  9. Please pass along the following message to the talented artist who creates these tanklets.

    We need a Toad tanklet. Toad from Super Mario Bros. fame, an important Nintendo icon. I have both Boo and Kirby tanklets but they feel lonely w/out Toad. Please pass this along.

    Thank you

      1. Thank you

        Toad is awesome and my tanks would look so cool and pimped out if I had not just Kirby and a Boo but also a Toad tanklet. It would raise me up to the coolest vaper ever if all three were inside my tank. I would be famous and everyone would be jealous.

        All I need is a Toad tanklet and my life would be complete. Oh, how I look forward to the glorious future which holds a Toad tanklet in it’s grasp. A Toad tanklet beside my Kirby and Boo. If such a dream could only come true!

        Only in Vapeland could this dream ever come true. I wait patiently for the future which holds my Toad tanklet!

    1. Hello there Jeannemae! A tanklet is a whimsical little piece of glass to float about in your tank :) It is a fun & pretty way to personalize your tank!

    1. Hi Jenny! We try to make new Tanklets available when we can :) We generally leave it up to our glassblower’s inspiration but she does like new ideas <3

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