Rebuildable Barrel Atomizer ~ Purple


Notes: We tested these atomizers thoroughly and found them overall to be very good, with a few caveats. We immediately trimmed the wicks to a shorter length before using as they arrive quite long. The wick can hold a good capacity of juice, many drops at a time so it rarely burns dry, but if overfilled, the juice can leak. Lining up the hole on the base and cap allows air to wick directly near the coil. Although the cap initially fits quite tightly, when juice gets on the rings, it can cause it to come loosely off, which can make it more difficult to travel with in a pocket. It’s larger size makes is easy to rebuild, 10 min to wrap a coil around silica wick If you have a supply of replacement kanthal wire and silica wick, the atomizer will last indefinitely. Requires no tools at all, save a pair of scissors to snip the ends. We continue to use these atomizers on a daily basis, as they are very nice for dripping, and making massive clouds of vapor.

Please Note: The latest ones may have a more matte than glossy finish.



In stock



Size: 510 (please note that a 510 driptip is not included)

Resistance: 2.0 Ohm (as pre-assembled)

Color: Metallic Purple (NOTE: The latest ones may have a more matte than glossy finish)

Connection: Silver thread


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