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“Well, when I was lost, I suppose it’s good advice to stay where you are until someone finds you. But who’d ever think to look for me here? . . . Good advice. If I listened earlier, I wouldn’t be here. But that’s just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. ” – Alice
Why hello, dear friend! We are Alice in Vapeland, collective of mixologists/craftspeople whose passion is to make awesome e-liquids. Based in Albuquerque, NM, we offer the community curious and delightful e-liquids of premium quality. Each hand-crafted flavor goes through an intensive development process. We test and tweak relentlessly until we discover (what we consider) the pinnacle recipe for each flavor. We use only top-shelf ingredients for our juices and we’re continuously developing new flavors, so check back now and then and see what we’ve been up to. We love our products and especially love chilling out with a delicious mix and making massive vapor rings. We also like, in no particular order: cherry blossom trees, DJ Hero, trips to the Zoo, bulldogs and kittens, never-ending summer nights, listening to records, stencil art, mysteryboxes from ebay, film festivals, bbqs, free things, the color red, and places that deliver sushi.

Contact us in Vapeland at:


5740 Osuna Rd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Thanks for stopping by! Please browse our FAQ for more information. Please enjoy our shop and let us know how we can make your flavor dreams come true . .


116 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I have made several attempts to reset my password without success. The link in all your emails takes me right back to the page to request reset password in every email.

    1. Thank you Peter for noticing these bats in the belfry! We’ll work to fix it. In the meantime we found a workaround, there is a link below the box in that email. That link does work to reset the password.

  2. I’ve put in an order over a week ago (I just recieved the cute little welcome packages that was sent) but I’ve not heard anything about my order. I’ve reached out via email because I’ve left out the free sample that you can get, I wanted to add it on and just check on the order in general. But, I’ve not got a response yet. Is the email above the correct/up to date email? Or is there another/new one? Thanks so much!!!

  3. I have been buying from Alice Extracts for many years now and I’ve always been extremely impressed with the quality of their juices and service. The packaging is always beautiful, and the owners include personalized notes and touches that you just can’t get from bigger sellers. I have so many favorite flavors and they’re always coming up with something new and unique to try. Can’t recommend enough :)

  4. After searching for literally months for a lavender flavored juice, I took the plunge for AIV. I have absolutely loved everything I’ve ordered from Alice in Vapeland! Such a wonderful company. I won’t buy vape juice from anyone else as long as they’re around. The Lavishuckle Lemonade, Duchess de Leche & Lavender Ever After are a dream.
    Also, yes, I am a huge Bob Dylan fan so I love the personalized notes you have been adding in.

  5. I am a new customer, having just received my order about 30 minutes ago. Shipping was so unbelievably fast, only TWO days. I live on the other side of the country. I was immediately impressed. I opened my package and was surprised with not only my order of White Rabbit, but a complimentary bottle of Melon Soda. I also received a sticker, a personalized card, and a cute little playing card. The White Rabbit is the juice I’m trying first, and it is absolutely delicious and is definitely my new favorite. Thank ya’ll so much and you gained a new loyal customer. Keep up the great work <3

  6. I have have a question i really love your april moon liquid, i want to order it but the douane don’t let it trough , they destroy it (i live in Belgium) is there an other way i can get it??

    1. Hi Dieter! We’re so glad you love April Moon! The best way would be probably to see if a local shop was willing to order for you? Hope this helps!

  7. I have a question, but am not sure where to find a contact email address….
    I am wondering if you would recommend using pure essential oils and absolutes in a pv/vg blend for diy liquids… Like can I mix some Bulgarian rose essential oil with some vanilla absolute and just blend it into blank e*juice? Ps just got my sampler box. Going to experiment with steeping some of the sweeter ones but am LOVING the cherry blossom and am PUMPED to try a quiet morning. Thank you for providing a more epicurean vape juice option. I’m a super noob to vaping and am looking to use it as a smoking cessation device. Just about the only thing I am more passionate about than tobacco is tea. Thanks for being there, in my flavor profile, and helping me to not smoke analog smokey sticks.

    1. Greetings our dear Czara! Thanks for the kind words! We love making Juices especially for wonderful folks like you! Oh my, we love tea also! Your flavor concepts are very intriguing! We would recommend browsing the e-cig forums (such as e-cigarette-forum.com) for more info on DIY before jumping in, to make sure you experiment safely. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun! Congratulations on making the switch and we wish you a very happy sampling! :)

  8. Another bottle? Oh, what a treat!
    You sneaky devils…
    How very sweet.
    I found a vessel of April Moon…
    Catch me – I’m falling
    In an ecstatic swoon!
    Over the holidays take a well-deserved rest…
    In my humble opinion
    You are simply the best!

  9. Just wanted to TY for the kit. I’m your friend Darryl’s uncle. Been wanting to quit for many years but nothing worked. I’ve gone from 2 packs a day to 3-5 cigs every couple days. Will def be ordering more. Haven’t tried the 4 flavors u sent but for some reason like apple Pi. Thnx again. Tried the emails listed but wouldn’t go through, but def wanted u to know what a great product. Say hi to my nephew. You probably talk to him more then I do.

  10. Ok let me say ahead of time that I’m sorry for how long this review is going to be. I normally don’t review places online but when you find a company as special as aiv I think it’s worth it to take the time to let people know how awesome they were. I started vaping about 4 years ago to quit smoking but struggled to find a juice that I could really continuously vape, they were all too sweet or too chemically, so to not go back to smoking I started chewing tobacco. Recently my 2 year old daughter stopped kissing me goodnight cause I had “yucky stuff” in my mouth (even though i wouldn’t be chewing at the moment) so I decided to give vaping another try. Upon a google search of “not too sweet ejuice” I started to read about aiv, so I decided I would give them a try. I’m so glad I did, not only is their juice amazing but you can tell that they truly care about their customers. In my first order I got “a quiet morning” and “afternoon tea” and they both were amazing, so much so that both my bottles were emptied over the course of a weekend and I was back on their web sight first thing monday morning ordering more. This time I decided to add in a small bottle of zombie apocalypse to my order because I had always wanted to find a good strawberry vape but pretty much stayed away from them in the past because the sweetness issues. Within 2 days of receiving my bottle I was already having to ration it out because if I didn’t then it wouldn’t have even lasted through the weekend. I ended up saving my last little bit to finish off on sunday night and within three days of receiving it I was already ordering more and getting a bottle sent to a friend. I also sent alice a message telling her I had a vaping emergency because the juice was so amazing that I blew right through it and now I must have more. Within a day she assured me that she would have my order rushed right out. Not only is their juice amazing and they are so pleasant to work with but they also genuinely care so much about their customers. I don’t want to ruin any newcomers surprises because I think that first impression is important but it’s made clear in their vapemail how much all the vapelandians mean to alice. I’m so happy that I have found this place and will continue to be a regular customer for as long as i’m vaping, and oh yeah I’m getting good night kisses again :). One small piece of advice for any new customers, if you’re ordering a juice to try I would highly recommend getting the next larger size than what your normal sample bottle would be so that you don’t run out before you can order your regular stash, trust me you’ll be glad you did.

  11. I received my first order and I am so pleased with EVERYTHING! There was so much thought and attention put into the packaging. It was so much fun opening the package. I kept pulling extra goodies out of the decorated box. Whimsical playing cards, the charms on the beautiful glass bottles, a personal note, fluffy colorful stuffing. I was so impressed and love everything! Then I tried one of the juices, Duchess de Leche, and omg it is delicious. Can’t wait to try the other ones that I ordered. Thank you so much. I’m now a customer for life…

  12. Just ordered some White Rabbit that stuff is amazing i can not wait for my order to come just wanted to let you guys know you are amazing and the only place i been ordering my juice from anyways have an amazing day *one day i will get a Alice card :D*

  13. Hi Alice! I love your brand, keep up the good work. We have heard many good things about your products from friends and will be making an order soon!

  14. My first delightful Alice juices arrived today! I am so pleased with both of them: Quiet Morning and Afternoon Tea. I am not fond of overly sweet vapes, have absolutely which saturated the market. What a relief to find these two treats! They are just as they are described on your website! I will be ordering again, and am now more confident to try the Bouquet of Delights assortment as well!
    The small tank bits are another nice little treat! Very cute addition to my vape pen! Thank you so much!

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