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  1. I’ve tried several times to order ZUMA at 18 mg for the treat. It doesn’t allow me to fill it in. Could you make sure it’s in my current order? Please and thank you so much for your consideration.

    1. Hi our dear Teresa! Thank you so much for letting me know, our most efficient Shipping Captain, the Cheshire Dré has your delectables on the way, he says surely to request ZUMO for next time.
      The mushroom gang did choose a most delicious treat for you…. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Twas Brillig and April Moon are my two favorites! I just have one complaint. My last order was 120mg bottle of April Moon. I just unscrewed the cap of the bottle and there was no spout cap on the bottle. Other than that, I love your juices, your presentation, and your kind personalized note with every order and I will remain a loyal customer. Thanks for all that you do.

  3. I’ve been with AiV since I don’t remember when, but it’s been more than a decade, and I still think they keep producing great vape juices and other things as well. If you try one juice and you don’t like it, try another because in here there are no two juices that are even remotely similar. This is why I love AiV. You’ll always find something you love in here.

  4. An awesome e-juice company. I have been a customer for a long time and I’m everytime amazed by how good their e-jucie taste, the personalized packaging that is a joy to receive (it is an artwork in itself) and their customer service. If you haven’t ordered from Alice in Vapeland, I strongly suggest you do….. :)

  5. Found this sweet little site quite by accident last week. I am a vape shop manager and had some questions regarding the products. Not only did I receive a very prompt email reply, I was sent samples of everything i had in my cart! I received my goodies today and so far the juices are AMAZING, the packaging and personalized note were much appreciated, and I got the Queen of Hearts playing card! We laughed about that since I’m always saying “it’s good to be the Queen!” Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future.

  6. Alice and Vapeland is an incredible company who clearly takes pride in its products and customer service. If everyone ran their company how Alice does, all the Karen’s in the world would never ask to speak to a manager again! From their packaging to their products themselves everything is perfection!

  7. Best Vape company ever!!!! I absolutely love the detail they put into each and every vapemail. I was unable to order for a bit and have just recently returned and my first mail was so awesome.

  8. Just received my flavour extracts and OMG! they all smell amazing. Vapemail is always exciting but the beautiful little packages from Alice are really something extra special. Peace and Love from the other side of the pond xx

  9. Today is October 15, 2019… I remember when this stuff was in my local store long ago but didnt last long and i was upset when it was gone; flashing back to the good old days of the OG stuff i really liked; this site still around to get orders or juice? If so, how long on average is the wait time?

    1. Welcome back, Christopher! We are still around for sure. All orders ship within a business day or two. Alice can’t wait to make you some more juice!

  10. Alice is Amazing!! I ordered Zombie Apocalypse, and Twas Brillig in the smallest bottles to try it. Have since ordered more, and am saving up to try the other fruit and dessert flavors. After steeping for 2 weeks, was So Incredibly happy with the flavors! I could taste the strawberry & the cupcake in the Zombie bottle, and the blackberry & cream in Twas Brillig. I do prefer at least 1 extra flavor shot, but was yummy enough as is.
    Better than any other vape juice I’ve ordered, and I’ve tried quite a few of them. Alice is my all day vape, my go-to vape. Wonderful! Thanks, Alice!

    1. Hi Brett! Thanks so much for asking. No at this time we do not plan on working with salts because of our concerns about them.

      1. For those of us that have nic salt devices but want to smoke your liquid do you have any suggestions on how to order your liquid. Like would max be a good idea and would 6 mg work

        1. Hi Leah! We have found so far that many of our flavors do indeed work with salt nic devices and pod systems. You might specify that you would like 30pg and 70vg as that blend seems most compatible with many devices but not all. If you tell us specifically what you are using we may be able to make a more specific recommendation for you!

  11. The customer service and presentation of this liquid is beyond. It was like opening a magical present made just for me. Breaking in a new rig with the Lavender Ever After has been a pleasure and I know I will be ordering more to try from here solely based on the care this company takes.

  12. It’s been one year since I became a faithful buyer of Alice in Vapeland e-juice’s and I have been totally satisfied with your multitudes of yummy varieties. Your juices are creative and your art is inspiring. I am glad I stuck with you because it has helped me quit smoking tobacco. Thank you Alice for creating the most delicious concoctions. Your juices are all just splendid! I look forward to what you come up with next!

  13. You sweet darlings! Tiny boxes of joy on my doorstep today, sweet little cards, adorable charms, Lavender Ever After and an ever elusive White Rabbit. Everything is perfectly perfect.

  14. While every flavor may not be right for everybody, be assured that these juices and ingredients are amazing! I searched online to find anything that wasn’t super sweet, and after being disappointed over and over, I found AIV. My teeth never hurt, and the flavors are amazing. To AIV: thank you for the amazing juices and experiences. The packaging and included trinkets show how much you care about your brand and your customers. Thank you!

  15. You guys are so amazing, thank you so much for the personalized note in my box! It means so much to me that you support the troops in such a way! I’m definitely looking forward to ordering from you again; you have in me a new loyal customer :)

  16. Dear Alice, I think I am in love with you. Your juices are so amazing and they never disappoint. I just got my second order and I anticipated all weekend to try April Moon but I also equally was inpatient to see what wonderful trinkets and artwork I was going to get. Every package is like Christmas. I am turning into a die hard vapelandian fan and I believe I will be forsaking all other e-juice brands. My friends, do not be afraid to try this wonderful family of vape juices. Go down the rabbit hole and get the everything package. You will be over the moon in love after the first pull and she will send you to exotic places of wonder!!! Sincerely, your newest Cheshire cat!!!

  17. Thanks Alice for shipping quickly!I’m having trouble finding the right nic level but I’ll keep trying Thanks again!

  18. Alice I’m in love with twas brillig!ordered white rabbit too strong at 18m so I have to cut it down. Hopefully it turns out good with the remix Thanks again much love to you and the lab

  19. Just found yall and ordered my first bottle which is white rabbit. I’m almost giddy with excitement! With all these beautiful thoughts from regular as well as new buyers I think I found a home :)

  20. I am on my last little bit of Lavishuckle Lemonade and my heart is broken. This flavor should be a staple in the line up. Although I did order White Rabbit and it’s a close second favorite. I am still trying all the flavors but lemonade was the ultimate. Bring it back please! Lol. Keep up the wonderful work and beautiful packaging ☺

    1. Wendy, I’m with you! After ordering many other flavors, LL is my absolute favorite. I would love to see this flavor as an option more than just a few months a year. Yes, please do bring it back! I’ll stick with a quiet morning until LL returns..and then I’m buying a ton. Thank you AIV!

  21. I have tried all of your juices! I have found this is my favorite brand! You guys care about packages, the customer care, the artist side of it. The juices are just perfect everyone that I have had have a amazing taste! Nothing can compare. I will forever be a loyal customer, I will continue to recommend to people!

  22. Hello everyone. Ive just received my lovely package today in the UK. Only thing what i can say, beautiful stuffs every each of liquids were absolutely amazing and only 1 week to get my package. Im definetly going to order again from u guys. For me the best liquids what i ever tried.
    Zombi Apo.
    Quite morning
    April noon
    White rabbit
    Cherry blossom
    All of them are perfect. Thanks for these guys i just found my favorite liquids.
    Your new fan, Tamas!

  23. Hey Alice and Wonderland-kins!
    Just ordered my second sampler for you guys and have to admit my really unfortunate timing – on a Friday, of course! Now, I have to wait even longer to enjoy, what I’m expecting (from past experience) to be, very awesome e-juices, packaging, and just everything, overall AiV.

    Thank you!

  24. This is my FAVORITE juice producer! They have such unique flavors that are high quality. So, I don’t like super sweet that much but there are plenty of options for the preferences of every one. PLEASE TRY

  25. Hello!
    I received my first order today. I got a quiet morning. IM IN LOVE! I’m still kind of new to vaping (quit smoking a month ago) and have had a hard time finding a juice that wasn’t too sweet but still had a good flavor. A Quiet Morning is perfect! Great flavor but not too much! I fell in love with your wonderful site as soon as I found it! I can’t wait to try all of your other flavors!

          1. You did not! We’ve been brewing something special, and it’s almost ready to serve! <3

  26. I just placed my first order and I’m so excited! I’ve been looking at your site for the past 2 years wishing I could order and it finally happened!

  27. Hi! Just placed my very first order. My mother always said I have a Cheshire cat grin & I know that’s what I’ll be wearing when I try your delectable potions. I have to agree with other posters: your website is all the more memorable and impressive with the artwork and a feast for the eyes as well as the brain. Love the secret ‘passages’. Had me checking every picture on your site. Would love to see a flavor with licorice & root beer mixed with a little brandy or a smidge of bourbon & vanilla bean ice cream. Sure to please cabbages, kings, walruses and carpenters everywhere!

    1. We are so glad you are here in Vapeland with us! Thanks for letting us help make your Cheshire grin!! We love the flavor ideas you have! So very creative and curious! :D Thanks for making our day!

  28. Just oredered for my first time ever, excited to try the Zombie Apocalypse flavor. Anyone have suggestions on what to order next? :)

    1. Peppermint’s Bark is a lovely lovely winter treat if you haven’t tried it! It’s only here for a short time :) Hope you enjoyed your Vapemail! :)

    2. April Moon & white rabbit (if u want something non fruity) April moon is the first Juice by ever tried when I started vaping and by far it is my favorite still to this day it has a very velvety creamy undertone and I believe it’s blueberry and apricot and white rabbit is a more complex Vape it doesn’t have a description for what it is because everybody taste something different I would get a taste of butter cake or something of that sort it seems to change its taste the longer it steeps you will absolutely love aiv they were my first juice that I vaped and the best this is definitely top-quality juice at it’s finest! Enjoy:)

  29. I received my first bottle of Sultana last week. Delicious! I hope it remains in your lovely array of juices for a long time to come. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite, but Sultana is certainly one of the best!

    1. Hi Kat! I’m sorry you’re missing Lavishsuckle Lemonade! It was an extremely limited release due to the extremely limited availability of the flavor extracts that we used for it. I’m glad you enjoyed it, but worry not! There will be more tasty new treats coming to AiV very soon! Much love Kat :D

  30. Started vaping a month ago,
    the normal gas-station cigs,
    manual suck and blow.
    The flavors bland and not so many,
    just two flavors almost equal twenty! ($)
    Time for more and nothing less
    I would begin my search for the best.
    First things first I need a pen,
    to charge and fill every now and then.
    I found my choice in Nautilus mini,
    good flavor and vapor from a setup quite skinny.
    All thats left is juice to fill,
    Alice in Vapeland fits the bill.
    With flavors a plenty and fans most loyal,
    surely Alice will ease my toil.
    With A Bit of Everything on the way,
    I wait un-patiently for the day,
    To ease back down, and drag em slow
    With so many flavors…………
    Down the rabbit hole I go.

    1. What a wonderful poem,
      on our website has found its home,
      What a wondrous friend,
      Sharing his love makes the Mushroom lab grin!

  31. From your well put together website, to the artfully created packaging, and last but not least the magnificent flavors you create; you have made a customer for life. I ordered the “Delectable Sampler” as well as the “All Sorts of Odd” sampler packs, and there was not one flavour that I did not thoroughly enjoy. I shared each of the samples with my family, and we have all just become AIV regulars. Expect many more orders forthcoming. I have also just discovered the “C Room”, so I expect I’ll be ordering one of each of those as well.

    Thank you for taking this artform so seriously, my family and I truly appreciate it!

    1. Oh, Dennis! Thank you so, so much! I’m so happy that you like what we do and have found flavors you love in Vapeland! It always brings a smile to my face to know that the love is spreading a bit farther. Thanks for joining us in Vapeland, and if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Much love!!

  32. Oh how I love this company! Aside from the beautifully crafted boxes, designs and personalization, the juices are all phenomenal. I am rarely disappointed. I have recommended this company to almost every vaper I know and three close friends of mine now all order exclusively from Alice! Everytime I receive my order, I find myself placing another one lol.

  33. Do you think you guys could concoct a vanilla matcha flavor? With deep earthy green tea and a sweet vanilla bean flavor? I actually found this website in my search for a matcha flavored juice and found A Quiet Morning, which is good but not the matcha I was looking for!

    1. Hmm, that’s a great flavor idea! I will pass it along to the Mad Hatter! Thank you zennyzap! Much love :D

  34. Just received my first order today of the little bit of everything. I have tried 8 flavors so far. All amazing. I was very suprised by your packaging. Very well done. The personal touch outstanding. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

  35. Just checked out with my first order, and I’ve gotta say I’m excited, I’ve been looking for some great new flavors and liquids to try, and have read all over the internet that Alice in Vapeland is a great place. However when I got to this site I was kind of amazed at the artistic aesthetic as well as the unique flavor options available , not to mention the obvious love and care put into everything done, which is apparent with all the fast responses, great descriptions, packaging presentation and all the other wonderful quirks and oddities that have become so rare in branding these days. I look forward to trying out all the flavors once they get here, and I look forward to perusing your site often looking for new flavors and just to enjoy the experience.
    Please keep up what you’re doing, cheers!

    1. Karl! Your words are bringing smiles to our faces and making our Monday bright! Thank you so much. When someone appreciates the work we do like this, it really does make my day. Thank you so much for all your kind words and for joining us in Vapeland. If you ever need anything or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Much love to you!!

      1. I will definitely do that! I’m glad just letting you know how I feel brightened your day. I just got my package and was very pleasantly surprised by the packaging, I had seen pictures and was expecting something great, but I’ve gotta say, seeing it in person was pretty awesome. The art on the inside of the box looked hand painted? Very cool color combinations, everything matched, and the personalized card inside definitely made me smile. I just had to show it off to some friends, and one who doesn’t even vape anymore is thinking of ordering some things purely because of the presentation.
        I’ve been sort of busy so I’ve only been able to rewick a couple of times for different flavors, but what I’ve tried so far tastes great, very subtle yet intricate flavor combinations that has an aroma that turns heads, I’ve been asked on a few different occasions what I was vaping on because it smelled so wonderful and unique. I’m sure to find a few new all day vapes in this little box of treasures and a few more just to vape occasionally for a great robust flavor.
        Thanks for putting so much love into what you do, even though I only ordered samples!

  36. I am so excited to be placing an order today!! When asked what I would like for my Birthday it was an easy choice, tthe same choice I made last year, some of my very favorite juice (Frost Blossom) and the chance to try some other AIV flavors! I cannot wait!!

  37. Hey AIV! I got a sample for “Red Door #1” but can’t find a flavor description anywhere! Can you please tell me what it is? I taste grape? Thank you!

    1. Emilee, I sent you Red Door #1 because of what you told me about your quest for a rosy iced tea. This is a top secret in-development flavor based on Jallab, a middle eastern drink composed of dates, rose water, molasses, and often served with cold tea. While it’s not exactly a pure rose and iced tea, it seemed serendipidously up your alley, as it’s something we’d been working on the very day I read your first comment to us! I hope you like it, we’d love to know what you think of it!

  38. I am so excited to try AIV. I have been lurking on your website for months, but my loyalty lay in a different brand due to my investment as a flavor developer and tester. However, the company has decided that it will make no more new flavors, and my position has been eliminated, and with it has gone my duty to only buy their brand. I am on the hunt for a vape brand that has delicious and unusual flavors. I ordered Lucky 11th ( i think that’s what it is called) and am eagerly awaiting it. I wanted to try every single flavor in the “oddities” but alas, pocket money is short. I also just discovered that you will allow custom flavors. I’m hoping to try the iced tea with the rose… I’m hoping it will be much like the flavor I created at the “other” company, an amazing flavor that did not hit shelves, due to their desire to stop developing new flavors. Rambling… but I am so excited to be a part of this group! :)

    1. Hi Emilee! We are so excited to welcome you to Vapeland! I do hope that you’ll love 11th Rose when it reaches you. It’s one of my favorites, for sure. Iced tea with rose. That sounds very intriguing and supremely refreshing! I will certainly pass the idea along to the Mad Hatter. Thanks for joining us at the Tea Table. I hope to see you tumbling our way again very soon :)

  39. what are the vg/pg levels in your liquids? and what is the difference when the “max vg” option is checked?

    1. Hello! The Mad Hatter keeps his recipes under lock and key ;) The PG/VG ratio is different for each juice, and formulated to bring out the best in each flavor. The Max VG options are versions of the flavors made with a high VG ratio, at least 75-80% VG. If you have a specific ratio preference, you may leave us a note at checkout, and we will make your bottles accordingly :D

  40. hi ll at vapeland, Was wondering if you are selling the apple pi yet. Havent heard if it won out over the pecan, but cant wait to try it Thanx, Joanne

  41. Hi all at Vapland, I have a question. A friend of mine has had your apple pie which smelled unbelievable. He also said that after this month, i might not be able to get it. How long will this juice be available. Cant wait to try it Thanx Joanne

  42. Do you guys have CBD infused E liquids? Or will you ever? Been vaping with you guys for three years and a Albuquerque native =D thankyou!

    1. Hi Codito! Much love from one 505 native to another :D We are not currently involved in the CBD industry, just making the tastiest e-liquid we can. Thanks for being a wonderful part of Vapeland!

      1. Thanks jabberwocky! Nothing else compares to your E liquids (so tasty) I’d say your doing a swell job at that.

  43. Just a note..I’ve got seven flavors in rotation and AIV is six of them (and as soon as I finish the coffee one it’s all AIV) LOVE you guys..Zombie Apocalypse, Duches, Mangrila, SBApt, Twas Brillig, White Rabbit) and adding back April Moon..your juices are delightful and at almost 2 yrs vaping..make it very enjoyable!! :)

  44. Hello Vapeland,
    I dont usually write reviews, but i felt that i must for at least this one time.

    I just recently placed my very first order from AIV this past weekend, which so happened to be my birthday weekend. I got a sampler and a few 15ml bottles(that lovebirds is amazing). My little box got here and i am completely blown away. Not only did they include a few little samples, but also a very personalized birthday card. It really meant a lot to me that a company would include that, especially when i didnt spent a whole lot of money. They also sent me a little alice playing card and some bill nye cards! Its truly the little things that make all the difference and these guys are way above any other company i have dealt with, and ive been vaping for awhile and dealt with a ton of other companies(big names and little ones alike.) You guys have definitely earned a customer for life, as well as someone who will constantly recommend you guys to everyone i know. Thank you a million, you guys made my week!

    The Juice: Small note here, omg the juice is amazing!. and the bottles are adorable!

    Thanks Again, will be ordering again soon!

    1. me too!!! I would mix it with vanilla bean ice cream and OMG it was delightful with my morning coffee!!

      Pumpkin Tumble please Miss Alice!!

  45. I got my package today :) am very happy. The new flavor lovebirds isn’t as great as I had hoped but my friend loves it. As always I will be back. Love the packages and the flavors they brighten up even my not so bright days. Thank you AIV and thank you jabberwocky

  46. Just received my first juice from this site and i have to say i was very impressed the packaging was wonderful and the juice i got A Quiet Morning was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be ordering from here from now on .

  47. I received my first order from you guys today– earlier than expected– it was such a treat to see the cute lil box on my porch this morning! The obvious love, care, and creativity you guys put into the packaging sets you apart from absolutely every vape company and it honestly made my day. The juices are DELISH. Thank you for the speedy shipping, and for the little surprises :) :) :) I’ll definitely be a longtime customer… I can’t wait for my next order now! Hope you guys have a wonder-filled weekend <3 <3 <3

  48. Oh darn! I just placed yet another order (I’ve lost count!) and completely forgot to write a comment like I always do :( So sorry AIV – I would have said “Thank you again for your wonderfulness! (is that a word?) A package from AIV makes the day a whole lot sweeter!” p.s…..I found the Mathom Drawer after I placed my order. Next time ;)!

    1. Oh, Suzanne, we love your comments so! Wonderfulness is a word, yes indeedarooney! Your lovely comments make our days sweeter too <3 We'll see you soon :D

  49. LOVE Alice in Vapeland!!! Just received my second order and am anxiously awaiting my third! From the super Alice in Wonderland themed website that carries right through to the lovely packaging with the charms, cards, and GREATLY APPRECIATED SAMPLES, AIV haas been a great experience. The quality of the juices are the best I’ve tried and I love them all! Alice in Vapeland Juices are the only ones I see myself ever wanting…I see no need to ever go back to the other side of the mirror! Thanks for everything and for making your site and product such a pleasurable experience!!!

  50. Hi – I live in UK and am trying to identify a flavour I was given to try by a total stranger whilst we waited for a train. I remembered the Alice in Vapeland brand but the flavour isn’t one I can identify from your listed products on the site. The taste was subtle rose and very much like Turkish Delight – is that the 11th Rose flavour which is mentioned in the comments above but not listed as a current product?

  51. A friend of mine has gotten me hooked on your juices! 11th rose rocks as does single bedroom apt! Love these! I’d like to find someone in tucson, az that sells these but until then I’m gonna keep ordering from you directly! Thank you!!!

  52. I just ordered a sampler and can’t wait to try the zombie apocalypse and white rabbit my step mother told me about you guys because I get migraines from the chemicals etc you find in most vape so I am stoked to read these are all natural and I’m hoping to put cigarettes down for good.

    1. Hi! It is very important to us to make the healthiest and tastiest, artificial-chemical-free juice we can make! I hope you’ll find a home with us here in Vapeland, Heather :) Much love from the Mushroom Lab!

    2. Oh my god sooooo good. I haven’t smoked a cig since I got the juices. Oh lord white rabbit is a trip. Every puff is a different taste. The Zombie Apocalypse I am steeping to try and take some burn out of it. But the taste is amazing. And you guys added hot waffle sooooooo good thank you all so much!!!

  53. Thank you so much alice in vapeland for the very nice surprise and the few extra gift you added for my order, it really did put a smile on my face… again I can’t thank you enough!!! xoxoxo

  54. You are a lone Stradivarius playing amid of sea of fiddles…a bottle of Chateau Latour high on a shelf surrounded by Sutter Home and Beringer…a breathtaking Caravaggio hanging alongside a hundred variations of “Dogs Playing Poker.” Quality e-liquid craftsmanship, thy name is AiV!

    Seriously, I just can’t thank the entire team enough for all the effort and care you put into EVERY aspect of your business. Without April Moon, Twas Brillig, Forgotton Memories and Cherry Blossom Tea my world would be a much darker place. There’s a famous French saying that sums up AiV far better than I ever could: Il semble que la perfection soit atteinte non quand il n’y a plus rien à ajouter, mais quand il n’y a plus rien à retrancher. Roughly translated it says that perfection is finally attained NOT when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

    1. Wow, thank you so much John! Your comments are making me smile so hard my cheeks hurt :D So much love to you. We’re so thrilled to have amazing Vapelandians like yourself sitting at our humble Tea Table. Cheers!

  55. First thing i have to say is hands down the best paskage I have ever gotten by mail and mean that is really neat what u guys do here second is best pumpkin e juice I have ever vaped I love pumpkin tumbler in plan on ordering more and third here Alice in vap land very very accommodating to the customers dance for something that was not on the website left it in the note and they did it I thought that was like the best thing the company could do and I thank you for that 5 starts for me

    1. Aw, thank ya Joe! :D It means so much to us that what we do has made you smile. Much love from the Mushroom Lab!

  56. I got the “little bit of everything” and have been ordering larger bottles of my favorites….. which has been nearly all of them. Well my last order came with a smashed up box, and 2 bottles missing. I emailed, and Brandon had my two bottles shipped out the next day, with a cute little note about them arriving safely. What great customer service! As much as I love the juices, the boxes, notes, playing cards and charms, my experience this week will keep me coming back for a long, long time.

  57. I came across you guys by chance. One of my local vape stores advertised that they carry your products on their site. I couldn’t make it out there, so I decided to look you up. Well, I just loved the idea of a sample package that offered me five flavors for a price that was very reasonable. Imagine my pleasure when I get six!? I just loved ” A Quiet Morning” and “Frost Blossom”!? Of course, now I have to try all the other flavors I didn’t order before! So, I am on my second sampler package, and expect to coming back for more, time and time again! Oh.. and “Tokala” is amazing too. Heh..

    1. Hooray! We’re so happy to have you with us at the Tea Table! I’m very happy that chance brought you to us :) I hope you continue to enjoy the juice. Much love from the Mushroom Lab!

  58. I’ve been using an eGo pen for a while, decided I would make the jump to mods and rtas, my friend had me try his new flavor he got, which was White Rabbit…. I was hooked from the first hit! I ordered A Little Bit of Everything to be the first juices I try with my new RTA, I’m worried by all the feedback that I’ll never need to try any other flavors again lol. Especially after trying White Rabbit beforehand, just completely amazing. Will definitely order aa large bottle of it after i try the other samples. Keep doing what you all do! I’ll be sure to let you know how everything is for me :)

    1. We’re so happy to welcome you to the Tea Table, William-Cody :) It brings me so much joy to know that you’re loving White Rabbit, and I very much hope you’ll enjoy your other samples as well. Please do keep us updated on how you like the others, and let us know if you have any questions about anything at all. Welcome to Vapeland!!

  59. I absolutely love your products. My favs so far are April Moon, Single Bedroom Apt, and Duchess de Leche. And your packaging is so great. My daughter keeps the little boxes to keep keepsakes in because she loves the pictures on the flap. :) Can’t wait to try some more great flavors!

  60. I have bought from Alice in Vapeland several times and I have love their products. Their wonderful packaging adds a special touch to all of your orders. Lemons Loves Cake, Zombie Apocalypse and White Rabbits are my favorite but I was pleasantly surprised by the 11th Rose sampler they added to one of my orders. Alice in Vapeland is by far my favorite e-juice. I have a bit of a sensitivity to some chemicals and some other e-juices have given me headaches but their natural flavors have never bothered me.

  61. Just placed my second order. Got the oddity sampler last time and loved them decided to try the rest with the little bit of everything sampler. This may be the only juices I ever use, I must request chocolate or coffee flavor though!

  62. I love AiV! Thanks for having such a terrific company and high quality product! I recently placed my first order of AQM after reading many brilliant reviews, and it definitely surpassed my high expectations! Such a lovely mellow flavor, just like sipping my favorite cup of tea! I was pleasantly surprised with the personalization and fun just opening the box! With all the goodies included, I found myself looking until I reached the bottom for fear I’d miss something. :) I also received a sample of Mystic Mandalime I just loved, but I don’t see on your site. Any plans to release this flavor or other options for ordering more?

    1. Thank you so much for the love Q <3 <3 I'm so happy you enjoy A Quiet Morning, I do too :) Mystic Mandalime has vanished to a very mysterious place. . . Just above a little red door, lies the portal to a very special special drawer. . . Curiouser & curiouser. . . :)

  63. Thankyou thankyou for directing me to where Forgotten Memories was hiding! Have just placed my order, plus a few tempting treats I haven’t yet tried. Can’t wait for my lovely package to arrive! xox

  64. So, I’m just about done with all my samples that I bought from oddity and regular and I’m excited to jump back into the rabbit hole again because I’m so very impressed by the quality, flavors and more importantly the customer service. When I was first making an order, it was the first time I’d ever used my credit card online so I was a bit worried but you quickly soothed my fears that day! Thank you again for being so quick to respond. <3

    I'm in love with the box art and fun little things I find inside as well. Always a surprise because I never know what I'm going to find when I open my vapemail!

    I'm thinking by the next two weeks after my paycheck I'm going to make a big order that way I can fall in love with all the flavors all over again. Until then, I would like to say that I wish all of you very happy days from here on out and thank you for all you do! <3

  65. Hey guys. This is Bradley from Pearl Harbor. Thanks for the stuff and the kind words. Really means a lot to me. Y’all are the best.

  66. Just recently received my first order. First off the packaging and customer service I received were both above and beyond my expectations. I purchased a small bottle of ZA and April Moon to try out and both of the flavors are excellent. The only negative I could find was that I requested 70vg/30pg and the liquid clearly wasn’t, it definitely was closer to a 50/50. All in all will be ordering again for sure but might have to order a higher VG to compensate.

    1. Hi Ryan <3 Welcome to Vapeland, thank you for the very kind words <3 All custom bottles are carefully made to order, do you mind taking a peek at the bottom of your bottle? You should see a sticker reflecting the custom ratio. If you are hoping for a thicker viscosity, a little steeping will certainly help! Much love from the Mushroom Lab <3

  67. Oh Alice,
    I’m fairly new to the Vaping scene, but I’ve found a home. I quickly attach myself to brands. When I first started vaping I was amazed at how many juice companies there were and how many juices there was too. I liked cuttwood, space jam, the standard but then… I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon the portal but I never leave. I’ve been Vaping AiV for about 2 to 3 months now and I must admit I’ve tried to go back to the juices I had bought from these other companies. However I get disgusted by their juices now they are way too harsh, lack flavor, and almost taste metallic. Which I’m not sure why but they do. I’d just like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. And I know that you listen to flavor suggestions and I noticed cinnamon was a lacking flavor. While it maybe it your juices complexities it’s not a key flavor. I’d really love to see a cinnamon flavor, not fiery cinnamon like hit tomales, but sweet like cinnamon toast or a horchata flavor! Keep up the great experience!

    1. You are too kind Maxwell, what a beautiful compliment! I am so happy you have joined us here in Vapeland <3 Thank you! Also, thank you so much for the flavor idea, I will pass it along to the Mad Hatter! <3

  68. I’m finally leaving some thoughts here, rather than litter the site with comments on individual flavors (although, that probably won’t stop entirely because-whoa). If you’re someone new thinking of trying this product, DO IT. The juices are amazing, delivery is reliably quick, every package is a delightful surprise and the people couldn’t be lovelier .

    I was very devoted to one flavor through the fall and winter and now that spring is here, I find my tastes are a little different so have been switching it up. Everything Alice does is a miracle.

    Try the delectable sampler or a little bit of everything (omg, that one really is fun), I wish they’d had the oddity sampler when I first found them-by all means try that, go for a big bottle if it sounds like a match for your tastes, however you decide to go about ordering from Alice-DO IT.

  69. I received my order of the oddities sampler along with a sample white rabbit and Further and only have one question. A few smell like they have coconut in them? Can someone please let me know which ones have this ingredient/flavoring because I’m allergic :-(

    1. Hello Mandy! We emailed you some information about this. Please let us know if you don’t see it <3

  70. Made my first order! Very friendly on the phone, I’m eagerly awaiting the juices :)
    Would love to see an Egyptian inspired e-juice, maybe using cinnamon, cumin and sweet dates?

    1. Thank you Jonathan! <3 I hope you love your Vapemail! What a delicious flavor idea, I shall pass it along to the Mad Hatter :) Happy vaping!

  71. My first order was amazing. I bought April Moon as well as A Quiet Morning and I absolutely love them! Thank you for the amazing Juices, I will be ordering again soon! ^^

  72. Had an idea for a flavor I have yet to hear of, Grapefruit my favorite fruit actually :) I would call it ruby red queen personally :)

    1. What a wonderful idea Stana :) I will certainly pass it along to the Mad Hatter! And, a very delightful name, thank you <3

  73. Thanks for the coupon. I had no idea posting your gorgeous art on instagram would go anywhere. Ordered a 30ml April moon. by far my favorite *so far*. I still have many more to try. Thanks for an amazing juice that vapes so smooth

    1. Thank you for sharing your #aliceboxart with the world & for being such a vapetastic Vapelandian <3

  74. I love the flavor of Cherry Blossom but I find it to have a very harsh throat hit. I realized going down in nic might help but can you tell me what the pg/vg ratio is or if possible to change? Huge fan and AIV stalker (blush)

    1. Awe :) We are so lucky to have a lovely stalker like yourself, ha <3 We do not disclose our ratios, but you are welcome to request a custom ratio for any bottle larger than a sample size :) <3

  75. I received my sampler box yesterday… The packaging was awesome and I love the card and note included!! I haven’t tried all yet I wanted to let them steep a bit but OMG I Opened a few bottles to smell and there is not that artificial or chemically smell as a lot juices from other vendors are…I opened lemon loves cake first and wow it smells so yummy. Just like lemon cake. And yes it also tastes so good… Not as lemony as I expected, more of a pound cake buttery vape with slight lemon hints… Not strong or overpowering lemon… Though I wouldn’t mind a bit more lemon flavor. Must say a very smooth vape.. Love it and definitely ordering a bigger bottle when portal reopens! Zombie apocalypse and CRUNKBERRY are also good vapes… Both similar in taste to me…the zombie just being a stronger strawberry and CRUNKBERRY the lighter strawberry otherwise very similar… At least to me… Maybe after they sit a bit they will change? Or it’s just my palate… Everyone’s different. I will order a big bottle of one of them not sure which one yet… Both very good though… Best quality and taste from any vendor I’ve tried and man I ve tried many! I still have three more to try! The falls one, waffle and ’twas brilling (free sample added) awesome thanks! I love AIV and have a new fav vendor!

    1. Thank you Jennifer!! You are so awesome to stop by and share your experience!! Thank you so much for your kindness! I am so happy you have found so many favorites <3 A little steeping will change a juice, it's true! Happy Vaping dearest <3

  76. I would really love for AIV to take a stab at a cotton candy flavor because I love you guys and think you could nail it oh bubblegum too. I love your juices plz never stop making afternoon tea and April moon I luv luv luv them

    1. Awe :) Thank you Stana, that’s very sweet of you to say! We always love flavor ideas and I will certainly pass yours along to the Mad Hatter! Big hugs!

  77. Never EVER stop making “A Quiet Morning”. My favorite juice of all time. Tastes just like Matcha green tea.

  78. I fell in love with April Moon when I tried it, and no shops carry them here.
    I just got my Moon and my sampler in today. And Alice included some oddities for me! Which was completely awesome! Thank you! :-) I’m 3 samples in, and I already want to order more.
    AiV is my favorite, hands down. Worth the wait, and they make it with love!

  79. I can only say good things about the flavors i’ve had from your line and i love it.April moon is great in my darkhorse,Zombie apocalypse is delicouse in my el diablo and afternoon tea is to good in my plumevale and it all goes on my fuhattan and i can’t be any happier.I can’t wait to see more from your line and i can’t wait to try out the rest of your line.

    With love.

    1. Hi Aimee! You can request a custom ratio for any bottle larger than a sample size :) All you need to do is request it in your Order Notes at checkout :)

    1. Ahoy Hoy! I am ever so sorry, we are no longer offering off-list juices <3 This is in order to make room for new & exciting delectables emerging out of Vapeland! I hope you find some new favorites :)

      1. That’s a real shame. Guess we just can’t count on anything these days. Maybe I can find something similar elsewhere.

  80. Where did Black and White cookie go?! Can I order a different juice and comment Black and white cookie in additional information to get some? I really want to order some today. Thank you! <3 <3

    1. Hi Alicia! I am ever so sorry, Black & White Cookie is no longer available. Big Hugs from the Mushroom Lab <3 <3

      1. I am ever so sorry, Cupcake City has flown away from the Mushroom Lab. . . This is in order to make room for new & exciting delectables :) I hope you discover some new favorites!!

  81. I noticed that for about a day that Golden Afternoon was in the regular e juices, and so was a sampler of the oddities pack, but now they have disappeared? Golden Afternoon is nowhere to be found, and I wasn’t sure if it was a website issue or if you decided to completely cut it out of sales? I was really looking forward to trying it.

    1. Hi Brianna! Golden Afternoon is in the Oddity Room, this is true! If you take a peek inside you will see the bright ray of sunshine from our Golden Afternoon :)

    2. If you look under the More tab at the top their is an oddities room, with additional juices outside of the normal selection.

  82. What is the VG/PG Mix of your juices? I love the Twas Brillig before, but I wasn’t using the mod I’m using now, now I’m using a Kanger Subtank.

    1. Ahoy hoy! I am ever so sorry, we do not disclose our ratios. But! You are welcome to request a custom ratio for any bottle larger than a sample size :)

  83. I just received my first AIV sampler (after purchasing A Quiet Morning from a 3rd party vendor while the AIV site was under construction some months ago), and I want to place an order every week…regardless of whether I need juice or not! The presentation is gorgeous; I felt like a kid on Christmas when I opened the box (or like I imagine some women feel upon opening a new jewelry box). I expected to wait days longer for my shipment, so I was beyond delighted to receive my package in less than 3 days (in MI). I’ve only been vaping for a little over year and I’ve only tried juices from 2 dozen or so vendors/crafters; but AIV juices far exceed anything else I’ve tried in quality and flavor. Juice flavors are so unique, there isn’t another juice line I’ve sampled that could be considered as a competition. My only regret is not having enough clean tanks on hand to try every juice in the sampler at once (so some juice from other vendors has since been poured out)!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep making juices and I’ll keep buying them!!

    Oh, and my free sample was a juice I was considering adding to my sampler anyway. So thank you to whomever packaged my order for reading my mind and my palate!!

    1. Awesome Adrienne!! Thank you <3 So happy to have you here at the Tea Table with us! Much love from the Mushroom Lab :)

  84. Almost a full year into vaping, and I may try other juice companies sample packs, but I only order BIG bottles from Alice! I have yet to find a single place (I wander to the Spinfuel Awards and for suggestions) that comes close to the quality, service and cost of Alice in Vapeland! Y’all ROCK!

    1. Awww <3 Thank you Amy, you dear heart! We are so delighted to have a wonderful person like yourself here in Vapeland with us :)

  85. There used to be reviews on the separate ejuice flavors, but now I am suddenly not seeing them. Have they been removed or are they coming back? I found them helpful so I hope they are coming back.

    1. There are reviews listed when you click on each flavor, you just have to click on reviews’s after the description!

  86. I love the cute bunny w/ the glasses at the top of your homepage. I would love to have that banner w/ the bunny made into a sticker. I have a couple stickers from juice and hardware that I really like but I am missing one from you guys. I think the banner on this page should be made into one. I hope you guys will consider it some time. Something is just so cute about that bunny!

    I love your juice. A day does not go by that I do not have some! It is truly the best that I have come across. Thanks for making such awesome, one of a kind juice. :)

  87. I liked the voting thing you did with the banana flavors. You should do it again. I could go for peanut butter…how about PB&J versus Fluffernutter?!

  88. this is my first order of the sampler……love them all!!!! Love the box ,card and presentation of the juices! Would like to know where to find ALL the juices on the website…..i see in the comments juices i dont see on the site….I love alice in vapeland………..this is definitely my vape place!!!!!


    1. Yes, this is the one I purchased and am simply in love with it. It is fantastic can’t wait to get more juices from Alice in Vapeland. Looking forward to the 15 footfalls or whatever it is called. Wished I had taken some of it that day but they didn’t have my strength in stock. I got mine from a vapor store in Wytheville, Va. Blue Ridge Smoke and Vapor. They are on main street used to be the smoker friendly shop or tobacco outlet. This guy carries a variety of good brands to try out. I was impressed with the quality and service of the whole vapor store.

      1. Kathy! That is so awesome that you are able to find Alice nearby! They are wonderful people :) Much love from the Mushroom Lab. . .

  90. Y’all should add all the flavors on the website! I love reading about them and seeing the reviews on what everyone else likes. I recently had white rabbit and it was love at first taste! Can’t wait to try them all!

  91. I LOVE AIV. I was searching and searching for an all day vape and was seeming pretty hopeless.. I bought numerous bottles of e-juice that were very expensive but also lacked what I was looking for. I’m so glad I found AIV. I cannot get enough of April Moon (Current ADV). Also sent with that was a 3ml bottle of Cherry Blossom which I fell in love with as well. Will definitely buy bigger bottles of these two. Until then will buy a sample pack to see which flavors I will buy next. The ADV search is over for me. Thank you so much for making incredible juice for a great price!

  92. I Just recieved my first shippment of Juice from AIV, I must say It took a while to get to me , but I couldnt be more impressed. This is hands down the best stuff I have tried to date. From the personalized packaging , to the flavor qualities. I am so extatic that my best friend turned me on to you folks! My only regret is not ordering more in my first shippment. You definately have my loyalty here in CT!!!!!

  93. What are the best tanks or atomizers to use with cherry blossom tea and zombie apocalypse? I keep having issues with a kind of burnt taste after just a few inhales and I even had fresh wicks in. They are still good but I’m just wondering what’s the best to use with these flavors.

    1. Hi Megan :) In general, we recommend starting at lower voltage (power) than you might be used to. Bottom feeding tanks such as a Kanger T3s work very well for us :) As well as rebuildable atomizers. Generally if you taste burning, then your tank is not feeding juice as fast as you are vaping it. Hope this helps!

  94. i am so in love with zombie apocalypse and cherry blossom tea, they are my all time favorites and i can vape these all day long . they are absolutely amazing. this would be my #1 juice vendor of all time. but i am wondering if there is any mixing of the flavor idea that i sent to hannah , strawberry rose water. i am dying to have this type of flavor , i love floral vapes and i love strawberry vapes. hints to why i chose zombie apocalypse and cherry blossom tea. im just so excited to order again and maybe hear from you guys about my flavor idea. overall i give this website a 10/10 and these juices a 10/10 as well. i am just in love with these juices and this website as well as the packaging . :)

  95. What is This?

    Everything looks so small
    Everything looks so big,
    Bottles of juice everywhere
    I can’t believe what I see.

    From sitting down on a quiet morning,
    To a zombie apocalypse,
    I find myself completely lost
    I find myself asking
    What is this world of clouds and flavor?
    That I have never been before!
    This is so wonderful and amazing
    I don’t want to leave anymore.

    I see blueberries, lime and mandarins,
    Marshmallows, cookies and strawberries,
    I see pumpkins, cakes and cherries.
    Mangoes, mint and some blackberries.

    Now I know… this is Wonderland.
    This is the world of Alice!
    -No!!!! (said the White Rabbit).
    -This is Alice in Vapeland!!!!

  96. There are SO many juices out there and I’ve sampled quite a few – from the locally made to the super-expensive limited release types. Some were forgettable, some were tasty, but none has ever hit that sweet spot…until I came to Vapeland. The flavors are subtle, balanced, complex and oh-so-delicious. Afternoon Tea is my perfect all-day vape. The Vapemails are a delight and this is one case where the contents definitely live up to the stunning presentation. Vapelandia has a new resident!

    1. I know, right? Vaping and disposable income will lead one down a twisted trail, some good, some vile – but I can ALWAYS count on Alice for wonderful eliquids!

  97. OK Vapelandians… LOVE my 3 go to flavors;15 Foot Falls, Pear Ship and Lavender (also have a secret stash of Mind Toulouse and Pumpkin Tumble for special occasions…) Have tried others and NOTHING ELSE compares … With that in mind, I have been in search of the ever so perfect Chai Tea flavor (Cha Cha Chai?)…. Something with the perfect creaminess and spice to vape while relaxing after a long day at work… I just can’t find it… I am certain that there is someone in your laboratory that can out do all the others and lead us on an amazing Chai journey…. Pretty please…. ???? Warmest Regards – One Faithful Follower…..

    1. I AGREE!!! AiV would be the perfect company to make a chai. +1000 to this request. Also the hubby requests a coffee flavor lol.

  98. I would love for Alice to get a Key Lime Pie flavor!! Please!! I love Key Lime Pie Juice and I would think Vapeland would make an awesome one! I want to stay loyal to Alice and just Alice but I love Key Lime!!

  99. Amazing!! The packaging is a really nice touch and definitely worth it and the liquids are absolutely incredible!! Found my new company!!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking!! Where is Cupcake City! I got so many people hooked on Alice Juices with that one alone. I’m so sad now. At least I can still get my White Rabbit and Zombie fixes.

  100. I just started vaping and quit smoking. I knew more or less what I was in for vis-a-vis packaging when I ordered from Alice, but I was simply not prepared for the quality of the product and the level of care you so obviously take with your wares. I have to admit I kind of wish you folks were still here in the DC area so I could bring you a plate of cookies or something, but as it is, I sincerely hope you’re making a pile of money doing this and are, more to the point, deliriously happy with what you’re doing because WOW are you ever doing it well. ;)

  101. I really can’t imagine my life without Alice in Vapeland. It’s funny because I’m obsessed with all things Alice and so when someone told me about AiV, I of course had to check it out. That was in September and I spent most of October chasing the portal. Anywho.
    I post weekly to my group’s page, letting other folks know that the portal has opened. I just absolutely adore you guys. And Hannah, doll, every time I’ve ever needed something- you have been right there to answer my q’s. You are an absolute gem. My fellow unicorn. :-) Love you guys millions. So so so blessed to have you guys. Hugs!

  102. I got my sampler in the mail today and while I had read about how Alice has special packaging I was touched and amazed when I opened it up. First off the box is beautifully detailed on the inside top flap. It is hand stamped and further detailed with a blend of blues, purple, aqua, and a touch of pink resembling a watercolor wash. Then inside atop of the colorful packing paper was a personalized note with Alice inviting me to enjoy my juices. Now there are a few more special details but I do not want to ruin the surprise for others. You are just going to have to place your own order to find out! But I was simply tickled with my vapemail. Now to start the sampling! :)

  103. It’s been a while since I ordered from you. I wanted to order the Cupcake City but I don’t see it anymore. Did you stop selling this one? If so, can I special order it? It’s one of my favorites! Thanks bunches! :)

    1. Hi dear Connie! Yes, Cupcake City is no longer part of our main menu but you may indeed special order it! Just choose any flavor in the size and strength you want and ask in the special instructions at checkout that we make it into a Cupcake City for you instead!

  104. I just need to say how amazed I am with this company. Everything is done with such pride and care and I love the personal touch that comes with the package. (I’ve just received my first one today). I’ve tried your juices before and they are exquisite. I can’t imagine ordering anywhere else, especially now that I’ve seen how much thought you put into each box. Thank you so much and keep working your magic! :)

  105. Finally, my first order!!! Always closed :( So very excited to receive my delicious juices!!! I’ve heard they’re amazing! Can’t wait! Thank You so much

  106. Oh my I must say I have been vaping for about a year now and have tried many juice stores but none compare. Your juice is the best. I love your packaging and am collecting the cards. I watch for the mail daily after an order. I just had to give you guys a big shout out. You are by far the best out there. I could go on and on but I won’t. Last but not least , how bout a smooth transition coffee with vanilla maybe a latte? Awwe that
    would be sweet!

  107. I have tons of ideas for new juices. I am at an age where sweets are what I live for. Nothing else, and I mean nothing else is as good as a big bowl of good vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top.
    So, a new juice that would be great is, Dark Molasses Ginger Snap. Another would be Toasted marshmallow smores. I think the best would be Rice Crispy Treats. I am in South Louisiana and we love to party and a Hurricane drink that we make is like Hawaiin Punch, with a punch.
    A dark Ginger snap is what I would love to taste the most.
    Cant wait to get my Zombie Apocalypse in as I have been out and had to wait until tonight to order, so I hope they ship quickly.
    Cheers Everyone and Vapeland, keep up the good work.

    1. I’m in northern Louisiana and agree with the hurricane! Maybe call it “floating tears” (alice floating in a bottle in a sea of her own tears) and have that nice punch!

      Also, expect a good week plus for your juices. They put every ounce of love possible into making each order. And don’t be afraid to ask for something custom!

  108. I am a firm believer that Candy has healing powers that are unbeknownst to many. The combination of Candy and the thought of new juices has led me to what I call the Candy Store Line-up.
    The flavors of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and especially *Almond Joy* should be in Juice form. I think most people would love to see these become reality.
    Random other flavors I have thought of would be Big League Chew Bubblegum flavor, Creamy Fruit Punch and Coconut, Coca Cola/Dr.Pepper/Sprite

    Let me know what you think!

  109. I’m thinking Crisp Green Apple with Sweet Honeysuckle Cream.. I bet those flavors would be truly magical if mixed properly by the mushroom lab.. just a thought..

  110. I’ve been frequenting the Mushroom Lab since August, and every Tuesday, I get shivers! Should I? Shouldn’t I?!?! (seriously, sometimes I load my cart on Sunday, just to make sure!) You can only get so many 60 ml bottles until you amass quite an inventory of these Magical vapes!
    The last order I received had an absolutely outstanding 10 ml concoction called Merclipse, OMG! Think Scandinavian Glogg….. it’s fantastic! Oh, what magic the Mushroom Lab puts into these bottles of awesome pleasure! I wonder what other treasures they have in the works?
    Here’s to a Great New Year for all Vapelandians, may your juice be awesome and continue to be the “experience” we all love, from box to vape! You guys are definitely in a league of your own!
    aka NiNi

    1. How do I find this Merclipse you speak of? I’m dying of curiosity!!! I’ve checked the c-room and I already have all 3 of the juices from there. I’ve also checked the oddity juices (have several from there too!).

      I’m wondering if it was a limited holiday juice? If so, I’m sad I missed out!


  111. Dear Alice,

    Your package just arrived for Christmas !
    Thanks a lot for allowing me testing other samplers flavors, a very kind gift from you :-)
    Just a question for a futur order : is it possible to order extra flavour on some specific products ? (I certainly don’t want to ruin your receip by asking this kind of changes, I already love your flavours as they are for most of them).

    Merry Christmas ^_^
    Les jus d’Alice sont véritablement des jus d’exception, et on se plaît à apprécier des saveurs que l’on aurait jamais eu l’idée de vapoter. Leurs agrumes ne sont pas acides du tout (Lemon Loves Cake et Orange Makes Me Creamsicle, par exemple).
    Des saveurs pour la plupart gourmandes, non saturées en arômes et très délicates.
    Des liquides ronds en bouche, pas sècs du tout, un vrai régal !

    1. Happy Holidays to You! :) We love bringing goodies to beautiful France! Although we do not recommend it, you may request extra flavor on all larger bottles (15ml+) in the instructions at checkout. Happy Vaping!

  112. Might I suggest a flavor I believe your crafting abilities could create beautifully? Tom Kha – coconut, galangal, kaffir lime leaves & lemongrass. I don’t think anyone else could pull this off as well as your capable craftspeople could. Just a thought I had rolling around. <3

  113. Good day to you all! I love your juices and have been ordering for a while now :) I would love to try a cucumber/pear with a hint of coconut vape from you all! I customized one from a different vendor and it is great. But all of your vapes are something truly unique even the ones that other vendors carry (like your cake flavored ones) I just know that you would take a great vape and make it spectacular! Oh please do!

  114. I recently ordered a sampler from you since all I have heard is spectacular reviews on your juice. I went ahead and assumed I would love a quiet morning since I am a green tea enthusiast and ordered a larger bottle of that :) but I was wondering….have you ever considered a Jasmine green tea flavor *sigh* that would be heavenly…..

  115. Just placed my 6th order with the Mushroom Lab…..have found ALL of my ADVs from the Rabbit Hole! Since my first order of ALBOE, it’s been 30-60ml bottles, Oh My!
    I have only two words to say about all the munchkins that work in Vapeland, “TOTAL AWESOMENESS”!

  116. Ok, I just got my first order from AIV. I was very surprised as I ordered it Tuesday evening and received it on Sat. I was expecting to get it next week sometime. So thank you for that. Well packaged and the extra little gift was very nice. I decided to try that flavor first. It tastes like Balsamic Vinegar, I don’t mean the crap you get at the grocery store for 5 – 10 bucks a bottle. I am talking about really good 30 year Old $100 a 3oz bottle slightly sweet, slightly acidic and oh so rich flavor. I really do think I like it. I can’t wait to try the other 5 flavors. Thank you very much.

  117. Super excited about my upcoming order! Quick question though, do you guys still do custom orders? I’ve been really wanting to find someone to make a cherry/lime juice. Excited to take my trip down the rabbit hole! Cheers!

    1. Oh. And my order was made as a birthday present to me from my dear mother (yes she is the coolest mom ever) So maybe a birthday cake flavor as well. Just a thought.

    2. We do occasionally take special custom orders, and when we do, it is an option here . . but we are all filled up at the moment! But a Cherry~Lime would be divine! Cupcake City is our celebration cake at the moment. My, your mother is such a dear!! (^ – ^)

  118. Just ordered my first sampler! This will be my first Vape experience. I decided if I was going to switch to vapeing I may as well use the best juice I could. After reading forums and then the descriptions of your juices I am very excited to taste for myself!!! More to follow…Thanks

  119. I read about your juices from some blog and we have been loyal customers since the first order. Now I have placed several orders from you and we love, LOVE your juices! I enjoy the tea flavors, especially for morning, night and weekends, but for all-day we tend to choose sweeter juices, especially the fruity/creamy/cake-y flavors. I got a sample of Sweet Tease in my first order and was so sad not to be able to buy more…but perhaps some day. :-) I just wanted to thank you for bringing such wonderful juices to our doorstep, packaged so beautifully (the personalization and great packaging make each delivery even more like exciting)! We now wait and open the box together to explore the treasures inside and admire the lovely details. I only wish there were a brick-and-mortar store in DC that sold your juices! For now, I have an alarm on my phone to remind me when the online store opens.

    1. Hi CaraJ!! We’re so excited that we’ve been able to serve you delights! You are so very welcome (^ – ^) Yes Sweet Tease is still available ~ you can find the sweetness in the Oddities Room :D Just under the “More” tab :) We agree, DC needs a B&M!!

      1. Would it require a storefront? I wish I could just set up a storefront in my basement!! If there is anything I can do to facilitate locating a storefront in DC please let me know. :)

        1. Generally, a commercial location and a business license. The good news is that there are great vape shops not too far, in Ellicot City and Baltimore. We sure can’t wait till someone in DC opens one though!

  120. Hello dear Alice!
    Yesterday I received my order # 9351. Well to tell – you are great! Everything is just great! From packaging and attention to flavor, vape, aroma … just gorgeous and magical! Delight! Thank you that you are! More on a regular customer you became more!
    From Russia with love and all the best!
    P.S. I’m sorry for the mistakes :)

  121. Hello…. I was wondering if there are any stores in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that carries your products??? I’m willing to travel a bit in my area,,, your reviews have me sold and while I still plan on making an order when y’all open back up I’m not sure if I have the patience to wait ;)

    1. Hi Gena! There are not . . yet! If you know one you can recommend, please let us know :) Thanks so much for dropping by!

  122. Well, the good news is: I no longer smoke at all after being a pack and half a day chain smoker for nearly a decade. Yet I now cannot stop vaping your amazing ejuices and you’ve ruined me for every other brand I’ve tried. This is all your fault AiV and I will love you forever for it. You are simply magical and are now stuck with me ordering at every opportunity I can. Thank you so much for being amazing!

  123. What happened to bandersnatch I love that flavor? I hope it returns soon. Although I do look forward to. trying April moon. Also am I able to sign in if the store is closed?

  124. I have finally gone through with ordering after skulking around this website for months. Like most Vapers, my journey has been long and arduous. I have tried so, so many eliquids that were depressingly sub-par, and a few that were decent. Well now i can say that i have tried AiV and every juice I received was spectacular. Truly, these eliquids are special. I can see they are made with care, and true craftsmanship; these eliquids are consumable pieces of art and I truly thank AiV for creating something special.

  125. I have never wrote a review in my life! YES, that is how so very happy I am to have found AIV!! I’m new to vaping and ordered after seeing great reviews from Virgin Vapors, over a $100.00 worth of juices, then waiting for those juices found this wonderland and of course placed a small sample order. My bad, all the juices from Virgin Vapors I ordered even after a month of steeping are totally unbearable for me to vape!!! They smell good, but taste nothing like they smell or should taste. Live and learn I guess!! Alice, their are no words to describe your juice and website except for PERFECTION!! I love how your juice is not so in your face, that to me is what makes one keep wanting more! I LOVE the cupcake city and lemon loves cake the best so far but, all of them I have tried are great!! And, of course have many more coming!! I’m excited to try call me vanilla!!!! My family and friends loved your juice too, 2 of them will be switching soon to vaping your juices from cigs. Thanks Alice!!! :)

  126. Alice,
    I am so excited!!!! I am FINALLY going to be able to order tonight and I went on your site to put a few things in my cart and I see that you added April Moon and 15FT Falls to your regular line-up!!!!! I am ordering the ‘Little Bit of Everything’ and I also wanted to try April Moon- now it COMES with the sampler!!! I also was reading through your comments and saw that someone had a special order made up for their wife’s birthday- a lavender gelato. I thought that it sounded wonderful and wanted to order it when your special orders opened back up. Now it has been added to the C Room!!! You have made my week!! I couldn’t be happier!! YAY Alice!!!

  127. This is seriously going to be the longest two weeks of my life! Lol I can not wait to get my Alice Vapemail. I’m hooked and I haven’t even tried it yet. Ill have to make sure my Hubby doesn’t take it to work and get all of his military buddies hooked, too. I certainly don’t want shipping to take any longer lol! :)

  128. I’ve never met any of you, but I have to say that the vibe all of you have comes through in everything you do and every product you make. Never ever lose that. Always love whatever you are doing as much as you do right now and you will go as far you want to in this world and the next!

    1. I agree 110%! I have never had a company go so far out of its way to help out their customers and they have such wonderful customer service! I also agree with the posters about a Chai flavor and maybe something with kiwi, since I adore kiwi! Like a kiwi/fruit torte! Yummy, I would be in line for that! But when am I not in line? ;)

    1. Oooh, a vanilla chai would destroy me, I would go destitute buying it! Someone get the good word to c-cat’s minions! ߘ

  129. All I have to say is ”ALICE IN VAPELAND IS BY FAR MY #1 choice for ejuice! I have tried sooooooo many companies and have gone through so much money and i can proudly say, now i have somewhere to go where i can spend money and know that i am getting quality juices that are oh so true to their description. YUMMINESS! Thanks AiV! ”“We’re all mad here.” <3

  130. Alice do you know of any vapor shops in Las Vegas that carry your e-liquids?? I am DYING to try some but I never seem to have the funds available when you are open for business. I would be so so so happy if you knew of a shop here in Las Vegas that carried your wonderful products. Please let me know as soon as possible, I am SOOO anxious to try out: A Quiet Morning, Zombie Apocalypse and most especially Twas Brillig!!
    Thank you in advance for your answer!!

    1. Hi Amberina! There is not currently a store carrying our Juices in Las Vegas yet. We love Las Vegas! If you have a favorite store there who may be interested, we would love to get to know them! Happy Vaping!

      1. I live in vegas, I’ll take some of my flavors to a shop next time I go and see what they think.. I’m sure they’ll love it

    2. Hi Amberina, I live in Vegas and if you like email me and you can try my wonderful juices. I love these juices, hint if you want samples pick flavors you like or love and get samples of 18 ml. I vape mostly 12 mg but I do have a couple 18 mg. Hope this helps. Silverado/Seven Hills area


      1. Linda,
        Thank you so much for the offer!! I was finally able to order and I got the ‘Little Bit of Everything’ and larger bottles of many that I wanted to try the most. Sooooooo good!
        Thank you again!!

  131. Oh no!!!! I believe I have made a serious kerfunckle! After several months of being AWOL on ECF, I asked what my fine fellow vapers would recommend for finding samples of the most extraordinary…….Without a thought I opened multiple tabs from multiple sites and ran the gambit of some weary e-juices *sigh* and through my haste, just barely caught the glimpse of a beloved childhood story character as I went to yet another cart purchase, the “Little Bit of Everything”…..and thus onto the next tab.
    As I went through the email order confirmations this morning, I spied Alice, what is this intriguing collection I had ordered, from a storybook, no less…and only available to the patient and devoted for a mere few hours a week? I had to know more…….
    After an afternoon of reading comment after comment of devotees, the magical flavors that blow one’s taste buds, the mysterious concoctions that only the vapor can identify individually as they vape, I think this is the beginning of my decent down the rabbit hole………
    I await my samples, telling me “Vape Me!” And curse myself for not ordering individual bottles of what has been noted as mystifying, wonderful, exotic, dreamy, delectable, amazing…….
    Tuesday is such a long way off, as I tightly clutch my credit card and dream of the heavenly journey my taste buds will take…… if only I had known!
    Until Tuesday……..

  132. I just placed my first order today, and I can barely contain my excitement to try each and every juice in my sampler. I promised myself I would wait till Vapefest to sample new juices since there is such an unfortunate number of nasties out there, but with such delicious favors offered I couldn’t help myself.

  133. I purchased the sample pack and was happy to say I was not at all disappointed, which in itself says a lot because my expectations were very high! I may have gone a little overboard, but I purchased 16 tanks so I could try all the flavors at once. I suggest if you go this route you go to a local store and talk to a manager. I was able to get a very nice deal purchasing that quantity at once…plus the manager was interested in trying the juices himself, so I brought them in for him to taste as well (he is also placing an order for his personal use). With having such a variety I have labeled all of my tanks. Besides myself 5 friends have also enjoyed every flavor. These friends consist of experienced vapors and newbies. The consensus as a whole is that everyone has multiple favorites. I am very picky about juice flavors. That being said, of the hours I’ve spent sampling 100’s of juices I have found my favorites within these 16 samples. There is only one sample that I have found distasteful and would not like to vape. That would be the bandersnatch. It has a very perfumy aroma unlike the other juices. From reading the comments on that juice I have found that vaping at a higher temp does improve the flavor and I will be getting a different tank as suggested in hopes that will make a significant difference. Every other flavor I could vape on a regular basis, including frosted blossom (and I’m not a fan of menthol). Twas Brillig is without a doubt ranked number one on my list of favorites. I have found that most juices are best vaped at a low heat, but some are more enjoyable higher. It is amazing the different flavors that you taste with changing the temp! Overall, if you are new to these juices I recommend this sampling. Each bottle will fill a basic tank close to two full times. I am excited for new flavors from Alice to try when they come out and will not hesitate to buy a full size bottle because of my experience with this package. Bottom line…try the sampler, you won’t regret it!!!

  134. My much awaited “Bit of Everything” came 2 days ago and so far I have tried “Lemon loves Cake” and “Creamsicle” and they are wonderful. As I only have cute little tiny sampler bottles I am trying one flavor each day as my “treat” vape each day. I hope to narrow down my favorites so I can place an order of big bottles when the portal opens again. Thank you for your wonderful flavors. I have defiantly fallen down the rabbit hole.

    1. ok I can now say that without a doubt Alice in Vapeland has found a way to bottle magic in the juices they sell. I had to add 15 flavors to my MUST buy big bottle list. I saved 1/2 of each sample to revisit after steeping (well almost 2 didnt last that long and they were finished the first day) I have purchased a few of the C-room flavors as well. I just keep falling further and further down that rabbit hole. You will not be disappointed with these magical flavors. (If you like bold in your face flavors I would advise a good steep however).

  135. After trying several ejuice sites and trying several different juices and never really being satisfied, plus I don’t understand why some vendors recommending their juice sit in a dark place for several weeks. Why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy a flavor immediately.? I came across Vapeland. Thank you Alice, I have found home, and now consider myself a Vapelandian. Straight out of the mailbox your creations are presented as a much awaited gift in the mail and they are as tasty as they look and sound. My very first order was exceptional. From the blackbery crunch flavor of Twas Brilling, mouth watering flavor of A Quite Morning(will be ording this as it came as a sample), Stawberry cupcake awesomeness of Zombie Apocalypse, and the ever elusive flavor of White Rabbit. You have a fan forever.

  136. A guy came in a few times with your juices and let myself and my coworkers try it. I mean I love the ejuice we sell, but yours is definitely the best I’ve ever had! I gotta get me somea dat!

  137. Just wanted to say a huge thank you ! I received my first order and I’m just over the moon with the sample pack I ordered. The packaging is awesome and such a wonderful touch…… uplifting to even find a personalized note! (I’m such a sucker for things like that). The flavors & quality I’ve tried so far are outstanding. I’m so looking forward to making another order. Excellent service, product & packaging. No more scouring the internet and watching review after review trying to figure out the best e-juices for me. I’ve found it !! Thank you, thank you and big hug :)

  138. Just received my sampler package & got a nice sly smile on the corner of my lips as I opened it up. I’ve been reading about your special craft but low and behold the packaging & special contents & now I know Alice why you said “What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?” Thanks you!

  139. Hi Alice, I just want to let you know that I have been so happy with your wonderful creations :) Ginger by the sea is amazing! Thanks so much for that little surprise! My sister received her gift in the mail yesterday and she is so thrilled. She doesn’t know which one to try first! She just started and only has one clearo :( but Saturday she is heading to her B&M to get more lol! All of you are wonderful, I wish you all continued success =D

    Happy Blessings to you all,

  140. There’s something so pure and clean about these juices, and the fruits taste so real. I love them so much, and my mum and I are hooked on Zombie Apocalypse, but we’ll also be getting samples of all the rest of the flavors too :)

  141. hi alice do you deliver to the uk.and how much is shipping if so please.these flavours sound bangon.there making my mouth water yummy

    1. I would just like to say AiV’s customer service can’t be beat, they go above and beyond to make their customers happy. I feel like I would like to shop from them just because of the special attention they give their customers! Love it! now I just can’t wait to sit and vape their delights.

  142. I have been vaping for over a year and have tried just about every online e-juice sold without really finding one place, or flavor, that I loved until I came here! The care and quality that Alice in Vapeland puts into their e-juice and buiness is evident from the moment you order. I have tried every flavor but the pumpkin one and have loved them all! I will never again order from another site! Thank you so much AIV! I just wish that you had a B&M in Hawaii so I don’t have to wait for my AIV fix!!

  143. Would you guys notch up the nicotine content on a juice as a personal touch to an order? Just wondering, because I’m a fan of 3.6%. I love your juice flavors and your presentation is top notch, much love peeps

  144. How come there is nowhere to add comments about how you would like your order to be filled if possible? I would like more flavor in the bottles that I order and I would like equal amounts of PV/PG so hopefully it will stop clogging up my tank.

  145. woo hoo. today i got my bottle. glass, amber colored, lil danglie thingie type of charmie on my quiet morning!

    lol you guys rock! as always presentation makes me wanna hug a cat. I dont particularly like hugs….or cats for that matter.

    thanks! i hope all is well in wonderland. cheers guys!

  146. Just got my order today!…So indecisive on which one to try next.. They are all wonderful flavors so far!

  147. WOW!!!!! I just received my greatly anticipated order which included a little bit of everything sampler. I was so pleasantly surprised and I’m only two flavors in…afternoon tea and pun’kin tumble. If I had enough cartomizers I would have sampled them all by now but I am just savoring them one flavor at a time. I owe many thanks to theonemariahpoo who reviewed your flavors on youtube. I hope you reward her for her awesome reviews because my guess is I am not the only one who was turned on to your company because of her. She said that you put “a lot of love” into your juices and she was DEAD ON! I truly look forward to being a life long customer of yours and I am definitely going to order on Tuesday night when you open again because now that I’ve tasted what you have to offer the wait will kill me if I run out. (Although well worth the wait!!!!)

  148. Hello Troops,

    I placed my first order with yall last tuesday. My buddy at work brought in your Zombie Apocalypse and i was blown away by its flavor. Delightful to say the least. He made it a point to call me the second your site reopened to order. I laughed at him as i was already on the site placing my order. I was counting the hours. I truely hope that my vapemail come to me with all possible speed. I am going on a weeklong camping trip at the end of May and I am hoping it arrives by then. I will be placing another order this coming tues before even receiving my first order. That is the measure of my confidence in your product. I ordered a 30ml bottle of the zombie and a sampler of some of your others. I know ill be satisfied. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Now if you would be so kind to excuse me….IM LATE! IM LATE!! for a very important VAPE!!! no time to say Hello! GOODBYE. IM LATE IM LATE IM LATE!! hehe

    Keep it up.

  149. Hi,
    It’s a question for the rabbit :
    When it’s 10 o’clock in your hole, what time is it in Tokyo ?

  150. I just wanted to say your company is the best I have dealt with in the E-Cig dealers I have used .I ordered White Rabbit it is really tasty . also the Orange Creamsicle was nice. Sorry your closed as soon as you reopen I want to place another order . PS – Your packaging is outstanding Thanks Bruce

  151. I’m getting so excited!! I ordered a little bit of everything sampler on 4/3 and have turned into a facebook addict; constantly checking for order updates. :) Happy to hear you are working on 4/3 orders now. Can’t decide whether I should place another order tomorrow night, so I have another on the way since I’m sure I will love all the juices.

  152. just order a delectable sampler cant wait wait to get it. I have heard only great thing about Alice In Vapeland.

  153. I have been vaping for about three months or so. I heard about AiV White Rabbit, and had to try it. It is simply the best vape I have ever had. I am a Vapelandian forever. Giant bottle of White Rabbit has now been ordered.

    Down the hole I go ;)

  154. I have a 306 atomizer. I adore your glass tips and was wondering if they would work? I am new to all of this and I have been looking forward to trying your vapes since I started. I am so happy to finally catch it right and place an order! Woo hoo! :-)

  155. I’ve heard so many good things about your juices and the quaity of the packaging. I am looking forward to receiving my order.

  156. So don you sell bigger bottles then 60 ml I’m looking for like 16 oz or something like that. What would be the price’s

  157. Hey there, do you ship to Malaysia? I’ve heard all the good things about AiV and cant wait to try them out =) Tell me you ship to Malaysia! =)

    1. Hi! We do ship to Malaysia but we cannot guarantee the safe arrival of international packages. But we do our very best to make sure it gets to you safely!

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, i do understand that =) Thank you and i’ll be back when you reopen =)

  158. I am hoping you’ll return Ravyn, it is truly a wonder and very tasty.
    It needs it’s steep time, but then it flies us to new trees, forest mountain tops and woodland creatures. What a grand adventure that bottle of Ravyn has flown me on. I quite enjoyed the experience.

    Please fly him/her back for us.
    Thank you!

  159. I have been dying to try u guys out! Cant wait to see all the hype revealed for myself. Plus the wife has been dying to start a charm collection (big Fan)!

  160. The gift certificate is for my husbear of 17 years birthday! Y’all have an awesome site and great products. He hasn’t had a cigarette in months now, and I’m really proud of him! Thanks for helping him be successful!

  161. Ravyn, after starting out with a very odd flavor, has metamorphasized into a very enjoyable NET vape! It took a little over three weeks of steeping, which is quite typical for NETs in my experience, but is really great now. I ended up with two bottles, and am quite glad I did, as once gone, this will leave a noticeable hole in my lineup. I love the flavor profile, there seems to be a subtle blackberry note on the front and back ends, which round out a very bold and spicy tobacco throughout. For your first NET, you guys have made a wonderful creation, and I hope you have more in the works! Thank you!

  162. Every juice that I have tried is right on the mark for flavor. I can’t seem to make up my mind on everything I want to put into my cart. All time favorite is B&W cookie. Its chocolaty but not an overly sweet kind it almost a darker chocolate that hits the palette with a nice dry note.

    Thanks for the wonderful juices and great service!

  163. Dear Alice, I would just like to drop by and thank you for your superior juices!!! I got my sampler pack a LONG time ago and found tons of delectable yummyness I simply cant live without, but alas our schedules just aren’t in synche *sigh* but I did finally find a time that was good for both of us!!! I have ordered my top favorites, and as soon as you reopen I will order more eventhough my juices may not be here yet, lol. I just have to say this anticipation is killing me!!! I will savor every last drop and keep stocked up on my favorites so i’m never caught without them again!!! Much love, and thanks again. ~ zombiez~

  164. I’m so excited, these will be my first real juices, have only had total crap and tobaccoey kinds too. Good if infrequent mention of you guys on the forums, it’s how I found you. Beautiful site! Tomorrow is my birthday, want to add a sample? ;) Looking forward to my first vapemail!

  165. Not sure if 0mg will give a decent th. Let alone a good exhale. I have been nicotine free for six months. I was told the higher the nic, the better th and exhale. I really don’t want to reintroduce into my system. I recently purchased 0mg blueberry from a different vendor and the flavor is great, but the th was terrible and it hurt my chest. I am excited to try these wonderful juices. Recommendations are welcome. Thank you in advanced

  166. I just received my 1st order today, and I would like to thank you so much for all of the personal touches you include with your orders – and especially the freebie bottles! I have tasted every flavor already and I adore all of them. I am looking to place my next order tomorrow to taste the rest of your yummy flavors!

    My three kitties (Lily, Nuki, and Skittles) would also like to pass on their appreciation for your packaging. They have thoroughly enjoyed the little shreds of paper and have made quick work spreading a nice, even layer of them around the entire living room. Those inanimate paper predators will not last long against their fury – so I guess I should order quickly and let the battle continue!

  167. Well, I’m patiently awaiting my juices now. I can’t wait to receive them. I originally discovered Alice on ECF before the admins so surreptitiously banned me without cause. I wish there was more of an AIV presence over at Nu-vapor, so that when your juices do arrive here, I can review them in the vaping community I take part in.

  168. I live in Rehoboth Beach DE and I loved the Dogfish Head comment you made. If you ever need me to ship you anything from Dogfish just let me know. I was amazed by your attention to detail it is great to see people taking pride in every aspect . You have a customer for life . It is my privilege to have you fill my order. I can’t wait!!!!!!

    My Best Regards,
    Brian Neefe

  169. I’ve been vapeing for a year and was introduced to Alice through a friend. I’m so excited to try the juices that I brought a little of everything

  170. By far, Alice… You have the best juice in vapeland! …and I can’t wait to taste the new flavor from your secret lab, but I was wondering if you had a juice to make me taller?

  171. A friend of mine let me try some of your juices last night. I have been vaping for a couple years and have only used a tobacco flavor. I did not ever want to try the one dimentional flavors, like Green Apple, mocha, or vanilla. When I tasted Zombie Apocalypse last night, it was an experience. I never considered it was possible to create a flavor like that which I enjoy while vaporizing. I don’t know what to say, other than I think I am in love! You have just gained a long time commitment from me after our first date. I am hoping that won’t scare you and make you want to run away :0) I am sitting here in KC, sitting at my kitchen table, watching the snow gently fall outside, sipping on incredible coffee that my sister sent me from Alaska, listening to Dylan, and enjoying the rest of my Zombie Apocalypse. Thank you for playing a part in making this the best experience I have ever had . . . at my kitchen table.

    All I need to know is what time do you want me to pick you up Saturday night?


  172. vous etes super,colis envoyé rapidement;reçu en retard a cause de la poste francaise^^ merci beaucoup pour le flacon cadeau et le petit mot a mon nom,j’adore :) a bientot pour testé les liquides you are great packages sent quickly received late because of the French post ^ ^ thank you very much for the gift and bottle the little word in my name, I love to see you soon :) tested fluids (google trad^^)

  173. i just got my sample pack in today and lord these are good i already smoked up a zombie apocalypse…and half of the crunk berry these are both on my 60 ml bottle to order list….ill wait until after christmas and get a big order in i think im done looking for that one juice i cant stand to be without…thanks guys great products!!!!

  174. First time customer. Already pleased with your service. My only wish is that I didn’t have to wait 7-10 business days for processing!

  175. The one good reason for the bigger bottles is the vaping juice lasts a bit longer. It is so good, we just gobble it up. LOL A 15ml bottle is going to last like 2 to 3 days max. The 60ml bottles are great, but I anticipate Jah and Nicole coming up with those 120ml mini jugs that we have all been begging for. hahahah It is really that good!

  176. this is my third order! ive tried a few other companies and these are the best. ive only been vaping about a month and this place leaves the others in the dust!

  177. I Really Want To Try Your Juices, do You ship to Australia?

    If so – how much is the shipping?

    Any specials if I order one of each flavours in the Giant Bottles?

  178. Oh my goodness! thank you so much yet again :) just received my third perfect order from you guys and I’m as delighted as ever! Can’t wait to try every last one, and you are now the first and only vendor that I can say I have the complete juice collection from (except for those in testing) so thank you for being the very best ejuice vendors in all the land :)

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks so much for your sweet and wonderful comments!! It’s wonderful to have just the best folks ever in Vapeland! And, we are really glad to find you too!

  179. Welcome to the west!! I love your flavors and like many others have said before me, you’re the only juice store anybody needs! And now you’re closer to my home in Utah — can you say faster shipping?? HOORAY!

  180. Everything here is soooo good! Even when its “not” good, its better than most others. They really found magic here! There is something so special, so unique here…. I just haven’t experienced that anywhere else.

    1. Hi Dragonvaporz! Yes, we do offer wholesale, but we really like to get to know you first, to see if it’s a good fit. Just call us anytime to chat :) 505-977-4866

  181. Cannot wait to try Twas Brillig. Blackberry is just what I was craving and was about to buy some elsewhere. Oh heavens, you are the mindreadingest.

    1. You are in for a real treat!!! Twas Brillig is awesome as is White Rabbit, Mystic Mandolime, Lemon Loves Cake and Quiet Morning!

  182. So happy to have found this delightful place with such wonderfully tasty treats! Eagerly awaiting my order after ordering a sampler. Your products made me realize just how substandard what I was using was! Being new to this, I didn’t really know what I liked, what to look for, what flavors would interest me. Now I do! Fantastic customer service too. Above and beyond is putting it mildly. Special thanks to Nicole, who took my call, returned my emails, answered my questions, made me feel like a friend and cherished customer after just one $11 purchase. Thank you so much!

    1. she’s like that. They both are. They cherish their customers and do everything possible to make sure we are all taken care of. :)

    2. I had tried more than half a dozen new venders recently, and out of these, only AIV and one other will get my repeat business. AIV is where I want to spend my $$$, they not only have terrific juices, but they are NICE people. Even sent a couple samples which I see as an offering of generosity and genuine care for customers. I am tired of the vendors who really just don’t care…

  183. Dear alice WOW!!!! was i totally gobbed smack when i found your vape site..the name alice has followed me my whole life…my beautiful white cat alice is my pride an joy favorite band is alice in chains an when johnny depp was in alice in wonderland i was wrapped for he is my favorite actor an 2mths ago i found e cigs after 30 plus yrs of smoking …. nothing before has helped me quit until now im enjoying smokeless image products. my favs are there vanilla an grape….but now!!!! how can i resist your list of yummy sounding flavours an reading comments from others…mmmm only problem i have is i still need nicotine ive managed to cut down to 18 ml from 24ml…but it will take awhile to wipe nic out of my life ; so question i ask you?

  184. Get the Sampler Paks, both of em. You will not want to miss ANY of these juices. They are all fantastic! The best I have ever had, out of hundreds, not kidding.

  185. Let my friends try it during a camping trip, they loved it so much they asked if they could take it home with them. …I have to order more.

    Thx for the awesome juice!

  186. Back for more!

    I feel very lucky that in my second journey in the vaping world I found Alice in Vapeland! Before I didn’t know that such high quality juices existed. On top of that, they have hands down the best customer service I’ve seen from any company. If you’re not sure what to try… Try them all!

  187. Hi Alice! I just got my gift in the mail for my birthday. Thank you so much for everything! I really love the two flavors I’ve tried so far, Frost Blossom and A quiet morning. They are by far the most flavorful juices i’ve ever had. Thanks again for everything!

    1. Hi Jason! Even though your party may be over, Happy Unbirthday always from Vapeland :) So glad you’ve enjoyed! ps. Your fam is the best, we had such fun making your gift!!!

  188. Out of the 10 juices I’ve tried here, I really, really, really loved 5, really, really liked 4, and one that wasn’t for me. That’s 90% that I liked more than just normal. Alice in Vapeland will be my go to place for juice now.

  189. Hello, I received my first sampler today (which i ordered in 6mg) and i just wanted to say as a new vapor your liquids are by far the best I’ve had so far. Myself being a 24mg smoker generally I see that I can enjoy lower MG liquids and vape a TON more with your outstanding flavors. There is something about your mix that is light and airy but still produces a TON of vapor. Not thick and overly viscus like some of the dozen others that went in the trash today. I am amazed by white rabbit by far the best liquid I’ve tasted out of the dozens I’ve tried so far.. Alice also takes second prize with my second flavored liquid now to date with Creamsicle.. My wife and I along with a friend smashed the 6ml sampler in about 2 hours.. it was AAAAMMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNNGGG.. Im taken back to my child hood by crunkberry I definitely get that crunch berries taste with that just hummmmm theres the milk in the finish.. (which also happens to taste about 84% like Eddys butter pecan ice cream for some reason… I CAN PROVE IT!! I vaped it on an ego twist cranked up to 4.8 with the ice cream after my wife said hey… that tastes like that butter pecan in the freezer..) hummm what else to say. The lemon cakes was just as I would have expected lemony and refreshing with a light cake finish.. I personally didn’t quite get the frost one (which I’m vaping while I type this) which isn’t to say it is bad , just not really my style.. but my wife REALLY liked it..

    Ordered more today of our favorite along with another sampler of your other flavors..

    For anyone reading this.. f you haven’t been to see alice.. I PROMISE you the trip down the rabbit hole will be more rewarding they anything else you are hunting.

    I would imagine that White Rabbit and Your Creamsicle will be in HEAVY rotation and OOPS forgot to put my White Rabbit on the order today.. WIll be correcting that immediately..

    Thank you so much Alice.. We will be regulars for life..

  190. Hi ! I’m contacting you on behalf of the MidAtlantic Vapers group. I am not familiar with your company & I feel it’s a shame we don’t know or local vendors. We try to meet once a month somewhere around the area of NoVa / DC / Md. We have a facebook page. Our next meet is next Sat. July 21st @ Outback Fairfax. I’m inviting you to join our group on FB & @ Outback next weekend. If you can’t come, would you like to send some samples to rafle @ our meet ? Thanks, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah!
      (^_^) So nice to meet you!! We love our local vaping community, and hope to support it in any way possible! We have found a vape-friendly bar in downtown DC who would love to do some promotions :) Unfortunately, we can’t make the upcoming meetup :( but absolutely can’t wait to attend the next one! Please send your mailing address to and we will send some delectable prizes for the Raffle :)

  191. Just wanted to say I received my sampler yesterday, wow, just wow. loving everything I’ve tried so far. Orange makes me Creamsicle, Crunkberry(my personal favorite so far), Lemon Loves cake, Mystic Mandalime, still have other stuff to try but BEST VAPING I’ve done since I started. The wifey loves it too and i’ll be telling my dad about your website the next time I see himI will definitely be placing a much larger order soon, thank you so much!

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