The richness of night’s sweet solace.
Sultry flavorings of earthly wanderings.
The drift of the ever-changing sky
as the stars rise and set.

Like our White Rabbit, this flavor is somewhat of a mystery.  A mystery wrapped in a delicious enigma.




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.


  1. Bryan Quante (verified owner)

    After going through about 1000ml, it seems time to add a comment. Tokala is my all day, every day vape but I can’t quite pin down the flavor. Slightly cherry, slightly chocolate. A touch sweet, mild, dark. Not overwhelming. It’s just right.
    Aside from the illustrious flavor of Tokala, it should be noted that it vapes very clean. I don’t like to fiddle with my APV, I can run Tokala for days before my coil has any noticeable buildup.
    Furthermore, the service and presentation from AVL is absolutely top notch. The world would be a better place if more companies used care and creativity the way AVL does.

  2. Mfelici

    I wanted to say this tastes like a queen Ann, at first, without that artificial cherry flavoring but the nutty earthy tones & subtile hints of chocolate in that light cherry inhale I would say that if a fox got a chance to curate a dessert, this would be spot on. It’s yummy. Light cloud’s with an enticing aroma. Slow inhales are best for a fuller spectrum of flavors & mtl hits. There’s never s dull flavor with you Alice. :)

  3. Three of ♡

    My first thought of Tokala was “Oh how wonderful! A fox is part of this design!” I love foxes!!! The juice immediately reminded me of a chocolate covered cherry without the artificial choc-cherry vape most other companies try to sell me on. Almost like a smooth Kahula with cherries at the bottom! And another thought while vaping was my favorite candy: Snow Caps. I’m going to try Tokala again, it was okay in my dripper at that time but not perfect for my mod. I imagine it would taste better in my subtank instead of my dripping deck as I’ve upgraded my vape gear since then. But absolutely YUM.

  4. Geoff (verified owner)

    Very mellow. Almost understated. Tasty though. This might seem like a weird tip, perhaps even crazy or to done sacrilegious but bear with me: for a 5ml tank I put one dropper of a lemonade (would use 2 droppers of Lemon Loves Cake) and the rest Tokala. The acidity makes the sublime Tokala flavors pop.

  5. Elizabethe Hawthorne (verified owner)

    This was amazing! the post office had a bit of a mix up so my juice got to steep a bit as I ordered It Nov28th and received it Jan2nd (holidays/moving adresses) Regardless this juice Is very reminiscent of toffee almond flavored coffee or like the ferrero rocher chocolates. I can smell what could be cherry but I don’t taste it yet, If It’s there It’s subtle. Potential all day vape for sure!

  6. xKimmViciousx

    Requested a sample (before they were taken away), and am really glad I did. Tastes like Queen Anne’s Cherry Cordials, but not overly chocolatey.

  7. Jennifer

    I got this in the small sampler and its hands down my favorite! I taste almonds and a bit of dark chocolate.

  8. TomE

    Howdy Humans! Got a sample of Tokala with my first order from you lovely Alicandrians and finally got around to trying it. Zowie! Nifty vape. Keep up the good work.

  9. Mikey

    For those in the UK, the taste of this is Mr Whippy Ice-Cream in a cone with Red Sauce (or Monkeys Blood – where ever in the North/South divide you live).
    I’m vaping this in a Twisted Messes RDA, basic 0.6 Ohm Kanthal dual coil set-up. Reminds me of summers at the beach. Perfect and not what I expected at all.

  10. Ruthie (verified owner)

    I tried out only a few flavors at first. This one was my hands-down favorite so far! It tastes like a mellow lightly sweet chocolate, cherry, and something magical! I’m getting a bigger bottle this time! Thank you for the sweet reply and the added sampler bonus on my first order! Gotta say <3 vape me!

  11. Nick

    I didn’t think I’d like this because I’ve always hated cherry cordials, but this is really good! definitely tastes like a cherry cordial (without the nasty liquid center) but it has a really deep flavor profile, i never thought a cherry vape would go so well with coffee… this could be a new ADV.

    thanks for sending me a sample AiV! will be ordering more!

  12. Drew Kirby

    this flavor is so mysterious, but so subtly sweet and absolutely delicious. I didn’t couldn’t even name the flavor until about three or four puffs in and I got the hint of chocolate. I agree with the chocolate cherry cordial, but it’s very subtle and there are definitely other things in there I can’t name. Whatever they are, they compliment each other perfectly and combine into creamy deliciousness. I’d describe the flavor as warm, despite the fact that it goes down so cool. It genuinely does give the feeling of being in the wilderness alone at night and taking in the wonder of the starry sky illuminating nature. Alice flavors are the smoothest flavors I’ve ever vaped. I think this is the beginning of a love affair. “ever changing sky” is right, though. I taste something different every time i inhale it. Absolutely would recommend, just as the girl at the shop excitedly recommended it to me.

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Yay! What a wonderful description of the indescribable! Thank you for your kind review Drew. And welcome to Vapeland!!

  13. Betsy F (verified owner)

    Tokala’s flavor profile is quite ambiguous but it reminds me of a chocolate covered cherry with a bit of hazelnut. When I received my vape mail from AiV, I could not put this down. Sadly, I vaped all of it in two days. Love this company.

  14. LazyWench (verified owner)

    Perfectly named for the kit-fox who once fooled Wesakechak himself … subtle, sweet, and savvy, he lives to beguile and delight!

  15. Ginny

    Sneaky Alice…your trippy description of this didn’t give us a clue. But my daughter and I sat and sampled the sample and had a lot of laughs referencing psychadelics but arrived at “maybe a amaretto chocolate cherry ball” and “who knows but we like it!!!” *lol* great subtle juice.

  16. Tanya

    Loving the Tokala…. what an unexpected flavor profile!! To me it is tastes of delicious espresso and hazelnut liqueurs… subtle sweetness maybe a bit of chocolate…. oh and maybe a touch of a fine bakery note! Mysteriously delicious and indulgent!! Indeed perfect for the rising and setting of the sun!! I cannot put it down so am certain that it will gain a spot among my favorite Mushroom Lab offerings!! Thank you so much for this magic!!

  17. Mehitobel (verified owner)

    It took me a few hours to put my finger on this flavor – it was SO familiar, but I couldn’t place it. I just came here to post about it and see that someone else got the same thing from it that I did: cherry cordials, the kind with the amaretto liqueur. It’s a delight unsteeped and I’m very curious to see how it develops & what other notes I might find.

  18. Lauren (verified owner)

    Oh my sweet mother of vape juice!!! This flavor is freakin phenomenal !! I taste a subtle dark chocolate, black cherry, amaretto coffee! It’s creamy and subtle and the flavors are rich. Omg it’s amazing. Fresh out of the mail , 3mg. I give it a zillion stars out of 10! So good!! Buying big bottle soon!

  19. VooGoo

    Just got my sample and having some difficulty pinning this one down. So far it has been light & fluffy, somewhere between a smore & a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich, but leaving an almond aftertaste flat on the tongue. I’m liking it but I may let it steep a bit before filling the next cart.

  20. Justin (verified owner)

    Finally, my wait is over! I got my juice in today and was stoked about what new deliciousness I would soon discover. And here is my interpretation…

    As with all who have been as privileged as I to encounter this new species of juice.. I couldn’t wait to crack the cellophane wrap, un-twist the dropper and give it the initial smell test. My senses led me to a place I had been before. A place where I was much younger.. In a time where my grandmother would always seem to have a box of chocolates on her counter. I would eagerly taste through the assortment until I found the liqueur filled, dark chocolate cherry cordial. It was my favorite you see.

    From my initial smell test, I could not shake the strong memory of those sweet, delectable cherry cordial treats. I had to taste it right away! And so I vaped away, and exhale after inhale and so on, I smiled, in pure bliss and enjoyment of what my taste buds afforded me. As my vaping pleasure continued, I experienced what I would describe as a nice coffee taste with a delicious hazelnut cream. Wow!

    Only you geniuses at AIV could have mastered such a sweet hybrid brew. THANK YOU! Sooo much. I cannot say enough great things about my continued amazement with all things Alice in Vapeland. Keep it up! What will you gift us with next!? I can’t wait!

  21. KP (verified owner)

    Definitely a flavor profile that’s hard to pin down. Cream for sure, a light fruit – maybe apple, and almond … cookie? Best my husband and I could guess. Unsteeped the cream and almond are the strongest.

  22. YouEnjoyMyJuice (verified owner)

    Wow! This juice is fantastic. Truly off the chain. New favorite for sure….definitely an all day vape candidate. Sweet and savory all wrapped into one. Cant quite put my finger on it….slight hints of graham cracker, peanut butter, and black cherry. Very impressed. Great job on this one! Straight up scrumptious!!

  23. Kasey

    Lord have mercy this sample of Tokala is so amazing it has created a mosh pit in my soul to some old school Alice In Chains! I mean this juice is rockin my socks off about as much as Layne Staley does! This is truly a culinary art of ejuices. Tastes of a mosaic of warm apple crepe with a mist of creamy finish. Just a cabaret of delectable indulgence. The Mad Hatter must have effortlessly developed this while having the munchies in the Mushroom Lab.

  24. Kristin (verified owner)

    This new juice is really good. Sweet on the inhale. I taste apple, tobacco and maybe a little cream. Can’t wait to see how it changes when steeped. Thank you Mad Hatter for another ADV!

  25. maxwell (verified owner)

    This flavor is driving me crazy. I bought tokala when it was first available. It has a very familiar flavor that got me hooked on to the vape scene. Peanut butter.. and something else. I think it’s easy to say peanut butter and jelly but I taste wine. PB&W!? Please someone tell me I’m not crazy!

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