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  1. If you have a friend or loved one who vapes, the gift of Vapeland bucks will not disappoint!! I’ve been ordering from Alice for a year or two and won’t get my e-juice anywhere else, and save all the little bottle charms, playing cards and art slips. My fiancĂ©, knowing how much I adore the flavor and quality of Alice’s e-juice, sneakily ordered me “A Little Bit of Everything” along with a gift certificate as a birthday/Christmas gift. The packaging was.. PHENOMENAL! A lovely little personalized message on a beautiful illustration of the Hatter and Alice, a cute personalized checkout code on the certificate itself (which looks like pretty olde-timey paper!!), the king and queen playing cards..! Along with a bundle of new and already-loved flavors to enjoy?! It was literally the best present I have gotten in years, no joke. The gift of my favorite juices packaged with love and care, absolutely wonderful. Thank you everyone at AiV, I am in love with how you all go above-and-beyond with your regular orders and your special ones too!

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