Caterpillar: By the way, I have a few more helpful hints. One side will make you grow taller…
Alice: One side of what?
Caterpillar: …and the other side will make you grow shorter.
Alice: The other side of what?

Welcome to the Caterpillar’s Room ~ A Secret Place for New Flavors in the Works and other Oddities

My! It’s unbelievably cloudy in here . . . Now where did that rabbit go?

Ohhh! Which way!? What strange directions from that old bug!

. . . finally . . . . . a path . . . and, and, . . I see a citrus-bright glow on the horizon! Oh lovely! Sigh . . . It’s been such a long night! I might just have to take a walk downtown and see if I can find something nice and sweet.


Mmmmmm . . . that was just delicious!

*hands reaching in pocket* Now WHERE did all these old buttons and threads and funny old coins come from? I simply must clean out my pockets more often.

Goodness! What a strange place. Perhaps I’ll take a look around now . .


My! Things here just become increasingly Curiouser!


178 thoughts on “C.Room”

  1. Hi! So I was wondering if you could do something like a green apple with the red candy apple coating flavor? I love candy apples but they are so sticky and you can never find them premade with a green apple base, so making it at home ruins your pans! Or something blackberry and peach cream or cream soda. They have these little ice cream cups at the grocery store that I would love not to gain fifteen pounds on.

  2. Do you have anything that taste like caramel espresso and cream? I so love those flavors together.

    1. Hallo our dearest June! We would love to offer an espresso and caramel with cream… our limitations so far in our experiments are that the best coffee and espresso flavors we are able to make are hard on coils.. the best performing ones have a bit of a perfume-y taste to them (we’re very sensitive to those kind of flavor notes). We are open to suggestions and we are thinking to open it up this summer to a vote for the next Flavor, because here alone are some Fantastic ideas!!! Thank you thank you!

  3. I love the cheesecake flavors, but mayhap something less berry-like for a bit? I’d like to sit down with an almond caramel or perhaps maple bourbon cheesecake after my Afternoon Tea.

  4. I use to LOVE LOVE LOVE 15 Foot Falls, but recently purchased it and it tasted like straight up bubbles.
    I haven’t the faintest idea as to why
    I was SO disappointed. I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to revisit precious memories and BUBBLES

  5. I think the hatter would concoct a salted caramel coconut icing on top of a maple cupcake with a piece of dark chocolate covered maple bacon on top and a hate for decor of course! ……at least that’s what my Cheshire cat tattoo told me was his favorite tea time delight!

  6. I would love to see what the Mad Hatter could do with hibiscus flavors. I go to the corner store market and drink their hibiscus lemonade until im about to pop!!

  7. I wish you guys would come out with salts! I can’t stay away from your Buckle My Shoeberry, White Rabbit, and Sultana flavors. ♥

  8. Just got my first order from AIV today. Loved all of them! The Lavishsuckle Lemonade flavor is more addicting than nicotine ;) I am ordering more ASAP! Also, AIV, I have searched and searched the internet for a Celstial Sleepytime Tea flavoured E-Liquid with no luck. I just think that would be a yummy and relaxing vape. Just in case you needed anymore ideas lol.

    Thanks for being so warm and welcoming here in Vapeland. So glad I found you. <3

  9. Is anyone else having issues with Lavender Everafter burning their coils? After 2ml my coil is shot! This is my favorite juice flavor and has been for years, sadly I won’t purchase it again due to this issue. I have tried it in several different vape devices and it happens in all of them. Golden Afternoon has been a god send! It’s my daily vape and I have bought more bottles than I can count and never had an issue with any other Alice in Vapeland flavors. Appears to be an isolate issue with this flavor. I would love for the flavor to be available, in maybe a different formula. If anyone knows a way to prevent this or what else I can do in order to continue to use this flavor, please let me know!

    1. I thought i was thr only one. I think it’s just so thin it doesn’t wick properly between puffs. Never had this issue with a higher resistance coil a 1.5-2 ohm. Now at .5 ohm it’s still a great flavor I just can’t get it to work for me the same way maybe this is just one that needs special attention.:/

  10. Just got my banana in the mail and tried it. This flavor is awesome! Will definitely be buying this again.

  11. I have just joined the vapelandian community put in a order of mind Toulouse and afternoon delight I eagerly await my order and can’t wait to try them thanks for having me

  12. Oh no! Lavishsuckle Lemonade is gone for the season. This is the best lemonade flavor ever and perfect when I need to cleanse my pallette! I’ve tried many other brands before finding this one on your menu and I’m hooked…line AND sinker. The lavender does not overpower and the sweetness of the honeysuckle balances the tartness to perfection. I love sipping Limoncello whilst inhaling this absolutely delectable flavor. I wish it was a permanent guest.

      1. Hi Doreen! Thanks for the feedback :) You might try A Quiet Morning? It may be more up your alley? Or Third Road, or even Hunter! Hope this helps!

  13. Would love a shirt but alas the beauty refuses to be placed in my cart so it can be a permanent part of my life. I must have it!!

  14. I just received my first order from Alice not even an hour ago, and I have to say I am amazed. After reading the reviews I knew the box art and presentation were going to be awesome, but when I opened my box my mind was blown. Not only because of the box art, but because the first thing I saw, sitting right on top of all this fun colored shredded packing paper was a piece of paper (obviously with cool art on it) that had a personalized message WITH MY NAME IN IT. For some people this may be no big deal, but for me it was very touching. (PLUS! That message was complimenting my name!) I don’t/can’t find my name on anything, and this is more than just computer paper with a typed out message, it looks like someone made this amazing art just for me, and they did. Alice has won my heart. What an amazing company. After being treated like just another vape zombie by other companies Alice has really made me feel special. Thank you Alice, I love you.

    Super fast shipping too! <3

  15. Just ordered for the first time today and stumbled across this chatroom. I can not wait to taste the sweet nectar of these luscious sounding ejuices! Mmmmmmmmmm!!!:-),

  16. I ordered a couple bottles of Duchess de Leche on November 30th. One bottle for me and another for a Christmas present for my Sis-N-Law. Well, as will happen, the shipment seemed to disappear on December 7th from Albuquerque USPS center. The USPS tracking said “Expected delivery, Dec. 9th” so I was patient. On December 13th, I still hadn’t received it and contacted Spencer and after a couple of emails, he mailed me out another package in hopes of me getting it by Christmas. Lo and behold, the original package finally showed up on the 16th. I contacted Spencer again to give him the good news and he has already shipped the replacement. I offered to pay for it and his reply was …

    “What fantastic news! We did resend your order already, but that just means double vapemail! Please enjoy ”

    What a fantastic company and what refreshing customer service.

    THANK YOU!!! And I hope you and yours have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!!!


  17. So I got my wonderful little box of goodies and I am so happy!!! It is very curious that my little my box and personal note had Dia De Los Muertes skulls on them. I am a skull aficionado and just so happen to be Hispanic so these skulls were really cool for me. I feel very special knowing that Alice really does know me. Awwww…… Can I just say WOW on the juice. I couldn’t wait for them to steep to I tried a few of my samples and just fell in love. I really can’t wait for them to steep. Oh, how the flavors will dance so sweet upon my dainty tongue. *sigh* Thank you Alice, Jabberwocky and all those wonderfully MAD scientists in the mushroom lab for the creations you concoct. I raise my tea cup in a cloud of vape to honor you! CHEERS!

  18. I am so glad I found Vapeland!!!! I just placed my first order and cannot wait until it gets here. Alice holds a very special place in my heart and now my vape!

  19. bryllyg, and ye slythy toves
    Did gyre and gymble in ye wabe:
    All mimsy were ye borogoves;
    And ye mome raths outgrabe.

    When I started to Vape “afternoon tea”, I realized there was something out there that was different than all those juices who finished their sophomore description with – “and a dollop of cream”

    This juice has an unrepentant tea flavor that has opened my eyes to other possibilities, and other reasons too babe certain flavors.

    I applaud you guys and your sincere efforts.

    A new, but what I expect to be consistent, customer.

      1. Welcome to Vapeland, Christopher!! Reading your lovely words has our hearts aflutter today in the Mushroom Lab! Thank you for joining us, and thank you for your sweet comment. Much love!!

  20. I’ve just received my order and I had no idea where to post this (I have zero social media accounts), but I had to say. I’ve been an AiV customer on and off for years. I’ve had plenty of liquids from other online merchants, and plenty from my local vape shop over the many years doing this. But without fail, every time I come back I am amazed all over again.

    You guys put so much effort into your aesthetic, and you so don’t have to! (Though I’ll say that ever since you started painting the boxes, they’ve started decorating my vape drawer). Your work speaks for itself. Every liquid is unique, flavorful, and of great quality. I had AiV liquids that weren’t my cup of tea (Mainly Quiet Morning), and ones that appear in my dreams (looking at you, 11th Rose!!). I was never once disappointed, and really wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do :). I know I’m gushing, but I had to let it out.

    My only complaint is that I can’t find you in any local store (If you’re anywhere in Brooklyn, please let me know), and that Mystic Mandalime is in hiding?? It isn’t listed in the E-liquids section and I was only able to find it when I used the search bar. Mandalime is one of my all-time favorites, wish I found it before I placed the order xD.

    Best wishes!

    1. Hi Sophie! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. It really does bring a smile to my face to know that what we do makes you happy! We are not currently being carried in Brooklyn, but if you have a favorite local shop that you’d like to see Alice in, please send them our way!

      You can find Mystic Mandalime in the Mathom Drawer with some of our other retired favorites…in a drawer with BUTTONS and bits of string… http://aliceextracts.com/more/c-room/

      Happy vaping, Sophie!!

  21. I have only one complaint about AIV. It’s all too good. All of it. I’d go broke if I kept every flavor I love stocked, because that’s all of them. Every time. Soooo much to vape, so little time.

  22. I am beyond enchanted by Alice in Vapeland!! I just placed my fourth or fifth order and I am so excited–all the little extras from the playing cards and personal notes to the samples you include are terrific! Thank you for all of the excellent service and products…I love being part of Vapeland and I seriously LOVE your website–something new behind every click! I just found TWO more pages today and I was out of my mind! I posted once but after today just had to post again…can’t wait to get my next order! AIV is the best.

  23. Wait two pages where is this other one i found the red door oddity room and the main juices but not this other place

  24. I can’t believe this site. The more I go through the more interesting flavors and stuff I find. I just ordered a sampler the other day and then accidentally found the oddity juices so I ordered all of them. Now I just found 2 more pages of juices to try right here. Looks like I’ll be ordering them too. Great website and amazing juices. My favorite was always cherry blossom tea :)

  25. So thrilled to see I got into the port hole on a friday afternoon yeah!!!! Take my hand Alice and and my pay check I’m yours also i’m dragging my peeps with me ok? :)

  26. Please never remove Lavender Ever After off the list. I can’t ever get enough. I was wondering when you are getting more glass tips in. I can’t seem to get one before they are all gone. & I would love to see a cotton candy or rock candy juice and call it the big rock candy mountain also a cream brulee or vanilla cusstard. And the 24/7 hours is best thing ever.

  27. Full disclosure: I am not a menthol person. So when my partner left for a week-long work trip I let him take our Further sample with him. We Skyped. He explained. And when the portal opened I ordered a slightly larger bottle along with a few other items. Omg. I love Further. It’s absolutely like old school mint chocolate chip ice cream – the best kind, the kind that is actually mint-colored. This is such a flavor departure for me (love Zombie, Twas, Duchess, Lavender, Quiet, Ginger). So, of you’re on the fence about this one, I say dive right in!

  28. Is the C Room juice “Further” named after the bus Ken Kesey and pals drove across the U.S. back in the ?60’s?

    1. Hi Claresa! We offer our Oddity juices in both glass and plastic bottles! 3ml samples and 18mls are plastic, while our 15ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles are glass with droppers <3

  29. I have to say Alice in vapeland juices are my favorite especially zombie apocalypse. The first time I ever tried it was at a small vape shop in Manheim Lancaster county PA. I fell in love instantly with the smooth taste and awesome flavor. Today I received my first package from you guys and when I opened it I did not expect what I saw. The creative and out of the ordinary inner box airbrushing with the paper machet confetti that filled the box was out of this world. The creative playing card and the note as well added an extra smile to my face. All I have to say is you guys truly so kick ass! Keep up the good work and I plan on more future transactions!

    1. Thank you Dustin! That is so awesome you found Alice locally :) Amodios Vapore is a fantastic store! We are delighted that you loved your first Vapemail from Vapeland, we loved making it for you <3 We hope to see you tumbling down the Rabbit Hole again & again. . . :)

  30. Does anyone know what the pg and vg mix is? My first bottle I ordered (orange makes me dreamcycle) was very harsh throat hit and it was pretty thick

    1. Hi Claresa! We do not disclose our ratios, I am ever so sorry! But, if you have a ratio that you know you like, you can request it for any bottle larger than a sample size :)

  31. I would really like to see AIV tackle a cotton candy juice; If anyone can make one that doesn’t taste like plastic, it would be you!

    And of course the return of the Jabberwocky would make my millineum ;)

    1. That sounds scrumptious Kimm! <3 I will certainly this idea along to the Mad Hatter :) Thank you!

  32. I am having such an amazing journey through vapeland, I’ve just placed my second order in two weeks. Each flavor is more incredible than the next, with such depth I simply can’t get enough….as for steeping, well I wish I could but I can’t seem to put the bottle down long enough.
    I been searching high and low for a peppermint vanilla flavor…. Something where it’s a very subtle peppermint and a creamy vanilla flavor…. I think the best way to describe the flavor I’m looking for if you smell/ burn a “Yankee Candle- North Pole” with subtle peppermint and strong vanilla scent, I think that would be an amazing vape.

    1. Awe :) Claudette, you cupcake with sprinkles on top!! Thank you for your flavor idea, that sounds delicious!! I will pass it along to the Mad Hatter!! You never know what that Mad Hatter will mix up next! :) Much love from the Mushroom Lab. . . :)

  33. I was wondering of the larger bottle come in a glass bottle with a dripper? Its just a personal preference I feel like it make the juice flavors taste better in the glass bottles

    1. Hello dearest Sabrina! We are no longer offering off-list juices, I am ever so sorry! Cupcake City has flown away from Vapeland in order to make room for new & exciting juices :) You never know what may emerge out of Vapeland next!

      1. Please please PLEASE don’t take Crunkberry and Zombie Apocalypse (sp.?) away!! They are my favs and I will order them as often as I can. Thank you!

        1. Don’t worry Sarah! Crunkberry and Zombie Apocalypse aren’t going anywhere! :) I am so glad you like them <3

  34. So glad I visited your oddity room! I can’t wait to try your Lavender Ever After, I just love me some creamy floral vapes and thought I’d have to brew up my own courtesy of EC Blends…any thoughts about a line of creamy floral vapes? The ideas I had were ‘Rose Garden’ (sweet cream, rose, honey); ‘Beloved Garden’ (sweet cream, honey suckle, almond); ‘Princely Garden’ (sweet cream, violet with a touch of brown sugar – my ode to the artist formally know as!), well you get the picture. If any of y’all decide to attempt these, I would be more than happy to be your vapor guinea pig.

    Love you, AIV!

    1. Hello dear Amy :) That is a lovely idea! I shall pass it along to the Mad Hatter! Lavender Ever After makes me think of vaping the word pretty! Princely Garden, ha! Awesome :) You never know what flavor will emerge out of Vapeland next. . . Much love from Vapeland!

  35. Have you ever smelled an orchid called Sharry Baby? It is a scent like no other as this orchid produces a chocolaty velvet, floral scent. I would love to vape a chocolate orchid!

  36. Dear sweet Alice!e hubby n I have been searching for a rock candy! N I would love a snow cream!! The just right mix of sweet creamy vanilla you get after it’s snows, and while I live n the south , snow is a real oddity for us let alone the very special snow cream my mom used to make !! Plus since I can’t find that flavor of vanilla that I’ve searched all over but down the rabbit hole! Just bought my first order of lil bit o everything n 11rose n lavender ever after n can’t wait for it to get here let alone letting it steep like a fine tea some of those are! Love all that you do!

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