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Welcome to Alice’s DIY treasure trove. Home of AiV’s Flavor Blends, our pure DIY Extracts and more!

Here we have for your mixing delight, concentrates of all the flavors you know and love. We also have a collection of our tried and tested favorites for you, (and we know you’re picky like us). These Pure Extracts are curated by AiV’s mushroom lab and from Alice’s private collection.

These are the same all-natural ingredients we use in our premium blends.

Please leave a comment below and share your favorite juice recipes with the Vapeland community! Happy mixing!

(***Note: These are flavor extracts meant to be used in your favorite recipe. Please do not vape them straight.***)

All-Natural Flavor Extracts:

Handmade Extracts:

Miscellaneous DIY:

A curious laboratory

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  1. Absolutely delightful! I haven’t had so much fun opening a delivery in a long time! There were so many goodies, and the packaging was gorgeous. Thank you so much for the wonderful bits and ends, and the delicious vapor!

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