OddiTy RoOm

Mad Hatter: Why is a raven like a writing-desk?
Mad Hatter: Have you guessed the riddle yet?
Alice: No, I give it up. What’s the answer?
Mad Hatter: I haven’t the slightest idea.

Welcome to the Oddity Room, where you may find, well . . . who knows what! Enjoy these lovely Juices available in various sizes, just remember, that, while some may suit a special spot in your palette, others may not, and may be very unusual to you.

Some interesting finds from the Mad Hatter’s journeys are also here for your perusing pleasure. There may be many of a thing, or sometimes just one!

We welcome poetry and writings of all sort below! Don’t hold back, please bring your weirdest side here!

My, it is a bit odd in here . .

A Beautiful Trip Down The Rabbit Hole by Aetherdryth
A Beautiful Trip Down The Rabbit Hole by Aetherdryth

65 thoughts on “OddiTy RoOm”

  1. I only recently started Vaping after many, many years of smoking and this place kept coming up in my searches for E-liquids so I just had to come visit:),,Placed my 1st order and hope to try all these flavours eventually:) I love how interactive you guys are with your customers! This is one of the Strangest and Coolest shop websites I have ever visited and am quite excited to try out some the juices when they finally arrive, Greetings from the UK:)

  2. Knick-Knack Patty Whack
    Give the Bloke a Scone
    Soak it with Ghee
    Serve it with Tea
    And Never go home Alone.

  3. Long term Vapelandian here, I have always loved your dedication and attention to detail in creating wonderfully balanced flavours and the attention to detail in making the arrival of our gorgeous little packages an event to await in anticipation! I do believe Lovebirds was a limited edition kind of thing, but is there any chance it might come back into rotation? That was a beautifully understated flavour, easily an ADV for me!
    Continue being the imaginative attentive team that you are – much love xx

    1. I’ve been buying from here for a long long time. I wish dark coffee flavor would come back. I don’t remember the name exactly but it was an adv for sure

  4. wow, i am soooo excited to try these juices out. im just curious, is this all original artwork? its so unique and amazing!

  5. Hey I was wondering do you ship to Ireland?, and if not could you send a package to uk address box where “AddressPal” will send it to my local post office? I really want to order from you guys! :)

    1. Greetings Finn! Indeed we do ship to Ireland! And also the UK! So you have options :) If shipping to Ireland, you’ll find your country under “Republic of Ireland”. Hope this helps and we hope to have tea with you in Vapeland soon!

  6. Hello Alice,

    I am new to vaping as I am to your site, I am really looking for that one of a kind watermelon flavor, please excuse me if you have one and I overlooked it, thank you so much….. Now what to order……….hmmmm

    1. Hi Jay! We don’t currently have a flavor that features watermelon . . but that’s a great idea! You might like Hunter though :) It’s definitely a fruit lover’s paradise! <3 Thanks so much for visiting!

  7. Perched majestically in the crook of a tree,
    Like a faithful guardian he sat,
    Telling her it didn’t matter where she went,
    If she didn’t know where she was at…
    No longer startled, she looked up moderately annoyed,
    Those violet eyes seemingly vacant yet strangely still wild,
    And a sad realization hit that before him stood
    An insane damaged woman, no longer a whimsical fanciful child.
    Years of Mush Room madness and tight white jackets,
    Turned his curious tiny blue angel into a cynic,
    Curses on her mom and sisters, he thought, for thinking her mad,
    There is nothing worse for Nonsense than nothingness in a clinic.
    But the past was the past and there it forever would stay,
    He knew His Alice had to leave; he wished she had stayed longer,
    And then she wouldn’t have lost her gumptions and muchness,
    And would have grow more smartically stronger.

    Just a poem I wrote that seemed fitting. :)

  8. Oh, nooooooo! I fear I may have missed your ‘filing away’ of Berry Lil Cheesecake. I have a few favs, but was just now coming to order your new 4 oz. size, as I just experienced that for the first time last month with another fav, 11th Rose (PLEASE don’t EVER get rid of this! It’s one that I almost always have at least a little of on hand, and really, I can safely say, is my all time favorite).
    I appreciate what you do and am loving your guts.
    Your loyal toadgoddess.

    1. We love your guts too, toadgoddess! You can still find Berry Lil Cheesecake is a special place where many retired juices live… I’m overjoyed to know that you’ve found a favorite in Vapeland. It makes my day, in fact :D Much love to you, beloved toadgoddess!

      1. Greetings Dennis,
        Thank you muchly. I, too am fond of the red little door and it didn’t occur to me to check there until after I posted my message. Its nice to know we look out for one another in this most special place! Thanks for the love!

  9. I have to admit, when I first started vaping, I didn’t think I would find a flavor that was the best for me, that I would love the taste of and never get tired of. You’ve definitely proved me wrong with your White Rabbit. I had never tasted anything so heavenly, and I’ve been wearing the nice rabbit charm on a chain for weeks now and don’t ever want to take it off. I know eventually, I’ll try other flavors out of curiosity, but White Rabbit is the best juice I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Thank you so much!

    1. Aw, Tera, thank you so much! White Rabbit is one of our classic original flavors, and it means so much to all of us here in the Mushroom Lab that you love it so! It makes everything we do so very worth it when we get a wonderful review like this! So very much love to you, Tera, and we hope to see you tumbling our way again and again!

  10. Hello,
    I wanted to tell you how much I love, 11th rose . I went to Belize when I was in college and it tastes just like a rose apple. fabulous , Simply fabulous … it has also become my moms favorite Vape, I wanted to thank you for being the difference between her saying she was going to quite smoking to her actually doing it. you rock

    1. Hooray! Thank you so much Naomie! It makes me so happy to know that we’ve helped your mom quit. Thanks for your kind words, and enjoy the 11th Rose!!

  11. my sister turned me on to your company I have tried some things here and there but wondering if you have some type of verity pack that gives a selection of all your flavors you have a available its so hard to choose just 5 of your basic flavors your new customers MR.&MRS. LongFox

    1. Hi there & welcome to the Rabbit Hole! If you are looking for some variety, I would recommend our A little bit of Everything and our All Sorts of Odd samplers :) They are a wonderful way to discover which of our flavors are your cup o’ tea <3 I hope you find some juices you enjoy! <3

  12. I would love to see you make a nice chai tea latte flavor! Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves tea in the background, some cream! Yum! Seems like a flavor that you guys could do! :)

    1. Yum Sara! A brilliant idea indeed! Passing it along to Mad Hatter. . . . Now! Thank you :)

    1. Hi Crystrena <3 It all depends on when the Mad Hatter is inspired and perfects his delectable recipes :) We always love new flavor ideas <3

    1. Thank you dear Sabrina! I am so happy you have tumbled down the Rabbit Hole to join us :)

  13. My first experience with your fabulous e juice was cup cake city absolutely myfavorite but I don’t see it listed….Is it no longer available!

    1. Hello dear Judith! Cupcake City has flown away from the Mushroom Lab in order to make room for new delectable flavors :) I hope you find some new favorites <3

  14. So very happy that I tapped and swipped around long enough to find my way to the oddity room! If feel to me as if my very favorite of friends, Caterpiller has had his hands in this particular expidation! It just has his hand print(s) all over it. I have a list I gathering… must get a scorpion (kindly restock Mr Hatter..surely thisis your department), and what is a scorpion without a blue beetle?? Oh I rub my hands togather in excitement!! Oh and to have a taste of Lavender Ever After..it makes me curiouser and curiouser! Must sneek back to this hidden page of wickedness when the official port opens!!
    NOTE TO SELF: Grab up one of those fortune telling fish next time in too. Hey self, you don’t think they read this stuff, do you??

    1. Hi Linda!! I will pass your requests along to the Mad Hatter himself!! So happy you have found this OdD place in Vapeland Linda <3 Big hugs!

  15. Could I please buy a deck of your cards? LOVE them almost as much as your vapes! Love the charms & EXCELLENT customer service. Your packaging ROCKS!!!!

    1. Awe :) Thank you for the love dearest! Why, what cards are you talking about? I hear that they come from a magical juice forest, made by elves! :) But, only the Mad Hatter knows for certain <3 Big hugs!

  16. Congratulations on using joy and happiness to create employment and business. Your products, packaging, and delivery have exceeded anything I have seen in industry for over 35 years. Your love of customer is your driving force for success. I wish the lessons of packaging, exceeding customer expectations, and clarity of communication could be brought to all corporations. Perhaps, choosing one juice at one level, and increasing the product size at the smaller size cost would have some benefits. Lower labor and effort, banner marketing to increase web site visitation, provide customer feedback on product development, When the batch was depleted the offer would end. Just a thought. JM

    1. Thank you James for your very lovely words & for sharing your ideas with us :) We will certainly pass them along to the Mad Hatter! Much love from the Mushroom Lab :)

  17. I love that there is a vaping website that embeds the appreciation and inspiration of Alice in Wonderland. I will have to try out the juices. As of now I’ve only just stumbled upon it from a list kept by a vaping community and because of my love of all things Alice in Wonderland and what it means to me, I had to come. I was hoping you could tell me who does the wonderful artwork here, and if I could somehow acquire a larger peice like you do on deviantart? Of course I would purchase it. I just want to pay my respects to both the artist and this website if they aren’t the same. In short thanks for making a really cool place here I really dig the vibe and the people you are attracting while encouraging the awesomeness of THE VAPING. this is the link that has a lot of sites listed that led me here if anyone is curious.

    1. Thank you for the beautiful words, Kristy! We are so glad we could be a fun place for you to find in your Vaping travels! Thank you so much for the kind comments about the art here in Vapeland. All the graphics are created by our very own Mad Hatter! Hannah@aliceinvapeland.com would be happy to share our graphics with you if there is something you would like. So good to hear that great vapers like you are sharing and recommending your favorite places with each other :) Wishing you lots of wonderful vapey times!

  18. OMG, I am In total awe and disbelief of this wonderful,mind inspiring site. If I could only shrink myself into this site I would run and jump and sample everything. I would not disrupt any beautiful design work, just breath it in and float through all the pages to sample every juice available. Oh, to dream. Maybe my dreams tonight will take me there……..

  19. I’ve dreamt for so long
    walking, drudging along the rubbled path.
    Rods and cones expose
    the world in monochrome.
    Hands plunge into rich dark soil
    pulling me from my grave.
    How long have I fed the worms?
    The sun shoves brilliant diamonds
    behind my eyelids, blinding me.
    Suddenly vision is crystalline
    vibrant colors, shapes etched in sharp relief.
    I am a creature of this moment.
    Time holds no meaning.
    The world embraces me
    as I throw myself into its chasm.
    I will sleep no more.

  20. A place for me to let out weird
    In hopes that you will lend your ear
    I leave it here within this room
    An acquiesce to your request
    How many of us wish and wonder
    The here and now, the near and yonder
    A cat, a cow, a silver spoon
    We’ll have to wait ’till next week at Noon

  21. How doth the little crocodile
    Improve his shining tail,
    And pour the waters of the Nile
    On every golden scale!
    How cheerfully he seems to grin,
    How neatly spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in
    With gently smiling jaws!

      1. Now I am very sad that you are no longer happy to make Four Square. That was my ADV for over a year. New flavors are good to try, but there’s no replacing that one for me. Disappointing.

  22. Omg I just got my first vape mail I was so excited and Hannah puts so much love and attention in packaging and I was so so happy. I’m going to make a scrap book of mine and my husbands quiting and vaping and I’m going to use the little things I get from her in my book. I also thought it would be terribly cute to use the trinkets on the bottles as a charm bracelet. I alreAdy put in for next week. But I’m gonna have to go to my local shop cause I fell in love with white rabbit we have gone through 2 bottles!! I ordered the big one but I’ll have to buy some to hold us over. And next week I’ll be buying big bottles of the ones we liked this week. I’m so so excited and everything was so nice I can’t rave enough about this.

  23. Dear Alice,

    Is it possible to make a sampler that includes a few oddity juices if I specified which juices I wanted at check out?


  24. Im waiting in my sitting room
    sitting on my will-be-would-be tomb
    those horrhidd demons here for me
    for i have set them free

    I do not have so much time
    to compose this, my last scrawl
    for i hear them create
    their eckoh in the halls

    as the shadohs slither in
    making darke signs of sinn
    they creep and they crahwl!
    theyre at my very wall!
    Nothing left but to fall!
    Falling down the rabbits hole!
    and still, no-one sees my call…

  25. SO my mother makes the most awesome pineapple cake with the most subtle hint of coconut that I would die for to be in a vape flavor (almost like a pineapple upside down cake with coconut shavings on top). I have heard so much about your bakery flavors and if anyone can make it its going to be done right by AiV. Pound cake with pineapple and a hint of coconut it can be called Down the rabbit hole or… The upside to the downside :) just a suggestion

  26. Finally found a juice to make me give up cigarettes. Thanks for April Moon…It is the bomb! Looking forward to placing an order and finding other flavors to
    mix it up! Love the rabbit hole and Alice in Vapeland.

  27. A beauty like no other has the Apple of my eye, a shining star in my world of darkness gifting life to the tender creatures within my soul.

    A rock for me to cling to lays next to me in bed, the anchor for my fragile mind that was once adrift in the deep nothing.

    In my arms I hold my teacher who has given me the world, there is still so much to learn.

    A reason to be

  28. You asked for poetry… let me be the first (this is a tad old):

    by RPGZealot

    “I don’t know about going to a topless bar,” Jim says, his posture pulling taut and I give him a smirk because there’s Eve behind him, the twenty foot cast-bronze Fernando Botero scratching at her belly, legs heavy with gout and she’s topless, her two proportionately inferior breasts ogling stainless steel cookware in the window of Williams-Sonoma, “tapas ̶ not topless,” I say and I can hear a German couple behind me chittering merrily as they snap photos of each other while pressing wind-shorn cheeks against Adam’s chestnut genitals and Jim relaxes and Vanessa laughs and tells us Gina’s gonna meet us there and after transferring to the L from the 1 all four of us are perched over a barrel at Xunta like mismatched Spanish buccaneers, gobbling drops of blood sausage in a savory sauce and monkfish morsels dusted with a fiery powder and the waitress brings us a second pitcher of sangria because we’re all thirsty from the spice and then a third and even a fourth because we’ve already had three and all the conversation around us merges into a single continuous thrum while the twinkling lights that line the ceiling become stars as the wind gusts down the walls each time the door rocks open and we’re greedily gnawing bacon-clad dates on singed toothpicks, picking pickled fruit from the pitcher and eating those too because the sangria’s gone and the check’s already here and none of is quite ready to call it quits so Vanessa asks if we wanna go meet another friend at this bar a few blocks away and I say sure and Gina says yes and Jim says, “as long as it’s not a topless one” and we bundle up in down and leather and fleece and we push out through the heavy door and into the raw expanse of the night in search of further plunder.

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