Melon Soda


Pop! Fizz! Melon!

Say goodbye to all of your troubles while floating on a delicious cloud of melon bubbles.




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.




  1. Brittany Winn

    Melon whisky that almost feels carbonated. All you need to know about whether or not you’ll like it, really. It’s not for me, was hoping for a soda. Still I can see people who appreciate whiskey loving it.

  2. Cy (verified owner)

    When I first recieved this juice, I opened the bottle to smell the very distinct smell of whiskey, to my confusion. I dripped it onto my rda and took a few puffs. I was very unimpressed. It definitely tasted faintly of whiskey, with no hint of melon in sight. I decided to set it aside for a few weeks to steep, which is something I very rarely do. I picked the bottle up a few minutes ago after a 2 or 3 weeks, having almost forgot about it, and decided to give it another try. I was pleasantly surprised by what I tasted. While the smell of whiskey was even clearer than when I got it, when I vaped it the whiskey was entirely gone, replaced with some faintly melon-ish notes and what almost seems like a sweet cream. If you’re willing to let it sit for a while, this is definitely worth the wait.

  3. Tristan (verified owner)

    Cracked open the bottle and inhaled a deep aroma of sweet whiskey. With skepticism, I dripped this on fresh cotton. With a sharp bite to the back of the throat comes the most wonderous and exotic blend of cantaloupe and honeydew. Eexceptionally dark and aromatic with a slight whiff of sweet cream, this is indeed a confusing but wonderfully pleasing vape. I would describe it most accurately as “Melon-Whiskey and Cream” and as strange as that sounds, it just gets better and better.

    If it is too dark for you, let it steep. The melon is there, it’s just shy.

  4. Chris from Australia (verified owner)

    You have to try this one, it’s just that good. I’ve been vaping Melon Soda as one of my all day vapes, and I think I’ll be continuing to do so for a long time.

    The juice is sweet but not over-sweet, is refreshing, the flavour is bold enough that you’ll continue to taste it if you’re vaping it all day, but not overpowering enough to get sick of!

    Melon Soda made up a big chunk of my latest order from AIV, and I also have to comment on AIV’s customer service and packaging – absolutely divine, and I can’t recommend AIV enough.

  5. Echo

    This juice really delivers. It’s a beautiful melon flavor. I got this as a birthday present from my older brother. The packaging was phenomenal and it shows that they really do care. Love this brand

  6. retreatrabbit (verified owner)

    This is everything I wanted and more. If you like melon soda, this is treasure. I love the hint of creaminess, too. Thank you so much for creating this unique masterpiece — my new ADV! Can’t wait to get my hands on a big bottle of this.

  7. Chii

    I’m so happy my bottle arrived! I’ve been looking forward to this flavor so much, and cooked up by the wonderful folk at AiV it was sure not to disappoint!
    I spent many summers sipping on melon soda, and the refreshing fruity burst is perfect for the coming spring. It’s been hard for me to find something quite like it, since typically “melon” refers to watermelon.
    With a bright, subtly sweet inhale and a thick honeydew exhale it will definately be joining my roster of all day vapes.
    You’ve converted a girl that stays away from fruity vapes and I thank you!

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