Golden Afternoon


Note: this delightful flavor may dissapear soon because of a very hard to find ingredient, so, please get all the cookies while you can! 

A crisp, warm cookie
With golden rays of almond…
The perfect afternoon!




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.

Developed by one of the magical mixologists of the Mushroom Lab, Spencer.


  1. Heather (verified owner)

    Ahhhmazing. Im a fan of sweet cookie bakery vapes- which seems to be hard to find any that isnt your run of the mill vanilla. As always AIV, knocks it out of the park. Creamy, buttery, sweet cookie clouds . It reminds me of a macaroon or a christmas day sugar cookie sometimes even marzapan (which i frigging LOVE)

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    Woooow. If you want a buttery lavender cookie mix this with Lavender Ever After. It’s seriously addictive.

  3. Deborah Hylton (verified owner)

    It was a good juice, although I didn’t get the almond cookie taste. I got more of a coconut taste.

  4. Naomi Warren (verified owner)

    Wow! This one is really tasty!! Kind of reminds me of a snickerdoodle? I love it, it’s smooth, a little sweet, voluptuous delicate cookie clouds. I will definitely be ordering more of this one. Just when I thought I found a favorite AIV juice, another one comes along and steals my heart! <3

  5. Three of ♡ (verified owner)

    Delicious… I purchased this with Afternoon Tea and the combination makes for a scrumptious tea party!! I love how nutty this flavor Is, as I am a fan of nutty flavors! Everything about this juice is delicious…buttery almond nirvana!

  6. Sam (verified owner)

    I’m already a big fan of cookie/baked good flavors….but this is just amaaaazing! The hint of almond. Gah. I remember the first time I tried this i just melted a little. Haha.But the best part is that it’s a good almond cookie that is not too sweet to vape. Second favorite juice AiV makes!

  7. Kenny (verified owner)

    This is so good right out of the box, I can’t wait to see what it taste like in 2 weeks!

  8. Cody (verified owner)

    Amazing. Vaped from the mail and tasted like a keebler pecan sandie (but with almond). The most enjoyable part to me is the buttery bakery flavor. I can’t put it down, its such a treat!

  9. Kitten

    This is an almond cookie vapor, but it’s not sugary at all or overly sweet. Taste like a British tea cookie, an almond one of course. I like how soft and easy it is to vape. I would defiantly buy it again.

  10. Katie (verified owner)

    DELICIOUS!! Bravo on this one :D I wandered into this flavour one day and tried it on a whim. SO glad I did! Imagine a tasty buttery almond shortbread cookie. My mom’s a huge fan of marzipan, and I agree it is reminiscent of those candies.

    Sweet and not overpowering. This has become my second favourite AIV vape, and one I can vape any day, in any mood.

  11. Paige (verified owner)

    Best Vape Ever…. Im a Totally Hooked!
    As a Baker I really only lean towards Dessert Vapes! Ive tried a good few, but saying that…Golden Afternoon is absolutely AMAZING!
    Perfect notes of Butter Cookie and almond! If you like almond biscotti or almond cookies , this is def one to get!
    For sure my favorite Vape!

  12. Christy (verified owner)

    I have always used Lavender Ever After as my ADV. Just got this and tried it on a whim. I LOVE IT! This has become my new ADV. I will be purchasing the 60 ml bottle on Tuesday. It is amazing!!

  13. Luciana (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I absolutely love Alice E-Juice. It is the BEST!! I don’t know how I vaped anything else. This flavor is by far my favorite. I love almond cookies and Alice nailed the flavor.

  14. Heather (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor, BY FAR! I love the sweet, “bakery” flavors best, and this, to me, tastes like a warm, fresh, buttery sugar cookie, with a bit of almond mixed it the dough. On the exhale, I get a mild, toasted coconut flavor!
    I vaped this one on my lowest setting (3.3V) all-day everyday for 3 weeks, and it tasted just as good 3 weeks later as the first puff!

  15. Kathy

    This juice is so smooth, not overly strong or sweet. They always get that part just right!!! Enjoying this juice very much on this dreary rainy day. Will have to get more.

  16. minion (verified owner)

    my new fav all day vape, hope too see this on the main line for good!! nice cookie with a hint of almond not over powering just right.

  17. The Interior Muse (verified owner)

    Quite enjoyable
    smacks of amaretto to me
    perfect late at night

  18. Rondi (verified owner)

    This was the last one I expected to like, and I love it. I like this as much as April Moon. My husband liked it so much that he took most of my sample for his tank.

  19. Mehitobel (verified owner)

    This is toasty, velvety almond heaven. I’m going to go through gallons of it. Love.

  20. Shera (verified owner)

    This was a free sample in my little bit of everything sampler and I was giddy to see it because I actually hoped that it would be a possible sample! I really love it. It’s one of the most unique vapes I’ve tasted! Reminds me of almond shortbread cookies! :)

  21. Emily (verified owner)

    I love this juice. It reminds me of the cookies my grandma makes at Christmas. It is everything the description promises and more.

  22. xkimmviciousx (verified owner)

    This one does have a very nice almond butter cookie flavor, heavier on the almond, but as much as I like it- and really wanted to love it, I think I personally am allergic to whatever was used to flavor it because it makes me cough SO BAD and flares up my allergy asthma instantly upon inhale.
    So sad :(
    I have never had this reaction to any of the other Vapeland creations though, so all is not lost. On to the next try..

  23. CheriePie (verified owner)

    Oh boy, this stuff is DELICIOUS! Yummy almond, reminds me of a macaroon. :)

  24. Jason (verified owner)

    I just got home to Alice vapemail and I have to say, this flavor is FANTASTIC right out of the box. It tastes exactly like almond cookie. This could possibly be an ADV for me.

  25. Kristy (verified owner)

    Just like a warm, buttery, almond cookie! Would be so nice with a cup of steaming hot tea on a dreary day whilst watching the rain through the window. Just lovely.

  26. Mara (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness! Golden Afternoon might be my new favorite. It reminds me of eating lovely little marzipan candies. Too delicious!

  27. Jessica clack (verified owner)

    If you like any kind of almond flavored juices, you have to try this. Ever since I started vaping I’ve been looking for a hella good almond juice and BAM here it is. It is so good after I bought the small bottle I purchased a 60ml just in case this doesn’t make it to the regular line up, but it totally should!!!! Love love love. Its almost like a crumbly buttery sweet almond cookie with roasted almond slivers mixed in. Yum.

  28. Holly Waite (verified owner)

    YUM! I love this. Just like an almond cookie.

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