Hello Cherry!


Summer violets grow and grow,
To the fresh ripe cherries we say hello!

Delicious plump juicy cherry
surrounded by delicate clouds
of violet.




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.



  1. Dear_DaniK (verified owner)

    This eliquid is my favorite !! Going to get a big bottle ! Thank you for making the bestest cherry eliquid with a heavenly violet to make it delightful

  2. Angie (verified owner)

    This one definitely needs steeping. I had it as soon as I received it and I could only taste an odd soapy/medicinal flavor. I have high hopes for it because my faves from AIV are the teas (morning, cherry blossom) so I’m giving it a month and will update my review accordingly.

  3. xkimmviciousx (verified owner)

    Oh yeah, it has Violet undertones. Maybe that is why I can’t quite get past the “soapy” flavor at the beginning. Still on the fence about this one, but at least I don’t hate it! Might have to give it another day or two…

  4. Tristan (verified owner)

    Even though my sour white toungue doesnt allow me to taste much, the cherry flavor overcomes on the exhale. Would buy again if I had the chance, I tried Forgotten Memories at a friends, and the 11th Rose at home and they are all fantastic, I cant wait to use my Tokala sampler. Will reccomend to anyone whos interested.

  5. Vapor (verified owner)

    Loved this juice wish it was going to stick around longer and got sweet tease with it and really liked that as well both are very different tastes for equine and I’m glad I made the purchase but what may I ask is the ticket for that came in the box…

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Hello! I’m so glad you love Hello Cherry! The ticket is a raffle ticket for our Spring Raffle, happening on May 16. There will be a plethora of prizes to distribute! Surf by our facebook page for all the info and for the announcing of winners when the time comes: https://www.facebook.com/AliceInVapeland/

  6. mscja72 (verified owner)

    Ya’ll keep getting me addicted to these seasonal flavors! First lovebirds now hello cherry. This is like eating cherries while sucking on the old school Choward’s Violet mints when I was young. Just the thought of combining those two flavors together is unheard of…yet this juice is fantastic. So smooth and mellow and not overly sweet and sickening. A delightful vape! Alas, it will be leaving us Alicandrians soon but I hope it finds its way to the Mathom Drawer one day. Thanks AIV and the Mushroom Lab for this greatness. <3

  7. Pat (verified owner)

    I am vaping Hello Cherry today after a short five day steep. I did not know what to expect with the violet flavor however what an exquisite and luxurious ejuice Hello Cherry is. The violet and cherry works so well together. It is sweet but not overly sweet. Ordering more to stash. Thank you AiV for this lovely ejuice.

  8. b0und (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic vape. The liquid is super clean and clear. It’s as clean a flavor as cherry blossom tea (which is my ADV). I would say the cherry flavor is entirely different than CBT. It much sweeter and more fruit like than CBT, but not nearly too sweet and I am sensitive to sweet juices. The violet background is on the exhale and is so nice. This is a 5/5 juice, and up there with CBT for me!

  9. Tracey (verified owner)

    This is a great flavor. A little sad to see it will not be available shorty.

  10. heather.hall1@gmail.com

    Holy cow!!!! Even though my bottle had a mishap mid-shipping or something, there was enough juice left in my bottle that I could sample it. This is probably my favorite flavor. Ever. Of all time. In the history of all juices. I just hope that they will keep it around past may 13th. I promise to be a loyal customer. PLEASE!!!

  11. Aurora (verified owner)

    5/5 stars, would vape again. All day everyday, until the earth takes me. Notes of cherry (similar to the Cherry Blossom Tea) and violet (very much like a delightful Creme de Violette liqueur.) I was worried it might have some medicinal cherry undertones, but it does not! It is simply perfect.

  12. Kasey (verified owner)

    This is fantastic! One of, if not the best one yet. You get the flavors right off out if the box. I have a sneaking suspicion that steeping will only make this cherry violet potion even more tasty. I love my Alice!♤♧♤♧

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