Ginger by the Sea


A fresh sea breeze . .
. . . so calm and serene . .
And a mist of spice . .
. . . To awaken your senses!




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.

Vapelandian inspired.


  1. itskatiekate

    One of the reasons I love Alice so much is their unique take on flavors. Ginger by the Sea is no exception. To me this is straight up Schweppes ginger ale and it’s a nice juice to change things up. I couldn’t do this one all day, but it’s spot on. Not for everyone, but I can see why those who love it, do!

  2. Robb Thurmond (verified owner)

    Beautiful vape! For those of you that think Alices juice is weak try using a flavor atty. I started vaping Alice on a tank (Prince Mini), and then on an RDA (The Drop) and while the flavors were similar between those I still thought the flavor was very light. Then I picked up a couple single coil flavor atties (Wasp, Haku Venna) and on the Venna the flavor is very bold and complex. Now instead of a light flavor vape where I can primarily taste the main flavor profile I can now taste a lot more. This liquid has a top end of fresh ginger with a honey back note at the end with something herbal floating aroud the back end. Beautiful stuff!

  3. Robb Thurmond (verified owner)

    Beautiful vape! For those of you that think Alices juice is weak try using a flavor atty. I started vaping Alice on a tank (Prince Mini), and then on an RDA (The Drop) and while the flavors were similar between those I still thought the flavor was very light. Then I picked up a couple single coil flavor atties (Wasp, Haku Venna) and on the Venna the flavor is very bold and complex. Now instead of a light flavor vape where I can primarily taste the main flavor profile I can now taste a lot more. This liquid has a top end of fresh ginger with a honey back note at the end with something herbal floating aroud the back end. Beautiful stuff!

  4. Mir

    What a weird flavor. On my first puff I was really unsure about it. I mean, I love ginger ale but it was super odd vaping something so similar. However, the more I vape it the more I like it! It’s not my every day flavor but it’s fantastic for a relaxed, warm, weekend afternoon sitting on the porch or a chaser after a heavy BBQ lunch. If you don’t like it t first, I definitely suggest giving it a tank or two before you make a final decision. It may just change your mind!

  5. LoveVapingSoMuch (verified owner)

    Started right away with no steeping, seemed fine. I find a couple of puffs settles my stomach. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but it saves my teeth from using sugary ginger candies when I feel nauseous. Maybe I’ll try getting the pure ginger extract someday, but until then, this works just fine

  6. Nuthapun (verified owner)

    I don’t know about this. I have it for a week now and found that the taste has gone. Maybe if I steep it for another week the taste might come back, but so far the taste is completely gone.

  7. Katie Howell

    Put this in a fresh dripper, was sceptical, but excited. I don’t know if you get Schweppes traditional lemonade in the states, but that’s just what this tastes like to me, fizzy bubbles and all, with a hint of fresh ginger. Slight hint of salt on the exhale, but unfortunately a real plastic aftertaste. I’m going to steep for a week or two, but I’ve only got a sample bottle so it might not make the 2 weeks. Despite the funny aftertaste, it’s an intriguing flavour, and I’m hoping the steep does the trick…..this could be a favourite

  8. Kenny (verified owner)

    Love everything about Alice. Nobody does the personal touch thing better and every new Alice juice I try seems to replace a juice from another company that I thought I liked. Except this one. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, It does say ginger and ginger is what you get. Strong, raw ginger. This ones not for me.

  9. Cody (verified owner)

    New to vaping and cant stand candy flavors- I’m a savory kind of person and LOVE this- just got a sampler and couldn’t wait to try. The flavor sans-steeping is just like a ginger altoid- a delicate sweetness (not sugary) with a slight bit of spice. It breaks my heart to try to wait till the other half steeps! I’m blown away by the magical alchemy that happens in Vapeland!

  10. Kitten

    I love this vape, but word of warning do not steep this, I have ordered it before and vaped it out of box and loved it, but one time I got a big bottle and let it sit for a long time like months because I took a break from vaping and when I went to use it it was like sticking a wad of ginger into your mouth, OCH! So I got another sample fresh and it was perfect, lesson learned this is not a steeping vape but a vape it now type of juice. Lovely and crisp ginger taste!

  11. Bobbi Jo Woods (verified owner)

    Sooo…a month after my first sampling, I bought a full bottle of this and about a week after my order arrived, I opened the bottle today. I think the top note is Juicy Fruit gum flavor, which makes sense, because that gum’s flavor is meant to remind you of jackfruit, which has a similar taste to freshly grated ginger. Anyway, not criticizing this vape at ALL. In fact, I love it. It still tastes as amazing to me as the day I tasted the sample, and while it’s definitely got some ginger ale qualities to it, but that Juicy Fruit base is unmistakable. I haven’t chewed that gum in at least a decade, but I’m a supertaster, and have a keen sense of smell…both are telling me it’s Juicy Fruit with a crisp pop of ginger ale.

  12. J. Martin (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away. Authentic ginger flavor that isn’t cady sweet. A tantalizing hint of orange on the exhale. A delightful palette cleanser or a pleasant all day vape!

  13. Bobbi Jo Woods (verified owner)

    I was VERY nervous to purchase this. Came today and I was surprised…right out of the bottle? Smells gloriously like warm gingersnap cookies mixed with some bright soda. Taste? Very refreshing. I have it set aside for a tiny bit while I use up some older juice, but I’m pretty excited to keep trying this one!

  14. The Interior Muse (verified owner)

    Spicy and spirited
    A cross between candied ginger, ginger ale, and the pink ginger that accompanies you sushi plate
    for serious ginger lovers only
    of which
    I am one

  15. Samantha (verified owner)

    The Vapestork brought this day before yesterday. As a VOA it tastes like the pink ginger they give you with sushi, which I always save for dessert because, well … ginger! Sweet, tangy, and refreshing. I’m looking forward to wonderful developments when I circle back around to it in my rotation (presuming I can wait 3 or 4 days … it could go either way.)

    Now if I were only at Ocracoke

  16. Brianna (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this juice! I didn’t expect it to be great, but I wanted to give it a shot- it’s the juice that finally let me quit analogs!

  17. Rachael Victorious (verified owner)

    This tastes just like a Gin Gin candy! Warm, spicy and a little sweet without too much heat. I was hesitant to buy a ginger juice, but I had faith in AIV and was not disapointed!

  18. kim (verified owner)

    i have a ginger juice that i vape already that is more like the root and i wasn’t expecting to replace that with this. this is unlike any other juice i have and i am thrilled with it. smooth and dreamy and a good adv. my tongue doesn’t get loads of ginger, but a nice hint of amber oil on the exhale which is swell by me. i just ordered a sampler pack and am looking forward to future, shall we say, “trips down the rabbit hole”!

  19. xxradenxx (verified owner)

    I requested a sample of this in my order and I couldn’t be more in love! This is a warm, slightly sweet, comforting ginger vape. Its the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Like a warm hug in your mouth. I’ve tried many flavors from many vendors and this has to be my favorite! It is perfect in every way and I can’t wait to get a bigger bottle!

  20. Kristy (verified owner)

    This quickly became one of my favorite flavors! Sweet, spicy and as another reviewer mentioned, even slightly fizzy to the nose. It’s like a lovely ginger candy or even a bit like a glass of ginger ale with a touch of lemon…or was that vanilla? Alice loves to keep us guessing doesn’t she? This will always be in my rotation!

  21. Fritz (verified owner)

    Great juice, great balance. Perfect change from all the desert flavors out there.

  22. Mehitobel (verified owner)

    My first vape of this surprised me. It’s goooorgeous, but it wasn’t any of the ginger varieties I expected. I got a perfect Jamaican ginger beer, through and through. It sent me into nostalgia overdrive, too. Amazing flavor.

  23. Ashley (verified owner)

    You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf. And I did, I surfed Ginger by the Sea and it filled my heart with glee. This yummy juice left me feeling free!
    I ordered this juice 3 weeks ago, 30 ml glass bottle and I must confess…I did vape it right away. I liked it with the first hit. I placed some in my tank yesterday (after letting it sit in my little wooden box) and fell head over heels in love with Ginger by the sea all over again. So much I gave a tank full to my father in law. This is a wonderfully delicious ADV. So good it makes my toes curl like the waves kissing the shore! Thank you Alice for yet another amazing vape!

  24. dave smith (verified owner)

    This is my ADV and my favorite flavor of all time. It’s so complex, each hit is different. I order it with extra flavor because i really like the punch from the ginger. To me, it tastes like eating pickled ginger (like you get with sushi) by the ocean. The ocean part meaning it has the slightest saltwater taste, as if you have ocean spray on your lips. That might not sound appealing, but it’s so subtle. Sometimes it tastes like lemon poundcake as well. So so soooooooo good. Please try it if you are looking for something unique.

  25. Merryhellion (verified owner)

    My very first taste of your wonderful juices arrived this week. I cannot thank you enough for providing me with a truly lovely outlet for my ginger passion. Delicious! Candied ginger, fizzy with what feels like almost a lemon tang,…I can’t put it down, the bottle is half gone since I began vaping it two days ago, terribly sad that I did not order the biggest size. I won’t be making that mistake again!

  26. Abby (verified owner)

    I L.O.V.E. this juice!! I have a passion for ginger ale, so I thought this would be a good one to try. I didn’t have high expectations for it but… was I WRONG!! It’s more of a candied ginger. It just blew me away!

  27. xKimmViciousx (verified owner)

    Update: I just started getting the saltiness on the finish. I think my tank just needed to warm thru.

    Oooohhhh, and there is that “fizz” that other reviewers referred to. Magical!!!

  28. xKimmViciousx (verified owner)

    By Jove, this is an amazing soda vape!

    Everytime I travel by aeroplane I relax with a GingerAle, and this puts me right in that mindframe of adventures that await. The only way it would be better would be finding a way to chill a vape.
    Only suggestion, a salty note would be an excellent addition…

  29. Badamanks (verified owner)

    My all time favorite juice. I am very particular about everything I do, let alone being able to quit smokin Newports this year. So being able to choose something I can call my favorite (again) was a pretty big deal. Ginger By The Sea will not allow me to give anything or any one else a chance. True Story.

  30. Karen (verified owner)

    Mmm…delightful! Leave it to the folks at AiV to make flavors that make your tastebuds go, “ahhhhh”. This ginger isn’t too spicy, sweet or heavy. It’s been steeping for several weeks and has a nice, clean, subtle, true ginger flavor that works well for an ADV. If you are looking for a change from the more typical custard/cake/fruit flavors, definitely consider adding this one to your rotation. I’ll be camping out by the portal to buy another bottle!

  31. cwestphalrun31 (verified owner)

    Shame I bought only a 15ml bottle. This is a great cape. Tastes alot like ginger ale. You get a strong ginger flavor with some mild sweetness. Brought this to a vape meet and everyone asked me where I got this this.

  32. Bunnie (verified owner)

    This one surprised me so much! To me, it tastes just like Ginger Ale- but with a salty undertone that makes me feel like I am enjoying a crisp, refreshing bottle SeaSide. Every once in a while, I get a little of “fizz” in my nose that makes it seem even more like the drink.

  33. SilverWraith (verified owner)

    This time of year brings with it all sorts of earthy culinary delights. This liquid is a perfect compliment to all the things to be loved about fall and the early winter months. Its by no means a sweet Vape and although the flavor is dense its not at all over-powering. I’m having it now with a pumpkin spice tea and the combination should be a sin of indulgence. The strange thing is I wasn’t fond of it at first , but try it, get to know it. I think this juice and I will be very close these coolerseasons.

  34. Joyce (verified owner)

    Two thumbs way up! I love ginger. The smell when I popped the top of was enticing. I let it steep for a week before I gave in and had to sample it. The front hit is spicy ginger, then it softens on the exhale. It’s a lovely savory vape. It is clean, fresh and I’m getting a whisper of the sea at the end. wow! Another bottle will be on my next order!

  35. Behead974

    le meilleur liquide que j’ai pu gouter de la gamme Alice in Vapeland !! :D

  36. Lisa

    When I got my order I opened this bottle because I love Ginger Candy. I was amazed at how much it smelled like ginger in the bottle so I loaded it in a carto. At first I didn’t like it. It tasted to much like medicine so decided to let it steep. Steep it did … for a week and a half. OMG steeping is all it took to make this a glorious vape. As I inhale I get this wonderful kick that raw ginger has but on exhale it has this wonderful sweetness to it almost like ginger candy. Who ever concocted this e-juice is a genius. If you like ginger by ALL means give this a try. Just let it steep for over a week. I <3 it!!

  37. Matthew

    Amazing flavor. I had no idea I liked ginger, but when I saw this nice surprise in my order I immediately opened it to smell. After smelling I skipped the test atty and loaded up a tank, delicious, but a tad bit stronger throat hit than I’m used too so I put it away. The next day at work I found myself craving this flavor, I couldn’t wait to get home and start vaping it. Now it goes with me everywhere. Great job AiV and Matt! What a gem!!!

  38. Paula (verified owner)

    Ginger by the Sea…Oh how I love thee

  39. Scott

    I really really enjoy this juice. I think its better then the Zombie I bought from you guys!

  40. Babs

    Ginger by the Sea is awesome! I can’t stop vaping this stuff. This juice is for folks who really enjoy Ginger. Thank you so much for letting me try this out. This is one of my top 3 favorites of all time. Wow….

  41. fireyeyedtyrants

    I LOVE this! I mix a little with Lemon Loves Cake… Mmmmmmm. Delectable!

  42. Jacob Anderson

    You sent me this as a bonus, and I smelled it and went straight to it before the juices I ordered and waited for. It smells amazing and tastes so mellow and perfect. It may be a while before I try my others

  43. Meredith

    Thank you SOOOOO much for sending me this flavor! It smells unbelievable, and it’s extra special because my first name means “Goddess of the sea.” I can’t wait to try it, but I’m going to let it steep for a week. I’ll let you know what I think!

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