Lavender Ever After



A lovely princess and her floral kingdom~

A deliciously creamy castle of Lavender gelato~

May Lavender reign for all of time!




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper, 30ml Glass bottles with child-resistant flat caps, 60ml Glass bottles with child-resistant flat caps, 120ml Glass bottles with flat caps, and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.



  1. Dee (verified owner)

    I had the same problem with burning coil real quick but i got a new mod that i could adj my coil with tcr settings (zeus tank with a kanthal mesh coil settings tcr 200. At 218 C… 36-60watts)… and mixed it with a cream with max vg… now its so smooth and the flavor is so tasty… and so much clouds. Its perfect now

  2. Colleen (verified owner)

    I adore this flavor and purchase it every single time I place an order here. However, after my most recent order I was so excited and immediately put this into my tank with a fresh coil and in less than a day it has completely burnt it out, tried with a different tank and mod and the same thing! I could cry! Looks like I can no longer enjoy my favorite juice since it burns up my coils :(

    (Here’s hoping March Moon doesn’t do the same thing)

  3. Christy (verified owner)

    Is anyone else having issues with Lavender Everafter burning their coils? After 2ml my coil is shot! This is my favorite juice flavor and has been for years, sadly I won’t purchase it again due to this issue. I have tried it in several different vape devices and it happens in all of them. Golden Afternoon has been a god send! It’s my daily vape and I have bought more bottles than I can count and never had an issue with any of the other Alice in Vapeland flavors. Appears to be an isolated issue with this flavor. I would love for the flavor to be available, in maybe a different formula. If anyone knows a way to prevent this or what else I can do in order to continue to use this flavor, please let me know!

  4. Ashley (verified owner)

    My search for a lavender juice led me to this magical place, and I think I’ll stay forever. Upgraded my setup to experience different flavor profiles, and I love the light floral sweetness, a wonderful weekend vape for me, I enjoy it as if I were sitting in a garden basking in the sun. I also was thrilled to receive my unique packaging and the mantra was eerily accurate.

  5. Tawna Jaeger (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing flavor and Smell. Not perfume tasting at all. I use lavender to cope with my anxiety. And tend to vape more when anxious. This helps with that so much.
    I will be using you for all my juice purchases in future.

  6. hb.riot.act.1 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t wait to open this one up and it surely didn’t disappoint!
    It’s sweet, smooth, floral without tasting like perfume, and has a hint of vanilla cream. I love it, and I will be coming back for more!

  7. Heather (verified owner)

    Oh my! A new favorite all day vape! I tried straight from the box and the lavender was quite intense. Allowed to steep in a cool, dark pantry, shaking once a day for a week then tried again. The flavor is now mellow and balanced. Just like my favorite lavender gelato! Soothing lavender with a touch of creamy sweetness. This is absolutely intoxicating! Love love love!

  8. alexandriawantz12 (verified owner)

    It is all I was dreaming and more. It has the perfect flavor that I wanted and it’s not too creamy. It’s a perfect blend of floral and almost fruitie. I am in love and I’m sticking with Alice!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  9. Wendy (verified owner)

    I adore anything and everything lavender, and one day I wondered if lavender vape was a thing, and I came across Vapeland! This flavor is truly special, and even inspired me to try real Lavender Gelato! I must say it’s spot on, and the creaminess is what makes it so delightfully smooth. I will always be coming back for Lavender Ever After as long as it’s here, and I’m looking forward to trying other Vapeland flavors like Afternoon Tea. The packaging makes me very happy as well. If you are a fan of lavender, you will not be disappointed!

  10. Bethany

    I love lavender ever after BUT LET IT STEEP! It’s flavor really comes through after you’ve allowed it to steep for a while. The first time I got it I used it all right away, the second time I ordered it I sat it aside to try other flavors I had gotten. Once I finally came back to it the flavor had time mature and boy it was worth the wait! The worst part about ordering this juice is having the self control not to vape it right away.

  11. Julia (verified owner)

    I am a big lavender fan, and this did not disappointed. This juice is amazing. The lavender is there, but perfectly balanced to not be too perfumey or floral. It’s slightly floral/sweet wrapped in a warm baked good flavor. It reminds me very much of these delicious lavender shortbread cookies I’ve had before. Loooove it. Thank you so much AiV for your unique masterpieces; your flavors were the ones that finally got me to quit smoking. :) <3

  12. Lo (verified owner)

    Lavender fanatic. This is my holy grail juice flavor, and the only one I use in my main vape. 11mg has helped me to quit smoking entirely. Can’t speak highly enough of the Alice in Vapeland brand or this flavor.

  13. Moxie

    I love lavender and I have purchased lavender vape juices before. I was very excited to try lavender ever after, especially after receiving the bottle in all of its packaging splendor. However…I’m very disappointed in the outcome. There’s little to no lavender flavor at all, very strong vegetable glycerine flavor with a hint of vanilla. A full bottle wasted and more expensive than most I have bought and am much happier with. Kind of feel like I’m paying for the packaging and not the juice in this case.

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi there, we would love to help you troubleshoot and vape happily, just sent you an email!

  14. Sid (verified owner)

    As soon as I started vaping, I knew I needed a lavender juice. And this stuff is amazing. It’s just purely magical. I’m going to need to buy more of this!

  15. Andre

    After extensive research looking for lavender and other essential oil based e-juices I decided to order this. The packaging and presentation was phenomenal; the charms dangling from the bottle, and the personal message attached was adorable. However, the juice itself lacked any lavender at all. It tasted strongly of vanilla, little to no lavender. Kind of a hoax if you ask me. I admire the effort which went into the presentation but I didn’t buy the juice for the aesthetic, I bought it for the juice itself, and it was not worth the purchase. My recommendation, don’t waste your time on this juice unless they’re willing to not cheap out on the lavender.

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi Andre! Thanks for your comment, I’m so sorry that your Lavender Ever After did not have a fairytale ending :( This is a flavor that we really enjoyed developing, as we have many lavender aficionados like yourself here at AiV. I would love to help you troubleshoot if you like? Generally, vaping at a lower wattage (15~20 watts) can help you to find the more delicate flavors. If you are into lavender, may I also suggest as you might enjoy creating blends at your desired lavender level!

  16. Lisa (verified owner)

    Phenomenal juice! Tastes like a London Fog (basically a lavender latte) and is everything I could hope for in a lavender eliquid. Definitely an all-day vape

  17. Cara (verified owner)

    I made a terrible mistake buying this juice. I only bought a 15ml! I should have bought the biggest bottle available! AiV, I didn’t expect a perfect lavender gelato, but this absolutely exceeded all my expectations. It’s so creamy and the taste of lavender is a relaxing combo of a bit of floral and a bit of sweetness. 100% would recommend this to anyone and everyone I know. Thank you guys for creacting perfection <3

  18. Harry (verified owner)

    I just received this today and it is absolutely wonderful!!! I have been looking for a lavender flavor for a very long time. I also have really bad anxiety and I believe that this liquid helps me as well in the aromatherapy aspect. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product!!!

  19. Kasia (verified owner)

    As a huge lavender fan, I was very excited to find this flavor. Bought it immediately after reading other reviews, and I am NOT disappointed! It really does taste like lavender gelato, and I become very relaxed when vaping it.
    I also love the effort put in to the packaging. It’s the little things that can brighten a day.

  20. Kristy

    I was so nervous about trying LEA, but I went with the reviewers on this one and tried it. I LOVE it. It’s so good. It tastes like lavender without being a perfumey taste. It’s so tasty. It has a nice vanilla exhale and it’s so smooth. I’ll be back to get this one again, that’s for sure!

  21. Bethany Maldonado

    Theres wow and then theres WOW! AIV has once again surprised and delighted me! First of all..I asked If I could try LEA as a sample in my last order and guess what? They obliged! I have never tried a floral except a couple juices that had hibiscus..but this is totally different than anything I’ve tried before. This is 100% lavender gelato! I couldn’t believe how extremely well balanced it was! Its just stunning! So delicious, smooth, light! Perfect! When you add this along with my personal note thanking me for my was enough to literally bring a tear to my eye. I’ve never dealt with a company that can reach my heart.. I’m an Alicandrian foreva

  22. Josh W (verified owner)

    WAY more vanilla than I expected!!!
    I bought this a while ago, but I just remembered to write a review.
    I was searching for a lavender juice and everywhere I went online pointed me here.

    I can barely taste lavender in this juice!! I’ve added it to my shelf of full bottle dislikes. Maybe a friend will like it.

    I feel like I got an odd batch, as s so many comments say how lavender-y it is..

    I will say that the packaging was awesome though!

    • Alice

      Hi Josh! So sorry that this was not the Lavender of your dreams . . but we would like to make it right for you! If you would like I can help you troubleshoot? Thanks for the kind words on the packaging! We do have fun making vapemails . . .

  23. sushiboy13 (verified owner)

    Tried lavender lemonade at a joint downtown, and instantly fell in love with the taste, which opened my eyes to the potential of it being on e-juice as well, although I did not want to order some ordinary lavender e-juice, so I searched up floral flavors and stumbled upon AliceInVapeLand. I ordered 5 different flavors, every single one of them is amazing, but amongst them, this stood alone. This is literally everything I wanted it to be, and everything else. So delicious, Im sure someone would mistake it for an exotic fruit.

  24. Erin (verified owner)

    I just started vaping this week and the first thing I did was search for a lavender juice. This is how I found AIV and I am so incredibly happy with this flavor that arrived today! It smells so good and has a lovely lavender flavor that is very relaxing and smooth. I really hope that you never get rid of this flavor because I searched and this is the only lavender e-juice that sounds good anywhere. It reminds me of a lavender cake that I make without the lemon drizzle. Thank you so much for using unusual flavors that are so special and unique. It truly is amazing!

  25. Sarah (verified owner)

    A lovely juice! It reminds me most of a lavender simple syrup with a creamy background rather than straight-up lavender, which makes sense given that it’s supposed to be lavender gelato-flavored. A beautifully vape, great for relaxation, introspection or as a classy dessert vape.

  26. emily (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the smell and taste of this liquid! it smells exactly like the lavenders that blossom every spring in my back yard and it also gets so many compliments

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