Alice’s Flavor Blend Extract


Guess what, as promised we’re offering your favorite flavors, in extract form. Mix as you like with what carrier you like.You can also mix with the salt base of your choice. Comes in a 30ml bottle with CRC cap.

We can make any flavor you like as an extract. Please just choose one below and, in the notes at checkout include, “Please make my Alice extract into a [your delight]” and we will do so!

***Note: These are flavor extracts meant to be used in your favorite Juice recipe. Please do not vape them straight.***



Ingredients include: Natural Flavor Extracts, Premium PG and Premium VG . These extracts do not contain nicotine.

Again, for best results, we recommend using the following percentage when mixing: 25% extract and 75% carrier.

So for a 15ml, use:
3.75ml of Extract and 11.25ml of carrier OR
3/4 tsp of Extract and 2 1/4 tsp carrier OR
75 drops of Extract and 225 drops of carrier

For a 30 ml, use:
7.5ml of Extract and 22.5ml of carrier OR
1 1/2 tsp of Extract and 1 1/2 tbsp carrier OR
150 drops of Extract and 450 drops of carrier

For a 60ml, use:
15ml of Extract and 45ml of carrier OR
3 tsp of Extract and 3 tbsp of carrier OR
300 drops of Extract and 900 drops of carrier

1ml is about 15-20 drops. The amount of drops in a dropperful depends on the dropper size.

If you have used oneshots, this process may be familiar or you can find out more in the DIY references on Reddit or other forums..

A teaspoon is 5ml.
***Note: These are flavor extracts meant to be used in your favorite Juice recipe. Please do not vape them straight.***

****If there is a flavor you would like to see here that is not here please feel free to contact us!****


  1. Harold

    Does anyone remember Alice?? I would love to get that to diy. If anyone can help me please send me an email

  2. D. C. Cavalleri (verified owner)

    Oh my, oh my!

    What a delightful surprise in the post today…a potion from the White Rabbit to bewitch the senses and entice the tongue!

    The sights! The smells! It’s nostalgia in a bottle – stoppered memories of happy times surrounded by love.

    I may have moved back to distant lands, but the White Rabbit and I cannot long be parted. If you will be so kind as to continue facilitating our tea parties, I will continue to wander the Wonderland en companie with great pleasure.

  3. Chance (verified owner)

    Ordered the white rabbit. Berrycrunk. And zombie apocalypse….made one of each at 25% in 120 ml bottles at 6mg nic and they have been steeping 4 days. Couldn’t help myself and filled my tank up with the white rabbit….. taste just how I remember!!! It taste so perfect. Can’t wait to try the other two but am going to let them steep 2 weeks. Quality!

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