Pun’kin Tumble


This flavor will be vanishing soon to make room for new yummy flavors! 

Rollin’ and tumblin’, Where did you go?
Oh where, oh where did my little Pumpkin roll?

A delightful pumpkin cake rolled into a sweet vape! :)




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.


  1. Dawn (verified owner)

    Whoooo are Youuuu? Every time I vape this flavor, it hits my head and has me asking who I am, since this is one of my favorite flavors next to White Rabbit. The pumpkin tastes very smooth to me and it’s like I’m having pumpkin pie all year long. I vape this when ever I want that down home calming feeling. For me it’s not just for the Autumn seasons. I have now discovered I am a true pumpkin addict. (smile)

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    Delicious, but I do not get the pumpkin, or spiced taste I expected, the sweetness more than creamy and most consistent is pecans, so I taste more of a pecan pie essence… mixed this with my daily coffee juice and was thrilled. I plan to revisit in the cooler months, and perhaps I will notice more complex flavors.

  3. Mir

    Wow, this is one amazing flavor. It’s sweet, but not sickeningly so, pumpkin, but not too much, and ever so creamy. It really does hit the perfect balance. I honestly think I’ve lost more weight with this vape then I have for any other because I find myself turning down that offering of cake in exchange for a pleasant time with this flavor. Great work!

  4. Patrick Ibay (verified owner)

    My mind was blowned after I tried this one! This flavor really tastes like a Pumpkin rolled cake! Clever use in the name Pun’kin Tumble, I get it now! xD

  5. Naomi Warren (verified owner)

    Pun’kin Tumble…where to start?! Of the small handful of AIV juices I have tried, this one is my favorite so far! I’m not so sure how much pumpkin I actually taste, but I love the little cream cheese kick that accompanies a light spice, and sometimes there are other little flavors that pop in. I’ve tasted walnut, and a dash of raisin, a hint of carmel. Just overall nice flavor! Very subtle, but satisfying. I enjoy this particular ratio of pg/vg, vapes just right, and currently at 14mg. This is such a lovely juice, I recommend giving it a try! :)

  6. Sam (verified owner)

    Love this juice!!!!! A great pumpkin flavor that is not a heavily spiced mess. My absolute favorite flavor made by AiV and that is coming from someone who doesn’t even like pumpkin pie. Hehe. I’m a weirdo and vape it year round. One of those flavors that isn’t overwhelming but doesn’t lose it’s great taste too easily. My Mom, who doesn’t vape or smoke (never has!), always asks to hit my vape if she knows this is in my tank..Not sure how many times she’s asked “Do they make this with no nicotine??” Haha! So even she loves it :) Thanks for the awesome flavors, AiV!

  7. shaya (verified owner)

    Such a great juice, expected nothing less from my favorite vape company. Awesome flavor, right out of the box.

  8. Bethany (verified owner)

    I received this juice as a sample. I was not expecting much and I would never order a pumpkin juice for fear it would taste overly spiced and to sweet. I couldn’t believe how wonderful this was! When my little sample was gone I found myself craving it! I knew I had found one of my all time favs! AIV is such an amazing company. From the website to the personalized details to the juice..just in love! If you have any qualms about ordering this or any juice from AIV just trust me; place an oder and you will see what I’m talking bout!!

  9. Rick (verified owner)

    I hate Pumpkin eliquid…..except….this one rocks. Why? Because every other manufacturer seems to think pumpkin anything equates to pumpkin spice and more of the same. This though is smooth, creamy, delicious. If you were like me and steered clear of pumpkin anything, you can stop being afraid now and order a bottle.

  10. Molly (verified owner)

    This is so good! It’s got a carmel-y, sweet flavor. I just got it in the mail today, and I’ll be definitely be ordering more in the future. Plus, shipping was fast, and the packaging is so cute!

  11. Ehalseyny

    I’m not a fan of pumpkin really but I got this as a sample & wow! I’m beyond impressed. The inhale was this warm creamy pumpkin. But the exhale made you feel like fall was in the air! You can even smell the bonfire which blew me away! I could not stop smiling it made me so happy!!!

  12. Jennifer (verified owner)

    This is hands down my favorite of all times. The flavor is complex yet simple, creamy and stout. I adore it. I love AIV Juices but this one takes the cake.

  13. Katie (verified owner)

    This is, by far, my absolute favourite AIV vape! I’m quite overdue for a review on this amazing juice. I vape straight from the mailbox haha The cream cheese cuts through all the spices and yummy pumpkin, and leaves you with almost caramelized delicate whip cream and crust flavour. A perfect pumpkin baked treat tastiness. It also has a nice throat hit (in 11mg) One that makes a regular rotation that I can vape anytime and enjoy.

    I happen to love Halloween, and I get a joyous kick out of feeling a bit of fall time creep in anytime of the year <3

  14. Kara

    I have always been anti-pumpkin anything. Always. I got this as a sample in my last order and it smelled…interesting…so of course, I had to try it. I am now VERY sad that I only had a samples worth of this liquid heaven. I will be ordering a big bottle as soon as I can. Just don’t expect me to start drinking pumpkin flavored coffee :)

  15. Samantha

    Tastes like I’m vaping my mom’s pumpkin bread … love included! Delectable!!!

  16. Matt

    The pumpkin was great tasting but the coconut ruined it for me

  17. trod2933 (verified owner)

    Long story short I was in search of a good pumpkin juice, couldn’t find anything that was completely satisfying. Until I picked this out to include in my sample box. Oh man. It is absolutely yummy. Let it steep for a week. Spot on with the description. Not too spicy, not too sweet, like a pumpkin cinnamon roll with sweet icing right out of the oven. Quickly became my favorite vape right next to crunkberry and white rabbit. Adding to the cart and waiting for that moment the portal opens!

  18. Jordan (verified owner)

    This is so far my favorite vape from AiV! Actually it’s one of my top two favorites out of any juices I’ve tried. So delicious! Perfect for fall! Great all day vape! My friend tried it and it was enough for her to want to start vaping (she wouldn’t give me my PV back for the rest of the night). It’s a must try! I just finished my bottle and I wish I had ordered more last week, but next order I will be ordering more for sure!

  19. Maximilian

    O.M.G. I’d gladly kill my own mother for more of this. You WILL NOT be disappointed. (Strength: 3mg)

  20. Stace Hann

    This is so delicious! It tastes exactly like a pumpkin cheese cake roll. Now, I know magic must be involved… there is no other way.

  21. yadevia

    favorite fall flavor!

  22. tailz (verified owner)

    Love this juice, dripped right outta the box.
    Was a lil confused on the flavor at first.
    As I let it sit it’s coming around more and more. Will be a stable in my rotation.

  23. September

    This is the very first AiV juice I have tried out of the samples I recieved. Its sooooo good. Tastes just like a pumpkin roll with cream cheese frosting. At first the cream cheese frosting was a bit overwhelming, but after vaping for a while the pumpkin cake really shines through. Cannot wait to try the rest of my samples!!

  24. xKimmViciousx (verified owner)

    I am a pumpkin addict!!! Pie, Cookies, Ice Cream, Coffee and Creamer… so of course I HAD to try this one.
    After only 2 weeks of steeping I couldn’t wait anymore and opened it. Although it had a nice, very subtle pumpkin flavor the cream cheese frosting was too overwhelming and I decided to set it aside.
    Two orders later, after steeping for 7 weeks I opened and tried a special order of Jabberwocky Java; warm, Hazelnutty latte clouds to welcome the first gloomy day of the season.
    Too my surprise I stumbled across the bottle of Pumpkin Tumble that I had forgotton all about. I decided to go ahead and add it straight to a 3/4 empty tank without rewicking. What resulted was nothing short of a wonderfully subtle, rounded Pumpkin Nut Latte vape.
    Another vapeland success, and an excellent welcome nod to Fall!

  25. Josh (verified owner)

    I can describe this juice in one word: “October”. After the unpleasantly relentless energy of Summer, Fall is the time to slow down and relax, and October, to me, is the very essence of Fall, and my favorite time of the year.

    When vaping Pun’kin Tumble, as the wonderful flavors seep into my taste buds, images of pumpkin patches, scary stories and trick or treating ebb in my mind.

    Unfortunately, October can not last all year, but with Pun’kin Tumble, there can be a hint of October whenever you so desire.

    Thank you Alice, you’ve given me my favorite time of the year wrapped up in a small tinted bottle.

  26. Behe2369 (verified owner)

    This was included in my order as a sample and I’m so glad that happened. After my pumpkins are finished growing in my garden I puree them and make a wonderful pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese icing- that is exactly what this tastes like. Love it! Thank you, Alice! Another great dessert vape!

    • Alice

      Mmmmm! Your pumpkin roll cake sounds so very delicious too!!

  27. AmyKnoxVegas (verified owner)

    As a self acclaimed pumpkin aficionado, Alice’s Pun’kin Tumble elixir splendidly transcended my expectations. On the inhale, earthy pumpkin rolls one’s senses, followed by the kiss of nutmeg, a nip of graham cracker; all wrapped within a sweet cream cheese yummyness on the exhale. Full bodied, it satisfies as an excellent after dinner treat or late at night when you are craving something sweet. Another ‘must have’ from Alice!

  28. Judy King (verified owner)

    This juice is absolutely AMAZING! I knew that I loved the taste of pumpkin but was really unsure whether I wanted to actually vape it. Alice was kind enough to include it as a sample with one of my orders and I am extremely grateful she did! It has a very subtle, not over spicy taste of pumpkin on the inhale and a sweet creamy goodness cream cheese frosting taste on the exhale. It has become my favorite juice of all time and I keep a carto loaded with it at all times now! I cannot recommend this flavor highly enough!

  29. Susan

    This is a heavenly vape reminiscent of a pumpkin muffin warm from the oven topped with a cream cheese icing.

    Imagine a vine-ripened pumpkin roasted with dark aromatic clove and nutmeg . . . add a whisper of vanilla and melted creamy butter and you have an artisanal vape with a great depth of flavor. The exotic, fragrant spices are harmoniously blended with a tangy sweet cream to deliver a wondrously sensual vape. This is definitely a rich dessert vape – maybe not an ADV – although I can’t seem to put it down.

    The divine scent lingers in the room long after your last exhale . . . almost like the sharp sweetness of incense. This is a new favorite.

  30. Lisa

    I love anything pumpkin flavored and this vape is no exception. It’s like a pumpkin and cream cheese cake roll. I don’t get much spice but I don’t think it needs it. It’s more savory then sweet which I appreciate. It def will be lurking around my vape box going further

  31. Claire

    After careful consideration, I decided that this juice is delicious. I heard reviews from across the web, and they all agreed that it was tasty, but maybe not an all day vape due to its sweetness.

    Truthfully, I have not found that to be the case. I did have a passing thought of wanting more cinnamon or nutmeg or…spice. But if that were the case, I would probably think that those items overwhelmed the pumpkin. Cheesecake comes through nicely after a few days.

    So, what I’m trying to say is : On a scale where the numbers mean nothing and are opposite on Tuesdays, I give it 87.5 out of…103.

  32. Mary Lue (verified owner)

    Perfect pumpkin roll flavour! This is my ADV and after a week of vaping this exclusively, the flavour is just as strong, delicious, and complex as day one!

  33. Maz (verified owner)

    This is my fav Aiv tastes great strong on flavour I find some of the other Aiv to b a bit light on flavour love this so much iv just orderd another bottle all the way to the uk :))

  34. cwestphalrun31

    Please ignore my earlier comment.. I decided give it another shot and steeped it in a warm bowl of water lid off and forgot about it till a day later in my cupboard. Woke up to eat some cereal and just stared at. Loaded up a new tank KANGER T3’D and holy crap I taste a pumpkin roll with a cheesecake frosting. Lighter spices and a real earthy tone. Magnificent I capes it all day and went through about 5 ml of my 30 ml bottle in a day. I also had mangrala in the bowl and it really made it taste like the Thai desert. The minty taste in mangrala disappeared and was replaced by a coconut tone and the mango really stood out while I was able to get a good taste of the sticky rice as well. 9/10 for both these delicious flavors. Top 5 in choice for me

  35. cwestphalrun31

    Its heavy on the spices can’t taste much pumpkin and the cheese cake, cream cheese , or whatever it is just isn’t there. Its got alot of spices in this one that just covers the other flavors. Had pumpkin cheese cake and punkin roll before but its just not close. I really wanted to love it too…

  36. Kote (verified owner)

    a yummy pumpkin cheesecake, light on the pumpkin. has kind of a cheesy aftertaste that takes a little getting used to, but overall it’s yummy and i’d buy more.

  37. Max Denizen (verified owner)

    It is a good, clean juice. No chemical harshness or aftertastes. This flavor is rich without being overpowering and matches the description; definitely pumpkin cheesecake roll and not pumpkin pie. I taste pumpkin and a little spice and cream, finishing with a slightly caramelized “just right” sweetness. I’m vaping this (11mg Punkin’ Tumble) through a KR 808 style battery with a mini-tank. The liquid is thin and wicks very easily, making it difficult to produce any dry, flavorless hits with my setup.

  38. kelsey (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite flavor of my entire box of flavors. I had to order the big bottle.. its my go to! best flavor AIV has =]

  39. Laura (verified owner)

    I purchased the small sampler which included this juice and oh my gawd, it is love. So much so that I can’t be with out it!

    It seems that my paycheck and ordering times are a bit off so I went over to Giant Vapes to get my beloved, I just received it and it seems to be missing something. I figured it’s had a good steep over there, so I took the dropper off to let it “breath” for a day.

    I adore this company and hope that y’all will keep making wonderful tasty treats for us!

  40. cheerprncess (verified owner)

    This is just soooo good…my mouth waters with it!! I think it is def one of my favorites I’ve tried so far. It’s just so tasty. Cant wait to order the big size of this :)

  41. Nicole

    This is my absolute favorite flavor!!! The only thing I noticed with all of the flavors is that now that I’m on 0mg of nicotine the flavor just is not there. It used to be very pumpkin flavored and soooo delicious. I ordered a big bottle of non nicotine and am very disappointed. Has anyone else experienced this?? Would love some feedback

    • Alice

      Hi Nicole! We are so glad that you enjoy Pun’kin! It’s one of our most favorite flavors too . . With a larger bottle, steeping will help bring out the flavor a lot! :D And don’t hesitate to call/email us if you need any help :)

  42. catvapes

    A little bottle of Pun’Kin Tumble rolled my way…


  43. Michelle L — Upland, Ca. (verified owner)

    This my favorite out all the ones I’ve tried! Have you ever been to Starbucks and been lucky enough to try the Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffin? This is EXACTLY what it taste like! It’s amazing, not to sweet, not too much pumpkin, not too much cream cheese…it’s just the perfect blend of all of it! Absolutely LOVE this flavor and can’t say enough good things about it! This one doesn’t get enough praise and it needs to!

  44. jennifer

    So, in my idiocy, here’s what I did. I judged a book by it’s pumpkin cover. I even messaged AiV asking them to NOT include this in my sample package because I detest everything pumpkin.

    So my dear friend happened to be vaping something that smelled delish! I mean, mmmm, yummy spicy sweet go with coffee scented. So I asked to give it a try. It knocked my socks off. Like a warm streudle, not too pumpkin, not too spiced, actually… I mean, spot on incredible. I asked what it was…lo and behold..It’s Pumpkin Tumble.

    Well… Call me flabbergasted. I have been one upped by one uppers.

    It’s magical, but then again, which flavor from here isnt?

  45. blackpurl (verified owner)

    Got this one as a sample I am so NOT a pumpkin fan. But I have to admit when I tried it I really lliked it! I am a noobie have not had a cigarette in almost two months yay! But what really suprised me was my sister was over when I vaped this flavor, and she is a smoker, after trying this she begged me for the sample an ran off with my ego battery and spare tank!!! Has not had a cigarette since! Thank you AIV!!!

  46. Vaperwolf (verified owner)

    Wow…. Just wow…… This juice when steeped a long time is absolutely fabulous!!! This is my new favorite morning vape. Plus its relaxing all day vape when you have a cold. Thank you AIV!!!

  47. Cakes (verified owner)

    Most all of the juices I tried from AIV are great! I have tried most of them with the exception of only 1 tea flavored, I’m not a tea juice fan. Although their are many juice’s here I liked, I narrowed them down to must have’s! My favorite’s are the cake/pastry flavored juice’s…Pun’kin Tumble, Cupcake City, Lemon Love’s Cake and Twas Brillig (the best with morning coffee!!) are the one’s I cannot live without!! If you love cake/pastry/creamy frosting/sweets, you will love these flavors! Please Alice… keep the sweets coming!! :)

  48. Zharos

    I’m still sampling everything from my LBE order before i decide on my favorites to make my first order of big bottles (very hard decisions). This one has definitely made it to that list! I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by this one as I’ve never been a huge pumpkin pie fan and can only eat it smothered in cream. Guess what?! They smothered this pie with cream!! It tastes a lot like a pumpkin cheesecake from an unnamed factory that is in the business of selling cheesecakes ;) The spices, the pumpkin, the crust, and the cream are all there in perfect harmony! Another amazing vape from AiV!

  49. Nathan

    I’m not really a big pumpkin fan, but I quite like this. There’s a touch of acidity and creaminess, over a caramelly pumpkin fragrance, which is superbly balanced.

    It’s not my favourite AiV flavour, but I’m surprised I like it as much as I do.

  50. thefreeze (verified owner)

    Okie dokie. So I got this in a small bottle and couldn’t get it to work in my Kanger. Just didn’t wick well and gurgled alot. Put it in a carto tank today when my 60ml bottle came in (i knew id like it) and MAN I love this flavor so much! It’s the perfect pumpkin, best in the world, and I friggen love it!

    Thanks guys!
    -Cheshire Cat

  51. ivybrown (verified owner)

    Sinfully delicious! Tastes much like a pumpkin cheesecake I had at Thanksgiving last year. I am glad the spices are there, but not overpowering. There is also a very slight hint of a nutty flavor in there somewhere. I am still using very basic equipment, a plain Ego battery, with eVod bcc @ 1.8 ohm, the juice was 6mg. I wish I had more than the sample in a LBE, but just ordered a big bottle…. let the waiting commence! (well worth the wait).

  52. Tricia

    Ok, so I was really excited about this one but I’m not liking it like I thought I would. After reading the reviews, I was expecting a pumpkin pie taste with a sweet creamy finish. I do not get pumpkin at all. Bummer. I had others try it and one person said it tasted like coconuts. Not one person thought it was pumpkin anything. I don’t taste anything in this juice associated with what the description or reviews suggest. It’s not a totally disgusting juice, just not what I was hoping for.

    • alice

      Hi Tricia! Sorry to disappoint you :( Our Punkin’ Tumble is more of a pumpkin cheesecake roll, if that helps you sort out your feelings about it . . .

  53. tricia

    I ordered a bunch of different juices and this is the one I’m most excited about. I am a pumpkin junkie and ive yet to vape a pumpkin juice. I went ahead and ordered the 30ml bottle since I’m just that optimistic about this juice. Can’t wait to review it!

  54. Star Isford (verified owner)

    This, by far is my favorite! It is so different than anything else I have tried and the spice is so perfecting enchanting. To bad I got bad to late to order more this round, but my order will be in you box next Tuesday Night!

  55. KrasH from The Vaping Arts

    I finally got to try Pun’kin Tumble from Alice In Vapeland!! OMFG! It was wonderful!! Pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors to Vape. They are not all equal in taste and finding good ones is hard to do. This one will be going into my rotation of favorites.

    I tried it three different ways and found it best at medium voltage in either a top coil clearomizer, such as the Kanger T2 or dripping above 4.2 volts. The higher temp really brought out the flavor well, at least it did for myself. Protank users you will love this with a 2.5ohm head at 4.2volts unless you are a chain Vaper like myself you will want to drop the voltage. I find the Protank heads heat up to fast and you have to drop down to about 3.75/3.95 depending on juice viscosity to avoid over heating the coil. You don’t really get dry hits, more of a burnt juice taste on exhale.

    I ran out of my supply of this wonderful juice in one day! I switched to one of my other favorite pumpkin juices from Vape Dudes, as good as it is though, it has lost it’s place in line to Alice In Vapeland’s – Pun’kin Tumble.

    I can highly recommend this one. It did not have the standard flavor profile you find with most juices from AIV. They have a distinct taste to their juices, it was not as present in this one though. Just a delightful, not over powering, clean pumpkin roll flavor.

  56. Medusa

    This is so delicious, spicy pumpkin creamy yumminess

    • Thefuzz

      I second that.

  57. Marty

    OHHHH MYYYYYY this is an absolutly amazing vape, its become my number 2 vape. tastes exactly like homemade Pun’kin pie on thanks giving day

  58. Kath

    I tried this for the first time when it was still in the testing stage, vaped the entire bottle in a day, and came back and ordered two more of the testing sized bottles. I’m down to the very last little bit, so I’m very excited to see it available in the larger bottles now.

    It’s a very unique Pumpkin/Cheesecake type vape and highly addictive. I’ve never had anything quite like it and I find it nearly impossible to put down. Can’t wait for Tuesday night to get my next order in as being without this flavor is going to make me a very sad girl for a couple weeks!!!

  59. Joseph

    Vaping your Punkin Tumble right now, 2.4% nicotine, unsteeped. I am very impressed. It tastes like pumpkin bread, and I’m getting a nice throat hit. The flavor is just nice. Can’t wait to try out more. And thank you for the free bottle of Bandersnatch, I’ll be trying this soon as well.

    • alice

      You are very welcome, Joseph! Thank you so much for letting us know that you liked it! Happy vaping!!

  60. Laura

    Received a sample of this and I have to say it’s the only pumpkin flavored vape I haven’t just thrown away. It’s YUMMY! Creamy pumpkin without too much spice. Definitely will order some more!

  61. Ashley

    Reminds me of the pumpkin logs my granny makes for Thanksgiving. Cream cheese icing and everything. This is amazing and that is an understatement…

  62. karen (verified owner)

    This is really a creamy pumpkin pie vape..I taste pumpkin pie on the inhale and whipped cream on the exhale..i definitely am looking forward to having loads of this on hand around the holidays..it is a very holiday dessert vape mmm mmmm good..vaped on a provari with a boge standard resistance carto at 4.6 volts…

  63. Leigh

    This is the greatest flavor AIV has, in my opinion at least :D

    So glad that it has graduated from the Apothecary and is now out in the wild waiting for people to love it as I do ;)

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