Afternoon Tea



Afternoon Tea is the perfect blend for times when you feel like sitting with a hot cup of steamy black tea, with just a dab of cream. It’s wonderful to enjoy while taking a quiet moment to yourself, or while sharing the day’s tidings with good friends. Alice and her mixologists worked very hard developing this flavor, sampling “cup after cup”, to find the perfect recipe.




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Glass bottles with dropper, 30ml Glass bottles with flat caps, 60ml Glass bottles with flat caps, or 120ml Glass bottles with flat caps.



  1. Eric Johnson (verified owner)

    I am loving this Afternoon Tea! It’s the perfect all day vape. Slightly sweet and a really nice cream on the back side. Tried it for the first time a couple weeks ago, vaped a 15 ml bottle in 2 days. Great job Alice! Don’t change a thing.

  2. alexandriawantz12 (verified owner)

    I have never tasted a more accurate depiction of hot tea in the morning. It instantly reminded me of making tea with my mom and she would tell me not to add to much cream. She would tell me to try and match the color of the tea to the nose on the zebra on the mug…I still do today and it tastes just like this. Thank you for the memories.

  3. Katherine (verified owner)

    I normally don’t like very sweet flavours, so when I wanted to switch to 0mg, I thought this tea with cream might be mild enough for me. After paying £30 for the smallest bottle and international shipping, I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed. It has such a wonderful taste! Slight hint of vanilla extract, which isn’t overly sweet. The dripper is a little big for my refillable pod vape (I need like a hairpin dripper) but I’ve recycled a used vape liquid bottle to transfer from the glass bottle to my vape. On that note, I do very much appreciate the glass bottle design, as I am trying to use less plastic. The personalized note included with the vape liquid was a nice touch as well.

  4. toni.ashford (verified owner)

    I read a lot of reviews talking about the packaging before I purchased this. I thought “Who care about packaging if the product is good?” Then I received my package (quickly, in an incredibly discrete shipping package, appreciated because it was shipped to my place of work) and now I understand the excitement. Alice: you have nailed customer service! The personalized note, the adorable charms on the drip bottles: I’d order again for the cards alone. Then I cleaned my tank, swapped out my coil and tried this juice: I am blown away. I have been vaping for about 3 years now (ex cuggate smooker) and this is the best juice i have tried to date. It is a subtle, nutty, TEA-like flavor! There are hints of vanila extract, and I mean the kind you get from the nicer grocery chains, not the candy-sweet faux vanilla that is so commonly found in vape juices. I find myself vaping to enjoy the flavor and not just to cope with stress. I’m glad I took a chance on Alice, I’ll be ordering this again and again.

  5. kristen dickerson (verified owner)

    This is a great all day vape, very mild nutty creamy flavor.

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