Afternoon Tea



Afternoon Tea is the perfect blend for times when you feel like sitting with a hot cup of steamy black tea, with just a dab of cream. It’s wonderful to enjoy while taking a quiet moment to yourself, or while sharing the day’s tidings with good friends. Alice and her mixologists worked very hard developing this flavor, sampling “cup after cup”, to find the perfect recipe.




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.



  1. Eric Johnson (verified owner)

    I am loving this Afternoon Tea! It’s the perfect all day vape. Slightly sweet and a really nice cream on the back side. Tried it for the first time a couple weeks ago, vaped a 15 ml bottle in 2 days. Great job Alice! Don’t change a thing.

  2. alexandriawantz12 (verified owner)

    I have never tasted a more accurate depiction of hot tea in the morning. It instantly reminded me of making tea with my mom and she would tell me not to add to much cream. She would tell me to try and match the color of the tea to the nose on the zebra on the mug…I still do today and it tastes just like this. Thank you for the memories.

  3. Katherine (verified owner)

    I normally don’t like very sweet flavours, so when I wanted to switch to 0mg, I thought this tea with cream might be mild enough for me. After paying £30 for the smallest bottle and international shipping, I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed. It has such a wonderful taste! Slight hint of vanilla extract, which isn’t overly sweet. The dripper is a little big for my refillable pod vape (I need like a hairpin dripper) but I’ve recycled a used vape liquid bottle to transfer from the glass bottle to my vape. On that note, I do very much appreciate the glass bottle design, as I am trying to use less plastic. The personalized note included with the vape liquid was a nice touch as well.

  4. toni.ashford (verified owner)

    I read a lot of reviews talking about the packaging before I purchased this. I thought “Who care about packaging if the product is good?” Then I received my package (quickly, in an incredibly discrete shipping package, appreciated because it was shipped to my place of work) and now I understand the excitement. Alice: you have nailed customer service! The personalized note, the adorable charms on the drip bottles: I’d order again for the cards alone. Then I cleaned my tank, swapped out my coil and tried this juice: I am blown away. I have been vaping for about 3 years now (ex cuggate smooker) and this is the best juice i have tried to date. It is a subtle, nutty, TEA-like flavor! There are hints of vanila extract, and I mean the kind you get from the nicer grocery chains, not the candy-sweet faux vanilla that is so commonly found in vape juices. I find myself vaping to enjoy the flavor and not just to cope with stress. I’m glad I took a chance on Alice, I’ll be ordering this again and again.

  5. kristen dickerson (verified owner)

    This is a great all day vape, very mild nutty creamy flavor.

  6. Rockeraron (verified owner)

    This arrived today in my first order from AiV,,,Such a nice taste!! I already filled my tank 3 times today with this and am now worried i did not order enough with the 30ml bottle! When this tanks empty I am going to try the white rabbit which arrived also but this will deffo be a regular juice for me,,The packaging also is very nice too,,AiV seem to put a LOT of thought into their little parcels!:) Thanks for all your effort AiV team:)!

  7. Heather (verified owner)

    Mmmm so good. I’ve tried every flavor from the “everything” sample pack, and Afternoon Tea is my favorite from the bunch. Other favorites are Cheshire Catnip, Bombana, and April Moon. I get tired of most e-liquid flavors quickly, but this is one of only a few from various brands which I crave and come back to most often. I can vape it for days without getting overwhelmed or tired of the flavor. It’s very soothing, and none of the flavor components (milky/creamy/sweet/bitter/etc.) overpower one another. It kind of has a tannic effect on my tongue, just like real tea, but in a good way. Not too dry or anything. To me, this juice tastes best on a rebuildable because the flavor is on the lighter side and the throat hit is so subtle. It’s great in a standard clearomizer or subohm tank as well. The flavor is pretty light, so for my second order I tried it with extra flavor strength and it works really well.

  8. Richard (verified owner)

    Just wonderful!tast is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had a Vape like this? Tast just like tea with kind of a nutty/spice to it. Great job AVL!!

  9. Eileen C (verified owner)

    I’m so impressed. It’s in a different world from the usual cloying, artificial-tasting sweetness you get in a lot of ejuices. Very smooth, it genuinely tastes like a delicious cup of black tea with rich cream. Nothing about it is overpowering, no one flavor distracts from the rest. The packaging was beautiful with a handwritten note reassuring me of my 100% VG request – very much appreciated.
    The aftertaste is like draining the last dregs of the cup. Quite satisfying.

    I had this made with 1mg of nic with the assumption it might help with my ADHD, but if it doesn’t improve my focus I might just buy another bottle in 0g because of how calming the taste is. Cheers!

  10. John M (verified owner)

    As an avid tea drinker, this is the most incredible blend I’ve tried. This blend is the fleeting ray of warm sunshine on a dreary autumn day. Perfect!

    The presentation is sublime and goes above and beyond. A+

  11. Patrick Ibay (verified owner)

    It’s as if I have an actual tea bag in my vape tank! I always enjoyed drinking darjeeling black tea, and this one definitely resembles that flavor.No matter how many times I vape this, my taste buds never get tired. I even get that occassional hint of cream which adds a very nice touch.

  12. Three of ♡ (verified owner)

    Nothing soothes my soul like Afternoon Tea♡ A beautiful and unique vape flavor best captured by the wonderful Mixologists! It is so delicious and wonderfully relaxing. I buy this in conjunction with Golden Afternoon so that I might have cookies and tea all day without growing plump! This flavor is amazing and I’ve never found a tea flavor to match it!

  13. MICHELLE (verified owner)

    I bought a sample of this awhile back….first time ordering from AIV….I was not disappointed. I love tea with cream and this is exactly what I was hoping for. It is so yummy. Smooth and tasty. You guys are fantastic. Not to mention the customer service is superb.

  14. sushiboy13 (verified owner)

    Afternoon Tea:
    Simple, yet complex structure.
    Throat kick inhale, and relieving exhale.
    Immediately black tea, with an undertone of frothy cream.

    At first I thought this was going to taste too much like perfume, but this flavor blows me away. If you’re looking to enjoy a nice tea vape, this is your go to. REAL tea without a million packets of splenda.

  15. Cuong (verified owner)

    In the market of overwhelmingly sweet, fatty, strawberry, and vanilla juices, Alice in Wonderland really strives to be different. They sell whatever they please, and I’m pleased with this rare gem. Awesome customer service; they read all the order notes I left, and made the juice ratio to my liking, unlike some sites that ignored my notes. Also I was in a dilemma of whether to vape it or not, because the bottle was so beautifully decorated. Alas, I vaped it.

  16. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Wow. I knew I would like this one but… wow. I love it. I’m coming off of smoking analogs and I’d resigned myself to fruity flavors– the desert vapes were too rich for me and the tobacco ones were just gross. But this is exactly what I was looking for and had given up on ever finding– subtle but delicious flavor, very natural-tasting, not synthetic or harsh at all. Such a lovely juice. I’ll definitely be ordering this again.

  17. Marian

    its really hard to choose the ones I really I made a bid purchase to basically try most of what they have PLUS the ones they added which was very very generous and the amazing gift they left me in the box. I was practically amazed. Alice thank you for my graduation gift that I will now use for My Birthday :-) I appreciate this so much… you guys know how to surprise a girl ;-)

  18. Douglas young

    It’s a nice smooth mellow vape, perfect for the early mornings and late nights. The flavor notes are creamy, nutty, and hints of floral notes. Awesome vape and clouds for days bro. Will definetely recommended to anyone.
    Much mahalos for sending this over!

    Aloha from Hawaii

  19. Nicole

    I know I just left a review but I have to say I absolutely cannot stop vaping afternoon tea it is so good I absolutely I love it.

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Aw, shucks. Thanks so much Nikki!

  20. Nicole

    I received afternoon tea as a little goodie with my box that I ordered and I absolutely love it I think it might be my favorite so far thank you so much for sending me that the flavor is very smooth and refreshing absolutely love it I will probably be ordering a 30 ml bottle of this very soon

  21. Destined to Snap

    I had this in the sampler about a year ago. I am pretty sure I liked it for it’s light and creamy frothy suprising taste. Wish I could sample it again to see for sure if it could be part of my main aiv adv collection.

  22. Betsy F (verified owner)

    Afternoon Tea is a comforting vape with a smooth finish. Black tea is my favorite tea blend and AiV has created a most enjoyable juice.

  23. Jed (verified owner)

    This has become my favorite vape taste wise. At first I really wasn’t a fan, but it really grew on me. It is a very light vape, with subtle flavor, which makes it perfect for an all day vape. Taste wise it give it 5/5.

    The one big problem I have with this juice is it wears out my coils extremely fast. Add the cost of the coils with the price of this vape and it just isn’t very affordable :-(

    Overall I rate it a 3/5. Taste is amazing, I just can’t justify they cost.

  24. Kendra (verified owner)

    I was so eager to try the tea flavours from the samples I got and I can tell you that I was in no way disappointed with this selection! It wasn’t strong or bitter like I almost thought it might be due to black tea… It was smooth, sweet and a little creamy.. I felt like I was drinking a warm cup of tea with milk and sugar! I was in love from my first puff to my last! It was such a warm, calming vape for me to relax and watch television or read a book… <3

  25. alyssar88

    This is the first juice I try ed out of my samples. I wasn’t thrilled at first, I’ve never had a tea flavor before, but I gotta say by the end of my tank I fell in loveeee. Will be ordering a larger bottle when the portal opens.

  26. Valerie

    Being from the South, we drink our tea sweet and on ice. Preferably made by Lipton. I don’t do the strange coffee house teas. I would never have ordered this juice. It came as a sample with my order. I am now a believer, an Afternoon Tea-er, if you will. It has absolutely won my heart and my taste buds. The flavor descriptions of other posters are pretty well spot on. Who knew I would like it so well…This is in the cart for the next time the portal opens! Thanks Alice!

  27. Sarah (verified owner)

    This is dead on for a proper “cuppa”.
    Tastes like PG tips, cream and a hint of sweetness.

    Does have a bit of a throat hit for me so I turned it down to 3.3

    I will buy this again for sure!

    The packaging is super cute– I can’t wait to order more from AIV. The flavor and packaging is simply divine darling!

  28. Rachael

    Exactly as stated. I’m not a tea vaper, but I am a Brit, and I know good tea when I taste it.

    Strong black tea (strong does not mean bitter) with a dab of sweet cream. Well balanced and delightful. While this isn’t for me, I will highly recommend it to my tea vaping friends.

  29. Andrew AKA Panda

    I got this with my sample I filled it in my i taste clk clearomizer as this was going to be my first try of AIV before I could do anything I dropped It and it smashed so am unlucky I could not sample this the other samples I am now using my nautilus on my SVD 2.0

  30. Melissa (verified owner)

    I love this. I just got it today. I am so thrilled with the care and details put into the packaging. This is a light sweet , and calm adv for me. So glad I listened to the reviews and went for a big bottle! I feel like a royal at teatime!

  31. Chris (verified owner)

    I thought A Quiet Morning was my favorite. As delicious as it is, this one may actually overtake it. This is an incredible juice. There is nothing more I can say. Between Afternoon Tea and A Quiet Morning, I am totally set on all day vapes.

  32. Mary (verified owner)

    I just got this in my first sampler from Alice, and it’s just…beautiful! I do get the creamy, tea with sugar vibe, but also a little hint of something floral. It’s fantastic. Sweet and creamy, but not overwhelming. Also, it tastes amazing with a few drops of Lavender Ever After mixed in. Can’t wait for the Portal to open next week so I can get a 30ml bottle!

  33. Daine (verified owner)

    I was terrified of the liquid bottle smell, but the vape… WOW.
    Perfect war black tea with cream an sugar. It really can’t get closer than that. You make amazing juices, and I’m a happy vaper

  34. Kaitlyn McGavin (verified owner)

    I unexpectedly loved this. It reminded me of a flavor I have not had in ages. I immediately went to the store , bought sugar, milk, and a box of PG Tips tea. Made a cup and that was 100% the flavor. Fantastic. I have a newfoundlove of tea and a grear new juice. Dying for the portal opening next week to buy a bottle !

  35. Lisa

    My first few puffs I didn’t think I liked this one because it was so different from anything else. But alas I adore it so very much. It’s perfection when paired with studying or evening dog walking. It’s unbelievably like a warm cup of black tea with a splash of almond milk and agave nectar. This is my favorite of the tea ejuices!

  36. Anna (verified owner)

    This juice is amazing. It has a almost herbal spice quality about it yet it is smooth and creamy. I absolutely love it. I have never had anything quite like it before. This is definitely a adv.

  37. Maz

    If u like tea u will love this I’m not a tea drinker but this is spot on really nice and sweet

  38. Traci (verified owner)

    Earl Grey with a touch of sweetness and a bit of cream. Perfect with a good book on a rainy afternoon. Definitely a good ADV.

  39. Patrice Faulkner

    I just received my LBE and have only tried one of my samples but I am in love Fifteen Foot Falls is the greatest. I can’t wait to try the others, I will be gifting a few of my friends with LBE so they can enjoy these delectable juices…waiting for the portal to open!!!

  40. mary (verified owner)

    I am normally a black tea drinker daily. I ordered this originally as a sample bottle. I immediately loved it. It was an all day vape for me as it is not overwhelming. I always have a few flavors handy, but this is my main vape. The flavor is balanced perfectly in this juice and I’m glad that I ordered the 30 ml bottle. It’s defiantly my favorite juice at this point, but I have loved almost all the juices I have gotten from alice. Even the ones I really thought I wouldn’t. Thanks to the alliance team for their great concoctions. You make vape mail so exciting!

  41. catvapes

    Delicious! I vaped the whole bottle in a day :-)

  42. Andrew (verified owner)

    I drink black tea every day, and I’m just not getting that taste from this. What I do taste is a subtle floral note that, oddly enough, reminds me of the glue on envelopes. I think I may need to let this steep a little more and then revisit it. It’s not terrible, but is so far my least favorite vape from AiV.

  43. Rikki (verified owner)

    I love this one so much that the thought of not having it after my little sample is all gone is making me sad.
    It’s just lovely and it’s a perfect ‘vape between flavors’ flavor sort of like a nice palate cleanser, but I also will just sit and savor the smell, because I do love a good tea.

  44. Chris (verified owner)

    I ordered the sampler and have so far tried crunkberry, white rabbit, twas brillig, and now I’m vaping the Afternoon Tea. I don’t usually write reviews but I just wanted to get this out there because this is my new favorite juice. The others that I have tried so far have also been superb vapes, but I am a big fan of black tea with a splash of milk and this juice is spot on for me. The flavor is actually not as subtle as I thought it would be, it is definitely noticeable what the juice is supposed to be.. I think it is almost perfect the way it is although I may ask for a touch more flavor when I order a bigger size just to see what is like. Amazing job on this one!

  45. Christine

    One vape of this and I was immediately taken back to my piano teacher who, when I was a young girl, served me a hot cup of tea with cream and a bit of sugar, in a beautiful china cup and saucer. I was feeling quite grown-up and sophisticated, and very special indeed. The taste of that moment, along with the feelings, are present in every vape of Afternoon Tea. I am not a hot tea drinker now, but this may change that.

  46. ivybrown (verified owner)

    This is the 1st one I tried when I received my LBE, it is such a delightful vape, it is a delicate flavor which I find amazing as anything else I have tried “with a touch of cream” the cream is overpowering and all I can taste. Afternoon Tea has a nice tea flavor with a light floral note, a hint of sweetness, a touch of creamy goodness… I love it! And to think I have 15 more flavors to try, what to try next? Decisions, decisions…. Thank you Alice!

  47. Kaj

    This was also the first flavor I tried from my LBE sample. I did steep for about 2 days, although it sat in the box for nearly 2 weeks. I put it in a newly coiled and wicked tank. The flavor was SO subtle at first that I almost thought I was getting some flavoring from the new wicks (I use cotton) but dismissed it quickly since I’d never had problems in the past. It took me a few hours of vaping before I really began to notice the subtle intricacies of the flavors. I am getting a very nice and soft black tea flavor with a smooth and creamy finish. I do detect a little yummy sweetness too, like honey, but that’s probably because that’s how I drink my tea. I’m not getting much of a TH on 11mg, but who needs a thump anyway? Oh it’s SO good!

  48. Sean

    I just received my little bit of everything sampler. The packaging is inspiring. The love and care that when into its whimsical construction is just amazing.
    After careful consideration, I decided on Afternoon Tea as my first vapelandian adventure. The nose is delicate, with notes of floral black tea and playful fruitiness. The subtle notes dance on the palate, where the fruitiness softens a bit, giving way to sweet black tea with a touch of creaminess at finish.
    I ordered at 18mg and the throat hit is a bit muted, but I don’t mind as any stronger may have compromised the flavor. I will let steep for a bit, fully expecting it to become even more divine

  49. Cheryll (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite juice to vape, it’s disheartening that I’ve had some difficultly with it. My main problem being the consistency of the juice – it appears to be thicker than others and doesn’t wick as well – causing coils to burn out faster. I’ve noticed the juice also gets darker after a few days. I was concerned at first, but noticed it concentrated the subtle flavors more – making it even more enjoyable. It has a nice TH and the slight hint black tea with cream is even more pleasant on a mouth & nose exhale.

  50. Rick B.

    This has to be now one of my FAVS. Ive tried several flavors. This one is a spot on Black Tea with a light sweetness and a creamy finish. Ive seen some reviews calling it an Earl Grey but i don’t quite get that. The closest thing i can compare it to it an Asian Boba Milk Tea. I’ll be ordering a large bottle of this next week. Wonderful all day vape.

  51. SethGrimm

    This juice is divine! I taste smooth rich black tea with the perfect note of silky cream. It’s exactly what is says it is and more. Very much earl-grey but more special. It tastes similar to a rich gourmet vanilla bean icecream but with a warm black tea flavor. This juice is actually rather simple but still very unique. A huge thumbs up! If you like hot tea with cream or just hot tea or just amazing vapes you must try this vapeland liquid gold! I can’t get enough.

  52. Brett

    I can’t believe that no one has commented here on this flavor yet. I enjoy the other flavors I have tried, but this one speaks to me. I feel “Afternoon Tea” is a slight misnomer because it is an “All Day” vape for me. The flavor profile isn’t neutral but it adapts very well to being a great after meal vape, walking my dog vape, so stressed I need a break vape, a chill night in front of my compy vape, and just vaping for vape’s sake vape. Thank You AIV for this recipe.

  53. Alejandra

    It’s hard to choose a favorite with Alice’s juices, I’ve been trying them all and have a love affair with each one while I vape them. Right now, this is my absolute favorite. The sweetness, the herbal tones and the cream are all equally subtle, it’s a very pleasant and flavorful vape. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  54. alice

    Thanks Chunkmeister for reviewing Afternoon Tea!

    Comments (first impression)
    A strong, Dark tea flavour. It has a creamy velvety flavour.
    Tea flavour, combined with the creaminess, is quite cooling.
    Very good vapor. Average throat hit.
    Smooth mixture of quality pg/vg – Good carrier liquid.
    Dark tea
    Final Score
    8 / 10
    Final verdict
    A nice, delicate tea vape.

    Other Notes
    Another delicate flavour from Alice. It’s a shame it wasn’t a little stronger.
    It doesn’t suffer as much as the Sweet Tease which is incredibly delicate.

  55. alice

    Thanks Tim for reviewing Afternoon Tea . .

    18mg, IDK LOL, Inferno (ego), LR atty
    Color- light orange
    Throat hit- good
    Subtle, medium flavored, or strong flavored- subtle+
    Non sweet, slightly sweet, sweet,very sweet – lightly sweet
    Is it clean? (Is it free of any, perfumy, soapy or chemical like notes?)- yes

    OVERALL RATING (Bad, ok, good, great)- ok

    Tea with a bit of cream. That’s what this is supposed to be. I don’t put cream or milk in my tea. I’m American not British lol.

    I’m getting a fair amount of cream, with a bit of tea. It is smooth, and mellow but has a slightly odd taste, a bit of a floral note most likely from the tea.

    It is plenty vapeable just not on the same level as some of their other juices. FWIW

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