White Rabbit



…the curiously indescribable White Rabbit!

Sweet and brilliant Morri, Winner of our ‘It’s Your Flavor Contest’, inspired, named and helped us create this beautiful flavor. She is a wonder in herself, a curious person of many talents, loved by all . . .





**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.


A Haiku written in tribute to White Rabbit, Thank You InformationChef!

Rabbit amongst Trees
Flavors are mischievous
Hide, my elusive love.


  1. Alicinsane (verified owner)

    I’m reading the reviews, scratching my head. To me it tastes like they put the lime in the coconut and mixed it all together

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    This was my favorite of the several I bought in my first purchase. The flavor is hard to describe, it’s complex, desserty, dark. Maybe like chocolate cookie with a hint of nuttiness? Just so good, never got old and I could smoke all day. They sent a bunch of sweet little gifts too. What a cool company. Definitely buying a bigger bottle next time.

  3. Rebecca White (verified owner)

    I tried this flavor years ago and it stuck with me. I started vaping again and ordered this flavor to see if it tasted as good as I remember. It does! To me its like the frosting of a German chocolate cake. Delicious and a must try!

  4. heather (verified owner)

    I love dessert vapes. its the only kind ive ever vaped. i have been eyeing this flavor for awhile – with so many different takes on it, I was nervous. I finally made the plunge and am SO GLAD I DID. Dessert lovers rejoice! This is the sweetest and darn yummiest flavor ever.

    The first hit is pecan/hazelnut goodness with a hint of caramel. Exhale has a coconut taste. OMG OMG OMG. Why is this heaven in a bottle?

  5. wiggiesmommy42316 (verified owner)

    So i order from AIV about once a week to every 10 days. I always get my usual zombie apocalypse and try something new as well. I had been debating this one for awhile and im so glad i finally ordered it. To start it smells like a white russian and tasted that way as well to begin with but now omg! It tastes just like my gmas homemade pecan fingers in powdered sugar! Which let me tell u is a treat in itself since she only makes them for Christmas. This was always my favorite thing. Getting that square 70’s tin that i must return when im finished full of these wonderfully delicious treats. And now i have it in a vape anytime i want! I dont kno what this vape will hold for me in the future as fas as a flavor change goes but will update when n if it does. Btw kinda hoping it doesnt now

  6. adrienne.lutz.11 (verified owner)

    I am a new customer and I just received this juice today and let me just say- wow. The smell is something close to rum and hazelnut. The taste is rum-y, nutty, and chocolatey. At least for now. I’ve heard it changes for some people, so I’m excited :)

  7. The Meg

    I let this steep for about 2 and a half weeks after reading the reviews. Waited till my birthday to start vaping it. It really is an absolute trip. The first few hits, to me, tasted like rum raisin. Then I put it down for a couple minutes and picked it back up and it tasted like a boozy fruit cake. Took a few more hits, then I got a more prominent yet distinct whiskey and blackberry flavor. This is absolutely wild.

    I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Britain and it really reminds me of eating the dessert Spotted Dick. It’s a solid delight.

    What I love most about Alice’s eliquids is that these juices are not very sweet. I am what I dubb a Flavor Cannary. I am extremely sensitive to the artificial sweeteners that seem to dominate the premium eliquid market which makes for a very difficult and unpleasant vaping experience. I have NEVER had any troubles with Alice’s juices. They are perfectly complex, full bodied, and just an absolute pleasure to vape. I’m starting to realize that I may never have to go to another Brick and Mortar vape store and be disappointed, again. Usually I have to go and try a ridiculous number of juices before I can find something vapable. I cannot just buy something because it “sounds good” because of how my palate is. This is not the case with Alice. Every. Single. One. has been an absolute pleasure. I thought I was going to have to give up vaping because it started to be a very unenjoyable experience. But you changed my world. Keep up the great work, you have a customer for life.

  8. dreamingofravens333 (verified owner)

    Wow! They weren’t kidding when they said “curiously indescribable”! Upon opening I smelled vanilla bourbon… but when vaping I taste fruit cake with vanilla icing… yet that doesn’t even describe it… it is hard to place but it is delicious! Definitely an all day vape!

  9. dreamingofravens333 (verified owner)

    Wow! They weren’t kidding when they said “curiously indescribable”! Upon opening I emailed calls bourbon… but when vaping I taste fruit cake with vanilla icing… yet that doesn’t even describe it… it is hard to place but it is delicious! Definitely an all day vape!

  10. zazzy6543 (verified owner)

    This flavor is such a wild ride! The flavor and sent seemed to change all the time, between strawberry tart and a chocolate espresso. This is hands down one of the best flavors I have ever tasted!

  11. sljohnson435

    I got a box as a gift & White Rabbit was one of the famous flavors I received. At first the smell was that of straight whiskey but I had to chase the rabbit :) I vape with a Vaporesso mod 6 nic & can’t vape below 50w so it was a surprise to see on the site they should be at low wattage (not sure if it’s out of date). First I got a sweet but not overpowered vanilla caramel cake flavor, then I got a slight fruit dessert very suttle. After waiting an hour when I picked it up I got a sweet chocolate marshmallow cream….it is an amazing juice! I will definitely be buying this in a bigger bottle

  12. Aron (verified owner)

    I didn’t try this until I got down to about a 3rd of the afternoon tea because the flavour was so lovely:) When i did eventually try it I was quite surprised! I have to say it is amazing!!
    I am not quite sure what the flavours are in it as sometimes i get a hint of some liqueur flavour,and other times a dessert flavour but i love it and will definitely be ordering more, along with more afternoon tea and perhaps some other flavours too!
    Thank you AiV for creating these wonderful juices:)

  13. Patrick Ibay (verified owner)

    White Rabbit tastes out of this world! Its tastes like carrot cake with hints of white chocolate( 。・‿・)♡.The flavor of this is truly indescribable as the description says as the flavor can vary to different directions,because it will also taste just like pumpkin, vanilla, buttermilk cookies, and even caramel! As if I really am chasing a White Rabbit down the hole to discover the new wonders of its many versatile flavors! My sister loves it as well and now shes thinking of buying her own vape mod just to share this flavor xD!

  14. Mir

    This tastes like a vanilla malt to me, and that’s fantastic because I love vanilla! It’s delicious, it’s light, and I could vape it all day! I’m one of the annoying max VG people but honestly you guys really hit the mark when mixing up the batch I got! Thanks!

  15. Kimberly Scanlon (verified owner)

    This is definitely one of my favorites. When I first tried awhile back it reminded me of carrot cake but this time around (with a new device too) it reminds me more of a raisin bread. Regardless, I love it!

  16. philipa (verified owner)

    My first order from AiV and I’m quite pleased. I read the reviews on White Rabbit and it seemed like an indescribable juice with complex flavors. I have found over the past year that indescribable juice with complex flavors are exactly what I love. If you give me a juice and tell me it tastes exactly like coffee or a cinnamon roll or a lemon tart or fresh, ripe strawberries, I taste it and go, “no, it bloody well doesn’t…not even close” and then I am usually quite disappointed. So I was on board when I saw people describing White Rabbit as everything from carrot cake to chocolate to coffee to bourbon to hazelnut to cream cheese frosting to raisins to coconut.

    I was not disappointed…I have no idea what it is either except good.

    I taste spice of some sort…allspice or clove or cinnamon or some mix….sometimes I do get what people mean when they say ‘carrot cake’ and sometimes I definitely get something that reminds me of some sort of boozy drink…bourbon and ginger ale maybe…7&7 perhaps.

    In any case I am happy to keep having it seem maddeningly familiar yet quite mysterious.

  17. Summer Hewitt

    I got this juice in my third order about a week ago, and I am sadly halfway through the bottle already! I got the 15 ml size just to try, but I recommend starting with a 30 ml because this juice is amazing!! It’s such an enigma of flavors. At first I tasted carrot cake with a cream cheese icing, then a milk chocolate flavor, but that one didn’t last long as I was quickly greeted by an amazingly sweet tobacco flavor! Definitely give this one a try if you were thinking about it! Thank you Alice for the always amazing customer service and kindness (:

  18. Dawn (verified owner)

    Your delicious E-Juices are a magical blessing! I recently decided to quit smoking rolled tobacco cigarettes. They were causing me to become winded and I was starting to get smokers cough. I had dabbled in a little vaping in the past, but the local tobacco shop had terrible selections. Besides, I was looking for something natural that included the option of VG. I actually found you by accident when I was looking for an Alice and Wonderland graphic for an art project. I had always been a huge fan of Alice and her White Rabbit companion. Of course I did not take any of your graphics but instead became sidetracked by your beautiful artistic site, became inspired and lurked around your site for about two years until I was ready to quit smoking. I promised myself one day I would get some of your E-Juice with natural ingredients and bookmarked your page. Well, this past Saturday I splurged and finally was able to purchase my first collection of E-Juice. A birthday gift to myself (smile). I followed your very perfect advice in the FAQ on nicotine dosage and chose White Rabbit 6mg, Apple PI 6mg, Duchess de Leche 3mg and 15foot Falls 3mg as my first purchases. I also purchased my first real kit, from the link you suggested, they have good prices! I chose the Ego II Mega Kit 2200mAh because it had an artistic psychedelic rainbow color. I am super new at vaping, so I was extremely excited to receive my first bonafide E-Juice from Alice in Vapeland and the kit at the same time. They both arrived in the mail very quickly. I was filled with joy and so amazed at your beautiful packaging, the custom art on the box. (there’s no way I’m throwing this box away!) The beautiful note and clever card, was awesome. I was just speechless and in awe of its artistic quality and I had not even tried the Juices yet. I now truly am smitten by Alice in Vapeland and there is no turning back. The first E-Juice I tried was White Rabbit without steeping. Let me tell you, it was more than fantastic! Amazing does not even describe the feeling of the yummy-ness and the fresh butterscotch accents I tasted. I truly love my first bottle of White Rabbit, the nicotine dosage was just right for me and I had to stop myself and take a brake it was soooo, good. I still have a lot to learn about how to vape but for now I am having a wonderful time getting my vaping technique down just right. Thank you so much for your fine E-Juice and beautiful Art! Your fine poetry, art and juices inspire me!

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Dear Dawn, your story is amazing and we are so glad that you took a trip down the Rabbit Hole to find the White Rabbit himself, no less! We congratulate you on making the switch and we thank you for inspiring us!!! We wish you a lovely, colorful journey into the cloud of vape and are honored to be a part of it.

  19. Melissa Durant (verified owner)

    Curiouser and curiouser! This is my first order from AiV and I’ve already fallen deeply into the hole with this juice! It’s so calming, creamy, light but satisfies you all at once!!!! You have a permanent customer! Also Spencer who helped me with a last minute snafu, was awesome and made my day! Thank you so much!

  20. Rachel Bonnett

    I loved the white rabbit defiantly a reorder and in a much larger bottle!

  21. Three of ♡ (verified owner)

    To me, White Rabbit tastes like a wonderfully dark cup of coffee with strong hazelnut presence. There’s a slight dessert taste and I do adore White Rabbit. The only thing disappointing about it is that I crave more flavor, as if my tongue is missing something and wanting to taste it. Other than that it is a very tasty vape!

  22. Kasha Spies (verified owner)

    Delicious carrot cake! <3

  23. Jane (verified owner)

    I completely endorse AiV’s info section on how different vape setups can change the perception of flavour in their juices. I don’t often vape below 20w these days, but felt it fair to give this juice a fair trial at the recommended watts level. I feel my subtank (21w) will now rise from the grave as this is such an intriguing flavour. There was sweetness but also a tangy note like buttermilk but also a – can’t quite decide between it – fruit or sweet vege taste. Like carrot or pumpkin.

    However when putting the same juice into my StarrePure at 40w it morphed into a delicious tasting cake. Much more creamy tasting also. Like a cake with a heap of delicious creamy frosting that was subtly tangy. Either way both options are fantastic and vaping them side by side are amazing

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Thank you Jane for the thoughtful comments and inspiring experimentation! Wishing you lots of White Rabbit chasing fun!

  24. Kristy

    This flavor is so delicious! I taste toasted coconut, carrot cake, toasted almonds, and either cream cheese or vanilla frosting!

  25. Matt (verified owner)

    This one is hard to pin down at times, but normally it tastes of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting to me. It might be the power of suggestion from other reviews read before trying the juice, but I don’t think so.

    White Rabbit is very tasty. It’s a little too rich for me to use it as an all day vape, but as an occasional treat it is lovely. The flavor is extremely complex, and it expresses itself differently from time to time. I catch almonds, raisins (or maybe currants?), spice cake, hints of cream, brown sugar, and a medley of other flavors that remain elusive to put names to.

    A word of caution, however – this juice is a wick-eater! It will gunk your coils and brown your wicks much faster than you may be used to, and when that happens the magic is gone. Be mindful of this and clean and re-wick often and you’ll be fine.

  26. Jolynn (verified owner)

    I LOVE White Rabbit. I opened my bottle earlier today and have refilled my tank three times. I don’t know what made me choose White Rabbit, could be that it reminded me of Jefferson Airplane, but I am oh so happy that I did! I can’t even describe it other than luscious marshmallow clouds! I will definitely be reordering!

  27. Madison (verified owner)

    I reviewed this a couple of years ago, I think. Back then I tasted something like carrot cake and cream cheese frosting with…something (and that’s still what I get out of it most of the time). The flavor is always subtly different, though, even sometimes during the same tank. This time around, for some reason, during my second tank fill up I started tasted my favorite whiskey. I think I’m going to start calling this stuff “Mood Juice” because no matter when I vape it or what I taste, it always fits my mood and tastes like something I’m craving.

  28. Kelly (verified owner)

    Was very excited to try AIV, so I ordered White Rabbit in 1 nic with max vg. The juice is really great, phenomenal flavor. The flavor profile is indescrible, great from start to finish. As it steeps the flavors just keep getting more dynamic. Delicious clouds, definitely will be ordering a big 60ml bottle in a 3 nic with max vg as well (the juice is pretty thin without it). When I fill up my TFV4 I can go through about 3-4 tank fulls a day! It’s so tasty!!! I love the vape mail, I get so anxious waiting for my packages. Tried April moon as well and I personally like White rabbit more. Tried samples of ‘Twas Brillig, very delicious as well, and Cherry Blossom Tea; personally it wasn’t my cup of tea. Overall super happy with AIV, ordered some juice for a friend and they did an amazing job!!! I would definatly recommend trying AIV and if your unsure about what to order, go for White Rabbit(:

  29. Bunnie (verified owner)

    This has been my ADV for at least a year and a half, probably edging closer into 2 years. I do not know the words to describe it other than comfort and home.

  30. Kat (verified owner)

    So excited to get my white rabbit today. I am also very thrilled to have fallen down the rabbit hole to Vapeland. Definitely will be ordering more juice from the Jabberwocky!

  31. dc.and.the.dragon (verified owner)

    I was looking for a new juice to try and I heard about White Rabbit. The day it came in the mail I was happy. At first I tasted a maple iced cinnamon bun but now I taste apple pie. One friend of mine tried it and tasted chocolate. I love White Rabbit and I will definitely be coming back for more!

  32. Shelby williams (verified owner)

    Love my white rabbit and the three free samplers y’all sent me! Most definitely sold on some AIV! And I love my little charm! My vape is now officially charmed up!

  33. Shawn (verified owner)

    Ohhh Alice, this is a delicious mystery straight out of the box! A must try for dessert lovers We love it!

  34. Kenny (verified owner)

    I’m glad I didn’t review this when it first arrived. What a difference 10 days make! So I bought this in 6mg, max VG. It’s sweet and very complex, My wife thinks it’s a new, different flavor every time I give it to her. I’ve tasted everything from Cracker Jacks to sugar cookies. This is a must try. I’m going to add a little black coffee flavor to it and see what happens!

  35. Heather (verified owner)

    Finally had my first order from Alice… I don’t think I will ever order from anywhere else! These juices really set the bar. I’ve gotten so discouraged vaping for quite awhile because I just couldn’t find any juice I liked…. and then I found Alice! This juice was sent to me as a sample, which was funny because I did not want to try it… big mistake because I LOVE this juice. It reminds me of the samoas girl scout cookie, I got a coconut first and then caramal and then a nice light butter cookie… I absolutely have hated all caramel ejuice until now! Oh I cannot wait to try all these flavors! Thank you AiV!!

  36. Onyi

    To me it tastes like steamed milk! Which l love! l will be ordering more… eventually!

  37. lau4491

    I think I taste a spiced carrot cake. I’m sure this is someone’s cup of tea, just not mine

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