Berry Crunk



2AM in cereal-land: the satisfying hit of a spoon to milk and cereal. Oh Yum! Adult-kid tested, Adult-kid approved. All your favorite flavors “looped” into one fine vape.

*Berry Crunk is the new name to a original Alice in Vapeland flavor. We changed it to respect the trademark rights of a large cereal company.*





**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.



  1. Josto (verified owner)

    I ordered a few different salt juices recently. Unfortunately they lack flavor to me :/ I’m gonna let them steep a little longer and give it another shot though. Hopefully they gain some more flavor

  2. Katherine Panetti (verified owner)

    Delicious crunchy taste! This company, and flavor, were recommended to me by one of the most wonderful human beings who is sadly no longer with us on plane of existence. I am so glad I happened to snap a pic of his bottle earlier this year, and he’d be happy I finally made the switch from buying those silly disposable things. It’s the little things. Thank you. So much love for this company.

    ~alex jones forever~

  3. Holly Payton (verified owner)

    Ok…here we go. This is what I refer to as pregnancy craving juice. This where you make strawberry shortcake but instead of just raw strawberries, you add in Trix crumbles. And then top it off with tons of whipped cream and vanilla yogurt. It is just absolutely fantastic and smooth.

  4. smaize08 (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite of all the flavors, all of which are fantastic. If you like or are interested in cereal flavors at all, GET THIS ONE! You will not regret it, it’s perfect in every way. Hard not to go through it fast! I’d get two bottles if I were you, just saying….11 out of 10

  5. kristen dickerson (verified owner)

    This tastes like pop rocks, cherry flavored. And that’s not a bad thing, its still mild and not overly sweet.

  6. cschell

    oh gosh! I try to like fruit vapes but most of the time the fruit is too overwhelming. I received this as an “Alice’s Choice” and was disappointed, didn’t have high hopes but put a little in my tank. I was amazed! Sweet (I like sweet), creamy (or maybe milky), and the fruit is subtle but is a noticeable addition. Not punchy or tart or chemical-like. It just rides on top of the sweet milk flavor.

  7. Prplpickledpanda (verified owner)

    Love this juice. Don’t let the scent when you first open it stir you astray – it smells awful but it nothing short of delicious! If you’re a Cap’n Crunch Berry fan like me, you’ll love this flavor.

  8. Jake (verified owner)

    Hands down my favorite juice. It made me fall in love with cereal liquids as it’s the only juice to actually lock in the milk or cream flavor. It’s well balanced with light and energetic top notes of berry and delightful creamy exhale. I wish more B&M carried AiV and specifically this flavor.

  9. Bobbi Jo Woods

    Very interesting! I would not have figured out this other flavor as “milk” had I not visited this page to see more info (I got this as a sample vial in my last order). Will probably get this one again.

  10. Christine

    I have a little stash of ADVs… And this is one of them. Im an addict when it comes to cereal vapes or dessert vapes and this is on my top list of cereal vapes.. Its got a great milky/fruity taste. Great in a Tank and Awesome in my Haze Dripper. Cant thank you guys enough for this juice!!<3

  11. Nikki

    This is AMAZING. talked a local shop into carrying AIV and I can now purchase this whenever I want (when it’s not sold out!!) so creamy and the only cereal juice I’ve tried where you can taste the MILK!! this one, zombie apocalypse and ’twas brillig are my favorite juices ever. so good!!!!!

    • duchessofvapeland

      That’s so awesome Nikki! <3 Big hugs!

  12. Sarah (verified owner)

    Hands down the best Crunchberries cereal flavor I’ve tried.
    Milky, strawberry and cereal goodness.
    I’ve found it works best at 4.3v

    I will be ordering a bigger one next time!

  13. Justin (verified owner)

    I love this juice!!! I can taste the milk, like a cream with just a hint of fruit. It reminds me so much of drinking the milk after finishing a bowl of crunch berries….exactly like drinking the milk.. I will definitely be ordering a bigger bottle of this and could easily vape this ALL day! I ordered a sample pack from these AMAZING people at Alice in Vapeland and feel in love with this company!!! The customer service is out of this world!!! Thank you so much for helping to save my life and taking me from two packs of smokes a day to less then a half a pack a day with your juice!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Thank you for your review Justin & for taking us along on your vaping journey! Congrats on making the switch!! That’s awesome!!! Big hugs from the Mushroom Lab!!

  14. Vince

    I received this one in my sample pack, and unfortunately had the same problem as the most recent reviewer :( Mine didn’t have any flavor at all (I even let a friend try it on setup and he said the same thing). But, fortunately that was the only issue I had with my samples! The rest were AMAZING (my personal favorite being 15 Foot Falls). I’m going to be placing an order tomorrow when the portal opens! I might try my luck with Crunkberry again–That’s the one I was most looking forward to!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hiya Vince! We are delighted that you are finding so many favorites here in Vapeland! :) Crunkberry is a very special juice, but every vaper is different! That’s what makes having so many different flavors to try so much fun! Thank you for being here in Vapeland with us! :)

  15. Baba Fats

    I don’t know if I got a bad batch, because every other flavor in the sample pack was outstanding or at least strong. When I tried this one, I couldn’t smell anything coming from the bottle. It was completely scentless. I figured maybe I had overloaded trying a few flavors in a row. But when I vaped it, it had absolutely no taste whatsoever. There was some residual flavor from the last juice, and that was all I could taste.
    I don’t want anyone to take this as a crack against AiV. Their juices are outstanding. I have started making a list of all the flavors I plan to re-order soon. And I may even give this one a second chance, since I still don’t know what it tastes like. But from the amazing quality of Twas Brilling and White Rabbit, I have no fear that the next time I order this flavor, I won’t be disappointed.

    • Alice

      Thank you for your feedback Baba! Please email us at if you would like us to help you with your Crunkberry experience. But we are so happy you have found some Juices you enjoy!

  16. trod2933 (verified owner)

    Crunkberry as absolutely delicious. Got it as a sample and quickly realized I needed to order a bottle like yesterday. So I ordered one today while the portal was open lol. Taste such a smooth fruit and cream. That moment when you finished your massive bowl of captn crunch and all that’s left is the tye-dyed milk so you put it to your lips and down all the milk in the bowl without taking a breath and realize you now have a fruity milk stache to where you can smell and taste it at the same time.. Yea.. Just like that. My new ADV. Thanks again Alice. You’ve def got some loyal customers here in CT for sure.

  17. Krystyna (verified owner)

    Simply delishhhhhh!!!!

  18. Diamond

    Yummy; lovely combination of flavors. The smell is incredible. Several of my vaping friends at work commented and even several who did not smoke (or vape) at all. Easily an all day vape :)

  19. tailz (verified owner)

    Bought a 60ml on a whim. I don’t regret it one bit. Tastes exactly like it describes. love your juices alice. You have a customer for life.

  20. Phil (verified owner)

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Alice in Vapeland takes great pride in their work, and we are the beneficiaries.
    The element of AiV’s flavors that truly stands out to me (judging from Crunkberry and Lemon Loves Cake), is in their suppleness. I’ve read remarks suggesting that these “lack flavor,” yet I would argue that they are simply more refined flavors. This would be like comparing a Jolly Rancher to a homemade strawberry tart. In both, you will find strawberry flavor, but only in a handmade sweet will you find the delicacy and warmth it has developed through so many iterations.
    I am excited to try more of these sumptuous flavors, perhaps Berry lil’ Cheesecake and Pun’kin tumble. For now though, I am delighted by a new favorite. Thanks AiV

    • Alice

      Thank you so much for the beautiful words, Phil! We are so lucky to have the honor of making delectables for the most wonderful Vapelandians in the universe!

  21. AV3 (verified owner)

    Tried the sample. Mistake… HAD to have a much larger bottle. I fully loaded my kayfun tank and went to a small music festival with about 15 friends. They smelled the fruity creamy goodness and then it started getting passed around like hookah. Taste like the milk after a bowl of crunch berries. Fruity.. creamy.. amazing spot on flavor, new ADV

  22. Samantha

    Got Crunkberry in my Delectable Sampler, and I had to go to a B&M the same day I finished it to buy a 30 ml. Soon I will get the biggest bottle through the Portal.! One of 4 ADV for me for sure (the other 3 are Bombana, ZA, and April Moon).

  23. Miracle Harper

    Just got this in the mail today!!! I had to order it from Giant Vapes. I can never caught you guys open. However, that being said this juice is an awesome vape. I can not put my finger on the exact flavor either. it is really sweet and the so good!! I am so glad i found you. I can’t wait to try some of you other flavors it is clear you go the extra mile to make sure all your flavors are of the best quality . I think you should do a flavor called Caterpillar clouds to add to the Alice collection! I will be back for more

  24. Julie (verified owner)

    i love crunkberry and april moon =) i let 4 of my friends try the april moon they all fell in love <3 i was wondering if you have or could mix up something with watermelon strawberries pineapples maybe? =) thanks for everything

    • Alice

      Yay! April Moon is so very special :) That was so sweet of you to share with your friends! We do have some new fruit blends in the works, we’ll pass on your ideas to the Mad Hatter! <3

  25. Maz

    I really wanted to love this juice but I didn’t get much from it at all might try with extra flavour

  26. Crystal (verified owner)

    Wow, this is some awesome juice! I ordered a 15ml bottle and wished I ordered a 30ml instead. At first I tried this in my iclear 16d and it was great. .. but then today I got an Aspire bdc and all I can say is OMG! Then my bottle was empty. I cannot wait for the portal for this (as I read in an earlier comment) ‘holy grail of Crunkberry’ madness. I am off to my local B&M to get another bottle tonight.

  27. Charles (verified owner)

    slighty creamy slighty fruity just like a bowl of cereal milk after eating all the crunch berries. its good just kind of subtle. I keep coming back for more and will pick up another bottle more sooner than later 8/10

  28. siryotis (verified owner)

    no question about this juice. its my favorite! got to say that if you order it. ask for extra taste. but its a genious flavour! the berry with the milky taste is absolutly awesome! got to order more!

  29. eross7

    Oh, I forgot to mention, this does NOT have the fog machine taste that a lot of juices have. None, whatsoever. Very impressed by how you figured that out, that fog machine undertone is what steered me away from vaping before. Thanks again AIV!!

  30. eross7

    So, I picked this up originally for my boyfriend, after a night out with some friends, a buddy of his had a ‘crunchberry’ juice. So, I went on a hungover mission to find this elusive flavor..finally coming across your site , seeing all the yummy things I wanted to order.. Sigh.. Alas, it was not meant to be, so on to Giant Vapes I went, there it was.. The holy grail of Crunkberryness.. Thank you so much AIV, this has become my precious, since it arrived, the bf got a tank full of it and I got the need this in BIG..

  31. Lisa (verified owner)

    My 30ml bottle has been steeping for sometime and I ordered double flavor. It’s still not as strong as I would like but there is no mistake what the flavor is. If you like Captain Crunch Berries you should try it. As I sit here vaping it I would say it’s more like flavored milk after all the cereal has been eaten. It’s lovely! I still eat CCB and have some in my pantry. There are some things about my childhood that I never want to let go of and that’s one of them. ;) I’m a kid at heart. :D

  32. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I normally don’t do reviews but this vape is too amazing not to gush about!

    I took 1 puff and fell in love instantly! I vaped this the day after I received it in the mail. I didn’t steep this because I was too eager to try it. The flavor was subtle but delicious! sweet, creamy, and tangy. yummmm.. The most enjoyable vape I’ve ever tried (and I have tried a lot! I have over 20+ samples that I don’t like and theyre just sitting there).

    Once the portal opens back up, I will be purchasing the biggest bottle! I can’t WAIT!!! (mouth is watering as i’m typing this.. hahaha)

  33. kellygirl (verified owner)

    The heaven’s opened and the sun shone upon my taste buds upon first vape. Imagine it! A flavor that exactly replicates the lusciousness of my favorite childhood cereal, could it be? Oh, yes it was. If that weren’t sheer bliss in and of itself, the geniuses in Wonderland added a luscious hint of creamy goodness to finish off Crunkberry’s perfection, and quite frankly, to show off their mixology magic. Sheer delight, this.

  34. Gin

    It tastes like Strawberry Nesquik but not as sweet

  35. brun019822

    wow what can I say? I just tried the sample and I came here running hoping that the portal was still open! This is one of the best I ever had! Now all I can do is wait for my big bottle to come in the mail :-(

  36. Flynn Coon

    My oh my oh my oh my!!!! Absolutely the finest e-serum available on the planet. I thought I had exhausted all avenues of finding my perfect vape. But low and behold, I stumbled into the magical garden!!! Not only is the serum total top shelf, the packaging is just as classy. I have never seen anything like this. Im 48 yo and I am getting excited like a child at a Chucky Cheese birthday party!!! I was hunting the elusive juice like the Bigfoot Research Organization is hunting Bigfoot!!! Only I have conquered and they havent!!! Thanks to the entire staff for the magical experience of Alice In Vapeland.

  37. Anonymous

    I got a 3ml sample of this today. I loaded it up and gave it a try. This really does taste like the pink milk when your done with your cereal. I wasn’t to fond of it at first but the more I try it the more I like it. Tastes like crunch berries going down and milk on the exhale. The flavor is strong but not over powering.
    I do believe I like it!

  38. Michelle

    I have been vaping for almost 2 years and have tried literally hundreds of different juices from dozens of different vendors both brick and mortar as well as online.
    Then my package arrived from you. Let me start by saying the box and
    packaging was soooooo cute!! I was throwing a fit like a kid on Christmas morning!
    The free samples – wow thank you so much!!!
    Now let’s get to business. I have had some good juice but when I tried Crunkberry I was absolutely drawn into another dimension of vaping!! BEAUTIFUL!!
    How to describe it. . . .like taking a spoon full of crunch berry cereal in milk and taking a bite. Yes you can taste the milk at the end. I have no idea how AIV is able to achieve this level of flavoring but I am thankful to have found them.
    I ordered 5 10ml bottles and have had them less than a week. I am currently anxiously awaiting the shop to open so that I can order more. It strikes great fear in me to think of ever being out of this!!! Thank you!!

  39. William

    One puff of this juice was enough, I was hooked. Now all I can think about getting more Crunkberry, you guys rock for creating this amazing juice!

  40. Jen S

    I absolutely love the flavor of this juice. It’s absolutely delicious. Like some of the others have said, you can’t put your finger on the exact flavor. It is subtle, yet present, slightly sweet. Vapor production is great, very smooth and satisfying. I love this one!!!!

  41. CayCay

    Captain Crunch Berries swimming in creamy sweetened milk. I’d say it takes me back to my childhood but in reality I still eat a bowl with my kiddos! Love this juice!!! So happy I listened to my gut and bought a big bottle.

  42. Heather

    This is the juice that I was most looking forward to trying out of all of the others that I ordered. I even went out on a limb and ordered the biggest bottle. When I was young I could partake in a 2am bowl of Captain Crunch, but as I get older, I find that those little morsels of goodness fall right to my hips when I go back to bed.

    I use a Provari mini with a 2.0 cartomizer at 3.7. (I am still relatively new at vaping so if anyone has any better advice for me, it’s welcome!) Anyways, right off the bat this juice gives off a great amount of vapor and it tastes delicious! I will admit that I did not give it any time to steep. It went right from the beautiful packaging that it came in into a cartomizer where it sat for 15 minutes before I started to happily puff away. I did not get the exact taste of crunch berries from it, but someone else hit the nail on the head when they said the fruity milk that is left at the bottom of the bowl when you are done eating the crunch berries. I LOVE it. I used to look forward to that sweet ending when I was a kid.

    The packaging itself was a real treat. You can really tell that the owner puts a lot of love and care into everything. From the stamps on the box to the sweet way the receipt was printed, the confetti string paper inside and the little charms on the bottle…I m just blown away. The best way I can describe it is buying a great bag at Neiman Marcus while only paying the price for something you would at Wal-Mart. :P

  43. kmh

    This juice doesn’t really taste like a cereal to me to be honest. That said, it is still quite good. I get a muted apple and possibly one or two other very fine fruits with something that resembles a pastry of sorts. I can see why this is a favorite of so many.

    The throat hit is moderate with good amount of vapor using a 2.4ohm head at 4v

  44. Kerri

    I was so happy to get my beautifully prepared package today. The packing and merchandising is sooooooo awesome! Little charms on each bottle and samples too??? I have already vaped the Crunkberries and it is so delicious I could cry! Love, Love, Love this site and I can’t wait to vape my way through all of your delights!!

  45. ScottGChi

    Like the pink milk left in the bowl after the cereal is gone…that’s exactly what this tastes like!

  46. abracadebra

    sillly me once again …oh yeah crunkberry how did i miss you i love berries. with cream..ill learn alice to look before i speak…mmm or should i say type..ha ha…..

  47. Dominic

    Hmmm. Crunkberries.What can I tell you about this Crunkberry juice?

    Well I gather “crunkberry” is intended to impart a flavour similar to some popular US brand of fruit cereal, one which I am not familiar with. So right off I have to say I’m no judge as to whether it does or doesn’t succeed in this endeavour.

    However, I can tell you this is another great juice from AiV and I’ve been happily been vaping it all day for a couple of days now, only putting it down occasionally to chase the white rabbit for a while.

    As with the other juices I have thus far tried from Alice, this is notably lighter, fresher and cleaner on the palate than the juice I am accustomed to. But at 18mg it imparts a fairly punchy throat hit and there is a surprising cloud of vapour for a juice with, as I understand, only a modest VG content.

    And the flavour is – gorgeous. I detect shades of that irascible rabbit, but creamier with a phantom fruity quality that is very pleasing but a tad elusive. I’m going to stick my neck out and say – strawberry. A soft strawberry without any tartness that makes you puff and puff some more to check if that is indeed what it is.

    Strawberries and cream is my best shot at it for now, but fleshed out with a distinct cereal note that evokes the smell of cereal products: bread, bread crust, toast and yes, breakfast cereals!

    Altogether a lovely teasing and pleasing vape my friends. You may catch yourself vaping rather more than you anticipated without being quite sure what it is that keeps you puffing.

  48. morri at ECF


    Vapor: tremendous
    TH: great
    Taste: slightly sweet, fruity, crunchy Spot On, capn crunch

    This is yet another amazing vape juice. The taste started out to be mild but quickly grew to just right. It is not a strong flavor, but it is a good flavor and it will surprise you how much it taste like that crunchberry cereal that we love. I actually added a tiny bit of sweetener, this is a matter of taste. I can taste the crunchiness of the cereal and various fruit like tastes and they all meld together beautifully. This is a good flavor. If you like the cake-cookie type flavors, you will definately enjoy this one.

    morri’s advice: if you don’t really like capn crunch cereal, you probably won’t like this. Spot on, remember?

  49. SnakePlisken

    (Inferno, 18mg) Great flavor, someone else described it as the milk at the bottom of your fruity cereal? I think thats pretty accurate. Kind of fruit punchy with a hint of cream? Mild, little throat hit, great vapor production.

  50. plasticscones

    you know those last few sips of milk in your fruity cereal bowl? well crunkberry is just like that, fruity and slightly creamy. sweet but not overwhelmingly so just like those last few spoonfuls of a midnight cereal snack. a playful vape that goes perfect with a lazy sunday in pjs as you watch some cartoons.

  51. aliceinvapeland (verified owner)

    Thanks again for reviewing us, Tim!

    18mg, IDK LOL, Inferno (ego), LR atty, steeped over week

    Color- light orange


    Throat hit- good

    Subtle, medium flavored, or strong flavored- subtle

    Non sweet, slightly sweet, sweet,very sweet – slightly sweet

    Is it clean? (Is it free of any, perfumy, soapy or chemical like notes?)- yes

    OVERALL RATING (Bad, ok, good, great)-good


    Fruity, tasty, yummy crunkberry. Not quite a fruit punch, or any particular flavor you can put your finger on, the taste dances on your tongue and springs off like a diving board on exhale. You almost thought you nailed it.

    It is the essence of the word fruity.
    Like a fruity gum without the explanation of which fruits…. or a handful of skittles or runts popped into your mouth. I kept vaping it vape vape thinking what am I gonna say. Vape vape.

    Well its a lighter flavor, slightly tangy, slightly sweet, smooth, creamy mystery vape. It’s candylike (although all the flavors are natural), and tastes good. It’s not mind blowing but easily vapeable all day. Its the kind of fruit vape I like- not just plain strawberry, apple etc.

    If you like fruit vapes, candy/gum, or punch flavors, your gonna wanna pick this up. So far the three juices I have tried are all good, quality tasty vapes from AIV.

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