Zombie Apocalypse



When all is a fog of Strawberry Cupcake-ness . .
You know there’s Zombies in Vapeland!




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.


Inspired by the terrific Vapelander Ogredog. He’s awesome.


  1. Justin (verified owner)

    I just got another bottle, I splurge occasionally when I can afford it… and I swear it’s even better than I remember. Perfectly balanced strawberries and cream, with a delectable sweet touch of pound cake that lingers at the end. This has been my favorite juice for like 7 years now. I can’t see anything ever replacing it.

  2. eliasfredriksson (verified owner)

    Had to order a 250 ml bottle of this. Something you never get tired of!

  3. Jenna Starbuck (verified owner)

    Ummmm…. This is perfection! Taste like fresh strawberries with biscuits and cream on the exhale. Reminded me of really good strawberry shortcake. I will be ordering the biggest bottle I can find of this!

  4. Lauren (verified owner)

    What?! This is AMAZING. I’m a new vaper and have been on the hunt for an ejuice that isn’t nauseatingly sweet and has depth. This hits all the boxes. How can something taste so authentic? It is a an undertone of biscuit with a natural strawberry finish. Great cloud. Vaping @25W on .4 Ohm coil is like heaven. No way would I go back to smoking now. Please never ever ever stop making this. Oh and the shipping? Lightning. Ordered at like 3 am (night shifter) and it was shipped by the same day, in my hands in 3 business days. In a beautiful package with gorgeous art and a personalized note about how this would work well with my vape. How do we send a tip?! Incredible #mindblown

  5. Isaac (verified owner)

    Wow I love this flavour. I had bought several flavours from Alice as they’re my favourite shop, It’s a little expensive to send to the UK but It’s worth it when the options over here don’t compare.

    I’ve gone quite quickly through the bottle already, It tastes just like cake and strawberry’s, a perfect treat. Looking forward to getting more later!

  6. Jessie (verified owner)

    Zombie apocalypse was my favorite years ago when i 1st started vaping. I recently quit smoking again(hoping it sticks this time) and zombie apocalypse is still by far my favorite. I am trying lots of other AIV flavors. Was so disappointed i couldn’t buy them in any of my local stores now but it’s actually way better ordering from you guys! Everything is so well thought out. From the packaging to the confetti like packing( my daughter loves throwing in the air everytime i get a package!) To the charms and the playing cards! And of course the personalized note. And now i am ordering a pikachu and a totoro too!

  7. Markole Buchanan (verified owner)

    I don’t know if I just got a terrible batch otherwise I don’t know why this juice got such great reviews. Gross!!! I let my juice strep 2 months now and it smells like paint thinner. I’ve never smelt juice like this. I got 2 different juices, zombie apocalypses and ‘twas brillig and they both are just terrible.

    • Alice (verified owner)

      We’re so sorry that this flavor didn’t work for you, we would love to help troubleshoot and find a solution to get you vaping happily. Hope you got our email, please respond and we’ll work to make it right! Thanks for letting us know of your troubles.

  8. Lillian

    This is hands down the best juice I’ve ever had! Perfect combo of vanilla cupcake goodness with an exhale of non-chemical strawberries. Alice in Vapeland is killing it!

  9. TimeSlip (verified owner)

    My order just arrived, 1500 miles in less than 3 days! Thank you so much for shipping my first order quick for Labor Day, AiV! =) I tried Zombie Apocalypse first and can hardly put it down, easily one of the best vapes I have ever tasted. Delicious fresh strawberries with light creamy vanilla cake exhale. Glad I ordered 60ml, and am looking forward to trying White Rabbit and Tokala. The juice quality, packaging, and service is just amazing. Blown away. Cheers~

  10. Tony (verified owner)

    I’m so happy to have this in my life again, after a long break from AIV. My foray with inferior products was in folly. Moving forward, I’ll be sure to keep this in stock, along with mang-ri-la and other favorites. Thanks for keeping it real and beautiful.

  11. Robert mantell (verified owner)

    Simply put, in 7 years of vaping and having tried hundreds of flavors, this is the Best juice ever from the best company ever, BUT DONT REFRIDGERATE IT, or the flavor will change to something worse, it loses the cake flavor and tastes way different and way worse! Ymmv but that has been my experience. Now what are you waiting for? Order as much as you can afford to, cuz if you order one you’ll wish you ordered 2!

  12. §putts (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of this yummy strawberry goodness. Theres almost a squabble for the second 60ml bottle when we order our 120mls. Always a good vape.

  13. Rachel

    What a deliciously smooth strawberry cake! My tastebuds are dancing with delight!

  14. Steve (verified owner)

    Wow! Another exquisite juice from AIV (A Quiet Morning is ridiculously good also), this is a fantastic Strawberry based juice, smooth and natural tasting with a hint of vanilla cake. I’ve never vaped a Strawberry juice along these lines as they all tend to be very unnatural tasting to me.

    Buy this juice with confidence if you are a fan of natural a Strawberry taste.

  15. Richard Jangro

    I’ll admit I bought this flavor as a novelty as I am a huge fan of Zombie movies, I was expecting a artificial strawberry taste but what I got instead was a juice that tastes spot on like a ripe strawberry it hasn’t steeped yet but I had to drip a few drops and I can tell this will be one of my favs what I really love is that ur juices don’t taste like their full of sweetners and more of a natural taste

  16. Jane (verified owner)

    Such a great sweet strawberry flavour with vanilla notes. The sweetness seems to come from a cupcake flavour that lingers in the background whilst making a sweet strawberry the star.

    Strawberry ejuices are very popular in the vaping world, but this one is a standout in combining two flavors that are appealing – strawberry and cake – in a way that doesn’t seem contrived or excessively sweetened.

    I liked it better on day two, after it had sat in my tank for a while.

  17. Kirsten (verified owner)

    This has become the one juice that I can not be without. I tend to order this one every week because the idea of not having any on hand makes me very sad. Love all your juices but this one has it’s own special place in my heart.
    Love what you do and how consistent all your flavors are. Thank you for being my number juice company!

  18. tavod89 (verified owner)

    Bought Zombie Apocalypse because it sounded great and my girlfriend and I like strawberries. I had my girlfriend try some and she agreed it was probably the best juice she’s ever tasted. Let me just say that you guys have gained two new continuous customers. We’re looking forward to buying from you guys again soon.

  19. Kristy

    I was excited to get this! It smells so amazing in the bottle and it tastes even better! I was expecting a candy type strawberry flavor, but this is more like fresh, ripe strawberries. There’s a nice hint of sweetness and cake, but it isn’t abhorrently sweet. It’s just right. I love this flavor so, so much. It’s what I’ve been searching for in a strawberry vape.

  20. TomE

    Zombie Apocalypse…. I admit I used to be scared of the thought of brain eating zombies roaming the planet and attacking us all. Now I carry the Zombie Apocalypse around in my pocket. Thank you Vapelandians for helping me overcome my fears. From now on when I’m frightened by something I’ll just vape it away!

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Right on! I’m glad we could help you forge yourself into a fearless warrior of the post-apocalyptic realm!!

  21. Tera (verified owner)

    This flavor is heaven. I absolutely abhor fruit flavors in my vape, but you guys have given this just the right hint of cream to it that I am addicted. My list of fave flavors continues to grow! White Rabbit And Zombie Apocolypse are wonderful all day vape flavors. Hoping to get addicted to more. And the flavors are so mind consuming, my stepping down in the nic level isn’t even crossing my mind! Thank you so much, AIV! You helped me quit smoking after 15 years!

  22. mscja72 (verified owner)

    Good humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bar is all I think in my head! So yummy!

  23. Diana D.

    I found your site by reading a review in Spinfuel magazine. I’m disabled so I can’t get out much. Let me say Thank God for the internet! Been vaping about 5 months now, and aside from Charlie Noble, haven’t found juices I really like……UNTIL NOW!! I ordered the mini sampler to try a variety, mainly with 15 foot fall in mind. Got my sampler in the mail today. Set them aside to steep, although I did smell each one first. Just the scent of Zombie Apocalypse had my mouth watering! I’m not usually a fruit vapor, but I absolutely had to try this one immediately. Put it in my Manger Subox nano with 0.5 SSOCC coil then let it set for 30 minutes. OH MY GOSH, it tastes EXACTLY like the strawberry shortcake my Mom made when I was a kid.Perfectly ripe strawberries, drizzled with sugar over a piece of pound cake! I am so pleasantly surprised. I put the whole sampler in my nano, as I will be vaping this all day tomorrow. I am going to try and not vale it all in one sitting, but it will be difficult! Can’t wait to try the other flavors, also thank you for the free sample that came in my pack! I will definitely be buying the large bottle of ZA! Excited to try the other 5 flavors! Thanks again, I’m definitely a new customer for life!!

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Yay Diana! Thanks so much for this lovely review!! I am so happy you found us, and overjoyed that you loved Zombie Apocalypse. I hope that your other juices will fill your heart with smiles as well :)

  24. Susan (verified owner)

    Juice made in Wonderland……Recieved my juice this week, flavor is fantastic and the care, detail and extras made one of the best better…..love it

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Welcome to Vapeland! Much love from the Mushroom Lab Susan!!

  25. Sabrina (verified owner)

    The first time I tried this I bought a sampler and put it on a stick battery in an evod. I couldn’t taste a thing and wrote AiV off as all hype.

    I just started using an RBA a few weeks ago, and thought I HAD to retry AiV to see if I could finally taste the hype, as it were. Well, I ordered another Sampler, and I am NOT SORRY. ZA has quickly become of my three favs of the sampler I ordered. I’ve been vaping for a few years now, and I can’t BELIEVE how WONDERFUL this is. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

  26. LazyWench (verified owner)

    I like coffee and dessert juices mainly, so I thought I’d give ZA a whirl. Loaded into my Nautilus mini on a 20W iStick…
    oh. my. goodness. gracious!
    Imagine perfectly ripe strawberries, sliced and sprinkled with just enough sugar to draw out their juice, generously spooned on top of a thin slice of vanilla sponge cake.
    [pardon me while I swoon…]

  27. Jennifer

    AwesomeSauce…….. This was the first ejuice that I loved enough to vape all day every day. It is sooooo yummy. Nothing else compares to AIV juice.

  28. Alex

    This flavor was actually gifted to me, as I rarely have spare money to spend. And it’s how I found your brand as well. I. Love. This. I just don’t have the words to properly describe how in love I am. I’m hoping to save up a bit and get a sample pack from y’all. Much appreciation – Alex

    • duchessofvapeland

      Thank you & a warm welcome to Vapeland Alex! <3

  29. Brian (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this juice, on of my favorites. Tastes mostly like strawberry icing to me, but I can pick up some subtle cake notes depending on the RDA and wattage I’m using. Well balanced subtle sweetness, not too over the top or sickeningly sweet. This will be kept in the rotation for sure!

  30. lau4491

    When I tried this in a store on those tiny tester tanks i thought I didn’t like it at all, I just tried it again on my stillare rda and omg is this wonderful! Sweet fluffy strawberry cupcakes! Amazing!!!!

  31. Deary Darling

    This literally tastes like what confections look like in the best illustrations where you want to lift them off the page and gobble them up – its better than real strawberry vanilla cupcakes – this tastes like alternate reality strawberry vanilla cupcakes exclusively served on sun drenched picnics in my own little world lol – amazing!

  32. broken.angel717

    IF I was stuck in a zombie apocalypse As long as I had this to vape on I’d be good until the world ended or my bottle of juice ran out. Strawberry creamy delicousness AiV IS THE BEST . not one flavor has disappointed me thus far

  33. Laura (verified owner)

    I have been vaping 1 juice from a different vendor for over 2 years now. Until now. I received my sample box yesterday and could not believe how good ZA smelled in the bottle. I have hated every single strawberry-type vape I’ve tried, but obviously I was looking in the wrong place. This stuff is straight up addictive and I’ll be getting a 60 mL bottle when the portal opens again next week. I think I’m actually in withdrawal.

  34. Absolem (verified owner)

    As I was undulating through Vapeland, I came across a very curious thing. This …

    Zombie Apocalypse.

    I asked “Who…..are….YOOOU?”…with a thickly dense wisp of Mystic Mandalime

    “Why, I’m the greatest of all the cupcakey-est, strawberry-est creations ever imagined!” as it wafted across my tastebuds, and filled my lungs with a sweetness like no other.

    As I exhaled, I envisioned big red ripe strawberries growing in a field, surrounding a bakery with a gentle breeze swirled with freshly baked golden cake essence. As the mist cleared, I heard “ and who are you?”

    “I am THE Vapour Connoisseur, and you most assuredly ARE all that you claim! Come! Join me for a stroll” I replied, as we continued onward into our journey…..

  35. Absolem (verified owner)

    I’ve been vaping for almost 5 years. Ive tried many juice’s. I stumbled across this rabbit hole a little while back, but only recently did I jump in. I’m glad I did.

    Love this flavor! I’ve always been a strawberry fanboi, but no other strawberry flavor tasted right…..until now! Alice, you MUST be magic. This unique juice is very “premium, and delectable”. No other juice compares.

    If you like strawberry, you owe it to yourself to try this.

  36. Melissa (verified owner)

    I can’t even put into words just how amazing this juice is. It’s a mix between a Strawberry Cheesecake (YUM) and Strawberry Shortcake (YUM too!). I’ve purchased many juices over the years and none – not one compares to this particular juice. It is my go-to all-day vape. I don’t know how Alice does it, but I am in love.

  37. Rachael Victorious (verified owner)

    I got this one in a sampler pack I ordered, and I must say, Alice you are turning me into a girly-girl.
    Fluffy whipped cream, spongy cake, and fresh strawberry at it’s spring peak. It’s indistinguishable from the real thing.

    This one is strong enough for me right out of the mail. Definite reorder.

  38. Heather

    I also would like to tell you guys that I have been raving about this to my two sisters who are vapers too and one of my sisters only usually vapes tobacco flavours. Well, after trying my new all day vape, ” this beautiful stuff” , she’s hooked! Along with my other sister! So I ordered more bottles today! Amazing and THANKYOU. Much love from Scotland

    • duchessofvapeland

      Thank you for sharing this Heather & for being such a wonderful Alice Ambassador! Much love to Scotland from Vapeland!!

  39. Heather

    I ordered this from eciguk and so happy I did. This is the best strawberry taste I have ever came across and that’s including real cupcakes! Wow this is superb e juice. Amazing

  40. Ashley

    I was a little nervous to try this one, just because my boyfriend usually gets the milky vape juices & its too sweet for me to handle & leaves a bad taste in my mouth after.. but I decided to try this along with my little sample packet (still fairly new to the vape thing) & I LOVED IT! It actually tasted like strawberries with whip cream or strawberry milk, dead on. I wasn’t too sweet which I really like because I will smoke on this all day, it doesn’t taste artificial like some of these other vape juices I’ve tried in the past from different stores. I’m so glad I found this website, im definitely pleased with them. Thanks guys, you rock! :)

  41. Matt (verified owner)

    Just when I thought I had tasted one of my all time favorites with twas brillig, I received a sample of Zombie Apocalypse, well now I have another all time fave! Ordered a bottle, strawberry with a hint of cake right it if the box, One week of steeping, dripped it in my plume veil, sweet mother of God, homemade strawberry shortcake, with fresh whip cream, and that’s only a week of steeping, if it gets any better, I may just drink it. AiV is rapidly becoming my go to for my frontlines arsenal!
    On top of stellar customer service! Thanks Hannah!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Awe! Haha, thank you Matt!! I am so happy to hear you have found another ADV here in the Rabbit Hole, that is so wonderful :) Thank you so much for the beautiful description of our dear Zombie <3 We are so delighted that you are here in Vapeland with us!!

  42. Stace Hann (verified owner)

    This juice is like a big glass of strawberry Nesquik milk. I’m so in love.

  43. Norine (verified owner)

    All I can say is, WOW!!! I just got this today, and I know it will only get better with steeping, but I couldn’t wait! Best strawberry flavor I have ever had! Yummy!!!! I’ll be back for more!

  44. amanda (verified owner)

    Love it!!! Thanks so much!!!!! :)

  45. Behe2369 (verified owner)

    This one is beyond amazing! Tastes like strawberry shortcake with whipped cream-right off the bat no steeping needed! My absolute favorite & I love the name- Big zombie fan, also love the looks I get when people ask me what smells so good:) thank you for another great vape!

  46. H

    Simply amazing! Having sampled quite a few juices in my time, this is easily one of the best. The flavor is spot on, and I have not found a strawberry vape that even gets close to the quality in this juice.

    While on vacation, the bottle that I ordered went missing in the mail. AiV were very sympathetic with my misfortune and quickly sent me a new bottle. The whole team is outstanding, and I absolutely love the theme and packaging of the company.

    A big thank you for producing top quality flavors in a fun and appealing way. Most of all, thanks for being their for your customers.

  47. Robert (verified owner)

    As most of the other people have said, the ZA is an Incredible Delight!! I’d have to say, “Damn’ good job. Damn’ good, bloody good, damn’ good job!” My first order was A Bit of Everything and ZA along with B&W Cookie, 15 Foot Falls and Mang-ri-la are, so far, my favorites! I’ll be back for another big bottle next week, most likely. Thank you ladies for all the deliciousness and great/hard work you put into everything! I’ll be informing my friends and family :)

    • Alice (verified owner)


  48. Lisa

    Love love love this one. I almost didn’t even try it because I’m not a fan of cupcake city ejuice or anything strawberry flavored. But this is sooo good and in my top 3 favorites. I will def keep a big bottle around

  49. A

    I like to do the french inhale with this one. It’s like strawberries covered in powdered sugar – DELICIOUS!

  50. Maz (verified owner)

    This is a nice vape very subtle took a few weeks to steep iv re ordered it with extra flavour so ill c how that goes.

  51. cwestphalrun31 (verified owner)

    My first cupcake cape and by far still the best and most used vape that I own. Subtle strawberry flavor with a delicious cake aftertaste. Awesome highly recommended for anyone first starting out and everyone else who enjoys a great vape.

  52. Gary (verified owner)

    I should start by saying that when I was a kid, my grandfather’s garden had 6 full rows of strawberries in it. Every year we harvested tons of the things and my grandmother made some of the best strawberry jam and strawberry shortcake you can imagine–thin layers of sweet biscuit dough cake, fresh whipped cream, strawberries picked that morning…you get the idea. Because of this I’ve spent my adult life hating “strawberry-flavored” this that and the other. I was wary of ordering this juice…as a matter of fact, I didn’t order it at all. It was an “Alice’s Choice.”

    I don’t know what goes into that bottle. I don’t much care either because it tastes like REAL strawberry. There’s a tang on the tongue and a cake and berry sweetness on the exhale that is just fantastic. I’m letting my sampler mature for a few more days, but I’m sure I’ll be ordering a bigger bottle of this soon enough.

  53. Rob (verified owner)

    Most of the reviews describe this scrumtrillescent flavor accurately, so I needn’t repeat them. Instead, I will state the effect of my 3 ml sample: I thought of it wistfully for two days after my sample was gone, and I could clearly remember the subtly sweet essence. For me, it is like a fondly remembered first kiss-gentle, sweet, captivating… My one complaint is the name, Zombie Apocalypse. So totally inappropriate for this flavor. ZA sounds clumsy, careless, dangerous and overpoweringly putrid. This blend is, as I stated, sweet, subtle, complex and gentle. “Zombie Apocalypse”? What, were “Mangled Baby Ducks” or “Burning Tire Fire” already taken? Sheesh. Call it like it is! (btw: I have been smoking a dark roast coffee blend, and compared to ZA, it DOES taste like a tire fire).

    Fantastic flavor, people. I am definitely reordering a big bottle of “First Kiss”, which is what I am calling this flavor.

  54. eross7 (verified owner)

    OMG..Zombie YUM..REAL strawberry flavor, not syrupy nastiness.. Hurry up Tuesday!!

  55. Jessica (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Zombie Apocalypse. I let it steep for about 10 days (cap on, shaking a few times a day) before trying which was complete and utter torture, let me tell you! I’d open the bottle every now and then to take a whiff and it has the most delicious natural strawberry scent so I knew I was in for a treat. The day finally came where I decided it was time so I loaded up my Kanger Evod and set my EGo-C Twist to about 3.8 volts to start (I know it’s not the greatest but I’m new to the world of vaping). At first, I was not impressed. The taste was extremely subtle as many other reviewers have noted. I continued vaping it for about 20 minutes and with each puff it began to taste sweeter and more pronounced. Now, 5 days later, it has become my all day vape (as well as my boyfriends who keeps stealing it from me!!) It truly does taste just like a strawberry cupcake. I get a nice buttercream frosting, subtle cake, and of course..FRESH strawberries. The light flavor I spoke of is still a factor but I have come to appreciate it because it isn’t overbearing or nauseating like some sweet juices can be. In fact, it’s been hard for me to go back to the other liquids in my collection because of this.

    Overall I give this stuff a 10!!! I am really glad because I wanted to love AiV so, so much with their awesome packaging and attention to detail. And it’s a great feeling to say that you guys met my expectation in every aspect. It’s not easy to find an ADV but your juice is so light, crisp, and delicious that I can enjoy in excess without getting bored of it! Thank you so much :) You have made a believer out of me!

  56. Ryan G

    I ordered the Little Bit Of Everything Sampler, and I decided to vape the samples in reverse alphabetical order. Zombie Apocalypse was delicious, with a truly mouth-watering strawberry flavor. The flavor was truly reminiscent of the best strawberry frosting I had ever tasted. I didn’t get much cake flavor, but the strawberry made up for it.

  57. Lookingglass

    I tasted this at my local B&M. I’d sampled my way around other fruity vapes and found them mostly vapid, syrupy, and ridiculous. Zombie Apocalypse is the only strawberry I like, and I love it. It’s not your average wacky , juvenile, strawberry cupcake. It’s….fleshy…tender…a delicious, pale pink berry…more like smelling a ripe but unbitten strawberry, supported by true, delicate vanilla notes with just a speckle of spice. It tastes like the color of a berry stain on a linen tea towel. ‘A lovely, wanton, sophisticated vape.

  58. Kote (verified owner)

    I got an order of this from giant vapes. They ran quickly out of 18mg so this is a 24mg review. I have nothing bad to say about it only good. The flavor isn’t as strong as I thought it would be but it’s there. If you like strawberry jolly ranchers or strawberry pop rocks? That is exactly what this reminds me of. It’s delicious! I’ve yet to taste the cake in the flavor, but I am sure with time it’ll creep on me on such a wonderful way!

  59. Tracy Housley (verified owner)

    Well you guys did it again!!! You never stop amazing me! My first order was A quiet morning- very subtle beautiful natural flavor great all day vape I never get tired of that I loooove. You included a sample of April Moon which i fell in love with and actually made me insist on buying a 15ml bottle because of how incredibly tasty it was! Now I just got my bottle of April Moon which I love and u guys included a sample of Zombie Apocalypse and OMG!!!! It’s amazing!!!! I think you guys are doing this to me on purpose! Lol don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining! My mouth waters in desire for the next pull of delicious strawberry cupcakey vapor. Your flavors are turkey amazing and ever since I’ve been vaping your juices, when I try to use some of my non-AIV juices they all taste chemically or soapy now and It really grosses me out. You have spoiled me lol. I am going to give all my other juices to a friend and become AIV exclusive now because my taste buds simply won’t have it any other way. Now my question is: is it even possible to keep 1 uping yourselves with the flavors u send me?? Lol I don’t think it’s possible but I am hearing wonderful things about Twas Brilling so I might have to double my order (cuz yes I will be getting Zombie juice) so you guys can blow my mind once again :-)
    Till next portal opening my whimsical flavor magic friends !
    Your very devoted and admiring fan
    Tracy <3

    • Alice (verified owner)

      :) We’re so happy we could bring you lovely things!! We’ll try our best to keep making things to make you smile :D

  60. DocVape (verified owner)

    Ordered internationally from AiV for a second time as their flavors are worth it and their extra touches always make you smile :).
    I got the sampler pack the first time round and after vaping ZA I am definately a converted zombie! BRAINS!

    Unfortunately however, the second bottle just was not as tasty as the sampler, I’m going to let it for a good few days and hopefully it will fester into the deliciousness of the first.


    • Alice (verified owner)

      Thanks for the sweet words, DocVape! The larger bottles do take longer to steep, we hope it makes good with you :)

  61. tdsims (verified owner)

    That night was warm and breezy, gentle winds whispering in my ears as my toes danced in the breaking waters of the incoming tides of Diego Garcia. I had earned this 3 day trip to paradise- and now was the time to forget what happened for the 3 days before that in Fallujah. Forget the carnage, the melting flesh, the agonizing screams of those that surrounded me, my brothers, and those of the onsluaght of the hoarde of rebels and villagers aligned with them. Ceaselessly coming forward, oblivious to the rain of destruciton of our .50 cal shells. When the A10’s flew by, I thought I saw the pilot of one of them give us a thumbs up before he dropped the BSU-49’s 120m in front of us. And then there was delicious, golden silence after the cacophony. My ears were ringing- like the times I would get too close to the speakers at Nirvana in SoCal. The ringing has never quite stopped. The MWR waiter brought me a tray- a fifth of Jack, some cherry coke, a bowl of nuts and a bowl of strawberries. Those strawberries were creamy, delicious, ripe, but still with a distinct firmness. They weren’t flown in to the island as everything else was, but grown fresh, in the personal farm of the NCO club chef. They were protected from the islands protected, and quite numerous, crabs and avian life by a mesh of chicken wire. They were coveted. The Chef had seen my combat patch on my class A’s when I arrived and had later told me he too had once been assigned to that brigade. The island was the perfect spot to grow strawberries- effervescent sunlight, and clean, clean ocean air. I tasted those strawberries in AIV’s zombie apocalypse. And I’m just now returning from the flashback induced vision it gave me. I’m going to vape some more now, and remember those strawberries.

  62. Anthony (verified owner)

    This was one of the very first e-liquids to try out. I’ve currently tried out 8 others on top of this… and I couldn’t get enough of it. I chain smoked it all day! One of my all time favorites defiantly. Hits just right!

  63. RoJo (verified owner)

    I am the pickiest person when it comes to my juice. I always go for a dessert vape, because anything else would keep me smoking analogs. I tried Zombie Apocalypse and wasnt sure what to think but I couldnt put it down. This. Is. The. End. All. Be. All. My ADV. The vape I have search high and low for. The taste of REAL strawberries. One day it damces with cream. The next day its snuggles itself into a vanilla cupcake. When it steeps, its even more delightful. Im out of it right now (except for a tiny 6ml sample ive been rationing) and all other juices cannot measure up to Zombie Apocalypse. I cannot wait until next Tuesday to order more.

    (I use an rda on a Nemesis mech. A .3ohm build with cotton wick.)

  64. MOUNIR (verified owner)

    Hello, I received your delivery juice 18 mg / ml for the first time.
    I think it irritates me too much the throat I cough a lot and I have a metal or acid taste in the mouth. is this normal?
    I use a genesis of orion v3

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi there! :) What an amazing mod :) Please make sure your wick is wicking properly, as new wicks can take a little bit to get broken in. There is more info in our FAQ. Also, in the case that you have a PG allergy, you can always request 90%+VG in the special instructions at checkout.

  65. deadrock

    wow , so this is an awesome flavor and I will fight zombies for it ,no really……. I will.

  66. Michael

    this juice…. hmmm.. the first time i tried it i had gotten a sample size and boy was i blown away… i chain vaped the sample bottle in the time it took me two watch a movie! Ive tried at least 100 fluids from more vendors than i can remember but this one was the first i liked enough to buy bulk so I ordered the 60ml bottle. it seemed like an eternity until a special AiV box appeared in my mailbox, but it was worth the wait! I probably vaped 7ml before putting it down but then took a break from it for a week or two. Sadly when i came back to it the flavor was…. different, instead of sweet strawberry it was this strange semi-sweet bottle of blah. This was all back in june, since then I’ve let in sit and tested the taste every now and then but that original zombie flavor i love just isn’t there anymore, so half a year later i still have 30ml left.. usually fluid gets better with age, but i guess that wasn’t the case this time. Overall id say try this fluid, just don’t spring for the 60ml bottle because its better fresh! With all the wonderful flavors offered here a few 15ml bottles will be just as good anyway

  67. richard (verified owner)

    love this juice will be ordering more the second they open back up has a distinct strawberry taste that is bold but not overpowering with a almost poundcakey undertone for the cupcake a perfect juice.

  68. Chris (verified owner)

    Another WOW for the most magnificent juice WIZARD in the world.
    After my first vape I looked at my triton tank and thought to myself.
    hmm how on earth did alice turn strawberry cake into a liquid, I had to look to make sure there was no peices of cake or strawberries in there.

    Are you secretly a magician with liquifying spells?

  69. mph2373 (verified owner)

    I recently ordered the “everything” sampler pack. I took one puff of this strawberry deliciousness and immediately knew I found a winner.

    I truly mean this Alice, one puff and I was in love! I can’t wait to try the others in the sample (very cute packaging), but ZA has set the bar pretty high.

    Just an outstanding lightly sweet, strawberry treat!

  70. jennifer (verified owner)

    I really wanted to love it, I did!
    I let it steep..and steep..and steep.. and it just wasn’t there for me. I guess I am stuck forever chasing my perfect strawberry….
    I did order a sample of it to see if maybe, just maybe I could try it again.. but if not, I am completely happy with my other Vapeland juices…

  71. Mell (verified owner)

    I just received my juice in the mail a few days ago. I had to get on here to write a review. First of all, I am extremely impressed with the amount of work that was put into the presentation of the package! It’s special receiving a package from Alice. Now for the juice… It tastes amazing. There’s obviously a lot of work put into the flavor, and you get what you pay for, and more. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase and will most certainly be ordering more. Thank you Alice!!

  72. D8z3dnC0nfuz3d

    Dear Alice,

    This juice is the BOMB! Loaded it up in my tank and already went through 3mL. Fantastic stuff! Can definitely taste all the flavor and it is a HUGE billow of vape. This is my new ADV, and I am definitely coming back for more. Thank you!

  73. Kelly (verified owner)

    This was the first flavor I tried out of my sample order and I almost cried when it was gone. I’ve tried several versions of this juice from different places, but this is the best, smoothest vape I’ve had. This vape is like strawberry crack. I couldn’t imagine doing without it. I think I would like the world has ended. I’m a flavor hog, so I don’t think there could be an ADV for me, but this would be the closest.

  74. cat vapes

  75. CABA (verified owner)

    Really awesome Strawberry-cream flavor. Really surprised me how awesome it is. One of my favorites for sure.

  76. Terrence (verified owner)

    Amazing! I had to get it being a zombie fanatic! Best flavor I have ever had. First time buyer. I give it a 10 out of 10! Must try!

  77. Brooke (verified owner)

    My first juice from Aiv! I am in lust! This is my fave juice ever! It is now my adv. Sweet, berries, cupcakes. Delish! A must try for anyone that likes sweet juice.

  78. fancypants723 (verified owner)

    I found the cake! I had to find the right voltage and it tastes amazing now! Thank you AiV, another wonderful vape!

  79. fancypants (verified owner)

    While I do really like this flavor, mine tastes nothing like Cupcakes. I get Strawberry, Cream and a bit of butter. I’m not sure if I just got a bad bottles because everything else tastes amazing! But no cupcake or cake flavor to my bottle at all. Really makes me sad, I love cupcakes and Alice in Vapeland! Like I said, maybe just a bad bottle. I hope to try it again with it tasting like an actual cupcake!

  80. Sabrina31 (verified owner)

    Is this is what a zombie tastes like i have to admit i will be willing to change to the dark side :) by far one of my favorites!! The taste of strawberry and cream is remarkable! Its pure deliciousness!

  81. Stephanie McNabb (@Stepherzme) (verified owner)

    I am totally in love with these juices so far. Got my first AiV package today and wow! but i really must add that with this one, im really not getting a lot of flavor like the others i have tried so far. I can taste it, but it is weak. Good, but weak. Definitely a bummer after my last tank full of Crunkberry. Maybe it should sit a few days? idk. But great work overall and excellent customer service. Loved my AiV vapemail <3

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi Stephanie! If you like, feel free to give us a call and we can help see if there is anything we can do to help :) Thanks for the sweet feedback and we are glad you enjoyed a bowl of Crunkberries!!

  82. Lisa (verified owner)

    This was a free sample given in our box. My husband loves it. To me it tastes like a real strawberry with a creamy cake. Very authentic tasting. Not candy sweet fake strawberry. Would buy in big bottle form.

  83. Don Moore (verified owner)

    A most intoxicating flavor! Strawberry is easily my favorte cake. I make mine with both strawberry jello and strawberry puree. I make a truly scrumptious strawberry cake!

    But I have to admit, this juice is BETTER. It’s like strawberry cake times ten. Got it at my local brick-and-mortar and without steeping (it might have sat around the store long enough) it is truly spectacular.

    A few people have mentioned it, and I will second the fact that this does not even try to taste like fresh strawberries, or strawberry candy, or anything else. It tastes like strawberry CAKE, straight up and down.

    This is 100% definitely going into my permanent rotation! NOM NOM NOM!

    – Nashville, TN

  84. cathmort

    Greetings from ‘Downunder’,
    I got this heavenly juice with my first order from Alice and have totally fallen in love with it. I have been vaping for 8 months and have spent a small fortune on juices from many, many places, searching for that ultimate ADV. I’m so happy I’ve found ‘the one’. This is the BEST juice I have ever tasted!! It’s so clean and crisp. I’m been a smoker for over 50 yrs and my tastebuds are shot to pieces but when I vaped Zombie Apocalypse, I was taken to a place I’ve never been before. On the inhale I tasted rich red fresh Strawberries and on the exhale I tasted a fluffy sponge cake filled with a touch of strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream. How on earth do they do that?! DE-LIC-IOUS!!! I’ve just put another order in for 2 x 60ml bottles this time. I don’t ever want to run out of this again. Thank you so much once again for this wonderful juice! I’m so glad I’ve found Alice. You’re a lifesaver, literally!!

  85. Tricia

    I love sweet juices and this one makes me happy

  86. Brandon B

    Hey, I was just wondering if it would be a possibility to order 30 ml plastic bottles instead of the glass dropper bottles because I made the mistake of dropping the bottle today because I hadn’t tightened the top on all the way and my juice went all over the ground. If it was plastic bottles with the squeeze tips it would have been spared. I hope to get a reply from you.
    And thank you very much for the scrumptious juice! I wish I didn’t waste so much of it ;(

    • alice

      Hi Brandon, we’re so very sorry to hear about your broken bottle :( We do offer plastic bottles in for our petite-sized Juices in 18ml. Some folks keep an 18ml bottle to transfer amounts of larger bottles in for travel. We don’t offer plastic bottles in larger sizes because amber glass is much better for storing Juices.

      • Brandon B

        Alrighty I might just have to do that then. Thank you very much!

    • Brandon B

      And I would also like to thank you for the wonderful panda items you included for my girlfriend she loves them and the little pun’kin tumble also. Thank you very much!

  87. VapeMonster

    Pleasantly surprised with ZA. I’ve tried Strawberry flavors previously from other Vendors, and always chemical aftertaste. ZA is truly a delight to this 6 yr vaper! I’m finding the strawberry really comes out at 4.4V on a 2.2ohm Atty.. Lovin It!

  88. Cookie

    are the juices 100% VG ?i like alot of vapor production

    • alice

      Hi Cookie! All our Juices are made at our preferred ratio, which is optimized for each flavor :) Most are high in VG, but you can always request >90%+VG. Here’s more info: https://vapeland.org/more/faq#custom

  89. JonnieFAST

    VERY tasty! Almost too sweet right out of the mail, (although I ordered extra flavoring)… Decent amount of vapor\\\\ can’t wait for my glass tanks to come as they will most surely be filled with this juice. Great job, great packaging, great presentation, most importantly, GREAT FLAVOR.

  90. Mark Perlman (verified owner)

    I ordered this as my first order from AIV and there will be many more to come.This juice is absolutely fantastic, I opened the bottle when I first revived it and the aroma was intoxicating I tried to wait a couple days for it to steep but could only hold out for and hour or so. I had to at least try a couple drips in a atty and from that moment on I was hooked. I have been vaping the blood of a magical horned horse from a different vendor for some time and while it is good this is on a completely different level. if the gods vape this is the juice they use.

  91. Pookerton

    So, I made my first order from this site; “A Little Bit of Everything.” I was so in love with the packaging first off. I had gotten the 4 of clubs as far as cards go (I want them all, now), and a personalized Thank You card. It was so adorably cute! Then, I tried my first flavor; Zombie Apocalypse.

    I’m in love.

    I went off of all the comments and gauged that this would be the flavor I started with. It’s a hell of a lot smoother than any other vape liquid I’ve tried. I just love the smooth inhale of strawberry and exhale of the creamy cake. I’m ordering more as soon as the store opens again! <3

  92. Erica

    I have had such a hard time finding juices i absolutly love. I found reviews for alice in vapeland on youtube and ordered a sample pack and a couple testing juices and this seems to be my favorite. Right out the mail it’s amazing!! So glad I found you guys! I am going to make a order this week once you open back up! Tastes like strawberry short cake and for once I can actually taste every ingredient! MMMMMMM!!!

  93. Lordjerra

    I received my first package from Alice yesterday, and i was blown away at just the packaging of the order alone. The white rabbit stamp, the personalized thank you card. The Mad Hatter joker card, the bees stamped inside and the shredded colored paper, even a couple of free samples. The bottles i ordered had the cool little charms that represented what the name of the juice is based on. That is cool. So i fired off the Apocalypse first!!!!!!!!!!! and HOLY S#@T!!!!!!! Mind blown. The flavor was amazing. I can’t wait to try White Rabbit and Twas Brillig. These people just got a new customer for life. I will be waiting eagerly for the site to open again soon. Thanks guys YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!

  94. Nikki (verified owner)

    Holy crap on a cracker!! Got my sampler today and I couldn’t wait to try this! I’m already kicking myself for not ordering a bigger bottle! It’s amazing!

  95. Dominic (verified owner)

    Quite possibly my favorite flavor that I have ever vaped. The first couple pulls off the atomizer I felt a little disappointed, but after vaping on it a little while I realized I did in fact quite like it. By the second day of vaping ZA it was stuck in my head that I never wanted to be without it. Ordered a 30 ml for my first taste and placed an order for 60 ml tonight. Love this stuff!
    To be clear…when I said I was disappointed, it was because it was almost TOO GOOD. I had envisioned it being similar to flavors I had tried from other companies, but the taste was so much more. I could immediately taste the strawberry cupcake goodness that you could only get from a premium bakery. I could even taste the buttery slightly browned edges you would get on a real cupcake.
    Thank you AiV for offering such wonderful products. :)

  96. Matthew C

    The Zombie Apocalypse is one juice that is just amazing! Tastes like fresh baked strawberry cupcakes just like in the description! This is my all day vape and i most definitely recommend this to everyone!!!

  97. Seth Grimm (verified owner)

    This juice will always be my favorite ejuice in the whole world.

    I get depression if I am caught without it for too long.

    It’s divine essence is almost as amazing as it’s taste. I vape it every day. Sweet natural strawberry on the inhale, delicious buttery cake batter on the exhale. Any other strawberry cake/cupcake juice is a joke that pales in comparison to this liquid gold.

    I prefer this juice over actually eating the real thing. AiV is helping me lose wait! ;)

  98. chris wheatstone

    i had my zombie come through today very much let down i ordered 2 60ml bottles in 24 nicotine well it has come with 0mg of nicotine how can i change this and get a refund ??? or get it changed as it really is my favorate liquid

    • alice

      Hi Chris, thank you for your note and your email. Unfortunately we checked and you had ordered your Zombies at 0mg. If you ever make a mistake in the future, please let us know IMMEDIATELY and we will do our best to correct it!

  99. Engin

    You must try this epic juice. After 2-3 days of steeping it ll become your favorite if you like strawberry cakes. Trust me. Really :)

  100. Alex

    I ordered this in my second sample pack from AIV and after smelling it I could NOT wait to try it. I ordered a bigger bottle without even trying it first That’s how good it smells. Now I’m sad I’m almost done with my sample and still have a bit to wait for my next vape mail. This stuff is AMAZING!

  101. Jiggy

    Honestly, right out of the mail box, wasn’t so fond of it, but after it steeped for a few days….oh my god. New favorite!

  102. wagnus8907

    If you have not tried this juice yet, you are sincerely missing out. I have tried in excess of 50 flavors from all different brands, and this is hands down, bar-none, nothing else even in the same ballpark the BEST flavor I have ever had. If it was sold by the gallon, I would buy it that way no question. The strawberry is so wonderfully sweet, but not candy like at all. No other juice makes has even come close to making such a special strawberry flavor. And the cakiness of it is also miraculous. A hint of buttery, creamy frosting on the tongue is quite literally the icing on the cake. I vape Zombie Apocalypse all day, every day. I have sold at least half of my juices because everything else is just a disappointment after you try this. Please, do yourself a favor and just buy 60mL. You will need it.

    • Alex (verified owner)

      I ordered the 60! Whoop whoop!

  103. iKN0WaGH0ST

    This flavor is really something. The only way I can describe it, is that it tastes like MORE.

  104. Clayton (verified owner)

    This is the best flavor Alice makes. Whatever amount you’re about to buy, double it!

  105. Anita

    I read so many good things about AIV on ECF, so I decided to order a sample pack. Now, I should have really paid attention because ZA got so many rave reviews and now I see why. This juice is AMAZING right out of the box. The strawberry taste is fresh and true, like a real strawberry. The cake flavor is delicious and light…sort of like a freshly baked sponge cake. The combination is scumptious!!! It’s smooth, flavorful with out being over powering and produces a cloud of delicious vapor. I’ve tried lots of juices and I can honestly say this is the best. I’ve now ordered a large bottle and will make sure to never run out of this delicious juice. Everything in my sampler was delicious, but this juice is beyond AWESOME!!! Thank you!

  106. manzano

    magnifique fruité extra…..rien a voir avec ce que l’on a en france…MERCI DU DELICE

  107. Jessica

    A very interesting flavor! On arrival, it tasted very much of fresh strawberries- now after a few weeks, it has more the the strawberry cupcake flavor others have commented on! This is a fun, refreshing juice that I’ve really been enjoying a lot lately.

  108. Kath

    This is a truly remarkable juice. Love it!

  109. MonsterKenny

    All i can say is WOW! The ZA is my go to juice! :) Best strawberry bakery juice i have had to date! Keep up the great work AIVL Team!

  110. Jeff

    Okay so I wasn’t sure what to think of this juice when I ordered it, because honestly I didn’t pay attention to its actual flavor, I was just psyched about having a juice that read “Zombie Apocalypse” on the bottle. But holy smokes what a great flavor! It’s every bit of strawberry cupcake that the description promises, and then some. Fresh, flavorful strawberries with a delectably sweet cupcake finish, makes you feel like you’re eating the real thing! A real treat to be sure!!! One of my new faves!

  111. chris pell

    i got this flavor in a sample pack that i bought for me and my girlfriend to try. all i can say is wow.i get a nice fresh strawberry,with a creamy/buttery under tones. this is my girlfriends adv. it reminds her of the strawberry cream savers she loved as a kid. also the package that there juice come’s in is really neat. a+ from the both of us, going to order a 60ml bottle after were done trying all the flavors that we got


  112. Greg (verified owner)

    I didn’t think I’d fall for any fruit flavors, but this was love at first vape <3

  113. carl

    I got this one in my small sampler….Its simply put amazing..If you want the best flavored juices this one is a deff winner….after the 3.2 ml bottle, i admit i smoked it up in no time…..i ordered a 15ml,but im thinking now that i need to just go ahead and get 60ml this is unlike anything ive ever had and i adore these juices,out of the sampler pack i got id deff get 15ml bottle of each one and out of the 5….3 of them id skip the 15 and jump stright to 60 mls lol dont pass on this one….truely a master peice

  114. Benita

    this juice is epic, love love so fluffy all your juices are awesome. Going to mAke another order I sure don’t want to run out. Soooo tastey the best juice on the market. They packaging is beautiful makes me feel special
    always excited to see my box in the mail :-) thank you

  115. Vickie

    I really like this one too!!! Oh I am so hooked now lol

  116. Yuttynutt

    I really enjoyed this one, a perfect blend of flavors. Amazing in all ways.

    • alice

      I’m so glad you survived the Zombie Apocalypse!! Based on feedback we received, we made some slight flavor adjustments prior to releasing this flavor and we hope that Zombies everywhere approve . .

  117. Robin931

    Absolutely one of my favorites too! I have seen this flavor bring macho men to their knees! Its that good! Seriously.

  118. CayCay (verified owner)

    Hopefully this will be the only Zombie I fall in love with. Simply a delicious strawberry cake flavor that I can’t live without… once again, hopefully the only Zombie I can’t live without. Amazing flavor, one of my favorites.

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