Cherry Blossom Tea


Blossoms falling all around

. . . like little hearts adrift

find my cup of tea to steep

. . and soon my spirits Lift


*Floral Cherry*




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.

Extra flavor is NOT available for this flavor.



  1. Ksenia Poletaeva (verified owner)

    Curious and curiouser……
    Where are y’all getting rosemary from?? To me it tastes like a combination of the candied fruits in fruitcake and a cherry blossom ice cream mochi. I love this so much!!! I tried using some old juice (not old just from before I got my last shipment from alice in vapeland so maybe a month?) And omg it was so gross…. I will never go back to other juices.

  2. Sabrina Pillars (verified owner)

    Finally a cherry that isn’t medicinal or over sweet. It has density but also delicate enough to be more aroma in the after effect than sticky. Makes for a long relaxing vape.

  3. adaman1122

    This is and Mystic Mandalime are my favorite flavors. The balance on this is perfect, just sweet enough without being too overbearing or floral. I can’t recommend this enough!

  4. CzaraTyranikal

    So pleased! I started hitting this right away, no steeping required. Reminds me EXACTLY of a Japanese tea: Sakura cha! Green tea, rosemary and cherry essence. A great choice for those who want to dabble in fruitiness without going full on fruity. Subtle and complex, this juice will leave you wanting more! Great all day toke!

  5. Annie

    Maybe I let it steep too long, I’m not sure, but all I can taste is rosemary. I had to empty my tank. From looking at other reviews it looks like I’m the only one so don’t let my experience stop you from trying it.

  6. Summer Hewitt (verified owner)

    I sadly did not like this juice. Not to discourage anyone from trying it out, it just was not for me :( Straight away I opened the bottle and it smelled strongly of fresh cherries and cherry flavored NyQuil, so not a particularly pleasant smell. But I still filled up my tank and gave it a try hoping to enjoy the taste at least. But it tasted too perfumey to me and not a hint of tea… I was really looking forward to this flavor, but it’s not for me I guess. But I do enjoy my white rabbit that I am currently vaping! (:

  7. Ernest (verified owner)

    This is my go to flavor. Ive only vaped for about a year, and this was one of the first flavors I tried….a bit obsessed with sakura, or cherry blossom as I love Japan and lived there for 2 years. This is reminiscent of a sakura green tea I tried while there. Ive shopped around, tried other companies and flavors but every couple weeks I make sure to order a bottle of this as its the only flavor thus far to not let me down. Need to start ordering larger bottles as I go through this way to fast. Amazing plain and simple

  8. Ernie (verified owner)

    While not what i was expecting, it is still an absolute delight. I lived in Japan for two years and fell in love with anything sakura. This is by far the closest ive seen in vaping. Very nice floral flavor but not too strong

  9. CatCrazyLadyJ

    New to vapeland, but this flavor is by far my favorite so far! Wonderful cherry taste without being medicine or sticky sweet tasting.

  10. Justin Simutis (verified owner)

    extraordinarily delicious. soft floral notes with a light cream. with this juice my RDA is left with a smile & so am I.

  11. zennyzap

    This has a light but very good and natural tasting cherry flavor! I got this as a free sample in the Delectable Sampler and it was the last I tried because I didn’t think I would like it, but it’s very good! It leaves a lovely aftertaste in my mouth a while after I’ve vaped it and it is one of the prettiest tasting juices I’ve tried from any vendor so far

  12. Beardman of Love

    This is actually the best floral vape I’ve tried. It’s subtle and smooth unlike a lot of other florals I’ve tried which are way too strong. Unfortunately for me this juice gives me stomach aches and makes me gassy. No idea why but I’ve tried this on two different days and same thing happened.

  13. Robin

    I received my first sample package last week. I grabbed this one expecting something wonderful, but alas, I was destined to be disappointed. Not a hint of cherry or tea. Not a whiff of cherry blossoms. A tiny bit sweet, but pretty much not much flavor at all. Why am I not getting the deliciousness that everyone else is enjoying. (hangs head……..little tear trickles down cheek) I stuck what I had left back in the cool and dark and am hoping when I release it from its enforced confinement next month it will reward me for my patience.

  14. Joshua (verified owner)

    Wow. Just… wow. I approached this juice with trepidation, dreading the gag-inducing “pop tarts” cherry flavor that plagues every other “cherry” e-juice. But, I love Alice, and I love tea vapes, and I love cherry blossoms so I took the plunge.
    This isn’t artificial cherry. it’s not maraschino cherry, it’s not black cherry, and it’s not ranier cherry. It’s… Sakura. It genuinely tastes the way the blossoms smell for that one, blissful week in early April. it’s lovely, floral (but not perfumey), with a hint of white tea and just a subtle little touch of sweetness. Cherry Blossom Tea is a delicious, surprisingly enjoyable flavor that is utterly unique. In an industry of bold custards, hazelnuts, nuclear-bold melons and artificial butter flavoring, Alice stands alone in making top-tier, subtle, unique flavors that bring on fond old memories (and create a few new ones). Bravo!

  15. Brittany Lucas

    So I got this as a little sample and I must say I was very surprised by how good it was. Its like a real cherry blossom tea it was so good maybe not an all day vape for me but still very yummy!

  16. cuzproby (verified owner)

    Very nice, mellow floral cherry. My new ADV. Thanks Alice in Vapeland for the dedication! :)

  17. Danellia (verified owner)

    This really is a rare flavor. It is not a candy cherry. This is very floral to me but i love it. The balance between tea and natural cherry is delightful. It was very smooth and calming to me as well. It’s not an adv for me but rather i need to be in the mood for it a tank at a time. It’s a great juice when you want something different. This does have quite the throat hit as well.

  18. meghan

    I got a decadent sampler, and this was the first in my tank. Oh my!!! It’s like vaping a cherry blossom! <3 So nice, so sweet, so perfectly light! it's easily one of my favorite!!

    Thank you, Alice!! xx

  19. lau4491

    So to me this flavor smells like cherry Chapstick so I’m a little nervous about it but here it goes… I get floral notes, cherry notes and a tiny hint of sweetness…it’s not bad, almost soothing , but can’t shake that cherry Chapstick smell and I get a hint of that taste. Not bad but not the flavor for me. 3mg right out of the mail.

  20. Ciernan (verified owner)

    After finding your site, I ordered a bundle but was so excited to try your stuff that I found a local-ish store (about 60 miles away) shop that carried a few of your juices. I ended up purchasing this one to tide me over till I receive my order, and I am not disappointed! This juice is fabulous, to say the least. Soft, subtle… A hint of cherry but without the overwhelming candy flavor…cream tea overtones make this one of my favorite juices for all day. I can’t wait until I get my package!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hi Ciernan! I love Cherry Blossom Tea too! Thank you for the beautiful description <3 I am so happy you can find Alice close to home :) Welcome to Vapeland!!

  21. LullabyLexus

    This is my absolute favorite from Alice. Simply divine. It makes me feel like im floating in a pond of cherry blossom petals, on a light spring day. Just so wonderful, I can’t see my stock without it. You’re my favorite for a reason, Alice! Way to go.

  22. Andrew AKA Panda

    This one is not for me the taste reminds of rola cola but still lovely cherry flavour maybe too light a flavour my other friend really likes it so thumbs up to you AIV

  23. Guido van Gent (verified owner)

    The liquid is called Cherry blossom tea so what would you expect? It is exactly that! A very light flavour you can vape all day and my girlfriend loves it. I dont need any added flavour, but it is a light flavour so if you are not into the light stuff, ask for more flavour :)

  24. Diamond (verified owner)

    This one just edged past April Moon as my favorite ADV. Had to order a bigger bottle today when the portal opened, as I got my sampler bottle from my LBE. Vaped right out of the bottle, no steeping, the flavor makes me close my eyes and smile a little every time I pick up my PV after I’ve set it down for a bit. Not too strong, but sooooo delicious. Highly Recommended.

  25. Ace (verified owner)

    I ran out after one week and have been waiting for the store to reopen! My favorite morning vape as I watch the sun rise. A true dip into a moment of cloudy zen. Jasmine tea with a cherry over tone. Excellent vapor production.

  26. gallagher.v.nicole (verified owner)

    This is mysteriously addicting! My local vape store just started carrying some of your juices, and I love them all really, but this one is one of my favorites (so far at least). The taste of cherry and tea is just right, but I think my favorite part is the smell of the vapor – it smells exactly like cherry blossoms! I feel like I’m back in the front yard of the house I grew up in, sitting under our tree just after the flowers bloomed…very relaxing! I love it :)

    • duchessofvapeland

      That is a fantastic description! Thank you :) That is so wonderful you are able to find Alice locally!! Hooray! Thank you for letting us take you down memory lane & for being here in Vapeland with us!

  27. Lisa

    Lovely but a tad subtle. The tea flavor really shines through but I did pump it up with some cherry ejuice I had around and it was great.

  28. Charles

    This is my first flavor I purchased from you guys at my local vape store. 30 ml bottle 11 mg of nicotine and when i tried the sample at the store and felt it was a bit subtle but was good. Brought it home loaded it up right away. This most have steeped in the store cause the cherry mighta been subtle but the tea really shined through. great vape descent clouds and its one my go to vapes.9/10

  29. Traci (verified owner)

    Slightly floral, lightly cherry, not too sweet. Subtle. Perfect for all day, anytime. I ALWAYS have a bottle of this on hand.

  30. Rin13

    This is my favorite tea vape from AIV thus far. (tried Sweet Tease and Quiet Morning) The reason I like it is because the tea flavor is not as intense as it is in Quiet Morning but more prevalent than Sweet Tease, which I can barely taste. The cherry blossom is there but not overpowering and not floral… which is strange because it is a flower… I guess to be more accurate, it doesn’t have a chemical taste that other cherry blossom flavors that I’ve tried have. It’s a genuine flavor. If you like cherry blossom tea, you should definitely love this. It’s really nice. Relaxing.

  31. Matthew (verified owner)

    This flavor… First off I’m not really a fan of cherry flavor, and I don’t like tea flavored vapes… But wow! I got a sample of this for a random flavor and ended up being one of my favorites! I just received a bigger bottle and mmmmmm lovely so smooth. If your thinking about trying it, just go ahead and order some haha.

  32. Shannon (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZING.
    This tea is soooo delicately (-and deliciously) floral and cherrylicious. I clearly taste the DREAMY fragrance of blossoms, and, of course, the BEAUTIFUL flavour of cherry. ~it is SO UNIQUE and scrumptious (–in no way perfumey)!
    So light and SMOOTH…yet, multifaceted, deep, and substantial.
    As is the case with my other faves (A Quiet Morning and April Moon), the longer it is steeped/heated (–allowed to develop–) in my clearo, the more the complex notes unfurl …and sing, in beautiful harmony.
    These AIV people are artists. They are magic. They must love us, too…because they seem passionately committed to providing Vapeland seekers, NOT with “a product”, but with a ticket to the state of ecstasy. A sensory HOLIDAY. Liquid heaven!
    I am not exaggerating.
    Please try this flavour!!
    You will be bowled over by the experience of it, I can assure you. <3

  33. catman

    I was excited to try this and was expecting mainly a cherry flavor with a hint of green tea, but I was disappointed as I couldn’t taste any cherry. I didn’t enjoy this flavor as it tasted mostly like dried tea leaves.

  34. RPGZealot

    I have to agree with Dave’s comments below, it starts with a lightly sweet taste of cherry (candy-like, but not medicinal) and then a smooth tea flavor on the exhale. Clouds, too. Clouds!

    I notice that some others have said it needs steeping, but given it’s a sample, I haven’t that luxury. I also DON’T agree that it does. First flavor tried right out of the box and… just, wow. Could be an ADV.

    If any of the rest are half as good, I’m in for a treat.

  35. blackpurl (verified owner)

    Got this one as a sample and thought…..blossoms….yuck! But decided I have it might as well try it and……I FELL IN LOVE!!! I can taste the blossom but it does not taste like perfume which is what I was afraid of and the cherry did not taste like a cough drop. Nice and light a good smooth vape. Liked it so much I ordered a bigger bottle. This is definitely going to be a true fave for me for a long time.

  36. Bryan

    Well damn… I had my doubts coming here, as I have found very few juices that I truly enjoy. I came and bought a sample pack with Cherry blossom tea in it and it is the first one I tasted…. I must say… Impressive, truly impressive.

    Tastes like the original haagen daaz vanilla ice cream (at least to me). Simply smooth, and very very tasty. I shall be reviewing all the others as well. 1/6 down 5 more to go!! Love it so far!

  37. Cody (verified owner)

    I purchased this liquid with a great deal of hesitation. I love tea, and ordering a liquid tea flavor was going out on a limb because I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to its billing. Add to the fact that my favorite tea is a loose Cherry Sakura made by a local tea shop, and I was worried I would be let down by this one.

    I’m happy to report that my fears were unjustified. After a few days of steeping, it’s a nearly perfect replica of my favorite tea. The tea flavor itself is a little weaker than I would brew it, but otherwise it is spot on.

    Fair warning for the impatient (coming from an impatient person), you need to let this one steep. Out of the mailbox, it has a bit of an alcohol taste to it, so it needs some air to mellow that out.

    I’ll be back to order more of this as the weather gets cooler and my tea needs increase!

  38. Seth Goldberg

    I do indeed like this flavor. Its possibly the best Tea flavor I’ve had. After 12 days of steeping, I really still only get the Tea Flavor. Is there a recommended time to steep for this?

    What I love about it, is that in the mornings vaping is a bit harsh on me so its hard not to grab an analog at that time. This is something I could vape without issue in the morning.

  39. Özdemir Öztürk

    I liked this one. It’s like flavor flavour. But not like you are eating flavors. It’s like you know the smell of flavor right? its like you can also taste it.

  40. Ben S.

    The other cherry flavors I have tried all had a heavy cough drop / medicinal flavor, which I can not stand, so I was a bit apprehensive when I loaded up this juice. A few puffs later my worries disappeared in a haze of smooth, flowery, and slightly sweet cherry bliss. This was my surprise favorite out of the “Alittle bit of Everything” sampler pack, and I happily ordered a 60ml bottle. This flavor is very relaxing, and one my all day vapes for sure!

  41. Dave

    Greetings from the UK.
    Just received my lovely juice and I must say the Cherry Blossom has blown me away!!
    At first I’m getting the sweet taste of the fresh cherry and then on the exhale loving deep notes of earthy earl grey tea all wrapped up in sweet sumptuous cherry!!
    Truly divine!
    I will most definitely be buying a nice big bottle of this one!
    Thanks Alice.

    • alice

      Thank you Dave! Cherry blossom is Nicole’s ADV here in the Mushroom Lab :)

  42. Alex

    My favorite one out of my sampler. Ordered a large bottle! The taste is mostly tea for me, but still fantastic. I’m hoping that a little steeping might bring the cherry out :)

  43. Bonnaroo

    This is my go-to stress relief vape. During hurricane Sandy, half of my flat roof peeled off of my house. I was huddled in the living room with water streaming into a trash can a few feet away, vaping on this like my life depended on it lol..needless to say, I’ve ordered a larger bottle!

  44. Yvon

    I definitely LOVE this e-liquid. Will order a big bottle soon!

  45. Robin931

    Oh wow…is this my favorite tea vape??? I think maybe…it’s so hard to decide when they are all so good! This one kinda floors me though… The cherry flavor is absolutely perfect. You MUST try this! It feels as though you are vaping something SO high end…and elegant! Think aston martins and louboutoin shoes!

  46. Yvon

    Greetings from France, where I’m enjoying your Cherry Blossom Tea e-liquid right now… But first, I have to say that your liquids are VERY sensitive, because it took ten days for your samplers to become truly delectable. When I’ve tried my first bottle, I have thought that your liquids were not for me… and anyone else. Tea tasted like strong pepper, and the vapour was thick as mashed potatoes, even on high voltage, and fat as margarine, letting a strong and unpleasant taste on my tongue. I was wondering what had happened to my samplers. Then, after a long breath and a long rest, I’ve tried your Cherry Blossom Tea and it’s delicious. Truly delicious. Be sure I’ll order some more soon. Kind regards, Yvon from France :)

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with this, I felt the same way about ’twas Brillig, then after a month it was simply devine

  47. Robert Spence

    Cherry Blossom Tea- WOW!

    This has to be, hands-down, the absolute best cherry my wife and I have ever tasted! The flavor is delicate, accurate and not at all a “candy” or “throat lozenge” reproduction. I have no idea how Alice in Vapeland has done it, but it is an instant hit among my wife and I!

    Thank you for including this as a sample :)

  48. kmh

    This was 1 of the 2 extra samples that Nicole threw in for me when I placed my order for a sampler pack. This flavor didn’t sound like something I would enjoy that much as I am not normally much for fruit vapes, so jumped over it.

    I have had it in my tank now for almost a day now and must say I am so glad that Nicole added it. I have vaped this one juice all day at work even though I carry 3 to 4 tanks with me that I normally change out through out the day.

    The flavor is definitely a nice ripe and ever so slightly tart cherry not a cough syrup cherry. It is in a wonderful balance with a mild tea flavor that at times seems to have a small floral type hint to it. The tea does tone down the bite that would normally come with a tart/sweet juice like cherry and because of such leads to a wonderful flavor. Also the flavor isn’t over done. It is not a strong flavor. It is just mellow enough you can go all day without the need to put this down and still there enough to be satisfying.

    At 4v with a 2.4ohm head the throat hit is quite nice and not overbearing and produces a lovely cloud of vapor. This juice is highly recommended.

  49. Dominic

    I rather thought that Cherry Blossom tea might be a touch too light, too floral and too fragrant for my taste. I was particularly concerned that it would have overpowering floral notes, where I prefer a sweet cherry flavour.

    Well the floral notes are there, but I rather like them, delicately enveloped in the darker and deeper tea notes as they are, with a surprisingly strong and satisfyingly sweet cherry finish.

    I’m learning that most Alice in Vapeland juices tend to be light and delicate, but that does not mean weak or absent flavour. No, not at all. It means they possess extraordinary layers with a great depth of flavour that emerges slowly and quietly, almost surreptitiously, on your palate. Oftentimes teasing, always tantalising.

    This Cherry Blossom is no exception. I get a delicate yet sweet and fragrant tea on the inhale, surprisingly cool with just a wisp of cherry blossom. The throat hit is stronger than expected. On the exhale, the deeper cherry notes appear and I am left with a fresh and fruity aftertaste.

    I’m going to vape this a lot, it has a clean and fresh taste, almost reminiscent of menthol, that would make it an appealing all day vape. But for me it’s gonna have to negotiate for a slot with the White Rabbit and that Lemon who Loves Cake character.

  50. Vespasia (verified owner)

    Wow! This is amazing. Very light cherry tea but so clean and fresh. Not perfumey or candy sweet, just good. Love it!

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