Buckle My Shoeberry


One, two, buckle my shoe.

All natural blueberry buckled together with the finest Italian mascarpone. Saluti!

A big thank you to our friend April Red Williams for her wonderful creative assistance on naming this flavor!




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.


  1. ralphpersico60 (verified owner)

    Blueberry is of my top 3 eliquid flavors for vaping as well the Bluberry being my favorite fruit itself. I have vaped many blueberry flavored eliquids. The difference is Alice uses all natural flavored opposed to artificial flavors with overkill sweetners used by others.
    Buckle My Shoeberry is “the” best blueberry eliquid on the market, imho.
    It’s real blueberry in all its delicious brillance !
    Thank You once again Alice for all your goodness.

  2. Kasey (verified owner)

    I have vaped this flavor for many years and still adore it. I’d say I love it more everyday, but I don’t want to sound too cheesy.( ◜◡^)っ I let a friend try it yesterday and they love it too. They usually like sour flavors more but I gave them a bit more today because I had enough as I order the large 250ml bottles. The flavor is very much like a blueberry cheesecake but not too cheesy-like. It’s worth just trying it!

  3. Georgia

    This is delightful! I’m so happy I tried this flavor from my friend. I didn’t know a dessert flavor would be my everyday vape until this. I don’t know what a mascapone is but the juice tastes good enough to find out. It tastes like a blueberry cheesecake flavor except the most perfect one you ever would find in a vape juice. Like a perfect amount of everything. Brilliant.

  4. Lillian (verified owner)

    Super yummy! The blueberry flavor is very natural tasting and not overpowering at all. By far the best blueberry flavored vape I’ve ever tried!

  5. smaize08

    If you are a fruit/berry lover in any way. You have to try this. It’s subtle yet so flavorful at the same time. I felt very Willy Wonka-ish and I was so happy, I felt like ti was going to need to be pressed to release the happiness before I exploded. Trust me, get this one simply for the enjoyment of tasting it!

  6. Jane Ash (verified owner)

    I’ve found some good blueberry vapes before but this one is great. The sweetness level is about the same as if you ate a handful of blueberries. And the marscapone adds a little kick —just the right amount of tartness. This is my all-day vape (to the point where I just ordered another 240ml).

  7. Deborah Hylton (verified owner)

    I wish the blueberry flavor was just a hair stronger in this juice, but it was still delightful. Definitely better than a lot of blueberry flavors I have tried.

  8. Nora (verified owner)

    Oh my! I love blueberry vape flavours, and this does not disappoint. I don’t know how you do it, but you can taste the layers of complexity in this one. It must be all the love you put into your blends! This is a rich, jammy, wild blueberry with a generous dollop of marsacapone. Very pretty.

  9. Jane (verified owner)

    What most impressed me about this flavour was that the taste of blueberries at that exact moment of perfect ripeness came through. They were not too tart, nor muffin sweet. Just a really nice taste of blueberry.

    I vaped this in a higher than AiV device (cleito@37w), and the blueberry taste stayed true. About every third vape the mascarpone really kicked in, especially on the exhale. It was so good it was like that vape blowing you a kiss as you left it. Would definitely recommend and buy again.

  10. arrah b (verified owner)

    As is the rule around these parts, fantastic (:
    I’ve had a long love affair with twas brillig, I’d put this flavor in that family. Dark, natural berry in a baked good taste. The cheese is just enough to be fascinating. Alice does it again, awesome!

  11. Pat (verified owner)

    I am so glad that Buckle By Shoeberry is on the main page. I have been searching for a blueberry eliquid for a very long time and my search is now over. I have tried many blueberry flavors over the years that do not at all taste like blueberries or I taste the blueberries FOOB and then they disappear into no-man’s land. I am getting a nice blend of blueberries and cream. I do not know if it is the blueberries but I think maybe the mascarpone is giving it just an occasional ever so slight tangy taste that is so buttery rich. I am so glad I purchased a second bottle and this time 60mls without having tried my first 30ml bottle. Kudos to the AiV team for Buckle My Shoeberry — job well done!

  12. Jess L

    I have spent the last 2 years of vaping trying to find a blueberry vape that doesn’t taste like those blue raspberry lollipops, that super sweet flavor. This is that vape. Actual warm, freshly baked blueberry taste, with a creamy smoothness. Absolutely amazing. No other company has anything even close! If you’re looking for a blueberry vape that tastes like actual blueberries, you’ve finally found it! More than a million thank yous to AiV. :)

  13. Kasey Bozeman (verified owner)

    Just received my second bottle of this yesterday and going to order another right now. I can’t run outta this. My first bottle was the 18ml size and the last 2 tanks before it was empty had steeped perfectly. It’s amazing right out of the mail, but give it a shake every time you refill your tank or device and after about 4 to five days it blooms into something wicked good! I tell AIV pretty much every time they produce a new flavor that it’s my favorite yet and that is true….but I really can’t describe how much I love this flavor or how they perfected such a fragile recipe. There is nothing like it. Such a intricately balanced berry and cream. Not too sweet or lacking sweetness. Not artificial at all….because AIV doesn’t disappoint. About a year ago my all day vape was Berry Little Cheesecake and that’s a great one too. This is on the gourmet dessert menu with that one but in my opinion a hundred times more delicious. I am a huge berry fan. Blueberry is my fave and I could eat fresh bakery cream cheese crosaints for lunch everyday. So yes, Berries and cream…berries and cream….I have to have my berries and cream!! BTW mascapone is delicious and if you have tried some this will buckle your shoeberry. Had to review twice because it is so good.

  14. K. D. Hyde

    Love this flavor! I ordered the 15 ml bottle and I have managed to vape the whole thing within about three days. It reminds me of summer days picking blueberries. I have found yet another favorite flavor from Alice in Vapeland to add to my amazingly long list. Keep up the awesomely amazing wonder of creating such delicious vape flavors!

  15. toadgoddess (verified owner)

    Ahh…yes. Delish. I’m very much enjoying and feeling like it’s a good replacement for the ‘berry lil cheesecake’ that I like so much. I went to place an order and it was gone, but this was new. I don’t know which I prefer, as they are similar in that they have the berry and cheesecakey notes, but the other one had something like fennel that gave it a nice little extra depth of flavor.

    This one is truly enjoyable, though and I think whether people liked or didn’t like ‘berry lil cheesecake’ they will like this if they enjoy blueberry and somewhat of a cheesecake flavor. Great job as per usual, my little lab friends!

    ps. one thing I would so truly appreciate would be if you could let your subscribers know, or even on your site in advance (a few weeks to a month?) that you will be stopping your juices. We do understand that you must make room for other new treats, but some of the ones being ‘disposed’ of are some of your devoted customers’ favorites. I didn’t see another one I like in my rotation (lemon-had I known I would have ordered it last month). Alas, its a suggestion from one of your little appreciative peeps out here.

  16. Anne Johnson

    Well I’m surprised and amazed. So many blueberry capes have let me down. I love how clean this vapes. There is no fake sugar taste. Mascarpone must be some sort of sweet cream cheese? This reminds me of sugared blueberry shortcake, if there ever was one. Perfect summer vape. Wonderful sweetness on the tongue as I inhale and a delightful blueberry and cream on the exhale. And I love the slight blueberry that lingers on my tongue afterwards. Not too light in flavor, and not too strong. Definitely worthy of an all day vape. I’ve been chain Vaping this with no problems. I ordered 6 nic, Vaping 1.8 ohms at 3.6 volts and don’t want to put this one down long enough to try another flavor. Fresh clean vape, with not too much going on. But still with depth. I needed this juice as I’ve been struggling with finding some good adv.

  17. Destined to Snap (verified owner)

    One….two….Vapemail’s comin’ for you,
    Three….four….want to get some more,
    Five….six….we’re running low quick,
    Seven….eight….now an all day vape,
    Nine…Ten….Mad Hatter’s done it again,
    Eleven…twelve…. THE FDA CAN GO TO HELL! Repent!
    -Awesome juice. Got my bottle yesterday and it’s almost empty.

  18. Tracy Galang (verified owner)

    Wow….delicious! Taste like blueberry cheese Danish or cheesecake. AIV you’ve out done yourself again! Amazing! Hope this is a regular. Buying more today.

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