Fifteen Foot Falls


Fire-roasted marshmallows . .  with a bit of coconut frosting . .
Two honey-sweet graham crackers . . and a touch of light toasty virginia!

A vape that reminds us to follow our heart :)






**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper, 30ml Glass bottles with child-resistant flat caps, 60ml Glass bottles with child-resistant flat caps, 120ml Glass bottles with flat caps, and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.

Vapelandian-inspired :)


  1. shar_a_scent (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!!!!! The flavor is amazing. I personally can taste the coconut and marshmallow flavors. Very smooth flavor!!!!! Will buy again!!!! A+++++++

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    A fan of coconut, I was slightly disappointed in the sweet remix of coconut, and not so present marshmallow/graham smolder I was hoping for. No tobacco that I could notice, but will revisit in the cooler months and see how I feel about it. However; the charm is delightful

  3. Rachel Bonnett (verified owner)

    For me the coconut is the strongest flavor but subtle hints of marshmallow it is absolutely delicious!

  4. Michael Phillips (verified owner)

    In a single coil rta with a 30awg coil at 1.7 ohms.

    At fifteen watts I thought, this is the best coconut vape I’ve ever tasted. Then at 17 watts the honey made an interesting addition. It was smooth and natural without any cloying sweetness. At 19 watts the graham crackers popped in to focus. At 20 watts it all came together to be a very good and natural tasting combination with the coconut riding out front and the other flavors providing a very strong and complex foundation. The tobacco isn’t obvious at all. It is more of a dry feel/flavor that ensures the coconut frosting and honey don’t become cloying.

    This is a gourmet juice with a decent complexity and great flavor. A highly enjoyable flavor less than twenty-four hours out of the mailbox.

  5. Dawn (verified owner)

    This juice was very tasty and unusual. It was a fun and chocolatey marshmallow experience. This vape is similar to indulging in smores or hot chocolate. Thank you for this amazing taste and feeling of a warm crackling fire and the woodsy outdoors.

  6. Mfelici

    There’s something so freaking satisfying that comes from vaping a great tobacco ejuice paired with a nice beer wine or scotch. This juice Hits the spot. Either by itself or with a drink you won’t go wrong. I taste toasty undertones, tobacco and marshmallow? Graham cracker? Omg it’s so rich and smooth. I kinda want to save it for the Winter that’s when this flavor will really be enhanced, I have 4 or 5 other juices to sample too. You guy’s never cease to amaze me. :)

  7. Benny

    This juice is a kind of hard for me to pin down..I did do the extra flavor max vg so it may be my fault but it seemed a little bit more tobacco flavor than I was hoping for… That is not to say it’s not a quality juice by any stretch just that It’s not quite my cup of tea.. I’m going to let it steep a few weeks and give it another go. I also am using ceramic coils that enhance flavor so that also could be it. But I have to say if you’re looking for something that taste like a real smooth cigarette, this one is a good choice.. but agin mine was with extra flavor and max vg on ceramic coils.

  8. zennyzap

    I was so impressed with this juice! The more I used it, the more flavors revealed themselves. This has so many layers of flavor, sometimes I got more marshmallow, others more tobacco, others more coconut, but they always tasted so balanced and satisfying. I can’t wait to vape this in the fall, because it really tastes like a campfire and s’mores. I think this is one of the stronger flavors, because I found it to be much more potent than some others I tried by AiV, but not at all overpowering and sickening like some other vendors. You guys nailed it with this flavor.

  9. Jared

    I don’t know how they do it! This stuff is amazing! Great marshmellow with a hint of coconut with a very subtle tobacco taste which gives the marshmellow a well cooked taste. It is great and will be my new everyday vape juice.

  10. Brian (verified owner)

    Dis shii gud mang! my #1 juice

  11. Randall

    Ok so I hate tobacco vapes. Generally I won’t even try a tobacco vape let alone buy one. The only reason I happened upon 15 foot falls is because I purchased the aiv sampler with all the standard line juices. I am still in the process of trying them all, but so far, much to my suprise, 15 foot falls is my favorite, and again, I hate tobacco juices. I can taste the tobacco, but it just melds together perfectly with the marshmallowy and honey graham goodness, almost providing a smoky flavor that accentuates the marshmallow, providing a campfirely, toasted smores-esque type taste. What I noticed straight away about AIV’s juices, even the flavors that aren’t exceptionally complex, was the quality of the flavors they use. That’s what really sets AIV apart from other juices I have tried, and I have tried many, many vendors. AIV has literally become my favorite juice vendor, and I haven’t even finished tasting my first sample pack. I’m literally headed over to purchase the oddity sample pack because I can’t wait to try more of these amazing, unique, top of the line flavors. I am in love with AIV!!!

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Randall! Thank you so much for your kind words. You made my morning with your happy review! I’m glad you’re loving Fifteen Foot Falls. We’ll see you tumbling down the Rabbit Hole again soon, I hope :D

  12. Amber (verified owner)

    First, I’ve been a customer for years but this is the first juice I felt compelled to leave a review for. I received a sample but was extremely skeptical. I can’t stand marshmallow, I’m not a fan of coconut and I don’t care much for tobacco flavored vapes. Yet all that being said I generally try any and ever Alice juice and I’m dang glad I did in this case.

    This juice is phenomenal. I absolutely love it to the point I immediately bought a large bottle. So even if you’re like me and not keen on some or all of the flavors give it a shot. It’s delicious.

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Wow, Amber. You honor us :D Thank you for your warm and thoughtful review. I’m so glad you gave Fifteen Foot Falls a shot. Much love!

  13. Betsy F (verified owner)

    FFF is a vape that reminds me of fun times camping. The coconut is noticeable but not overpowering. After letting this flavor steep for about two weeks all of the flavors melded into one pleasant experience. All of the notes are detectable and the tobacco smokiness at the end makes it one of my go to flavors from Alice in Vapeland.

  14. Tory Breise (verified owner)

    First of all, I have to say that the service and delivery were amazing. I received a personalized letter, a free sample of the Zombie Apocalypse and the box was packed with confetti. It was actually a lot of fun upon opening it. However, that being said, I didn’t feel like this flavor delivered what was promised. Right out of the box the most identifiable taste was graham crackers and coconut. No problem, I though, just needs steeping. So, I speed steeped it with a hot pad overnight and upon trying it again it just tastes like toasted coconut and chocolate. I am not very pleased. Marshmallow was the first flavor listed in the description and the one I wanted most but it is just not present, at all. Overall the juice is pretty tasty, but not what was promised. If you’re looking for a good marshmallow flavor, look elsewhere. If you like coconuts and chocolate, then this juice is for you. The Zombie Apocalypse, however, was delicious and tasted just like strawberry cupcakes. The free sample was really a nice touch.

  15. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I have never liked ejuice with tobacco flavor in it. But I braved it and ordered because I have never met a AIV liquid didn’t like. It does not ddisappoint. It simply scrumptious and while you can taste tobacco it is complimented by the yummy goodness of smores. While working in a smoking bar I would become tempted to smoke and this juice helped fight the urge without tasting like a cigarette. LOVE IT

  16. Brian (verified owner)

    Love this juice! Tastes great in every setup I’ve used. Their flavor description is pretty spot on, toasted coconut and marshmallow…with a hint of graham cracker. Don’t get turned off if you aren’t into tobacco tapes, you really can’t tell it’s there. Perfect fall/winter vape!

  17. Scott (verified owner)

    My new fave from AiV. It’s a sweet and smoky vape equally good in my Kayfun V4 as my In’Ax dripper. I get toasted marshmallow, vanilla, and a hint of milk chocolate. I let it steep for 3 weeks before touching it. Going to reorder so I can put my 2nd bottle to sleep for months before touching it, It just keeps getting better with age. FFF = SO GOOD.

  18. Melissa (verified owner)

    I LOVE this e juice. I have been vaping for months now, trying to find a perfect flavor for me. I’m very picky and after reading about Alice in Vapeland I had to try! I got a couple samplers and vaped this one first because it sounds like something right up my alley. Just the smell alone of this e liquid made me so excited to try it! After vaping it for just an hour I bought a 60ml bottle. The flavors are perfect, the coconut, marshmallow and graham cracker all blend together to create a perfect all day vape. I have finally found my favorite e juice!!! Please don’t ever stop making this!

  19. Doc

    I have fallen in love with this juice! I first used it in an RSST Genny Atty after my local shop let me use the sample that had been sitting for at least ~7 months. Now I have my own 6 *blush* bottles and it is the mainstay in my Orchid with a .45 build in it, running 45 watts. It just kits all the markers. Subtle sweetness, light tobacco, very subtle inhale and a kick in the mouth on exhale. I find that high temps really kill the flavor so go easy on the watts. For instant gratification I steep overnight in my crock pot set to the warm setting (~120 degrees) the color is gorgeous and the flavor pops!

  20. Ross

    I have just broken the 100% hit rate of amazing juices from AIV. I get nothing. It might as well be straight PG/VG. It smells great though. May need steeping.

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hello there Ross! Steeping is a matter of personal preference <3 I always try my juices first & then go from there. Although I like many of our juices fresh from the Mushroom Lab, Fifteen Foot Falls does transform a bit with a little nap <3 Have fun experimenting! Much love <3

  21. Heather (verified owner)

    Love, love, love 15 Foot Falls! (my second favorite after Golden Afternoon in the Oddity Room.)
    I didn’t order this one right away, because I didn’t want a tobacco vape, but after my brother got it as a sample, he convinced me to try it.
    I vape it on the lowest setting (3.3 V) and a get a lightly toasted marshmallow flavor and a coconut buttercream exhale. DELISH!

  22. Frannie

    I’m very surprised, I really wanted to like this flavor and it seems so many others like it, but it’s not for me! For me it tasted very burnt. I changed the settings many different times on my battery, changed the coil, and still got the same flavor. Maybe it’s the tobacco taste that makes me think of it? :c not too sure, but either way, this is the very first one I’m not fond of.

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hi Frannie! Everybody is different! This juice might not be your cup o’ tea <3 I am so happy that you have found others you enjoy! :)

  23. broken.angel717 (verified owner)

    Wow. 15 foot falls= Amazing. I have not had one juice so far from alice in vapeland that I didn’t like. The flavor description is spot on. and these flavors are so complex, unique and really one of a kind

  24. arrah b (verified owner)

    Best flavor, from the best vape company EVER. I love this stuff, I buy so much, it is ever so delicious.

    Alice, if you ever decide to branch into personal care products, I’d love to bathe and then slather my entire body with FFF, please. If you should make a carbonated beverage, I’d like to to order a case in advance. Air freshening room spray? I’m in. Just, whatever, dear Alice, you should ever develop in a FFF like (laundry detergent? Dish washing soap? GHard, or chewy, candies? Just let me kno

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hahaha! <3 Deal! Awesome ideas Arrah! :)

  25. Shera

    Very sweet and interesting, it gets curiouser and curiouser ;) If I could get it without the tobacco (burnt paper) taste I would buy it by truck loads. I wasn’t a big fan of the tobacco even though it’s light it just made it a bit less pleasant and I don’t like tobacco :)

  26. jason (verified owner)

    Best liquid on the entire market, as long as you use the right settings. Scroll to BOTTOM LINE if you don’t want to read my anecdote.

    2nd review on the same product, but a little more detail.
    I first used this flavor when I was still using pen style batteries with EVOD tanks. In that setup, the flavor was very good – sort of sweet and smoky with a touch of coconut. The flavor that stood out the most was like a roasted marshmallow.

    When I switched to dripping, I was using sub-ohm builds on a mechanical mod. I bought some more 15FF and didn’t enjoy it as much. The marshmallow flavor was muted, and it tasted more like a sweet liqueur than anything else. Steeping did not change this.

    When I got my VW mod, I got some 15FF again. I still built sub-ohm (.7 for this example) but vaped this stuff at 10W (i think 3 volts or so). Finally I found most of the flavor I had been chasing since my 1 experience.

    Most recently, I have been using a fogger V3 RTA. My current build is 1.1 OHM at 15 watts (4.0V) this produces the best flavor I’ve gotten from this juice so far.

    This juice is excellent. The flavor has no parallel in the market. I tried similar flavors from 5P and G2, but nothing compares to this. Roasty, sweet marshmallows, graham cracker, a hint of tobacco, coconut and something else I can’t quite pin down.

    Best when used with either a higher resistance or low voltage build. I think the flavor is significantly altered at high temperature.

    Also, I want to thank Hannah for taking care of a shipping problem I created. I won’t detail it here but she was a great help and earned a customer for life.

  27. Tasha

    This is my all time favorite of any juice that I have ever vaped. I love all the AIV juices that I have tasted so far but this one blows everything out of the water. AIV you are the best keep doing what yall are doing!!

  28. jason (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite juice. Not just my favorite AiV juice, but my favorite ANY juice. The toasted flavor really comes through in a high resistance or low wattage build. This juice reminds me of a winter campfire, complete with smores. Highly recommended.

    The only regret I have, I got my 30 ml bottle today, opened it to let it steep, and knocked it over as I closed my drawer. So now I have a 10 ml bottle instead.

  29. Kathy Hamm

    Sampled it at a vapor store and I am not one for tobacco flavors but this was so good and you could hardly tasted the tobacco in it. I am going to order a bottle soon in the future.

  30. Sarah (verified owner)

    This one was perfect right out of the box.

    FFF came in a sampler I ordered. I’m not someone who vapes tobacco flavors but it’s subtle and the juice is delicious.

    I will be ordering a bigger bottle when the portal opens.
    So far every flavor I’ve tried is fantastic!

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