Hot Waffle!


If clouds were waffles and hot as can be, a maple-y puff delight they would be!

Artwork by the incomparable Wenchkin :)




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.


  1. Susanne (verified owner)

    AMAZING! Buttery. sweet, waffles, Need I say more?

  2. Katie Howell (verified owner)

    OH MY! Alice my love, you’ve done it…’ve really done it! I just knew that you’d hit the mark with this one. I was almost frightened to try it incase it wasn’t quite there, but my word, this is something else….straight out of the post, into the tank, and butter…lots of butter. Next few toots, some sweetness, waffly( I know that’s not a word) sweetness. Then the maple syrup and the toastieness ( I also know that’s not a word). This is an AMAZING juice. I only got 30 ml, and postage takes a while to Australia, so I’m going to try the rest of the goodness I received today and let this one sit a while, I’ll report back after some steeping, but I’m dreading this tank running out. I’ve never been so excited about a juice since I discovered white rabbit (my ADV) , or the beautiful punk’ n tumble. Thanks again Alice, you are the best

  3. Rachel

    Hot Waffle is amazing!!! I can taste buttery awesome waffle goodness! You have this down to a T! I am so excited, and this is definitely an AVD. Got this as a sample & am ordering some asap so I can enjoy for a long time.

  4. Christine

    Ive tried a couple waffle flavors, and this one is my favorite. It doesnt taste burnt like other ones I tried. You can taste the buttery waffle flavors and it is amazing!! Definitely satisfied me when I got to try this!! Plan on getting more!

  5. Roylee

    One flavor that I didn’t imagine would taste like the real thing. This e-juice is amazing. You taste the crunchy waffle taste that you get when you bite into a waffle fresh out of the toaster without syrup. First E-juice I popped into my tank when my sample pack arrived.

  6. Shadow Murkrow

    I got this as a sample when I ordered my afternoon tea. I was a little skeptical when I saw what the flavor was supposed to be waffle. I replaced the kangertech subox mini coil that I had in it and cleaned out the tank. Primed the new coil and started vaping it at 18.5v with 1.2 ohm. The first puff I took I could taste the maple syrup and the delicious waffle. The taste is like the waffles that come out of the machines at hotels. It leaves a rather pleasant butter taste on my lips. I forgot to mention I was steeping this for around three weeks. If I could give it stars 4.5/5. The three mg nicotine has a slight throat kick with this flavor.

  7. 4n6freak (verified owner)

    I would first like to say the packaging that my order came it was outstanding, I appreciate the attention to detail you put into. This juice was not quite what i expected, but not in a bad way. I kinda pictured it as a very syrupy vape, but i would describe it as a buttery waffle with a light drizzle of syrup. My co-workers and I have enjoyed it very much.

  8. Brian

    I picked up this juice in a sampler. Tastes like warm maple syrup with a bit of a buttery mouthfeel. Depending on the RDA, wattage and what I’ve been vaping that day it sometimes tastes more like honey or butterscotch. Don’t really detect much waffle, but you can easily tell yourself it’s there. Not sure if would be an all day vape for me, but I’ll definitely order a bottle next time to have it on hand for when the mood strikes me

  9. lau4491

    I don’t really get waffles from this, but my taste palate is really weird apparently lol. I’m honestly not sure what I taste. That’s okay I have so many AIV faves , this just isn’t one.

  10. Heather (verified owner)

    I don’t know how Alice does it, but they hit a homerun again! I ordered it because waffles are one of my favorite foods, but I was expecting a cheap store-brand syrup flavor (which I would have been OK with.)
    It is amazing! A bit of fresh, toasty waffle, a hit of real butter, and a beautiful flavor of REAL maple syrup. Very clean and sweet tasting!
    I describe it as putting a drop of pure maple syrup right on your tongue! YUM!
    Me, personally, I can only vape it for a day, and then go to a different flavor for a few days, or I can’t taste it. It’s a bit mild for me, but I just finished 2 bottles of stronger, sweeter flavors before getting this one.
    I will definitely keep Hot Waffle on hand!

  11. Karissa (verified owner)

    Oh my! I just received my sampler and Waffle was my love at first vape. I’ve tried other attempts at waffle flavored juice that left me sad and unhappy. This was the one I’ve been looking for! I think this will be my new adv for sure.

  12. Tracy (verified owner)

    I’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole and landed on a delicious waffle drenched in maple syrup. I’m addicted. I can’t stop vapping hot waffle! Thank you AIV!

  13. Casey (verified owner)

    I loved the sample…The hint of butter at the end was the kicker for me…I just ordered a bottle….seems like i order 2 bottles a week from AiV….I am addicted!

  14. Renay

    I received this as a sample with an order that arrived in the mail 1/15. Put into a dark cabinet with my other bottles until this morning. Currently vaping this with my coffee and I must say…It is very good. I saved this for last because I was not so sure about a waffle vape and it did not disappoint, much better than anticipated! Thank you for the opportunity to try, I love the samples are the exact nic strength I order my big bottles. No other vendor sends samples with nic that I have tried, they have all been nic free and most unpleasant. AiV is now my number 1 supplier. :)

  15. chassity (verified owner)

    love love love!! So good!

  16. kim (verified owner)

    alice and mad hatter got the waffle thing oh so right. deeeeelicious! now if someone could do a bacon maple that was this good i’d be in heaven. i will definitely be ordering some of hot waffle when the portal opens next.

  17. arrah b (verified owner)

    Another amazing flavor from the best company ever, awesome product and super nice people.

    I wasn’t that excited when I saw the name and description, but it sure smelled good. Gave it a shot. Goodness. Oh, my goodness.

    Buttery smoothness and perfect maple syrup, in a way that isn’t overpowering or cloying at all. Was great paired with a cup of coffee. I Ordered 30 mls immediately.

    Go Alice! Every order is a an exciting gift and often a pleasant surprise.

  18. Garrett spencer (verified owner)

    Just ordered some of my absolute favorate vapes twas brilling and got this sample. I love waffles and was sceptical at first about a waffle flavored vape now this is my second favorite vape and will be ordering more in the future. It’s a delicious waffle with a follow up of syrup and a after taste of butter melted on top

  19. Garrett spencer (verified owner)

    Just ordered some of my absolute favorate vapes twas brilling and got this sample. I love waffles and was sceptical at first about a waffle flavored vape now this is my second favorite vape and will be ordering more in the future

  20. Gerard (verified owner)

    This juice is amazing! I never would have thought I would like a waffle flavored juice but Alice has done it again. It tastes just like the description. A hot waffle smothered in maple syrup. After I tried this I literally had to go to a restaurant to get some waffles to satisfy my craving. Well done Alice!

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