Little Frog Tanklet



An AiV Original! Each handmade tanklet is approximately 1/8″ thick, between 3~6mm in diameter and fits most standard tanks. Use at your own risk. A little frog with stripes :)

In stock



*Limited* Supply.

Color: Yellow and black striped tropical frog


  1. Taylor

    I just stumbled across these tanklets and I must say they’re the cutest things I’ve ever seen. One of the many reasons I love AIV, everything you guys do is so creative, cute, clever, and all around amazing. I definitely will be purchasing one of these…. however, I have one question…. can you guys do custom designs? I really want to buy a couple of these but I’m into nautical/aquatic
    everything and I didn’t see anything close to that. Ideally, a tanklet with an octopus design would be phenomenal. Anchors, seahorses, pirate ships, cars (Subaru WRX) and owl designs would also be beautiful. Please let me know if that is or could be an option. If so, just another thing to add to the laundry list of the magical, wondrous, amazingness that is Alice in Vapeland :)

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hi Taylor!! Thank you so much!! <3 While we cannot make custom designs, we always love new suggestions! I will certainly pass yours along to the Mad Hatter! A little Anchor would be so cute! And a seahorse and a pirate ship. . . ;) Much love! <3

      PS: We have a WRX too ;) Best. Car. Ever.

  2. Alissa (verified owner)

    Sadly I cleaned my tank at work the other day, and was in a hurry so my poor little frog went down the drain :( so I’m ordering another one and promising to take better care of this new friend!

    • Alice

      Awww! Little frog got away :( Maybe he just went to see the world! May your new froglet be a Keeper!

  3. Alissa (verified owner)

    Got one of these with my last order. What a unique and awesome idea! Looks great in my tank, I just love it! Getting a few more this time! Thanks alice!

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