Rebuildable Barrel Atomizer ~ Silver


Notes: We tested these atomizers thoroughly and found them overall to be very good, with a few caveats. We immediately trimmed the wicks to a shorter length before using as they arrive quite long. The wick can hold a good capacity of juice, many drops at a time so it rarely burns dry, but if overfilled, the juice can leak. Lining up the hole on the base and cap allows air to wick directly near the coil. Although the cap initially fits quite tightly, when juice gets on the rings, it can cause it to come loosely off, which can make it more difficult to travel with in a pocket. It’s larger size makes is easy to rebuild, 10 min to wrap a coil around silica wick. If you have a supply of replacement kanthal wire and silica wick, the atomizer will last indefinitely. Requires no tools at all, save a pair of scissors to snip the ends. We continue to use these atomizers on a daily basis, as they are very nice for dripping, and making massive clouds of vapor.

NOTE: The latest ones may have a more matte than glossy finish.



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Size: 510 (please note that a 510 driptip is not included)

Resistance: 2.0 Ohm (as pre-assembled)

Color: Silver (NOTE: The latest ones may have a more matte than glossy finish)

Connection: Silver thread


  1. AkGirl79 (verified owner)

    I am a BCC Tank gal myself but have been looking into atomizers for the quick “here try this awesome juice I brought from the gals at AIV?!” type of event that happens when I don’t want to share a whole tank full but just a few drops to get them hooked and send folks your way. ;-) (hehehe)
    I do wish they came with instructional material for us newbies, even experienced vapors can be averse to change and go slowly when venturing to other tanks/mods/brands, and then when we finally get brave enough to go forward with newness we need GUIDANCE! Lol. So all in all I received my 2 new atomizers (wishing the purple/black had been available when I ordered) and now have a few questions after my my trial and error efforts:
    1. How many drops are you supposed to place in these; or i guess just atomizers in general?
    2. Should the wick be completely saturated for proper use with no (or minimal) free sitting fluid in the “tank”?
    3. How do you clean the wick/atomizer so as to drip a new flavor cleanly?
    4. How often does the wick need to be replaced? I assume there are videos on YouTube for how to rebuild these ones in particular? Or is this a pretty standardized method for all atomizers?

    Just my initial thoughts:
    1. I love the idea 100% of being able to drip a few drops and vape away; especially when first getting a new bottle or flavor. It makes the “I can’t wait to try this even though I know it needs to steep a bit” itis go away some.
    2. May seem like a very silly, even a bit ignorant thought on my part, but I was unaware that I would need to have drip tips for them, though I had some on hand, so it may seem a moot point for me I think it might be good to indicate in the description for those who may be 100% new to vaping or early in their journey.
    3. From an aesthetic point of view just remember to have a ring on hand for your itaste vv or ego twist n go’s and it will look super sleek and smooth.

    Thanks ladies! As always I am completely in love with all that you do for me and so many other customers :-)! Happy Friday Vapeland all the way from Alaska.

    • Alice

      Thank you so much for your excellent questions and feedback! We’ll do our best to answer all of them to the best of our knowledge.
      First of all, congrats on entering the world of rebuilding! It is a very fun adventure, with lots of interesting twists and turns! We LOVE dripping too :)
      Depending on the length and thickness of the wick (some people trim the wick as it comes so it is shorter and others rebuild it immediately all together), you may be able to add 3~8 drops. Generally, add drops until the wick is completely saturated, but not so many that there is a pool of juice below. If you are using the original silica wick, or any silica wick, the wick will look translucent and ‘glassy’ when it is completely saturated.
      It’s best to keep the wick saturated with juice, as burning wick = a very bad taste! You can add drops until it’s just saturated, vape a few puffs, and then drip a few more drops as the vapor decreases and it’s ready for more drops.
      We rebuild our wicks when we are changing flavors, or when there is noticeable build-up on the coil. Generally, with silica, 1x~2x a week if it is your primary device. However, if you rebuild your atomizer with a stainless steel mesh wick, e.g. a u-wick, it can last a month or more with occasional dry burns and removal of the buildup to clean the wick.
      Thanks for pointing out that a drip-tip is not included! We added that to the description.
      If anyone else has tips and tricks to add, please comment! :)
      Kisses and waves from Vapeland to lovely Alaska!

  2. Madison

    This was my first RDA/RBA of any sort, and I ordered it specifically to try my hand at rebuilding without spending a lot of money. Although I think it could have been designed slightly better, I really like it overall.

    Very easy to rebuild (requires no tools, other than something to clip your wire & wick, and something to test your resistence). The holes in the posts to thread the wire through are very handy and make installing a coil simple and quick.

    Decent airflow, but I may take the advice of others and drill out a larger hole at some point.

    Aesthetically pleasing (which is subjective, of course). It looks nice on an ego battery as well as my itaste SVD.

    Low cost RDA.

    Air hole placement. There is a small hole in the side of the base which needs to be aligned with the hole in the body of the RDA. The placement of this hole can lead to leaks (see next point).

    No “cup” to catch liquid. The base is flat, with no “lip,” so if you over drip, there’s a good chance you will have leaking through the air hole.

    Overall, I would recommend one of these to someone interested in trying to rebuild coils because it is very simple with this RDA, and so long as you’ve build a good coil, it should perform just fine.

    • alice

      Thank you Madison for your excellent review! We also agree that this rba one of the best to learn on, and also good for experimenting with different wrap styles (we like using a solid loop and bunny ears) and overall functions fantastically, despite a few caveats :)

  3. sara eames

    Do these require an adapter for use with ego batteries? I just switched over from little mini e cigs and haven’t figured out exactly what fits what yet. Can’t wait till you open. I’ve read great things about your products almost everywhere I’ve looked. Thanks

    • alice

      Hi Sara! These atomizers indeed work with eGO batteries :) The size is larger than the diameter of an eGO, but they work beautifully!

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