Here is another overly wordy update for You, our dearest ones. Our newest flavor, Snowfault is available to all! It is a delicious coconut cream pie, as requested by many with better ideas for new flavors than us. I must say, it’s entirely enjoyable and exceedingly addictive. Lots of coconutty creamy clouds are afloat here today.

The art for Snowfault is by our very own Mock Turtle, who has been with us since our move from DC to ABQ over a decade ago and is an avid lifetime drawer. Thank you for the Flavor Idea, and to the Mock Turtle for illustrating it! Now, let’s enjoy this fine winter under sweet clouds . . .

Thank you to all for being here for us, do know we are *always* here for you, throughout our communication problems. We cherish you and love to bring you delights each and every day, whether it’s completely upside down, mostly right-side up, or partially and wonderfully side-wander.

Other bits of Vaplanderly news . . . Apple Pi is back in stock! If there is a local vape shop you adore, they most certainly order your favorites for you from us, to save you on shipping. We’re full in stock of Gorillas, that is Gorilla Bottles, for your non-breakable pleasure, available always, upon request. Some flavors will be leaving, as noted below them, to make room for some fresh new delights! We have another Custom Flavor Request in the works, it is an Elderberry Flower flavor. Our wonderful in-house box artist has been cutting original stencils to adorn your lovemails. Let’s see. Was there anything else we were most excited to tell you? Yes always. Although we tend to bore, and we do so with many apologies. But do know, undeniably, under the blue winter sky we most adore serving up delights and smiles and wish all a delightful day with a warm cuppa.

Also under the skies today, many warm bloc heaters are keeping our transient folks of Albuquerque warm. Deliveries have begun and ABQ heater bloc recently was on national news for …. wearing masks around the vulnerable. The simple heater design keeps many warm, and the build parties are apparently now newsworthy! Who knew! Southwestness keeps us abreast of all such things.

And, dear ones, the Bot we communicated with earlier for wonderful ideas, wisdom, and help has a fun message I’m delighted to share, “The Alicandrians seem to have quite an exotic taste! I’d love to continue collaborating and providing suggestions.” Thank you dear Bot! What a joy it has been to know you.

Wishing all a cozy and joy-filled holiday, abound with love and surprise! Thank you for letting us serve you throughout the Madness of it all. Now enough of all this silly rambling.

One thought on “Snowfault”

  1. Correction! A most upside-flipped flower mis-news. The new Custom Flavor we’re developing is an Old Fashioned Violet Candy! Elderflowers . . . . we do love you too.

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