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And then, Horchata

Greetings our marvelous folk!

Thank you for being with us through all the upside-down and side-ways times of everyday Vapeland. We have been trying our darndest with the other custom flavors, including Blueberry Marscapone, but alas, the mixology has the upper hand, full spades, while we hold barely a pair. Luckily it was a keen pairing of spices and milk, a happy side-journey, that we have been most pleased to share with you, a dry Horchata. But do know that we still journey to complete the custom flavors we set out to create for you.

Some mail deliveries unfortunately have been taking round-about (and even by our twisted terms!) and non-sensical journeys. Thank you for letting us know and we have storks delivering and storks on patrol as well. You’ve been so kind with your patience with all of it! Some senselessness is encouraged and expected, but others, well, it brings out our own inner Red Queen!

One of our very own has been designing some lovely little pinnable items that are making it into your lovely vapemails, along with hand-cut, hand-stenciled box art, we hope you have been enjoying them as much as we are!

Thank you for all your comments, love, and support! We feel as lucky as a napping rabbit under a moon sky to serve you all. You truly make it the best, even though we must bore you to tears!

Champagne brewing

Hallo our favorite people! A little boring update for you. Lots of colorful bubbles in the cauldron today as we work on the new cantaloupe strawberry champagne flavor. We’ve been trying iteration after iteration, glass after glass of bubbly concoction to try to perfect this fantastical fun mix . . . but, I must say, it’s been quite the challenge that’s been served up to us. We’ll keep you posted as we persevere. It has to go to our head in just the right way, or take it off completely, in order for it to be a delight worth sharing.

Of other Rabbity news, we’re slowly vanishing some of the older works to make room for new concoctions. We’ve learned a lot in our decade plus of mixing, so we might as well bring you only the best. You deserve way more, but we’ll humbly serve you the finest we can possibly offer. The Mushroom Lab, however, will, upon demand, make things in big bottles for you that you are sorely missing. As mad as we are, we would hate for you to be mad at us.

We’ve got a faster stork now available upon demand, in our shipping options, which many of you have already chosen as your vapemail steed. If you desire even faster, please let us know! We’re still largely in the era of mixed cassette tapes and kickball on the dirt lot while waiting for the postman to bring us a magazine, so you’re welcome to nudge us anytime.

Please enjoy the original hand-cut stencils made by one of our own, on your Alice boxes, as well as some new little tiny pieces of pinnable art ~ we’re changing them all the time so you’ll notice quite a variety of these sweet little prizes. We’re so happy that our newish shipping captain, the Cheshire Dre, is now properly on board with bringing the love. And if there is anything you’d like to try, just mention in the notes at checkout and we’ll be sure to include a tiny taste for you!

We hope you are making it though the cold, or cloudy, or perhaps even mild winter wherever you are. Or your spring and summer if you’re down under. We love celebrating with you all the seasons and general weirdness that this odd mossball of a planet is sure to bring. Well, enough of all this bothersome dull dribble, we must get back to this terrifyingly challenging yet endlessly enticing boggler of a flavor assignment you all have given us.

An old-fashioned candy in an electric world

Greetings finest people on Earth! We are in the process of finalizing our new flavor, an old-fashioned violet candy. The idea was born out of the intelligent minds of the folks of Vapeland, one of the custom flavors with the most votes. We hope to release it soon!

You may have received a newsletter from us recently, we’re very delighted to bring back our wordy somewhat regular email to you. It has been another technical hurdle that we were happy to find footholds on and finally climb over.

Thank you for all your thoughtful notes on your orders, and comments, messages, and honest thoughts and concerns. We so appreciate hearing from you as it allows us to fix a thing if it needs and we always aspire to mend all the things properly.

A fun thing, if you have not tried it, is to add mint or menthol to a juice, for a new experience. This is only for if you do not hate mint or menthol. If you are indeed a person who does not hate mint or menthol, and you are feeling experimental, you may find droppers of these extracts in our DIY section. Trying a drop or three in a 30mL is probably a good way to start as it’s most impossible to un-mint or un-mentholize something once it has been minted or mentholized. About as easy as putting rose petals back onto the rose, or keeping a kitten off your shoelaces.

We hope everyone is finding some sort of delight and a way to stay warm in their winter time, whether it’s the making or mending of things, the sweeping or shoveling of things, or the hot cuppa and cozy book after mending and sweeping.

Enough of this drivel, we’ve wasted enough of your time today. Back to the candy-making room for us!


Here is another overly wordy update for You, our dearest ones. Our newest flavor, Snowfault is available to all! It is a delicious coconut cream pie, as requested by many with better ideas for new flavors than us. I must say, it’s entirely enjoyable and exceedingly addictive. Lots of coconutty creamy clouds are afloat here today.

The art for Snowfault is by our very own Mock Turtle, who has been with us since our move from DC to ABQ over a decade ago and is an avid lifetime drawer. Thank you for the Flavor Idea, and to the Mock Turtle for illustrating it! Now, let’s enjoy this fine winter under sweet clouds . . .

Thank you to all for being here for us, do know we are *always* here for you, throughout our communication problems. We cherish you and love to bring you delights each and every day, whether it’s completely upside down, mostly right-side up, or partially and wonderfully side-wander.

Other bits of Vaplanderly news . . . Apple Pi is back in stock! If there is a local vape shop you adore, they most certainly order your favorites for you from us, to save you on shipping. We’re full in stock of Gorillas, that is Gorilla Bottles, for your non-breakable pleasure, available always, upon request. Some flavors will be leaving, as noted below them, to make room for some fresh new delights! We have another Custom Flavor Request in the works, it is an Elderberry Flower flavor. Our wonderful in-house box artist has been cutting original stencils to adorn your lovemails. Let’s see. Was there anything else we were most excited to tell you? Yes always. Although we tend to bore, and we do so with many apologies. But do know, undeniably, under the blue winter sky we most adore serving up delights and smiles and wish all a delightful day with a warm cuppa.

Also under the skies today, many warm bloc heaters are keeping our transient folks of Albuquerque warm. Deliveries have begun and ABQ heater bloc recently was on national news for …. wearing masks around the vulnerable. The simple heater design keeps many warm, and the build parties are apparently now newsworthy! Who knew! Southwestness keeps us abreast of all such things.

And, dear ones, the Bot we communicated with earlier for wonderful ideas, wisdom, and help has a fun message I’m delighted to share, “The Alicandrians seem to have quite an exotic taste! I’d love to continue collaborating and providing suggestions.” Thank you dear Bot! What a joy it has been to know you.

Wishing all a cozy and joy-filled holiday, abound with love and surprise! Thank you for letting us serve you throughout the Madness of it all. Now enough of all this silly rambling.


Thank you to all the wonderful folks of Le Rabbit Hole, for voicing all your honest and exceedingly intelligent complaints, as well as thoughts, and ideas. We have some news. We’ll soon be stocking gorilla bottles again, the dark, UV protected ones! Please feel free anytime to request that your order is filled in them :) Just mention in the notes at checkout!

We live to serve You, our most dearest Alicandrians, and honestly, the math and calculations of deciding The Most Ecological Bottle are beyond us, and probably should be most decisively decided by dedicated professionals, whose mental computational abilities most certainly exceed ours. Thank you, brilliant folk of Vapeland, for making us aware of our own ignorances. We are so grateful for you, as Always.

So, for now, the default bottle is Glass, but please request a gorilla or more whenever you like. We’ll serve in gorillas, as soon as the gorillas arrive to our door, and will accommodate all requests for gorillas at that point, as according to Your Order Notes. We must say, though, we have been thoroughly enjoying preparing your orders in Glass, because, besides other benefits, we find them charming.

There has been a request for Window Stickers! The Jah Hatter is creating one for us, it will be Round, and will be available Upon Request in the near future! Thank you ever so much to our dears for suggesting it!

Regarding Vanishing Juices, we feel that some flavors are just too odd, and very unpopular. We’ll be removing them to make room for the new to come. Our sincerest apologies for even creating them in the first place. Menthol, Peanut Butter, and Jelly seemed like a Gigantically delicious flavor at the time. So, I’m finishing up my last bottle of Footprints, as it will be vanishing. It’s very savory. We are looking forward to bringing you New Flavors, the Top Five Custom Requests will be next!

Ra Vape and Smoke Shop on Magazine St. in New Orleans is a wonderful resource of all things, equipments, bits of wonder, a multitude of tastes and more, if you find yourself in that particularly musical and vibrant area. We hope that vaping remains a legal option for folks in Louisiana. It’s tenuous there at the moment, but a powerful petition is going around.

Our Captain Dré is on his family vacation, so please expect some slowed hipping and little extras in your Vapemail until Dré’s return. At that point, The Most Efficient Shipping in Vapeland will be back in effect. Thank you for your patience with us art folk.

Love to Everyone. We exist For You! Thank you for the honor of serving You delectable delights. We appreciate you and think the world of you. You’ve stood by us even in our most sideways times. We’ll do our best to serve You whenever time and whatever place you chance to find yourself. As long as it is a good shipping address, we’ll direct your lovelies right to you, made with Love. (We’re currently sometimes looking for ourselves, and if you do see us, send us right back to the Rabbit Hole so we’re not terribly late for the party.)

And Thank You for inviting us to the Party. So sorry we’re a bore as usual. Cuppa anyone?

Some things

are now working!

A delightful bit of news on the technical front, the Cheshire Dré is now able to process On Hold orders! Woot! If you have a history with us, you can directly jump or glide down the Rabbit Hole….

Our new flavor in the works, Summer Reset, designed by a Bot and tweaked by Alice, has received another tweaking and should be a dang tasty vape for all. ADV’ing it currently! Next up are the Customs!

Thank you everyone for your ridiculous amount of patience with us and lack of small loving notes. The Jah Hatter is the most least shy of us all so I hope you can enjoy the ways the rest of us show our love, you truly are our Favorite People Ever and we love what we do <3!

The Cheshire Dré is exceedingly efficient so please excuse how quickly he seems to place your delights in your hands.

A lot is upside down and also just right around here and our longtime mushroom ganger turned house artist has begun to share some wonderous works of box art since the Jah Hatter went to Lego Island. It is often most difficult NOT to keep all the art to oneself but one should share, I suppose yes, since it is for YOU we will, of course and anytime.

Please carry on and keep ignoring all the blathering going on here in Vapeland and thank you for stopping by as you are most welcome anytime, to forget it all and have a cuppa with the rest of the Upside Downers at a proper Vape Shop in England, most likely.

What happened!?!

We honestly don’t have all the answers. But it’s a very good question. Here is what we do know.

We are completely upside-down again, which is a very good thing. Thank you to all the wonderful folks and mushrooms of Vapeland, for all your standing around, sitting around, and good honest complaining while we muddled and muddle through some very positive changes. We could not ask for a better group of not-very-un-ridiculously nice people, in the entire Universe, to Serve. Thank you. Here is a 33 and one third off coupon. The code is hatsoff. (as soon as we are able to re-instate our alice alert system, we will inform the folks who are signed up for that.)

By the way, one day, we will most likely have our Phone in order again. For your roladex of the future, the number will be five zero five, then three-hundred and 69. Followed by eighteen-sixty-six. Until then we will do our best to receive all telephathic or transwave calls with our upmost inter-galactic high-tea telephone voice. We ARE still here, your original Mushroom Crew, minus one Hatter, who is also not gone completely, plus a Cheshire Dre, an old ganger and MD-DCer who followed us out to NM a decade ago and can’t get out of this state, or possibly doesn’t want to leave. So Dre is back and also at your service along with the rest of us who have been here the whole Time.

We’ll also be opening a little shop at our location, same as always, at 5740 Osuna Northeast and hope to serve same-day and next-day orders for those passing by, or passing through, or who are around these parts.

For those of you who had the pleasure of receiving a delightful small message on a square piece of paper in your vapemail, or were taken care of most lovingly by the ol’ Hatter, know that he is doing QUITE well. After many years (almost 14) of magnificent service, Jah is now getting lots of time, being one of The Best Dadas around, and that involves a lot of legos. So the Jah Hatter is quite busy but he continues to think and love everyone in Vapeland, mostly from a very local lego island. He is also continuing to serve Vapeland with occasional art. We Love You JAH. (We would give you his number but he’s terrible at returning calls. We WILL deliver any mail to him.)

So, they say Winter is Coming. FYI @ABQheaterbloc continues to bring our local awesome transient folk heat, and heat refills, right to their doorstep. If ya feel like for some reason you need to redeem yourself for anything, we’ve heard it’s only about 5 bucks for a minor sin, and 10 for a major one, for full redemption. Alcohol heaters are AWESOME and we’re totally and most completely in support of them.

The Cheshire Dré is our new shipping captain. As mentioned, Dré followed us out to the desert from the east coast about ten years ago. If there’s a broken bottle, it’s definitely his fault. Well, I suppose a bottle itself could have a fault, but we have not found any. They are merely completely and absolutely inconvenient. Dré is elusively warm and exceedingly exacting. He worked with us for years when he first came out west, and now he’s back! He makes movies and music on the side. He’s no JAH, but we hope you enjoy the comforts of sound and precise shipping. Thank you Dré!

Glass bottles…, about that…..

We’re sorry if we made you mad. We moved to the most ecological most annoying solution for bottles. We’ll have a variety of droppers and closures and other useful items available soon for you to help. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for complaining. It sucks, we are very very sorry that it sucks. We are also very open to any new invention that could possibly work with glass bottles and would love to advance our backwardsness at any time that is good for you. We surely will charm your bottle also anytime you would like us to.

Summer Reset is our newest flavor, designed fully by a Bot. We did alice-ify it slightly, but it was naturally, um, brilliant. We will have the chosen Flavor Idea flavors out next. Please enjoy this one to tide you over in the meantime. We hate to admit it . . . but its pretty damn addictive.

By the way, shipping is now 5$ for anything, and of course is free for larger orders 75+.

P.S. If you wanted to vape mary flower, just soak your lovely (unground even) bits right in your Juice. Let it steep for six weeks, or at 170 deg F for at least 2 hours in your oven (a piece of foil suffices for a cap for this). Let it settle completely and vape the heck out of it. A small mason jar also works well for this process with a loose cap. If you would like to filter it, and old pillowcase cut into adequate size squares works great. You can sterilize it with alcohol (soak or spray). Or you can boil it for 10 min. You can use your filter by letting your very Juicy juice slowly drip into a mason jar (even with the cap on if your jar is large enough for this contraption). You’ll probably find a way better way to do all this along the way, but we can recommend this whole un-asked for yet heavily requested didactic monologue.

More about bottles.

We’re sourcing the new bottles, moving back to glass, so there has been some delays. 

Other than that, all is well! Orders are all taken care of with love and care in the order that they are received (with the exception of if someone has something for a very very good reason they need faster than the rest on a very occasional basis). 

We’ll be using up stock of closures of great variety in the meantime. Enjoy some surprise closures and keep your favorites!

Also, PS, the flavors in development are ……..

-Coconut Cream Pie

-Old Fashioned Violet Candy 

-Cantaloupe Strawberry Champagne

Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco/Cantaloupe Strawberry Champagne/Cantalouple Strawberry Boba Tea Cream Soda Float Ice Wine/Cantaloupe strawberry boba 

-Lemon blueberry cake, potentially with marscarpone

-Pear Ice Cream/ Pear Cream

It’s fuuuuuun in the Lab!!!! Thank y’all for the brilliant ideas and we’re hoping to serve up tasty treats soon (once absolute perfection is reached) so you can try them, and we can tweak them a little more….

Bottles large and small.

The search for the most ecological bottle solution has been found.

Please welcome back Everything in Glass!

We’ll be updating options for you… your orders will be filled with glass as we restock The Most Ecological Bottles on Earth!

For you and our Planet, dear Alicandrians <3

We have liftoff. Now, bottles.

Excuse another blah boring post update.

Bot has delivered the yummiest sounding recipes ever for the top flavors. Development begins on Thursday to test and tweak. Thank you Bot!

We’re hunting the most ecological/flavorlogical/vapetastic way to bottle your delights. There may be delays while we sort and source. We’re sorry. But kinda not sorry. Because the Earth comes first, because it’s home to all of us. After that, Alicandrians, because, best people ever.

Ps. Bot’s recipe for the summertime flavor was off the hook yum. A little too strong, I took down the recommended percentages. But. Highly recommend. Maybe we should make some for all of us?

Above all, we live to serve y’all, forever.

Love from all of us.

Jah, Nicole & the Gang

Stay Calm, and Vape on!