Champagne brewing

Hallo our favorite people! A little boring update for you. Lots of colorful bubbles in the cauldron today as we work on the new cantaloupe strawberry champagne flavor. We’ve been trying iteration after iteration, glass after glass of bubbly concoction to try to perfect this fantastical fun mix . . . but, I must say, it’s been quite the challenge that’s been served up to us. We’ll keep you posted as we persevere. It has to go to our head in just the right way, or take it off completely, in order for it to be a delight worth sharing.

Of other Rabbity news, we’re slowly vanishing some of the older works to make room for new concoctions. We’ve learned a lot in our decade plus of mixing, so we might as well bring you only the best. You deserve way more, but we’ll humbly serve you the finest we can possibly offer. The Mushroom Lab, however, will, upon demand, make things in big bottles for you that you are sorely missing. As mad as we are, we would hate for you to be mad at us.

We’ve got a faster stork now available upon demand, in our shipping options, which many of you have already chosen as your vapemail steed. If you desire even faster, please let us know! We’re still largely in the era of mixed cassette tapes and kickball on the dirt lot while waiting for the postman to bring us a magazine, so you’re welcome to nudge us anytime.

Please enjoy the original hand-cut stencils made by one of our own, on your Alice boxes, as well as some new little tiny pieces of pinnable art ~ we’re changing them all the time so you’ll notice quite a variety of these sweet little prizes. We’re so happy that our newish shipping captain, the Cheshire Dre, is now properly on board with bringing the love. And if there is anything you’d like to try, just mention in the notes at checkout and we’ll be sure to include a tiny taste for you!

We hope you are making it though the cold, or cloudy, or perhaps even mild winter wherever you are. Or your spring and summer if you’re down under. We love celebrating with you all the seasons and general weirdness that this odd mossball of a planet is sure to bring. Well, enough of all this bothersome dull dribble, we must get back to this terrifyingly challenging yet endlessly enticing boggler of a flavor assignment you all have given us.

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  1. A bit of an update! We’ll be discontinuing glass for 30mLs, 60mLs, and 120mLs. We had an overwhelming response that most everyone prefers Gorilla bottles. We quite heard you and completely understand. We’ll still have some glass on hand, as long as it lasts, for those that still desire it! We’ll continue to offer a glass option for 15mLs, and of course 250mLs will continue to be available in lovely glass.

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