And then, Horchata

Greetings our marvelous folk!

Thank you for being with us through all the upside-down and side-ways times of everyday Vapeland. We have been trying our darndest with the other custom flavors, including Blueberry Marscapone, but alas, the mixology has the upper hand, full spades, while we hold barely a pair. Luckily it was a keen pairing of spices and milk, a happy side-journey, that we have been most pleased to share with you, a dry Horchata. But do know that we still journey to complete the custom flavors we set out to create for you.

Some mail deliveries unfortunately have been taking round-about (and even by our twisted terms!) and non-sensical journeys. Thank you for letting us know and we have storks delivering and storks on patrol as well. You’ve been so kind with your patience with all of it! Some senselessness is encouraged and expected, but others, well, it brings out our own inner Red Queen!

One of our very own has been designing some lovely little pinnable items that are making it into your lovely vapemails, along with hand-cut, hand-stenciled box art, we hope you have been enjoying them as much as we are!

Thank you for all your comments, love, and support! We feel as lucky as a napping rabbit under a moon sky to serve you all. You truly make it the best, even though we must bore you to tears!

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