An old-fashioned candy in an electric world

Greetings finest people on Earth! We are in the process of finalizing our new flavor, an old-fashioned violet candy. The idea was born out of the intelligent minds of the folks of Vapeland, one of the custom flavors with the most votes. We hope to release it soon!

You may have received a newsletter from us recently, we’re very delighted to bring back our wordy somewhat regular email to you. It has been another technical hurdle that we were happy to find footholds on and finally climb over.

Thank you for all your thoughtful notes on your orders, and comments, messages, and honest thoughts and concerns. We so appreciate hearing from you as it allows us to fix a thing if it needs and we always aspire to mend all the things properly.

A fun thing, if you have not tried it, is to add mint or menthol to a juice, for a new experience. This is only for if you do not hate mint or menthol. If you are indeed a person who does not hate mint or menthol, and you are feeling experimental, you may find droppers of these extracts in our DIY section. Trying a drop or three in a 30mL is probably a good way to start as it’s most impossible to un-mint or un-mentholize something once it has been minted or mentholized. About as easy as putting rose petals back onto the rose, or keeping a kitten off your shoelaces.

We hope everyone is finding some sort of delight and a way to stay warm in their winter time, whether it’s the making or mending of things, the sweeping or shoveling of things, or the hot cuppa and cozy book after mending and sweeping.

Enough of this drivel, we’ve wasted enough of your time today. Back to the candy-making room for us!

2 thoughts on “An old-fashioned candy in an electric world”

  1. Is it possible to send info like this in an email newsletter? I have not received a newsletter in a very long time, including the one mentioned above. Or at least make this Mix Files thread easy to find? The only way I can stumble on it is to search for it because I can’t find a link in the menu anywhere. The lack of comments on this thread, I think, shows that not many people are following AiV this way. I know it isn’t intentional, but this is not as transparent/accessible as things should be — and likely why many of us justifiably freaked out during the glass bottle fiasco. Maybe an executive summary could go on the home page if a newsletter isn’t possible? Just thoughts, I don’t know.

    1. Most absolutely! Thank you Kris! A wonderous suggestion that has been seconded and thirded all the way up to a 4th cup of tea.

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