Some things

are now working!

A delightful bit of news on the technical front, the Cheshire Dré is now able to process On Hold orders! Woot! If you have a history with us, you can directly jump or glide down the Rabbit Hole….

Our new flavor in the works, Summer Reset, designed by a Bot and tweaked by Alice, has received another tweaking and should be a dang tasty vape for all. ADV’ing it currently! Next up are the Customs!

Thank you everyone for your ridiculous amount of patience with us and lack of small loving notes. The Jah Hatter is the most least shy of us all so I hope you can enjoy the ways the rest of us show our love, you truly are our Favorite People Ever and we love what we do <3!

The Cheshire Dré is exceedingly efficient so please excuse how quickly he seems to place your delights in your hands.

A lot is upside down and also just right around here and our longtime mushroom ganger turned house artist has begun to share some wonderous works of box art since the Jah Hatter went to Lego Island. It is often most difficult NOT to keep all the art to oneself but one should share, I suppose yes, since it is for YOU we will, of course and anytime.

Please carry on and keep ignoring all the blathering going on here in Vapeland and thank you for stopping by as you are most welcome anytime, to forget it all and have a cuppa with the rest of the Upside Downers at a proper Vape Shop in England, most likely.

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