What happened!?!

We honestly don’t have all the answers. But it’s a very good question. Here is what we do know.

We are completely upside-down again, which is a very good thing. Thank you to all the wonderful folks and mushrooms of Vapeland, for all your standing around, sitting around, and good honest complaining while we muddled and muddle through some very positive changes. We could not ask for a better group of not-very-un-ridiculously nice people, in the entire Universe, to Serve. Thank you. Here is a 33 and one third off coupon. The code is hatsoff. (as soon as we are able to re-instate our alice alert system, we will inform the folks who are signed up for that.)

By the way, one day, we will most likely have our Phone in order again. For your roladex of the future, the number will be five zero five, then three-hundred and 69. Followed by eighteen-sixty-six. Until then we will do our best to receive all telephathic or transwave calls with our upmost inter-galactic high-tea telephone voice. We ARE still here, your original Mushroom Crew, minus one Hatter, who is also not gone completely, plus a Cheshire Dre, an old ganger and MD-DCer who followed us out to NM a decade ago and can’t get out of this state, or possibly doesn’t want to leave. So Dre is back and also at your service along with the rest of us who have been here the whole Time.

We’ll also be opening a little shop at our location, same as always, at 5740 Osuna Northeast and hope to serve same-day and next-day orders for those passing by, or passing through, or who are around these parts.

For those of you who had the pleasure of receiving a delightful small message on a square piece of paper in your vapemail, or were taken care of most lovingly by the ol’ Hatter, know that he is doing QUITE well. After many years (almost 14) of magnificent service, Jah is now getting lots of time, being one of The Best Dadas around, and that involves a lot of legos. So the Jah Hatter is quite busy but he continues to think and love everyone in Vapeland, mostly from a very local lego island. He is also continuing to serve Vapeland with occasional art. We Love You JAH. (We would give you his number but he’s terrible at returning calls. We WILL deliver any mail to him.)

So, they say Winter is Coming. FYI @ABQheaterbloc continues to bring our local awesome transient folk heat, and heat refills, right to their doorstep. If ya feel like for some reason you need to redeem yourself for anything, we’ve heard it’s only about 5 bucks for a minor sin, and 10 for a major one, for full redemption. Alcohol heaters are AWESOME and we’re totally and most completely in support of them.

The Cheshire Dré is our new shipping captain. As mentioned, Dré followed us out to the desert from the east coast about ten years ago. If there’s a broken bottle, it’s definitely his fault. Well, I suppose a bottle itself could have a fault, but we have not found any. They are merely completely and absolutely inconvenient. Dré is elusively warm and exceedingly exacting. He worked with us for years when he first came out west, and now he’s back! He makes movies and music on the side. He’s no JAH, but we hope you enjoy the comforts of sound and precise shipping. Thank you Dré!

Glass bottles…..er, about that…..

We’re sorry if we made you mad. We moved to the most ecological most annoying solution for bottles. We’ll have a variety of droppers and closures and other useful items available soon for you to help. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for complaining. It sucks, we are very very sorry that it sucks. We are also very open to any new invention that could possibly work with glass bottles and would love to advance our backwardsness at any time that is good for you. We surely will charm your bottle also anytime you would like us to.

Summer Reset is our newest flavor, designed fully by a Bot. We did alice-ify it slightly, but it was naturally, um, brilliant. We will have the chosen Flavor Idea flavors out next. Please enjoy this one to tide you over in the meantime. We hate to admit it . . . but its pretty damn addictive.

By the way, shipping is now 5$ for anything, and of course is free for larger orders 75+.

P.S. If you wanted to vape mary flower, just soak your lovely (unground even) bits right in your Juice. Let it steep for six weeks, or at 170 deg F for at least 2 hours in your oven (a piece of foil suffices for a cap for this). Let it settle completely and vape the heck out of it. A small mason jar also works well for this process with a loose cap. If you would like to filter it, and old pillowcase cut into adequate size squares works great. You can sterilize it with alcohol (soak or spray). Or you can boil it for 10 min. You can use your filter by letting your very Juicy juice slowly drip into a mason jar (even with the cap on if your jar is large enough for this contraption). You’ll probably find a way better way to do all this along the way, but we can recommend this whole un-asked for yet heavily requested didactic monologue.

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