Thank You For Your Patience! 

All rabbity packages are now en route (except int’l, we’re working on that). 

Hatter was masterful at getting everything out in the most beautiful way. It’s a very big Hat to fill. However, Hat’s wearing Dada hat while we work to serve! 

We’ve got some fresh box art for you, I hope you enjoy! Sometimes we were able to add in a little something extra, sometimes not. It’s all very random right now, but the good news is that it’s still >>bold<< allgood >><<. 

The only ones waiting to ship are Orders with Lavishuckle and possibly Apple Pi. We are waiting on flowers and such and then those will also be shipped. Please make your request to me on how we can make it up to you. 

TIL that styrofoam can be recycled into park benches and picture frames and interior molding so we’re including styrofoam as part of our eco packaging that makes sure that the bottles don’t break. Because. 

(Trying not to send any broken bottles to anyone because I clean up enough broken glass already without shipping anything, yes, I am very naturally klutzy to a sin. (If it’s there and I can drop it or trip on it consider it done). )

We all received a lovely compliment from the Main Post Office that Not One of us had a Bad Address. I don’t know what that means exactly but it was said in a very complimentary way and I said Thank You. 

Till the mixing hen crows! At midnight on a Sunday or Easter. 

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