More about bottles.

We’re sourcing the new bottles, moving back to glass, so there has been some delays. 

Other than that, all is well! Orders are all taken care of with love and care in the order that they are received (with the exception of if someone has something for a very very good reason they need faster than the rest on a very occasional basis). 

We’ll be using up stock of closures of great variety in the meantime. Enjoy some surprise closures and keep your favorites!

Also, PS, the flavors in development are ……..

-Coconut Cream Pie

-Old Fashioned Violet Candy 

-Cantaloupe Strawberry Champagne

Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco/Cantaloupe Strawberry Champagne/Cantalouple Strawberry Boba Tea Cream Soda Float Ice Wine/Cantaloupe strawberry boba 

-Lemon blueberry cake, potentially with marscarpone

-Pear Ice Cream/ Pear Cream

It’s fuuuuuun in the Lab!!!! Thank y’all for the brilliant ideas and we’re hoping to serve up tasty treats soon (once absolute perfection is reached) so you can try them, and we can tweak them a little more….

One thought on “More about bottles.”

  1. Super excited for whenever that lemon blueberry mascarpone comes to fruition, LOVE me some blueberry, with the added lemon??? Oh my oh my. The excitement rushes to my cheeks, and brings me such enticing joy. Thank you ALL for everything, I also received, today the care package for the shop I frequent to sample, again, SO many thanks are well in order, certainly at a lovely party, with tea intended. Bless all whom come into contact with you and yours.

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