Thank you to all the wonderful folks of Le Rabbit Hole, for voicing all your honest and exceedingly intelligent complaints, as well as thoughts, and ideas. We have some news. We’ll soon be stocking gorilla bottles again, the dark, UV protected ones! Please feel free anytime to request that your order is filled in them :) Just mention in the notes at checkout!

We live to serve You, our most dearest Alicandrians, and honestly, the math and calculations of deciding The Most Ecological Bottle are beyond us, and probably should be most decisively decided by dedicated professionals, whose mental computational abilities most certainly exceed ours. Thank you, brilliant folk of Vapeland, for making us aware of our own ignorances. We are so grateful for you, as Always.

So, for now, the default bottle is Glass, but please request a gorilla or more whenever you like. We’ll serve in gorillas, as soon as the gorillas arrive to our door, and will accommodate all requests for gorillas at that point, as according to Your Order Notes. We must say, though, we have been thoroughly enjoying preparing your orders in Glass, because, besides other benefits, we find them charming.

There has been a request for Window Stickers! The Jah Hatter is creating one for us, it will be Round, and will be available Upon Request in the near future! Thank you ever so much to our dears for suggesting it!

Regarding Vanishing Juices, we feel that some flavors are just too odd, and very unpopular. We’ll be removing them to make room for the new to come. Our sincerest apologies for even creating them in the first place. Menthol, Peanut Butter, and Jelly seemed like a Gigantically delicious flavor at the time. So, I’m finishing up my last bottle of Footprints, as it will be vanishing. It’s very savory. We are looking forward to bringing you New Flavors, the Top Five Custom Requests will be next!

Ra Vape and Smoke Shop on Magazine St. in New Orleans is a wonderful resource of all things, equipments, bits of wonder, a multitude of tastes and more, if you find yourself in that particularly musical and vibrant area. We hope that vaping remains a legal option for folks in Louisiana. It’s tenuous there at the moment, but a powerful petition is going around.

Our Captain Dré is on his family vacation, so please expect some slowed hipping and little extras in your Vapemail until Dré’s return. At that point, The Most Efficient Shipping in Vapeland will be back in effect. Thank you for your patience with us art folk.

Love to Everyone. We exist For You! Thank you for the honor of serving You delectable delights. We appreciate you and think the world of you. You’ve stood by us even in our most sideways times. We’ll do our best to serve You whenever time and whatever place you chance to find yourself. As long as it is a good shipping address, we’ll direct your lovelies right to you, made with Love. (We’re currently sometimes looking for ourselves, and if you do see us, send us right back to the Rabbit Hole so we’re not terribly late for the party.)

And Thank You for inviting us to the Party. So sorry we’re a bore as usual. Cuppa anyone?

One thought on “Bottles!”

  1. A small update! We have a new flavor on the way! Another one of our house artists, a very longtime Mushroom Lab’r will be debuting his art for the flavor, which in fact is a Coconut Cream Pie. It is completely inspired by You, as we are now proceeding to make the Top Custom Flavors, from the earlier vote. Thank you deliciously for suggesting it. I can’t believe this bottle is empty already. We love it to slices, and it is good with a smidge of mint as well, but it is not minted at all, that is just a variation that we were enjoying. That’s quite enough of our chattering. Thank you all <3

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