We have liftoff. Now, bottles.

Excuse another blah boring post update.

Bot has delivered the yummiest sounding recipes ever for the top flavors. Development begins on Thursday to test and tweak. Thank you Bot!

We’re hunting the most ecological/flavorlogical/vapetastic way to bottle your delights. There may be delays while we sort and source. We’re sorry. But kinda not sorry. Because the Earth comes first, because it’s home to all of us. After that, Alicandrians, because, best people ever.

Ps. Bot’s recipe for the summertime flavor was off the hook yum. A little too strong, I took down the recommended percentages. But. Highly recommend. Maybe we should make some for all of us?

Above all, we live to serve y’all, forever.

Love from all of us.

Jah, Nicole & the Gang

Stay Calm, and Vape on!

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